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Abbot, Wayne (Private-)

Abbott, Bradford Eric Lloyal (Private-)

Abbott, Cynthia Delores (Private-)

Abbott, Elizabeth (ABT. 1830-UNKNOWN)

Abbott, Eric Steward (Private-)

Abbott, Gertie (Private-)

Abbott, Gertrude (Private-)

Abbott, Gilda Francine (Private-)

Abbott, Grant Lloyal (Private-)

Abbott, Myrtle (Private-)

Abbott, Rance (Private-)

Abbott, Walter (Private-)

Abraham, (-UNKNOWN)

Ackerman, Edward (MAY 1912-1975)

Ackerman, Eva (Private-)

Ackerman, George Clayton (DEC 1913-1966)

Ackerman, John James (MAY 1883-22 AUG 1958)

Ackerman, Mable (1908-1983)

Ackerman, Mary (Private-)

Ackerman, Violet E. (Private-)

Ackerman, William (-UNKNOWN)


Ada, (Private-)

Adam, Tremblett (Private-)

Adams, Aaron (1909-1996)

Adams, Alfred Lloyd (Private-)

Adams, Alfreda (1889-1977)

Adams, Alma (1920-23 DEC 1996)

Adams, Alonzo (1 DEC 1886-21 OCT 1928)

Adams, Andrew (Private-)

Adams, Annie (1887-1983)

Adams, Annie Marguerite (1915-12 DEC 2000)

Adams, Archibald (1879-1967)

Adams, Arthur (15 NOV 1904-1988)

Adams, Athena (Private-)

Adams, Audrey (Private-)

Adams, Austin (Private-)

Adams, Basil (Private-)

Adams, Baxter (Private-)

Adams, Bessie (13 APR 1894-1950)

Adams, Blanch (Private-)

Adams, Bond (Private-)

Adams, Bonnie (Private-)

Adams, Bonny (Private-)

Adams, Boyd Emerson (Private-)

Adams, Byron (Private-)

Adams, Calvin (Private-)

Adams, Caroline White (1897-1979)

Adams, Cassandra (1913-31 JAN 1997)

Adams, Cecil (10 JUN 1907-1958)

Adams, Charity (1885-1894)

Adams, Charity Eva (1 MAR 1900-10 APR 1964)

Adams, Charles (Private-)

Adams, Christine (Private-)

Adams, Christopher Andrew (Private-)

Adams, Clara (17 DEC 1886-1973)

Adams, Clarence (1921-1923)

Adams, Clarence (Private-)

Adams, Clyde (1911-1999)

Adams, Colin (Private-)

Adams, Constance Loreen (Private-)

Adams, Cynthia Annette (Private-)

Adams, Cyril (1932-1989)

Adams, David (Private-)

Adams, Dennis (Private-)

Adams, Diane (Private-)

Adams, Donald (Private-)

Adams, Dora (13 NOV 1898-1970)

Adams, Doris (Private-)

Adams, Dorothy May (1919-1919)

Adams, Dulcie Belle (MAR 1913-19 MAY 1999)

Adams, Earl (Private-)

Adams, Edison L. (1909-24 OCT 1994)

Adams, Edna Frances (Private-)

Adams, Effie (Private-)

Adams, Effie Irene Alleta (1917-1999)

Adams, Elizabeth (20 AUG 1853-1935)

Adams, Ella (1917-5 JAN 2002)

Adams, Elmer (Private-)

Adams, Emmeline May (Private-)

Adams, Eric Lawrence (Private-)

Adams, Evelyn (Private-)

Adams, Fenwick (1906-1970)

Adams, Florence (Private-)

Adams, Florence (Private-)

Adams, Frank (dup) (AUG 1901-1981)

Adams, Frederick W. (Dup) (1910-1 DEC 1989)

Adams, George (Private-)

Adams, George (1877-1935)

Adams, Gerald (Private-)

Adams, Geraldine (Private-)

Adams, Glen (Private-)

Adams, Glenda (Private-)

Adams, Gordon (1923-1992)

Adams, Gregory Doyle (Private-)

Adams, Harold James (1927-1999)

Adams, Harry (1894-1996)

Adams, Harvey Keith (9 AUG 1962-3 DEC 1972)

Adams, Hedley Vincent (1922-1999)

Adams, Herbert (23 DEC 1897-1976)

Adams, Herbert Morley (Private-)

Adams, Ina (Private-)

Adams, Ina (1920-1946)

Adams, Infant (-UNKNOWN)

Adams, Isabell (Private-)

Adams, Israel (1884-1964)

Adams, James (24 AUG 1896-DEC 1918)

Adams, Jamie Scott (Private-)

Adams, Jane (Private-)

Adams, Janet (Private-)

Adams, Janet (1893-1984)

Adams, Janet (APR 1866-1955)

Adams, Jason Robert (Private-)

Adams, John (1857-27 FEB 1942)

Adams, Joseph (Private-)

Adams, Josephine (Private-)

Adams, Joyce (Private-)

Adams, Judy (Private-)

Adams, Justin Anthony Wallace (Private-)

Adams, Kathie (Private-)

Adams, Kathleen Rose (Private-)

Adams, Keith (Private-)

Adams, Kenny (Private-)

Adams, Kirby (4 JAN 1934-1934)

Adams, Larry (Private-)

Adams, Lawrence (dup) (1911-1980)

Adams, Leanne (Private-)

Adams, Leo (1921-1988)

Adams, Leslie Whitfield (Private-)

Adams, Lily Maude (1891-18 FEB 1951)

Adams, Linda (Private-)

Adams, Lindsay Gerald Doyle (Private-)

Adams, Lynette (Private-)

Adams, Mabel (1910-1985)

Adams, Madge (1911-1995)

Adams, Manuel (-1997)

Adams, Manuel (Private-)

Adams, Marie (Private-)

Adams, Marilyn (Private-)

Adams, Marjorie Maud (1914-1996)

Adams, Mary (1863-1921)

Adams, Mary (Private-)

Adams, Mary Anne (Private-)

Adams, Mary Elizabeth (1900-1990)

Adams, Mary Hannah (18 FEB 1891-1 APR 1935)

Adams, Matilda (-UNKNOWN)

Adams, Melvin Scott (Private-)

Adams, Mereda (Private-)

Adams, Mildred (1911-1997)

Adams, Millicent (Private-)

Adams, Myra (15 MAR 1908-1932)

Adams, Myra (Private-)

Adams, Nancy (Private-)

Adams, Naomi (1884-1976)

Adams, Nellie (1908-1908)

Adams, Nellie (Private-)

Adams, Nicholas Daniel Dennis (Private-)

Adams, Pauline (Private-)

Adams, Penny (Private-)

Adams, Perry (Private-)

Adams, Philip (1881-1958)

Adams, Philip (1864-1867)

Adams, Phyllis (Private-)

Adams, Ralph (Private-)

Adams, Richard Gerald (1934-1995)

Adams, Richard James (Private-)

Adams, Richard James (1850-31 AUG 1935)

Adams, Robert (2 SEP 1901-UNKNOWN)

Adams, Robert (1940-1983)

Adams, Ronald (24 APR 1916-1989)

Adams, Rosalie Dianne (Private-)

Adams, Rowena (Private-)

Adams, Roy A. (MAR 1914-6 OCT 1999)

Adams, Sandra (Private-)

Adams, Seoras (Private-)

Adams, Simeon (1861-16 NOV 1925)

Adams, Sonia (Private-)

Adams, Steven Boyd (Private-)

Adams, Susannah (6 MAR 1848-21 AUG 1929)

Adams, Susannah (8 OCT 1888-MAY 1952)

Adams, Sydney (Private-)

Adams, Theodore (1919-16 APR 1991)

Adams, Tobi (Private-)

Adams, Uriah (Hughie) (1886-6 SEP 1960)

Adams, Veita (29 JUL 1917-1978)

Adams, Vera Jean (Private-)

Adams, Verlie (Private-)

Adams, Vida Clarice (1920-1981)

Adams, Violet (Private-)

Adams, Wallace (1919-1981)

Adams, Wesley David (1940-1994)

Adams, Wihelemia (Private-)

Adams, William (1883-UNKNOWN)

Adams, William (2 FEB 1896-1977)

Adams, William (Private-)

Adams, William James (1847-1930)

Adams, William John (1822-UNKNOWN)

Adams, William John (1874-1948)

Adams, Winston (Private-)

Adey, Donna (Private-)

Adey, George Gordon (8 OCT 1897-JAN 1983)

Adey, Harold (6 APR 1902-16 JAN 1998)

Adey, Harriet (-UNKNOWN)

Adey, Jacob (-UNKNOWN)

Adey, Johanna (1770-1824)

Adey, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)

Adey, Linda Marie (Private-)

Adey, Mary Joan (-UNKNOWN)

Agostino, (Private-)

Akerman, John (-UNKNOWN)

Akerman, John (-UNKNOWN)

Akerman, John (-UNKNOWN)

Akerman, John (-UNKNOWN)

Akerman, John (-UNKNOWN)

Akerman, John (-UNKNOWN)

Akerman, John (-UNKNOWN)

Albert, William (FEB 1880-17 NOV 1880)

Alcock, Amelia (ABT. 1875-18 JUL 1953)

Alcock, Annie (Private-)

Alcock, Azariah (-UNKNOWN)

Alcock, Bessie (Private-)

Alcock, Catherine (27 AUG 1867-4 AUG 1938)

Alcock, Cynthia Melita (1942-1996)

Alcock, Daniel Primus (Private-)

Alcock, Edward (-UNKNOWN)

Alcock, Effie Naomi (Private-)

Alcock, Elijah (13 OCT 1890-26 MAR 1920)

Alcock, Ellen Melina (19 DEC 1870-BEF. 16 MAY 1924)

Alcock, Erick Lloyal (Private-)

Alcock, Ernest Walter (15 OCT 1897-UNKNOWN)

Alcock, Fanny (3 SEP 1872-UNKNOWN)

Alcock, George Robert (31 JUL 1899-12 MAR 1900)

Alcock, Grace Audrey (Private-)

Alcock, Hartley Paul (Private-)

Alcock, Herman Lewis (ABT. 1891-UNKNOWN)

Alcock, Israel WALLACE (1909-21 DEC 1993)

Alcock, John (15 JUN 1917-15 JUN 1917)

Alcock, John Carl (21 MAR 1926-UNKNOWN)

Alcock, Joseph William (2 SEP 1894-28 MAY 1940)

Alcock, Joshua (Private-)

Alcock, Lily Maud (Private-)

Alcock, Lynn Anne (Private-)

Alcock, Mark Vernon (Private-)

Alcock, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Alcock, Mary Catherine (ABT. 1878-UNKNOWN)

Alcock, Mary Jane (BEF. 27 MAY 1866-13 SEP 1892)

Alcock, Michelle (Private-)

Alcock, Rachel (Private-)

Alcock, Robert (-18 DEC 1930)

Alcock, Roland N Stephen (Private-)

Alcock, Rosanna (Private-)

Alcock, Rosanna Leah (31 JUL 1896-UNKNOWN)

Alcock, Ruth Harriett (1921-1993)

Alcock, Selina May (Private-)

Alcock, Susanna (ABT. 1862-24 SEP 1948)

Alcock, Susannah (19 JUN 1862-UNKNOWN)

Alcock, Tanya Hilda (Private-)

Alcock, Thomas (-BEF. 7 DEC 1885)

Alcock, Thomas (ABT. 1837-5 SEP 1876)

Alcock, Thomas Edward (20 JAN 1888-3 MAY 1970)

Alcock, Unknown (BEF. 2 OCT 1865-UNKNOWN)

Alcock, Unknown (-BEF. 6 DEC 1904)

Alcock, Uriah (ABT. MAR 1868-12 OCT 1938)

Alcock, Vernon Bruce (Private-)

Alcock, Walter (ABT. AUG 1858-28 APR 1940)

Alcock, Walter Baxter (Private-)

Alcock, Wesley Lewis (Private-)

Alcock, William Carl (Private-)

Alcock, William Robert George (Private-)

Alexander, Peggy Margaret (Private-)

Allan, Christopher William Harold (Private-)

Allen, Deborah Elizabeth Jacqueline (Private-)

Allen, Fred (Private-)

Allen, Jean (Private-)

Allen, William (Private-)

Allingham, Steadman (Private-)

Alteen, Joan (Private-)

Alward, Chantal (Private-)

Amy, (ABT. 1787-UNKNOWN)

Anderson, Carie (-UNKNOWN)

Anderson, John (-UNKNOWN)

Andews, Lily (2 MAR 1878-12 NOV 1959)

Andrewa, Garland (-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, Aaron (1794-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, Alexander (1900-12 MAY 1966)

Andrews, Alexander J. (1876-1898)

Andrews, Amy (ABT. 1790-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, Amy (-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, Annie Mildred (1882-1910)

Andrews, Baxter (11 JUL 1880-14 MAY 1959)

Andrews, Baxter (Private-)

Andrews, Belinda (-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, Bertha (1896-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, Bessie Irene (1899-12 MAR 1978)

Andrews, Charles (-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, Charles (-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, Charlotte (1805-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, Chesley (1922-1972)

Andrews, Chesley William (Private-)

Andrews, Daphne (Private-)

Andrews, David Rennie (14 APR 1896-6 JUL 1925)

Andrews, Debbie (Private-)

Andrews, Doris (Private-)

Andrews, Eliza (-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, Elizabeth (1862-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, Elizabeth Jane (JUL 1860-27 FEB 1937)

Andrews, Elizabeth Jane (Private-)

Andrews, Ella (1867-1889)

Andrews, Ella (3 OCT 1908-29 NOV 1927)

Andrews, Ella (Private-)

Andrews, Emma (1873-1895)

Andrews, Eric (Private-)

Andrews, Eric (Private-)

Andrews, Eric Reginald (Private-)

Andrews, Ezra Butcher (1909-22 NOV 1968)

Andrews, Fred Ted (16 OCT 1910-28 MAR 1948)

Andrews, Garfield (1888-19 NOV 1957)

Andrews, Gary (Private-)

Andrews, George (1871-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, George (18 OCT 1863-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, George (23 SEP 1867-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, George (-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, George (1824-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, George "Siggard" (AUG 1900-1997)

Andrews, Gerald (20 OCT 1936-DEC 1936)

Andrews, Gola (Private-)

Andrews, Hannah (1783-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, Henry (-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, Henry (-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, Henry Merritt (21 APR 1871-21 FEB 1966)

Andrews, Hester (1788-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, Isabelle (Private-)

Andrews, Jacob (1859-13 JAN 1937)

Andrews, James (1802-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, James A. (1837-1924)

Andrews, James M. (23 AUG 1873-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, Jean (Private-)

Andrews, John (-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, John (1799-1865)

Andrews, John James (1864-1901)

Andrews, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, Josephine (12 OCT 1918-30 APR 1984)

Andrews, Kaye (Private-)

Andrews, Kevin Bruce (31 MAY 1941-9 MAR 1953)

Andrews, Leah (APR 1890-6 MAR 1973)

Andrews, Lloyd (Private-)

Andrews, Lorenzo W. (ABT. 1911-20 DEC 1960)

Andrews, Luta Mary (11 JUL 1875-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, Mabel (1 APR 1917-17 DEC 1986)

Andrews, Marcie (-1987)

Andrews, Margaret Bernice (Private-)

Andrews, Maria (ABT. 1800-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, Maty Ann (-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, Maude (NOV 1894-1921)

Andrews, Mecretta May (27 DEC 1943-9 MAR 1944)

Andrews, Merab (Private-)

Andrews, Minnie Emma (6 APR 1912-20 AUG 1994)

Andrews, Minnie S. (MAY 1885-1961)

Andrews, Myra (24 JUN 1907-1981)

Andrews, Myrtle Bradley (12 APR 1925-31 MAY 2001)

Andrews, Nathan (1891-28 FEB 1969)

Andrews, Noel Harvey (Private-)

Andrews, Peter (Jr.) (1865-1895)

Andrews, Peter (Sr.) (15 JUL 1835-25 APR 1906)

Andrews, Phoebe (-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, Phyllis (Private-)

Andrews, Rennie (Private-)

Andrews, Ruth Ann Julie (1874-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, Samuel (1881-21 JAN 1945)

Andrews, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, Samuel James (-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, Sarah (1866-11 FEB 1946)

Andrews, Selina (-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, Sisie Fan (-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, Stephen (-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, Susan (18 JUL 1905-11 OCT 1939)

Andrews, Terrance Paul (Private-)

Andrews, Thomas (Private-)

Andrews, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, Walter (6 JAN 1934-9 APR 1934)

Andrews, Walter Seymore (25 MAR 1893-22 JUL 1984)

Andrews, Walter William (1869-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, William (9 JAN 1831-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, William (ABT. 1855-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, William Henry (-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, William Robert (-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, Zebedee (1883-UNKNOWN)

Andrews, Zebedee Carnell (1914-24 APR 1930)

Ann, (1753-UNKNOWN)

Ann, (ABT. 1819-UNKNOWN)


Ann, (ABT. 1800-UNKNOWN)

Ann, Emily (-UNKNOWN)

Ann, Francis (30 JUN 1758-13 MAR 1825)

Ann, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Ann, UNKNOWN (1803-22 FEB 1902)


Anna, UNKNOWN (1840-1918)

Annan, Peter (Private-)

Anne, (-UNKNOWN)

Anne, (Private-)

Anne, Beverly (Private-)

Anne, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Annette, (Private-)

Annie, (Private-)

Anstey, ? (Private-)

Anstey, Ruby (Private-)

Anthony, Alexander (27 SEP 1884-UNKNOWN)

Anthony, Alice Arlene (2 APR 1921-2 APR 1921)

Anthony, Alice Lillian (Private-)

Anthony, Alice Ruth (30 MAY 1893-UNKNOWN)

Anthony, Allen Dewey (29 JUL 1899-12 JAN 1975)

Anthony, Allen James Jimmy (Private-)

Anthony, Ananias Sr. (-UNKNOWN)

Anthony, Anasias (Private-)

Anthony, Ann (-UNKNOWN)

Anthony, Annie May (FEB 1906-1999)

Anthony, April (Private-)

Anthony, Arnold Bud Gilbert (15 APR 1914-16 APR 1985)

Anthony, Audrey (Private-)

Anthony, Bruce Gordon (Private-)

Anthony, Bruce Selby (Private-)

Anthony, Carol Ann (27 OCT 1952-27 OCT 1952)

Anthony, Chester Earl (Private-)

Anthony, Clarence Robert (3 MAR 1905-1979)

Anthony, Cynthia (Private-)

Anthony, David Arnold (Private-)

Anthony, Dawn (Private-)

Anthony, Diantha Aileen (7 JUN 1915-17 MAR 1984)

Anthony, Donna Lee (Private-)

Anthony, Edna Edith (Private-)

Anthony, Effie Irene (Private-)

Anthony, Elfreda (OCT 1916-10 DEC 1997)

Anthony, Elizaberh (Private-)

Anthony, Elizabeth (ABT. 1820-UNKNOWN)

Anthony, Elizabeth Bessie (Private-)

Anthony, Elizabeth Jane (DEC 1898-ABT. 1993)

Anthony, Elva Edith (Private-)

Anthony, Emily (Private-)

Anthony, Ethel Blanche (Private-)

Anthony, Francis (Private-)

Anthony, Francis Fanny (ABT. 1825-UNKNOWN)

Anthony, Francis William (Private-)

Anthony, Garry Whycliffe G. (Private-)

Anthony, George Alfred (-UNKNOWN)

Anthony, George William (Private-)

Anthony, Gladys Ruth (Private-)

Anthony, Glenda Althea (Private-)

Anthony, Harry Edward (Private-)

Anthony, Harvey Neil (Private-)

Anthony, Hazel Maselime (5 JUN 1909-5 JUL 1985)

Anthony, Henry William (Private-)

Anthony, Isaac (NOV 1868-3 FEB 1947)

Anthony, Jacob (1881-1882)

Anthony, James (Private-)

Anthony, Janice (Private-)

Anthony, Jean (Private-)

Anthony, Jesse Ann (1885-1885)

Anthony, Jessica Nicole (Private-)

Anthony, John (1876-UNKNOWN)

Anthony, John (Private-)

Anthony, John (Private-)

Anthony, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)

Anthony, Joseph (Private-)

Anthony, Joseph (1808-1876)

Anthony, Julie-Ann Natalie (Private-)

Anthony, Karen Ruth (Private-)

Anthony, Keziah (1867-UNKNOWN)

Anthony, Leslie (Private-)

Anthony, Leslie (Private-)

Anthony, Louise (Private-)

Anthony, Louise (ABT. 1820-UNKNOWN)

Anthony, Margery BERNICE (Private-)

Anthony, Marjorie Alice (15 SEP 1938-9 APR 1953)

Anthony, Mark DAWSON (Private-)

Anthony, Mary (Private-)

Anthony, Maud (Private-)

Anthony, Minard Everett (Private-)

Anthony, Minard Jessie (13 MAY 1897-29 NOV 1975)

Anthony, Monte Lee (Private-)

Anthony, Moses (APR 1873-28 DEC 1946)

Anthony, Nanei Ann (Private-)

Anthony, Paul (Private-)

Anthony, Pauline Polly June (Private-)

Anthony, Pearl (Private-)

Anthony, Philip Edward (Private-)

Anthony, Philip Lionel (2 JAN 1907-29 JAN 1970)

Anthony, Phillis (Private-)

Anthony, Pricilla (ABT. 1850-UNKNOWN)

Anthony, Reginald (Private-)

Anthony, Robert (NOV 1873-6 DEC 1952)

Anthony, Robert (ABT. 1850-UNKNOWN)

Anthony, Robert M. (Private-)

Anthony, Roger Edison (Private-)

Anthony, Ronald (Private-)

Anthony, Rupert A. (Private-)

Anthony, Ruth (Private-)

Anthony, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)

Anthony, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)

Anthony, Selina (-UNKNOWN)

Anthony, Shirley Ellen (Private-)

Anthony, Stanley Everett (Private-)

Anthony, Stephen (1878-UNKNOWN)

Anthony, Stephen Harvey (4 MAR 1903-FEB 1958)

Anthony, Susanna (MAY 1872-UNKNOWN)

Anthony, Susanna (-UNKNOWN)

Anthony, Sylvia Mildred (9 DEC 1911-4 JUN 1992)

Anthony, Ted (Private-)

Anthony, Terry Wayne (Private-)

Anthony, Unnamed (Private-)

Anthony, Walter (Private-)

Anthony, Warren Gilbert (Private-)

Anthony, Wilfred GEORGE (22 DEC 1912-9 FEB 1999)

Anthony, William Boyd (Private-)

Anthony, William George (22 SEP 1864-26 FEB 1935)

Anthony, William George (Private-)

Anthony, William Henry (1835-21 NOV 1885)

Anthony, William Henry (3 JUL 1896-UNKNOWN)

Anthony, William John Jack (Private-)

Anthony, William Joseph (Private-)

Anthony, Willie Francis (14 JUN 1895-UNKNOWN)

Anthony, Winona (1916-1976)

Antle, Mary Susannah (APR 1843-UNKNOWN)

Antle, Susannah (-UNKNOWN)

Antosko, Mary Ann (Private-)

Antosko, Morris (Private-)

Ash, Absalom (Private-)

Ash, Chad (Private-)

Ash, Dianne Barbara (Private-)

Ash, Edward (Private-)

Ash, Eric (Private-)

Ash, Gertrude (Private-)

Ash, Jennifer (Private-)

Ash, Lindo (1952-22 MAR 1991)

Ash, Ryan (Private-)

Ash, Sharon (Private-)

Ash, Tammy Lynn (dup) (Private-)

Ash, Winnifred (Private-)

Ashford, Arthur (25 MAY 1910-28 JAN 1985)

Ashford, Audrey Ana (Private-)

Ashford, Frances Rose (Private-)

Ashford, Wendy Mabel (Private-)

Asselin, John (Private-)

Asselin, Linda (Private-)

Asselin, Roger (Private-)

Asselin, Roger (Private-)

Atkins, Dorothy Maud (Private-)

Atkins, Joanna (-UNKNOWN)

Atkins, Sarah Francis (-8 JUL 1951)

Audet, Laura (Private-)

Aulis, Gilbert Edmund (Private-)

Austin, (-UNKNOWN)

Austin, Daniel Allen (Private-)

Ayers, Loretta (Private-)

Aylward, Catherine (-UNKNOWN)

Badcock, Ada (31 AUG 1924-24 NOV 1984)

Badcock, Emma (-UNKNOWN)

Badcock, Josiah (-UNKNOWN)

Baggs, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Baike, Annie (Private-)

Baike, Ellen (Private-)

Baike, Freeman (Private-)

Baike, Jessie (Private-)

Baike, Jimmy (Private-)

Baike, Robert (-UNKNOWN)

Baike, Robert (Private-)

Baike, Willie (Private-)

Bailey, Arthur James (2 OCT 1884-27 FEB 1955)

Bailey, Bessie (1918-2000)

Bailey, Betty (Private-)

Bailey, Delilah (1895-1979)

Bailey, Delilah (-UNKNOWN)

Bailey, Doris (1921-1997)

Bailey, Eliza (Private-)

Bailey, Ellen Maria (1886-1981)

Bailey, George (-UNKNOWN)

Bailey, Hester Louise (Private-)

Bailey, Laverne (Private-)

Bailey, Lillian Lily (Private-)

Bailey, Margaret (Private-)

Bailey, Myrtle (Private-)

Baird, Andrew (-UNKNOWN)

Baird, Catherine Mary Francis (-1959)

Baird, Joan (Private-)

Bajkor, Alex Andre (Private-)

Bajkor, Michael (Private-)

Baker, Alvin (Private-)

Baker, Barbara (Private-)

Baker, Edward (Private-)

Baker, Elllis (1916-1977)

Baker, Gerry Cyril (Private-)

Baker, Mark (-UNKNOWN)

Baker, Matilda (-UNKNOWN)

Baker, Selina Maude (Private-)

Balcom, Brendan Johnathan (Private-)

Balcom, Erin Florence (Private-)

Balcom, Gerald (-UNKNOWN)

Balcom, Kenneth Malcolm (Private-)

Baldwin, Brian (Private-)

Baldwin, Charles (Private-)

Baldwin, Danny (Private-)

Baldwin, David (Private-)

Baldwin, Gregory (Private-)

Baldwin, Joseph Edward (1919-19 SEP 2000)

Baldwin, Judy (Private-)

Baldwin, Larry (Private-)

Baldwin, Millicent (Private-)

Baldwin, Peggy (Private-)

Baldwin, Stanley (Private-)

Baldwin, Stephen (-UNKNOWN)

Balfour, Maggie Kennedy (ABT. 1860-ABT. 1926)

Ball, Alice (Private-)

Ball, Delcie (Private-)

Balsolm, Ida Daphne (Private-)

Balsom, Alfreda (Private-)

Balsom, Ann (Private-)

Balsom, Ashley Danielle (Private-)

Balsom, Carolyn (Private-)

Balsom, Collette Olive Maude (Private-)

Balsom, Cory (Private-)

Balsom, Dave (Private-)

Balsom, David Leslie (Private-)

Balsom, Doll (Private-)

Balsom, Donald Montgomery (18 AUG 1945-5 JAN 2002)

Balsom, Edna Glenda Merle (Private-)

Balsom, Florence (Private-)

Balsom, Fred (Private-)

Balsom, Gerald Wayne (26 JUN 1949-1999)

Balsom, Heather Irene (Private-)

Balsom, Heidi (Private-)

Balsom, James Cecil Leslie (Private-)

Balsom, Jamie Roland (Private-)

Balsom, Jillian Deanne (Private-)

Balsom, Joshua David (Private-)

Balsom, Lillian Elaine (Private-)

Balsom, Linda (Private-)

Balsom, Linda Patricia (Private-)

Balsom, Loren Winsor Glen (Jr.) (Private-)

Balsom, Loren Winsor Glen (Sr.) (Private-)

Balsom, Marion Judith (Private-)

Balsom, Matthew James (Private-)

Balsom, Murray Keith (Private-)

Balsom, Natalie (Private-)

Balsom, Nelda Lee (Private-)

Balsom, Patricia (Private-)

Balsom, Ralph William (10 MAY 1924-21 JAN 2002)

Balsom, Samantha Eileen Marie (Private-)

Balsom, Samantha Jean (Private-)


Balsom, Victoria Dawn (Private-)

Balsom, William Roland Reginald (1906-1997)

Balsom, Wilma Ina (Private-)

Balsom, Winston Vernon (Private-)

Balsom, Zoe Catherine (Private-)

Banfield, Joy (Private-)

Banks, Reginald Terry (Private-)

Banks, Samantha (Private-)

Banks, Terry (Private-)

Barbara, (Private-)

Barfett, Rex (Private-)

Barfett, Taylor Belle (Private-)

Barker, Henry (Private-)

Barker, Stephanie (Private-)

Barker, Stephen (Private-)

Barkes, (-UNKNOWN)

Barnes, Ella Augusta (-UNKNOWN)

Barnes, Esther (1860-9 NOV 1954)

Barnes, Fred (Private-)

Barnes, John (-UNKNOWN)

Barnes, Ruth (1807-UNKNOWN)

Barnes, Sarah (Sally) (9 JUN 1907-4 JUN 1996)

Barns, Judy (Private-)

Barns, William (Private-)

Barns, William (Private-)

Barrett, Caroline (16 JUN 1862-UNKNOWN)

Barrett, Catherine (1825-17 JAN 1909)

Barrett, Christopher (Private-)

Barrett, Craig (Private-)

Barrett, George (1916-1980)

Barrett, James (-UNKNOWN)

Barrett, John (-UNKNOWN)

Barrett, Maria (-UNKNOWN)

Barrett, Martha Belle (1901-1928)

Barrett, Michael Arthur (Private-)

Barrett, Sophia (1861-1944)

Barrett, William (-UNKNOWN)

Barrow, Crystal Deanne (Private-)

Bartlett, Alfred (Private-)

Bartlett, Doris (Private-)

Bartlett, Emma (ABT. 1845-1921)

Bartlett, Isaac (-UNKNOWN)

Bartlett, Jane R. (Private-)

Bartlett, Laurie (Private-)

Bartlett, Mary (-29 APR 1924)

Bartlett, Mary Ann (1829-1908)

Bartlett, Susannah (-UNKNOWN)

Bartlett, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)

Batrick, Hannah (-1 JAN 1887)

Batstone, Glenn Edward (Private-)

Batstone, Tarah Caroline (Private-)

Batt, Boy (Private-)

Batt, Dianne Elizabeth (Private-)

Batt, Lloyd James (Private-)

Batt, Oliver (Private-)

Batten, ? (-UNKNOWN)

Batten, Amy (Emma) (1815-1894)

Batten, Chesley (JUN 1892-ABT. 1980)

Batten, Dorothy Ann (14 SEP 1855-ABT. 1877)

Batten, Elizabeth (2 JUN 1871-UNKNOWN)

Batten, Emma (-UNKNOWN)

Batten, George R. (Private-)

Batten, Herbert (Private-)

Batten, Isaac (5 MAR 1859-UNKNOWN)

Batten, James (-UNKNOWN)

Batten, Jemima (15 MAR 1858-AFT. 1921)

Batten, Jemimah (-UNKNOWN)

Batten, John (-UNKNOWN)

Batten, Lucinda (Private-)

Batten, Lydia M. (Private-)

Batten, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Batten, Paul (Private-)

Batten, Rebecca (14 SEP 1855-18 AUG 1933)

Batten, Sarah Ann (24 NOV 1865-1921)

Batten, Selena (15 NOV 1862-UNKNOWN)

Batten, Susanna (-1 MAY 1891)

Batten, Suzanna (14 SEP 1848-10 JAN 1902)

Batten, William (MAY 1829-22 NOV 1882)

Beamish, Norman (Private-)

Beaton, Cheryl Lynne (Private-)

Beaton, Davis (Private-)

Beaton, Lorne (Private-)

Beatrice, (-UNKNOWN)

Behenna, Dorothy (DEC 1898-UNKNOWN)

Behenna, Evelyn (17 MAY 1871-UNKNOWN)

Belben, Martin (1877-UNKNOWN)

Belben, Martin (MAY 1845-UNKNOWN)

Belben, Mary Jane (JAN 1884-UNKNOWN)

Belbin, Christopher (Private-)

Belbin, Cyra (Private-)

Belbin, Ella (Private-)

Belbin, Giselle (Private-)

Belbin, Tiffany (Private-)

Bell, Helen Andrew MacLachlan (Private-)

Bell, Jane (1848-22 JUN 1913)

Bell, John Irving Hughes (25 SEP 1880-11 JUN 1924)

Bell, Marjorie Janet (Private-)

Belle, (Private-)

Bellemore, Robert (1893-UNKNOWN)

Benedict, Gillbert (Private-)

Benjamin, (-UNKNOWN)

Benn, Malena (Private-)

Bennett, Carl Jesse (Private-)

Bennett, Jesse (Private-)

Bennett, Mandy (Private-)

Bennett, Mary Ann (-UNKNOWN)

Bennett, Paul (Private-)

Bennett, Tanya Paulette (Private-)

Bennett, Tracy (Private-)

Bennett-Oake, Cynthia (Private-)

Bennett-Oake, Stephanie (Private-)

Benson, Adam (1862-1928)

Benson, Alexander (1854-1933)

Benson, Anne (Private-)

Benson, Barbara Mary (Private-)

Benson, Belle (1911-ABT. 1915)

Benson, Benjamin James (4 SEP 1882-28 NOV 1941)

Benson, Chesley M (8 MAR 1909-2 SEP 1990)

Benson, David (JAN 1900-UNKNOWN)

Benson, Eleazer (9 JUN 1911-26 JAN 1997)

Benson, Elizabeth (1860-UNKNOWN)

Benson, Elizabeth (Private-)

Benson, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Benson, Elsie Joan (Private-)

Benson, Eric (2 FEB 1913-30 SEP 1981)

Benson, Florrie F (SEP 1910-ABT. 1949)

Benson, Fred M (25 APR 1916-12 NOV 1970)

Benson, George (JAN 1903-UNKNOWN)

Benson, Irene May (Private-)

Benson, Isaac (JAN 1896-UNKNOWN)

Benson, Isaac (-UNKNOWN)

Benson, Isaac (Jr.) (1846-1866)

Benson, James (1843-UNKNOWN)

Benson, Jennifer (Private-)

Benson, John (1848-1886)

Benson, Joshua (ABT. 1888-14 DEC 1915)

Benson, Judith Ann (Private-)

Benson, Levi (MAR 1902-UNKNOWN)

Benson, Lisa (Private-)

Benson, Lorraine (Private-)

Benson, Lynne (Private-)

Benson, Mary Ann (1852-1936)

Benson, Merdice (ABT. AUG 1915-8 MAY 1916)

Benson, Minnie Blanche (15 OCT 1888-3 JAN 1930)

Benson, Minnie Irene (Private-)

Benson, Newman (JUL 1906-UNKNOWN)

Benson, Robert (Private-)

Benson, Samuel (-ABT. 1920)

Benson, Simeon (-UNKNOWN)

Benson, Violet (1902-1984)

Bentzen, Berit (Private-)

Berg, Glenys (Private-)

Berry, Harry Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)

Berry, Ruth Francis (17 DEC 1915-11 SEP 1994)

Berteau, Nel V. (1888-2 JAN 1965)

Bertha, (Private-)

Beryl, Elsie (Private-)

Best, Abigail (1896-1978)

Best, Donald (Private-)

Best, Donald Emmanuel (Private-)

Best, Esther (-UNKNOWN)

Best, Kenneth (Private-)

Best, Mark (-UNKNOWN)

Betsy, (-UNKNOWN)

Betty, (Private-)

Betty, (Private-)

Beulah, (Private-)

Beulah, (Private-)

Bev, (Private-)

Bignal, Arthur Samuel (7 JUN 1890-UNKNOWN)

Bignal, James (ABT. 1842-30 OCT 1922)

Bignall, Clara Jane (15 JUN 1885-UNKNOWN)

Bignall, Fanny (20 MAY 1883-UNKNOWN)

Bignall, George (Private-)

Bignall, James (-UNKNOWN)

Bignall, James Robert (12 DEC 1895-UNKNOWN)

Bignall, John (ABT. 1876-29 JAN 1936)

Bignall, Lillian L. (ABT. 1909-30 OCT 1985)

Bignall, Martha (26 DEC 1872-17 FEB 1942)

Bignall, Minnie Louise (24 MAY 1892-UNKNOWN)

Bignall, Rachel (BEF. 1 JUN 1879-UNKNOWN)

Bignall, Tamar Elizabeth (1 APR 1880-UNKNOWN)

Bignall, Tamar Elizabeth (1 APR 1881-UNKNOWN)

Bignell, Henry (Private-)

Bignell, Malcolm (Private-)

Bignell, Susie May (Private-)

Bignell, Violet Irene (Private-)

Bignell, William Eli (Private-)

Billard, Allan (Private-)

Billard, Robert (Private-)

Billings, Agnes Tamzan (-UNKNOWN)

Billings, Benjamin (25 FEB 1844-UNKNOWN)

Billings, Charles (-UNKNOWN)

Bingell, Blanche (Private-)

Bingell, Frances Belle (Private-)

Bingle, ? (Private-)

Bingle, Eli (10 MAY 1887-UNKNOWN)

Bingle, Frances (4 AUG 1874-UNKNOWN)

Bingle, Ilene (Private-)

Bingle, John (Private-)

Bingle, Maxine (Private-)

Bird, Albert (Private-)

Bird, Ann (Private-)

Bird, Barbara (Private-)

Bird, Fred (Private-)

Bird, Harvey (Private-)

Bird, Michael (-11 OCT 1968)

Bird, Richard (Private-)

Bird, Samuel (Private-)

Birmingham, Andy (Private-)

Bishop, Ann (ABT. 1868-6 OCT 1870)

Bishop, Arthur (Private-)

Bishop, Augustus (Private-)

Bishop, Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)

Bishop, Brock (Private-)

Bishop, Caroline (AUG 1860-1940)

Bishop, Cecil (Private-)

Bishop, Daniel (Private-)

Bishop, David (Private-)

Bishop, David C. (-UNKNOWN)

Bishop, Dorothy (Private-)

Bishop, Edward (JAN 1906-UNKNOWN)

Bishop, Edward (ABT. 1823-14 JUN 1891)

Bishop, Edward Charles (ABT. 1854-24 JUL 1873)

Bishop, Edward Charles (JUL 1875-UNKNOWN)

Bishop, Eliol (AUG 1871-20 MAR 1925)

Bishop, Eliza (-UNKNOWN)

Bishop, Elizabeth (AUG 1863-18 JUN 1905)

Bishop, Ellis (Private-)

Bishop, Emma (AUG 1868-11 MAR 1872)

Bishop, Eric (Private-)

Bishop, Francis (-UNKNOWN)

Bishop, Frank (Private-)

Bishop, George (-UNKNOWN)

Bishop, George (Private-)

Bishop, George Henry (-UNKNOWN)

Bishop, Harold (Private-)

Bishop, Harry (Private-)

Bishop, Henry (Private-)

Bishop, Henry (Private-)

Bishop, Henry (SEP 1865-18 MAY 1939)

Bishop, Henry Jacob White (-UNKNOWN)

Bishop, Jacob (-UNKNOWN)

Bishop, Janet (Private-)

Bishop, Jennie K. (Private-)

Bishop, Jennifer (Private-)

Bishop, John (ABT. 1795-UNKNOWN)

Bishop, John (Private-)

Bishop, John (-UNKNOWN)

Bishop, Jonathan (Private-)

Bishop, Joseph (ABT. 1770-UNKNOWN)

Bishop, Joseph (1823-1869)

Bishop, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)

Bishop, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)

Bishop, Lindsay (Private-)

Bishop, Lorraine (Private-)

Bishop, Mary Lin (Private-)

Bishop, Meryl (Private-)

Bishop, Micah (Private-)

Bishop, Neil (Private-)

Bishop, Noah (JUL 1878-16 NOV 1941)

Bishop, Noah (AUG 1837-28 APR 1922)

Bishop, Norman (Private-)

Bishop, Olive (Private-)

Bishop, Peter (Private-)

Bishop, Priscilla (-UNKNOWN)

Bishop, Ralph (Private-)

Bishop, Rhonda (Private-)

Bishop, Rita (Private-)

Bishop, Samuel (Private-)

Bishop, Samuel Henry (ABT. 1850-10 SEP 1873)

Bishop, Samuel James (20 NOV 1881-6 JAN 1948)

Bishop, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)

Bishop, Sarah (6 JUL 1854-UNKNOWN)

Bishop, Shirley (Private-)

Bishop, Sterling (Private-)

Bishop, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Bishop, Virtue (1862-4 MAY 1942)

Blackman, Mary Jane Jennie (-UNKNOWN)

Blackmore, Alan John (Private-)

Blackmore, Harold (-UNKNOWN)

Blackmore, Harrison (Private-)

Blackmore, Jason Alan (Private-)

Blackmore, John (-1999)

Blackmore, Myrtis (Private-)

Blackmore, William John (6 APR 1867-7 JUL 1951)

Blackwood, Joyce (Private-)

Blackwood, Pearce (Private-)

Blackwood, Shirley (Private-)

Bladgon, Nicole (Private-)

Blais, Bridget (Private-)

Blais, James Ernest (Private-)

Blais, Jimmy (Private-)

Blais, Sarah (Private-)

Blake, Agnes Ruth (Private-)

Blake, Alexandria (-UNKNOWN)

Blake, Alexandria (Private-)

Blake, Alvin (Private-)

Blake, Amelia (20 DEC 1881-UNKNOWN)

Blake, Barbara June (Private-)

Blake, Betty (Private-)

Blake, Carroll Neil (Private-)

Blake, Daphne (Private-)

Blake, Douglas (-UNKNOWN)

Blake, Edgar (1898-UNKNOWN)

Blake, Edward (-UNKNOWN)

Blake, Elizabeth (12 JUL 1840-UNKNOWN)

Blake, Elizabeth Anne (16 DEC 1870-UNKNOWN)

Blake, Elmer Ellsworth (-UNKNOWN)

Blake, Frederick William (21 MAR 1865-UNKNOWN)

Blake, George (Private-)

Blake, George (21 JAN 1855-UNKNOWN)

Blake, Gilbert (1886-UNKNOWN)

Blake, Gloria May (Private-)

Blake, Hannah (14 FEB 1857-UNKNOWN)

Blake, Hannah (21 FEB 1877-UNKNOWN)

Blake, Harold Herbert (Private-)

Blake, Henry (-UNKNOWN)

Blake, Henry (20 JUL 1860-UNKNOWN)

Blake, Isaac (24 SEP 1850-UNKNOWN)

Blake, Issac (-UNKNOWN)

Blake, Issac (15 NOV 1866-UNKNOWN)

Blake, John (27 JUN 1858-UNKNOWN)

Blake, John (-UNKNOWN)

Blake, John (3 NOV 1842-UNKNOWN)

Blake, John (1814-24 MAY 1885)

Blake, John E. (1887-UNKNOWN)

Blake, Johnny (2 JUL-UNKNOWN)

Blake, Joseph (MAR 1879-UNKNOWN)

Blake, Lillian Ethel (-UNKNOWN)

Blake, Margaret Jane (22 FEB 1885-UNKNOWN)

Blake, Mark (30 NOV 1868-UNKNOWN)

Blake, Mark (29 SEP 1847-UNKNOWN)

Blake, Montezuma Monte William (11 APR 1900-14 APR 1994)

Blake, Morgan Elmar (Private-)

Blake, Philamon (-UNKNOWN)

Blake, Philip (Private-)

Blake, Rebecca (-UNKNOWN)

Blake, Rebecca (5 MAR 1875-UNKNOWN)

Blake, Rebeka (1 NOV 1852-UNKNOWN)

Blake, Richard Melvin (Private-)

Blake, Rodney Robert (Private-)

Blake, Ronald (Private-)

Blake, Sarah (19 JUN 1845-UNKNOWN)

Blake, Sidney (-UNKNOWN)

Blake, Stan (Private-)

Blake, Thomas Alfard (6 FEB 1860-1918)

Blake, Thomas Alfred (1848-1936)

Blake, Unknown (Private-)

Blake, Violet (-UNKNOWN)

Blake, William (12 MAR 1832-1901)

Blake, William (-UNKNOWN)

Blake, William (-UNKNOWN)

Blake, William (-UNKNOWN)

Blake, William (Private-)

Blake, William George (Private-)




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