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Riggs, Jack (Private-)

Ring, Michelle (Private-)

Ring, Pat (Private-)

Ringus?, Fanny (-UNKNOWN)

Rita, (Private-)

Rita, (Private-)

Rita, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Rita, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Rixon, Girl (Private-)

Rixon, Girl (Private-)

Rixon, John (Private-)

Rixon, Marion COLLEEN (Private-)

Rixon, Nikki (Private-)

Rixon, Terry (Private-)

Roach, Susie (Private-)

Robbins, Howard Maxfiels (Private-)

Robert, Arthur (14 MAY 1868-UNKNOWN)

Roberts, Brandon John (Private-)

Roberts, Brooke Helen (Private-)

Roberts, Cassidy (Private-)

Roberts, Christopher (Private-)

Roberts, Daniel (Private-)

Roberts, Debbie Jane (Private-)

Roberts, Donald (Private-)

Roberts, Dorman (Private-)

Roberts, Effie (Private-)

Roberts, Elijah (-UNKNOWN)

Roberts, Elizabeth (Private-)

Roberts, Eric (Private-)

Roberts, Eric (Private-)

Roberts, Eric (Private-)

Roberts, Fred (Private-)

Roberts, Garry (Private-)

Roberts, Gus (Private-)

Roberts, Ivan (Private-)

Roberts, Jacqueline (Private-)

Roberts, James (Jr.) (Private-)

Roberts, James (Sr.) (Private-)

Roberts, Joan (Private-)

Roberts, Kayla Tiffany (Private-)

Roberts, Keith (Private-)

Roberts, Kimberley (Private-)

Roberts, Kirk (Private-)

Roberts, Marsha (Private-)

Roberts, Michael (Private-)

Roberts, Michelle Jennifer (Private-)

Roberts, Nicole (Private-)

Roberts, Olive (Private-)

Roberts, Patience (-UNKNOWN)

Roberts, Piercy (Private-)

Roberts, Providence (-UNKNOWN)

Roberts, Rhoda (-UNKNOWN)

Roberts, Richard (Private-)

Roberts, Roland (Private-)

Roberts, Ruth (Private-)

Roberts, Scott Roland (Private-)

Roberts, Susannah (1 AUG 1804-1 DEC)

Roberts, Tina Amy (Private-)

Roberts, Valerie (Private-)

Roberts, Wavey (Private-)

Roberts, Whitfield (Private-)

Roberts, Wilbert Pierce (Private-)

Roberts, Winston (Private-)

Robinson, Christopher Howard (Private-)

Robinson, Clayton (Private-)

Robinson, Deborah Anne (Private-)

Robinson, Howard (Private-)

Robinson, Jennifer Anne (Private-)

Robinson, John (Private-)

Robinson, John (Private-)

Robinson, Juliette (Private-)

Robinson, Katie (Private-)

Robinson, Kelsey (Private-)

Robinson, Mitchell (Private-)

Robotham, Sherri Lee (Private-)

Robottom, Vivian (Private-)

Robson, Anna Jean (-UNKNOWN)

Rodden, Joyce (-UNKNOWN)

Rodgers, Anthony Kenneth (Private-)

Rodgers, Anthony Ryan (Private-)

Rodgers, Christopher George (Private-)

Rodgers, Denny Scott (Private-)

Rodgers, Hayley Jordin Theadora (Private-)

Rodgers, Rhonda Elaine (Private-)

Rodgers, Tonia Glenda (Private-)

Rodgers, William Adam Duane (Private-)

Rodgers, William Adam Tylor (Private-)

Rodgers, Willliam Kenneth (Private-)

Rodriques, Florence (-UNKNOWN)

Rodway, Christopher Wayne (Private-)

Rodway, Nicholas Richard (Private-)

Rodway, Wayne Carl Richard (Private-)

Roebotham, Christopher (Private-)

Roebotham, Cindy (Private-)

Roebotham, Curtis (Private-)

Roebotham, Donna (Private-)

Roebotham, Dwayne (Private-)

Roebotham, Faye (Private-)

Roebotham, Frederick (Jr.) (Private-)

Roebotham, Frederick (Sr.) (1904-1984)

Roebotham, Gordon (Private-)

Roebotham, Hilda (Private-)

Roebotham, Howard (Private-)

Roebotham, Jamie (Private-)

Roebotham, Jennifer (Private-)

Roebotham, Judy (Private-)

Roebotham, Kenneth (Private-)

Roebotham, Larry (Private-)

Roebotham, Leon (Private-)

Roebotham, Lisa (Private-)

Roebotham, Lloyd (Private-)

Roebotham, Lori Ann (Private-)

Roebotham, Matthew (Private-)

Roebotham, Reneta (Private-)

Roebotham, Rex (Private-)

Roebotham, Roy (Private-)

Roebotham, Ruby (Private-)

Roebotham, Scott (Private-)

Roebotham, Sharon (Private-)

Roebotham, Wendy (Private-)

Rogers, Amber (Private-)

Rogers, Bessie (Private-)

Rogers, Bruce (Private-)

Rogers, Douglas (Private-)

Rogers, George (Private-)

Rogers, Gideon Elias (Private-)

Rogers, Lorne Dale (Private-)

Rogers, Madeline (-UNKNOWN)

Rogers, Maisie (Private-)

Rogers, Marjorie (Private-)

Rogers, Mark (Private-)

Rogers, Paul (Private-)

Rogers, Racquel Diane (Private-)

Rogers, Ralph (Private-)

Rogers, Rene (Private-)

Rolf, Andrew Peter (-UNKNOWN)

Rolf, Emma (ABT. 1897-UNKNOWN)

Rolfe, Shirley (Private-)

Romaine, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Romano, Guisipina (-UNKNOWN)

Rombough, (Private-)

Ron, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Root, David Arnold (Private-)

Root, Denna (Private-)

Root, Earl (Private-)

Root, Earl Cameron (Private-)

Root, Estelle Blake (Private-)

Root, Jane Estelle (Private-)

Root, Matthew (Private-)

Roper, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Ros, (Private-)

Rosa, (Private-)

Rose, Anthony (Private-)

Rose, Delano (Private-)

Rose, Grace (Private-)

Rose, Grant (Private-)

Rose, Horace (-UNKNOWN)

Rose, Roy (Private-)

Rose, Thelma (Private-)

Rosemary, (Private-)

Rosental, Arthur (Private-)

Rosental, Dora Firnandas (Private-)

Rosental, Linda (Private-)

Rosental, Richard (Private-)

Ross, Charles Garnet (Private-)

Ross, Edith (Private-)

Ross, James Lorne (-UNKNOWN)

Ross, Mable (Private-)

Ross, Muriel (Private-)

Ross, Myrtle (Private-)

Ross, Walter (Private-)

Roth, Edward Allen (I) (Private-)

Roth, Edward Allen (II) (Private-)

Roth, Edward Allen (III) (Private-)

Roth, Edward Allen (IV) (Private-)

Roth, Heather Marie (Private-)

Rothell, Baxter (Private-)

Rothell, Daniel (Jr.) (Private-)

Rothell, Daniel (Sr.) (Private-)

Rothell, Mary Ruth (Private-)

Rothell, Nanette (Private-)

Rothell, Sandra (Private-)

Rothell, Wanda (Private-)

Rowe, Ada Ann (SEP 1853-21 MAY 1939)

Rowe, Ada Francis (JUL 1894-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Adam (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Albert (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Alexander (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Alfreda (2 MAY 1889-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Alicia Merrill (Private-)

Rowe, Ambrose (JUL 1894-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Amelia (1819-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Ann (22 JAN 1781-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, III, Ann (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, IV, Ann (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Ann (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Audrey Diamond (Private-)

Rowe, Barbara (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Beatrice (1926-1926)

Rowe, Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Bessie (Private-)

Rowe, Betty (Private-)

Rowe, Boyd (Private-)

Rowe, Caroline (MAY 1846-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Cassey (Private-)

Rowe, Charles (1893-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Charles (1893-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Charles (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Charles (Private-)

Rowe, Charles Ross Rossmore (30 AUG 1927-14 FEB 1996)

Rowe, Charlotte (1791-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Charlotte (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Christina (1745-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Christina (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Clara (OCT 1902-1996)

Rowe, Deborah Joyce (Private-)

Rowe, Diane (Private-)

Rowe, Donald (Private-)

Rowe, Donald Nelson (Private-)

Rowe, Donna (Private-)

Rowe, Douglas Colin (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Druscilla (1873-14 AUG 1918)

Rowe, Edna (1927-1987)

Rowe, Edward (1715-1754)

Rowe, Edward (9 JAN 1776-1817)

Rowe, Edward (1744-1790)

Rowe, Edward (1836-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Eileen (Private-)

Rowe, Eleanor (Private-)

Rowe, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Elizabeth (1822-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Elizabeth (Private-)

Rowe, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Elizabeth (Private-)

Rowe, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Elizabeth Ann (10 DEC 1876-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Elsie (Private-)

Rowe, Emily (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Enid Frances (12 DEC 1879-7 DEC 1961)

Rowe, Enoch (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Ethel (Private-)

Rowe, Fanny (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Frances (Frank) (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Fred (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Garrett John (Private-)

Rowe, George (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Georgina (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Gladys (15 JAN 1938-31 MAY 1990)

Rowe, Gordon P (Private-)

Rowe, Griffen (24 JAN 1777-1777)

Rowe, Harold (1907-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Harold of Orestus (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Harry (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Harry Norman (Private-)

Rowe, Henry (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Henry Charles (NOV 1892-22 OCT 1933)

Rowe, Hilda Joyce (Private-)

Rowe, Ida Belle (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, James (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, James (1785-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, James (1832-1911)

Rowe, James (1745-1806)

Rowe, James Nelson (Private-)

Rowe, James Nelson (1901-14 JUL 1966)

Rowe, James Theophilus (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Jane (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Jefferey (Private-)

Rowe, Jessie (Private-)

Rowe, Jessie (1876-25 SEP 1906)

Rowe, Joan (Private-)

Rowe, John (20 OCT 1783-1836)

Rowe, John (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, John (1821-24 MAY 1891)

Rowe, John Alfred (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, John Edward (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, John Morgan (15 AUG 1839-9 OCT 1915)

Rowe, John of Orestus (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Jose (Private-)

Rowe, Judy (Private-)

Rowe, Levinia (1832-1870)

Rowe, Levinia (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Lillian (Private-)

Rowe, Lillian Florence (Private-)

Rowe, Linda (Private-)

Rowe, Lou (Private-)

Rowe, Madeline (Madge) (NOV 1930-10 AUG 1989)

Rowe, Margaret (20 JAN 1801-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Martin S (1882-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Martin Sheppard (9 JUN 1789-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Martin Sheppard (22 FEB 1861-8 SEP 1933)

Rowe, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Mary (1774-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Mary Joan Jane (14 JUL 1936-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Maya (Private-)

Rowe, Minnie (1884-6 JAN 1957)

Rowe, Moriah (Private-)

Rowe, Nathanial (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Oakley (1904-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Obediah (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Orestus (3 OCT 1867-12 JUN 1946)

Rowe, Oswald James (16 FEB 1904-7 JUL 1965)

Rowe, Pauline (31 OCT 1937-5 SEP 1979)

Rowe, Raymond (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Reginald (Private-)

Rowe, Robert James (Private-)

Rowe, Robert John (Private-)

Rowe, Robert John (Private-)

Rowe, Robert Joshua (Private-)

Rowe, Ross (Private-)

Rowe, Ruth Blanche (Private-)

Rowe, Samson (Private-)

Rowe, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Solomon (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Stella (Private-)

Rowe, Stella Francis (Private-)

Rowe, Stephen (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Susannah (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Tamara (Private-)

Rowe, Thomas (1750-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, Thomas (1787-1847)

Rowe, Tina (Private-)


Rowe, Wade (Private-)

Rowe, Wayne (Private-)

Rowe, Wendy (Private-)

Rowe, William (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, William (1812-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, William Edmund (-UNKNOWN)

Rowe, William James (SEP 1863-28 OCT 1934)

Rowe, William Sheppard (18 JAN 1779-1779)

Rowena, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Rowsell, Alfreda (Private-)

Rowsell, Annie Marie (-UNKNOWN)

Rowsell, Archibald (-BEF. 16 NOV 1942)

Rowsell, Arthur (23 NOV 1934-11 NOV 1941)

Rowsell, Arthur William (ABT. 1887-UNKNOWN)

Rowsell, Augustus (Private-)

Rowsell, Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)

Rowsell, Bertha (Private-)

Rowsell, Betty (Private-)

Rowsell, Bramwell (Private-)

Rowsell, Cindy (Private-)

Rowsell, David (Private-)

Rowsell, Dorcas Tabitha (ABT. 1857-19 DEC 1915)

Rowsell, Drucilla (Private-)

Rowsell, Dulcie (Private-)

Rowsell, Edith (ABT. 1892-9 FEB 1949)

Rowsell, Eli (Private-)

Rowsell, Eli (ABT. 1885-UNKNOWN)

Rowsell, Eli (-UNKNOWN)

Rowsell, Eli (-UNKNOWN)

Rowsell, Eli (-BEF. 16 NOV 1942)

Rowsell, Eli (-UNKNOWN)

Rowsell, Eli (-UNKNOWN)

Rowsell, Eli (ABT. 1883-10 DEC 1952)

Rowsell, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Rowsell, Elizabeth Mary (SEP 1893-1 NOV 1955)

Rowsell, Ella Minnie Jane (Private-)

Rowsell, Elsie Laura (1890-1982)

Rowsell, Emma (Private-)

Rowsell, Emma Georgina (23 AUG 1900-12 JUN 1981)

Rowsell, Esther (21 JUL 1897-FEB 1933)

Rowsell, Eva Doris (Private-)

Rowsell, Family (-UNKNOWN)

Rowsell, Florence Sheila (Private-)

Rowsell, Ford (Private-)

Rowsell, Fred (Private-)

Rowsell, Fredrick Pearce (ABT. 1896-3 MAY 1963)

Rowsell, Freeman (23 OCT 1924-23 OCT 1924)

Rowsell, Gail (Private-)

Rowsell, Gary (Private-)

Rowsell, George (-UNKNOWN)

Rowsell, George (-UNKNOWN)

Rowsell, George (-UNKNOWN)

Rowsell, Gilbert (ABT. 1889-UNKNOWN)

Rowsell, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)

Rowsell, Herbert John (ABT. 1898-30 MAY 1963)

Rowsell, Herbert S. (-UNKNOWN)

Rowsell, Howard (Private-)

Rowsell, Isabella May (5 DEC 1915-1994)

Rowsell, Jane (-UNKNOWN)

Rowsell, Jeremy (Private-)

Rowsell, Joanna (ABT. 1892-22 APR 1971)

Rowsell, Joey (Private-)

Rowsell, Johanna (Private-)

Rowsell, John (-UNKNOWN)

Rowsell, John (Private-)

Rowsell, John (-UNKNOWN)

Rowsell, John Dawe (6 OCT 1894-UNKNOWN)

Rowsell, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)

Rowsell, Joseph (1872-UNKNOWN)

Rowsell, Joseph Benjamin (Private-)

Rowsell, Lavisa (Private-)

Rowsell, Leander Mark (Private-)

Rowsell, Leander Nicholas Benjamin (ABT. DEC 1868-16 JUL 1950)

Rowsell, Lidia (Private-)

Rowsell, Maltia (Private-)

Rowsell, Mandy (Private-)

Rowsell, Marjorie (Private-)

Rowsell, Mark (ABT. 1858-19 DEC 1926)

Rowsell, Mark Peddle (Private-)

Rowsell, Marsha (Private-)

Rowsell, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Rowsell, Mary (Private-)

Rowsell, Mary Elizabeth (ABT. 1895-UNKNOWN)

Rowsell, Mary Melena (Private-)

Rowsell, Maurina (Private-)

Rowsell, Maxwell (Private-)

Rowsell, Melina (ABT. 1879-14 MAY 1957)

Rowsell, Melina Stella Belle (-UNKNOWN)

Rowsell, Melita Mary (Private-)

Rowsell, Minnie Matilda (Private-)

Rowsell, Philip (Private-)

Rowsell, Philipp (Private-)

Rowsell, Phyllis (Private-)

Rowsell, Prudence Jane (9 FEB 1899-1972)

Rowsell, Richard (Private-)

Rowsell, Rodney (Private-)

Rowsell, Roger Lorne (Private-)

Rowsell, Ryan (Private-)

Rowsell, Sarah Ann (ABT. 1859-UNKNOWN)

Rowsell, Solomon Sharp (2 AUG 1896-18 NOV 1938)

Rowsell, Susan Madeline (Private-)

Rowsell, Sylvia (Private-)

Rowsell, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)

Rowsell, Thomas (Private-)

Rowsell, Unknown (-BEF. 2 JUL 1951)

Rowsell, Wayne (Private-)

Rowsell, Wilda (Private-)

Rowsell, William (-UNKNOWN)

Rowsell, William (Private-)

Rowsell, William (Private-)

Rowsell, William (Private-)

Rowsell, Winifred (-UNKNOWN)

Rowsell, Winnifred June (24 NOV 1894-ABT. MAY 1974)

Ruby, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Ruby, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Ruffle, Dorothy M. (MAY 1892-UNKNOWN)

Rumbolt, Calvin (Private-)

Rumbolt, Gladys (Private-)

Rumbolt, John (-UNKNOWN)

Rumbolt, Louis (Private-)

Rumbolt, Theresa "Tess" (Private-)

Rundquist, Daryl (Private-)

Russell, Alexander White (11 SEP 1905-10 JAN 1960)

Russell, Alfreda (24 JUL 1894-9 NOV 1979)

Russell, Alice (-UNKNOWN)

Russell, Alva Pearl (Private-)

Russell, Ann Susanna (16 NOV 1881-UNKNOWN)

Russell, Annie (Private-)

Russell, Annie Winifredn (8 AUG 1932-14 AUG 1990)

Russell, Arthur James (Private-)

Russell, Ashley (Private-)

Russell, Avalon John (1906-UNKNOWN)

Russell, Azarias (26 AUG 1883-3 FEB 1890)

Russell, Bonita Elsie (Private-)

Russell, Brandon (Private-)

Russell, Caleb (15 OCT 1879-21 APR 1880)

Russell, Calvin Wade (Private-)

Russell, Caroline (15 JUL 1880-3 SEP 1880)

Russell, Cathy Elaine (Private-)

Russell, Cheryl (Private-)

Russell, Cheryl Susanne (Private-)

Russell, Christopher (Private-)

Russell, Clara Belle (19 OCT 1873-UNKNOWN)

Russell, Clarence (Private-)

Russell, Clarence Dominie (28 MAY 1931-17 MAY 1975)

Russell, Colin (Private-)

Russell, Colleen (Private-)

Russell, Danielle (Private-)

Russell, David (Private-)

Russell, David (Private-)

Russell, David C (24 NOV 1894-UNKNOWN)

Russell, David Ivan Lloyal (Private-)

Russell, Dean (Private-)

Russell, Debbie (Private-)

Russell, Debra Anne (Private-)

Russell, Dorothy Marie (Private-)

Russell, Douglas Sam (Private-)

Russell, Edgar Francis (Private-)

Russell, Edmund George (18 JUN 1882-UNKNOWN)

Russell, Edward Holden (Private-)

Russell, Eli (22 SEP 1922-UNKNOWN)

Russell, Eli Francis (Private-)

Russell, Eli Francis (11 NOV 1877-20 JUL 1908)

Russell, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Russell, Elizabeth Mary (20 JUN 1885-29 AUG 1977)

Russell, Elizabeth Rachel (2 JUL 1897-3 FEB 1964)

Russell, Ellen (5 MAY 1867-UNKNOWN)

Russell, Ellen P. (20 SEP 1896-UNKNOWN)

Russell, Elmo Robert (Private-)

Russell, Elsie (21 SEP 1902-31 JAN 1983)

Russell, Family (-UNKNOWN)

Russell, Francis (Private-)

Russell, Fred Alexander (Private-)

Russell, George (1830-9 JAN 1908)

Russell, George (1901-1930)

Russell, George Alex (12 APR 1871-UNKNOWN)

Russell, George Robert (15 SEP 1902-16 AUG 1964)

Russell, Gerald (Private-)

Russell, Gertrude (Private-)

Russell, Gertrude Francis (20 SEP 1910-1912)

Russell, Gordon (Private-)

Russell, Hannah Irene (17 AUG 1891-1904)

Russell, Harold Coaker (Private-)

Russell, Hartley Dale (Private-)

Russell, Hartley Victor (Private-)

Russell, Helga Rebecca (Private-)

Russell, Hilda Isobel (Private-)

Russell, Jacqueline E (Private-)

Russell, James (Private-)

Russell, Janet (Private-)

Russell, Janice Arlene (Private-)

Russell, Jessie Belle (25 JUN 1891-4 JUN 1974)

Russell, Joanne (Private-)

Russell, John (16 OCT 1906-27 MAY 1990)

Russell, John S (17 JAN 1930-6 OCT 1968)

Russell, John William (12 SEP 1869-UNKNOWN)

Russell, Karen (Private-)

Russell, Kevin (Private-)

Russell, Lana Lowell (Private-)

Russell, Larry Mark (Private-)

Russell, Lauren (Private-)

Russell, Leander James (16 JUL 1887-26 AUG 1933)

Russell, Lisa June (Private-)

Russell, Lorna (Private-)

Russell, Lucy (Private-)

Russell, Margaret Ruth (Private-)

Russell, Martha (Private-)

Russell, Martha Melina (Private-)

Russell, Mary (Private-)

Russell, Mary Anne (Private-)

Russell, Mary Jane (15 JAN 1895-7 AUG 1985)

Russell, Mary Jane (11 SEP 1859-21 DEC 1874)

Russell, Melina (4 AUG 1889-1964)

Russell, Melina (Private-)

Russell, Minnie (Private-)

Russell, Paul Gordon (Private-)

Russell, Paul Norman (1964-24 OCT 1984)

Russell, Peter George (Private-)

Russell, Rachel (Private-)

Russell, Rebecca (Private-)

Russell, Rhoda May (3 JAN 1896-UNKNOWN)

Russell, Ricky (Private-)

Russell, Robert (11 APR 1865-9 NOV 1923)

Russell, Robert Chesley (Private-)

Russell, Robert George (Private-)

Russell, Robt (Private-)

Russell, Robt Garland (Private-)

Russell, Rosemarie Lowell (Private-)

Russell, Roy (Private-)

Russell, Sabrina (Private-)

Russell, Samuel (8 FEB 1898-5 FEB 1941)

Russell, Sandra (Private-)

Russell, Sarah (31 OCT 1861-UNKNOWN)

Russell, Sarah (Private-)

Russell, Sarah Delilah (12 MAR 1899-10 SEP 1998)

Russell, Sherry Edith (Private-)

Russell, Sidney James (Private-)

Russell, Stephen (Private-)

Russell, Susanna (Private-)

Russell, Terry (Private-)

Russell, Thomas (31 JUL 1900-6 DEC 1967)

Russell, Thomas B. (9 AUG 1863-1950)

Russell, Thomas George (22 OCT 1860-30 OCT 1860)

Russell, Tyson (Private-)

Russell, Vernon Keith (Private-)

Russell, Vernon Noah (Private-)

Russell, Victorias (3 SEP 1907-15 JAN 1986)

Russell, Violet (17 AUG 1898-UNKNOWN)

Russell, Wes (Private-)

Russell, William Lloyal Butt (29 SEP 1898-16 FEB 1970)

Russell, Willie John (6 OCT 1905-UNKNOWN)

Rust, Brian (Private-)

Rust, Deborah (Private-)

Rust, Roger (Private-)

Rust, Sylvia (Private-)

Rust, Victoir Sonny (Private-)

Ruth, (Private-)

Ruth, (Private-)

Ryall, George (Private-)

Ryall, George (-UNKNOWN)

Ryan, Alexander (Sandy) Walter (Private-)

Ryan, Amanda (Private-)

Ryan, Austin (Private-)

Ryan, Bernard (Private-)

Ryan, Bessie Rebecca (5 MAR 1890-UNKNOWN)

Ryan, Cecilia (Private-)

Ryan, Cecilia (26 FEB 1888-UNKNOWN)

Ryan, Cecilia AVERIL (Private-)

Ryan, Clarence (Private-)

Ryan, Dion (Private-)

Ryan, Ed (Private-)

Ryan, Eliza (-UNKNOWN)

Ryan, Fanny (NOV 1902-UNKNOWN)

Ryan, Fern Louise (Private-)

Ryan, Frederick GEORGE (10 MAR 1886-UNKNOWN)

Ryan, George Robert JOHN (Private-)

Ryan, Gertrude (Private-)

Ryan, Girl (-UNKNOWN)

Ryan, Girl (-UNKNOWN)

Ryan, Girl (-UNKNOWN)

Ryan, Girl (-UNKNOWN)

Ryan, Girl (-UNKNOWN)

Ryan, Girl (-UNKNOWN)

Ryan, Gladys Doreen (Private-)

Ryan, Glennyth Averil (Private-)

Ryan, Henry (-UNKNOWN)

Ryan, Henry Francis (1 FEB 1883-UNKNOWN)

Ryan, Henry Francis (Frank) (Private-)

Ryan, Henry GEORGE (1876-AUG 1950)

Ryan, Hughie (Private-)

Ryan, Idella (15 JUN 1911-6 MAR 1983)

Ryan, Jamie Gerard (Private-)

Ryan, Jeffery KIRK (Private-)

Ryan, John Mack (26 JUL 1884-UNKNOWN)

Ryan, Joshua (-UNKNOWN)

Ryan, Kerry Jay (Private-)

Ryan, Livenia Evangeline (27 NOV 1896-UNKNOWN)

Ryan, Lucy May (31 OCT 1894-UNKNOWN)

Ryan, Lydia (OCT 1903-UNKNOWN)

Ryan, Marie (Private-)

Ryan, Marion Audrey Louise (Private-)

Ryan, Martha Ann (1866-1948)

Ryan, Mary (7 NOV 1898-UNKNOWN)

Ryan, Merrick Bernard (8 AUG 1904-1914)

Ryan, Merrick William (Private-)

Ryan, Michael Eric (Private-)

Ryan, Nathan Frederick (15 JUL 1944-26 DEC 1944)

Ryan, Nathan Sidney (20 AUG 1904-17 NOV 1975)

Ryan, Niki (Private-)

Ryan, Paulette Frances (Private-)

Ryan, Peter Nathan (Private-)

Ryan, Robert (Private-)

Ryan, Ronald John (1917-1980)

Ryan, Steadman Harrison (Private-)

Ryan, Tina (Private-)

Ryan, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)

Ryan, Violet (Private-)

Ryan, Vivian Christine (Private-)

Ryan, Warren (Private-)

Ryan, William (-UNKNOWN)

Ryan-Batstone, Alisha Elizabeth (Private-)

Ryder, Bonita (Private-)

Ryder, Jasmine Bridget (Private-)

Ryder, Michelle (Private-)

Ryder, Tammy (Private-)

Ryder, William (Private-)

Saint, Ann (20 FEB 1915-1997)

Saint, Doris (Private-)

Saint, Wayne (Private-)

Sale, William Luther (Private-)

Sam, (Private-)

Samantha, Pamala, Sylvester, Charlene (Private-)

Sampson, Brooke Chantel (Private-)

Sampson, David (Private-)

Sampson, Elaine (Private-)

Sampson, Joshua (Private-)

Samson, Isaac (-UNKNOWN)

Sandra, (Private-)

Sandra, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Sanford, Coray Jonathan (Private-)

Sanford, Grant Richard I (Private-)

Sanford, Grant Richard II (Private-)

Sanford, Grant Richard III (Private-)

Sanford, Jennifer Rae (14 MAR 1983-14 MAR 1983)

Sanford, Raymond Manson (22 NOV 1983-22 NOV 1983)

Sansom, Ann Marie (1868-1950)

Sansom, Roy (Private-)

Sansom, Selina (-UNKNOWN)

Sarah, (1760-1801)

Sarah, (-UNKNOWN)

Sarah, (1813-UNKNOWN)

Sarah, UNKNOWN (ABT. 1874-9 MAY 1963)

Sarling, Alexander Reid (Private-)

Sarling, Tim (Private-)

Saulter, William (Private-)

Saunders, Adam (SEP 1909-18 APR 1985)

Saunders, Adam (Private-)

Saunders, Allan (-UNKNOWN)

Saunders, Allen (1882-UNKNOWN)

Saunders, Andrea (Private-)

Saunders, Carman (Private-)

Saunders, Clayton (Private-)

Saunders, Clifford (Private-)

Saunders, Corbin Glen (Private-)

Saunders, Corina (-UNKNOWN)

Saunders, Danica Lisa (Private-)

Saunders, Donald (Private-)

Saunders, Edward (-UNKNOWN)

Saunders, Eleamor (-UNKNOWN)

Saunders, Ellie Rose (Private-)

Saunders, Elsie (Private-)

Saunders, Ethel (-UNKNOWN)

Saunders, Faith (Private-)

Saunders, Frank (Private-)

Saunders, Freeman (1869-UNKNOWN)

Saunders, Gilbert (1899-1963)

Saunders, Gordon (Private-)

Saunders, Howard (Private-)

Saunders, Infant Still Born (Private-)

Saunders, James (1850-1909)

Saunders, Kelly (Private-)

Saunders, Lawrence (Private-)

Saunders, Marguerite (Private-)

Saunders, Marion (Private-)

Saunders, Reginald (1908-1962)

Saunders, Samuel James (1869-1890)

Saunders, Sheldon Corbin (Private-)

Saunders, Susannah Ledrow (13 FEB 1851-UNKNOWN)

Saunders, William (Private-)

Saunders, William Henry (1873-1909)

Saurman, Charles A. (Private-)

Sawyer, Alfred C. (-UNKNOWN)

Sawyer, Ellen (Private-)

Sawyer, Eric (Private-)

Sawyer, William (1926-1985)

Sceviour, Jessie Louisa (ABT. 1847-18 JUN 1902)

Schiebelbein, Aryanna Ann-Marie (Private-)

Schiebelbein, Ethan Joseph William (Private-)

Schiebelbein, Jason Wayne (Private-)

Schiebelbein, Ronald Jacob Joseph (Private-)

Schrempf, Gordon (Private-)

Schwarm, James (Private-)

Schwarm, Jody (Private-)

Scott, Albert (11 DEC 1904-27 APR 1915)

Scott, Allan (30 APR 1915-22 MAY 1937)

Scott, Alma (Private-)

Scott, Annie (22 DEC 1908-13 JAN 1909)

Scott, Charles (SEP 1903-1987)

Scott, Charles (1903-1987)

Scott, Cyril Joseph (27 JUN 1916-OCT 1938)

Scott, David (Private-)

Scott, Donald (Private-)

Scott, Dorcas (24 MAY 1882-UNKNOWN)

Scott, Edna Rose (Private-)

Scott, Elizabeth (16 FEB 1885-UNKNOWN)

Scott, Emily Ann (9 JUN 1880-26 FEB 1963)

Scott, Emily Ann (9 JAN 1880-26 FEB 1963)

Scott, Esther (6 APR 1874-UNKNOWN)

Scott, Ethel (Private-)

Scott, Frank (ABT. FEB 1925-23 MAY 1925)

Scott, Frederick John Charles (Private-)

Scott, Gertrude (14 AUG 1888-UNKNOWN)

Scott, Gertrude (27 JUN 1916-22 MAR 1986)

Scott, Gordon (23 MAY 1907-30 OCT 1908)

Scott, Harris Gordon (Private-)

Scott, Hayward (1911-1966)

Scott, Isaac (1873-7 JAN 1892)

Scott, Israel (31 JAN 1897-30 JUL 1989)

Scott, Jane Delilah (13 FEB 1876-FEB 1878)

Scott, Jean Millicenr (Private-)

Scott, Joseph (1843-6 MAR 1891)

Scott, Joseph (30 MAR 1878-19 MAY 1954)

Scott, Joseph (ABT. 1843-8 MAR 1913)

Scott, Linda Margaret (Private-)

Scott, Mabel (6 SEP 1918-26 JUN 1986)

Scott, Margaret (Private-)

Scott, Mary Patience (29 OCT 1910-1 JUL 1913)

Scott, Olive (Private-)

Scott, Ralph Murray (Private-)

Scott, Rebecca (-UNKNOWN)

Scott, Reginald (Private-)

Scott, Reginald (ABT. OCT 1946-8 FEB 1947)

Scott, Ruby (Private-)

Scott, Ryan (Private-)

Scott, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)

Scott, Stanley John (Private-)

Scott, Syella Mary (Private-)

Scott, Terry (Private-)

Scott, Thomas David Harry (Private-)

Scott, Tracy (Private-)

Scott, Virtue (22 JAN 1906-18 MAR 1906)

Scott, Virtue (-UNKNOWN)

Scott, William (Private-)

Scott, William (-UNKNOWN)

Scott, William J (-UNKNOWN)

Scott, William Joseph (27 JUL 1912-7 MAR 1914)

Scullion, Jennifer (Private-)

Scullion, Martin Michael (Private-)

Scullion, Michael Joseph (Private-)

Scullion, Robert Patrick (Private-)

Searle, Carol Ann (Private-)

Sears, William (Private-)

Seaward, Alice Elizabeth (1857-UNKNOWN)

Seaward, Ambrose (1889-UNKNOWN)

Seaward, Ambrose (1853-UNKNOWN)

Seaward, Edward (1847-1865)

Seaward, Edward (1770-UNKNOWN)

Seaward, Edward Henry (1898-1916)

Seaward, Elizabeth (1891-1970)

Seaward, Eva (1888-1974)

Seaward, Frederick (Private-)

Seaward, Jane (-27 APR 1925)

Seaward, Johanna (1844-UNKNOWN)

Seaward, Mary Ann (1835-UNKNOWN)

Seaward, Olive (Private-)

Seaward, Patience (1893-1905)

Seaward, Richard (-UNKNOWN)

Seaward, Sarah (1841-UNKNOWN)

Seaward, Thomas (1805-UNKNOWN)

Seaward, Thomas Robert (1860-1938)

Seaward, Violet May (1900-1992)

Seaward, William Arthur (1896-1971)

Seeley, Ann (-UNKNOWN)

Seeley, John (NOV 1857-UNKNOWN)

Seeley, Sarah F. (AUG 1896-UNKNOWN)

Seeward, Victoria (-1973)

Septer, Cathy (Private-)

Septer, Faith (Private-)

Septer, Glenn (Private-)

Septer, Pamela (Private-)

Septer, Paul (Private-)

Septer, Trina (Private-)

Serrick, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)

Sesilva, Cora (Private-)

Sesilva, Jose (Private-)

Settle, Daphne Helen (Private-)

Sevier, Isaac (-UNKNOWN)

Seward, Andrew Roland (Private-)

Seward, Anita (Private-)

Seward, Arthur (-UNKNOWN)

Seward, Colin (Private-)

Seward, Doll (Private-)

Seward, Edward (Private-)

Seward, Eli Richard (-12 MAY 1936)

Seward, Jessica Sarah (Private-)

Seward, Marjorie (Private-)

Seward, Terrance Shane (Private-)

Seward, Terrence Emile (Private-)

Sexton, Charlotte (1883-1979)

Seymor, (-UNKNOWN)

Seymore, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Shanahan, Christine (Private-)

Shand, (Private-)

Sharon, George (13 OCT 1870-22 SEP 1952)

Sharon, Jane (29 JAN 1877-UNKNOWN)

Sharon, John (-UNKNOWN)

Sharp, George (Private-)

Sharpe, Christopher (Private-)

Sharpe, Drucilla (ABT. 1864-UNKNOWN)

Sharpe, Edward (Private-)

Sharpe, Melkijah Worth (3 JAN 1913-OCT 1976)

Sharpe, Solomon (-UNKNOWN)

Sharpe, Susan (Private-)

Sharpe, Timothy (Private-)

Sharron, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Sharron, Jasper (-UNKNOWN)

Sharron, Martha (OCT 1868-UNKNOWN)

Sharron, Stephen (MAY 1890-1958)

Sharron, Stephen (1845-12 DEC 1904)

Shaw, Loretta (Private-)

Shaw, Mariah (NOV 1842-UNKNOWN)

Shea, Carmel (Private-)

Shepard, Ray (Private-)

Sheperd, Dorothy (Private-)

Shepherd, Henry (-BEF. 30 NOV 1885)

Sheppard, Alfred (1880-UNKNOWN)

Sheppard, Alfred Jr. (Private-)

Sheppard, Alice (Private-)

Sheppard, Andrea Lee (Private-)

Sheppard, C., Annie (Private-)

Sheppard, Cathy (Private-)

Sheppard, Clayton (Private-)

Sheppard, Cora (Private-)

Sheppard, Edgar (Private-)

Sheppard, Elizabeth (Private-)

Sheppard, Ellen M (Private-)

Sheppard, Ernest (Private-)

Sheppard, Frederick (26 FEB 1900-12 APR 1977)

Sheppard, Gordon (Private-)

Sheppard, Hazel (Private-)

Sheppard, Heber (-UNKNOWN)

Sheppard, Jane (-UNKNOWN)

Sheppard, B., Jessie (Private-)

Sheppard, John (-UNKNOWN)

Sheppard, John Thomas (1873-UNKNOWN)

Sheppard, Keziah (1867-4 APR 1931)

Sheppard, Louisa (Private-)

Sheppard, Mary (1808-1874)

Sheppard, Mary Jane (-14 AUG 1876)

Sheppard, Moses (1906-1976)

Sheppard, Noah (Private-)

Sheppard, Noah (Private-)

Sheppard, Peggy (Private-)

Sheppard, Robert (Private-)

Sheppard, Robert (Private-)

Sheppard, Robert (-UNKNOWN)

Sheppard, Rose (Private-)

Sheppard, Sandra (Private-)

Sheppard, Susan (-UNKNOWN)

Sheppard, Susan Karen (Private-)

Sheppard, William (Private-)

Sherlock, Wendy (Private-)

Sherren, William (-UNKNOWN)

Shirran, Alexander (4 OCT 1858-UNKNOWN)

Shirran, Brenda (Private-)

Shirran, Clement (17 JUL 1911-2 FEB 1989)

Shirran, Doris (10 SEP 1932-29 MAY 1981)

Shirran, Edmund (Private-)

Shirran, Flossie May (Private-)

Shirran, Frederick (23 NOV 1875-5 NOV 1967)

Shirran, Harold (Private-)

Shirran, Jesse Maud (Private-)

Shirran, Joan (Private-)

Shirran, Kathy (Private-)

Shirran, Keith (Private-)

Shirran, Mabel (Private-)

Shirran, Mary (22 NOV 1848-UNKNOWN)

Shirran, Norman (12 JUL 1923-1929)

Shirran, Rance (Private-)

Shirran, Raymond (Private-)

Shirran, Rodney (Private-)

Shirran, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)

Shirran, Stephen (-BEF. 19 NOV 1880)

Shirran, Stephen (ABT. 1844-UNKNOWN)

Shirran, Tammy (Private-)

Shirran, William Jr (30 NOV 1852-UNKNOWN)

Shoop, Cameron David Carl (Private-)

Shoop, Carl (Private-)

Short, Ada (10 SEP 1858-17 JAN 1946)

Short, Albert (Private-)

Short, Albert (Private-)

Short, Amelia Ann (1867-UNKNOWN)

Short, Andrew (-UNKNOWN)

Short, Annie (Private-)

Short, Ashley Catherine (Private-)

Short, Austin (Private-)

Short, Baby Girl (Private-)

Short, Bernice (Private-)

Short, Bertha (APR 1896-UNKNOWN)

Short, Caroline (-UNKNOWN)

Short, Connie (Private-)

Short, Conrad Joseph (-MAY 1975)

Short, Darlene (Private-)

Short, David Conrad (Private-)

Short, Donna (Private-)

Short, Elizabeth Jane (Jennie) (1863-UNKNOWN)

Short, Frederick (MAR 1856-UNKNOWN)

Short, George (AUG 1853-UNKNOWN)

Short, Gerald Kevin (Private-)

Short, Geraldine (Private-)

Short, German (1879-UNKNOWN)

Short, Gino (Private-)

Short, Gladys (Private-)

Short, Grace (Private-)

Short, James (1850-UNKNOWN)

Short, Jeffery (Private-)

Short, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)

Short, Karen (Private-)

Short, Lavina Berina (Private-)

Short, Leila (Private-)

Short, Lewis (Private-)

Short, Lillian (Private-)

Short, Lily May (Private-)

Short, Marlene (Private-)

Short, Mary (1861-UNKNOWN)

Short, Maud (Private-)

Short, Minnie B. (AUG 1911-1978)

Short, Morgan (Private-)

Short, Neil Samuel (Private-)

Short, Philip (Private-)

Short, Priscella (16 MAR 1890-UNKNOWN)

Short, Rebecca (1842-9 APR 1919)

Short, Rosalie Marie (Private-)

Short, Samuel (11 JAN 1833-UNKNOWN)

Short, Sarah Florence (Private-)

Short, Sidney (-UNKNOWN)

Short, Tassie Maud (Private-)

Short, Terrence (Private-)

Short, Thelma (Private-)

Short, Wesley (Private-)

Short, William (4 JUL 1890-26 DEC 1996)

Short, William Alexander (Private-)

Short, William James (-2 AUG 1989)

Short, William Patrick Samuel (Private-)

Sidelinger, Annie C. (1907-1981)

Sidelinger, James (-UNKNOWN)

Siler, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Silvermail, Philip (-UNKNOWN)

Simeon, Jenina Bajar (Private-)

Simeons, Jane (-UNKNOWN)

Simmonds, Bella (Private-)

Simms, (Private-)

Simms, Andy Lee (Private-)

Simms, Austin (Private-)

Simms, Bronze (Private-)

Simms, Chesley (Private-)

Simms, Cordella Sarah (Private-)

Simms, Dalphine PAULINE (Private-)

Simms, Darryl Clifford (Private-)

Simms, Dorothy Maude (Private-)

Simms, Ethel Mae (30 APR 1892-9 JAN 1979)

Simms, George (-UNKNOWN)

Simms, Isabella (Private-)

Simms, Joshua (Private-)

Simms, Josiah (Private-)

Simms, Judith Druscilla (Private-)

Simms, Karina (Private-)

Simms, Melita Emma (Private-)

Simms, Nicholas (Private-)

Simms, Perry (Private-)

Simms, Stephen Glen (Private-)

Simms, Thomas (MAR 1883-UNKNOWN)

Simms, Tony (Private-)

Simms, Trevor (Private-)

Simms, William Cornelias Pearce (Private-)

Simms, Wilson (Private-)



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