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Simpson, Bailey Shawn (Private-)

Simpson, Carolyn Gail (Private-)

Simpson, Cathy (Private-)

Simpson, Hope Elizabeth (Private-)

Simpson, Josiah (Private-)

Simpson, Kenneth Mark (Private-)

Simpson, Kyle (Private-)

Simpson, Michael Shawn (Private-)

Simpson, Nicole Dawn (Private-)

Simpson, Wallace (Private-)

Simpson, Wallace Frank (21 JUL 1946-4 OCT 2002)

Sinyard, James (-UNKNOWN)

Skanes, Joan (Private-)

Skett, Bernard (Private-)

Skinner, William (Private-)

Slade, Bessie (Private-)

Slade, Nicholas (Private-)

Slade, Robert (Private-)

Sleater, Robert Louis (-UNKNOWN)

Sleater, Robert Louis (-UNKNOWN)

Small, Lawrence (Private-)

Small, Letitia (Tilley) (-UNKNOWN)

Smart, Unknown (Private-)

Smeaton, Dennis (Private-)

Smith, Abraham (1889-1951)

Smith, Agnes Euphremia (9 OCT 1905-OCT 1985)

Smith, Al (Private-)

Smith, Alicia (Private-)

Smith, Allen (Private-)

Smith, Amanda (Private-)

Smith, Ann Marie (-UNKNOWN)

Smith, Ann Marie (FEB 1839-28 JAN 1917)

Smith, Azariah (JAN 1846-9 NOV 1925)

Smith, Azariah (-UNKNOWN)

Smith, Brenda (Private-)

Smith, Bruce (Private-)

Smith, Carol (Private-)

Smith, Cassidy (Private-)

Smith, Corey (Private-)

Smith, David (Private-)

Smith, David Paul (Private-)

Smith, Debbie (Private-)

Smith, Doris Alta (Private-)

Smith, Dot (Private-)

Smith, Doug (Private-)

Smith, Edward (Private-)

Smith, Eliza (-UNKNOWN)

Smith, Ethel (-UNKNOWN)

Smith, Ethel (14 JUL 1887-20 SEP 1974)

Smith, Fergus (-UNKNOWN)

Smith, George (Private-)

Smith, George (-UNKNOWN)

Smith, Gervey (Private-)

Smith, Gordon (Private-)

Smith, Ike (Private-)

Smith, Jack (Private-)

Smith, Jane (1872-1947)

Smith, Jane Anne (Annie) (1905-23 FEB 1997)

Smith, Jean Peddle (-UNKNOWN)

Smith, Jeff (Private-)

Smith, Jennifer (Private-)

Smith, Jennifer Lynn (Private-)

Smith, Jerry (Private-)

Smith, John (Private-)

Smith, Judy (Private-)

Smith, Julia Ann (-UNKNOWN)

Smith, Keith (Private-)

Smith, Keith Edward (Private-)

Smith, Lloyd (Private-)

Smith, Maisie (Private-)

Smith, Marge (Private-)

Smith, Marion (Private-)

Smith, Martha (OCT 1871-7 JAN 1940)

Smith, Mary Ann (1 DEC 1835-UNKNOWN)

Smith, Mary Jane (1845-26 OCT 1924)

Smith, Megan (Private-)

Smith, Michael (Private-)

Smith, Mona (Private-)

Smith, Narion (Private-)

Smith, Patricia (Private-)

Smith, Ranald (Private-)

Smith, Rebecca (1875-1953)

Smith, Robert (Private-)

Smith, Robert (-UNKNOWN)

Smith, Robert John (OCT 1880-1972)

Smith, Ronald (Private-)

Smith, Ronald (Private-)

Smith, Ros (Private-)

Smith, Rosamund (MAY 1867-18 FEB 1960)

Smith, Sarah Jane (1857-10 SEP 1879)

Smith, Stephen (Private-)

Smith, Steve (Private-)

Smith, Thomas (Private-)

Smith, Thomas (Private-)

Smith, Timothy (-UNKNOWN)

Smith, Todd (Private-)

Smith, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Smith, Violet Alice (Private-)

Smith, Wayne (Private-)

Smith, Wayne E. (Private-)

Smith, Wayne Emmanuel (Mannie) (Private-)

Smith, Wesley Wes (Private-)

Smith, William (-UNKNOWN)

Snelgrove, (Private-)

Snelgrove, Julia (-UNKNOWN)

Snook, Alfred (FEB 1894-UNKNOWN)

Snook, Angela G. (Private-)

Snook, Annie Marie (4 OCT 1898-4 FEB 1977)

Snook, Edward (Private-)

Snook, Ezekiel (APR 1865-UNKNOWN)

Snook, Frederick (NOV 1904-UNKNOWN)

Snook, James (JAN 1899-UNKNOWN)

Snook, Mary Ann (-UNKNOWN)

Snook, Wilfred (Private-)

Snow, (-UNKNOWN)

Snow, Ada (1892-1972)

Snow, Anne Marie (Private-)

Snow, Anne Marie (Private-)

Snow, Barbara Ruth (Private-)

Snow, Brian (Private-)

Snow, Brian Craig (Private-)

Snow, Cecil (Private-)

Snow, Christopher (Private-)

Snow, Christy Lynn (Private-)

Snow, Donald Vincent (Private-)

Snow, Dorothy (Private-)

Snow, Douglas James (Private-)

Snow, Elaine (Private-)

Snow, Elaine Marie (Private-)

Snow, Eldon (Private-)

Snow, Eldon (Private-)

Snow, Elizabeth Ann (1827-8 JUL 1912)

Snow, Elizabeth Jane (25 MAY 1888-29 JUL 1941)

Snow, Elizabeth Patricia (Private-)

Snow, Emily Jane (-UNKNOWN)

Snow, Fred (Private-)

Snow, Gregory Francis (Private-)

Snow, Jacob (MAY 1849-1931)

Snow, John (-UNKNOWN)

Snow, John Nicholas (Private-)

Snow, Kathleen (Private-)

Snow, Lynn Ann (Private-)

Snow, Marion (Private-)

Snow, Mary (-3 OCT 1926)

Snow, Mary (1862-UNKNOWN)

Snow, Mary Jane (-UNKNOWN)

Snow, Melvin Patrick (26 AUG 1928-22 MAR 1991)

Snow, Patrick Gordon (Private-)

Snow, Pauline Dwayne (Private-)

Snow, Phyllis Katherine (-14 MAR 1991)

Snow, Rachel (-UNKNOWN)

Snow, Sam (-UNKNOWN)

Snow, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)

Snow, Veronica Mary (-25 JUL 2000)

Snow, Warren (Private-)

Snow, William Michael (Private-)

Sobel, Frank (18 FEB 1917-16 MAY 1955)

Sobel, Frank Wayne (Private-)

Sobel, Garret Frederick (Private-)

Sobel, Heather (Private-)

Sobel, Paul (-UNKNOWN)

Sobel, Ronald Gordon (Private-)

Soboloski, Nancy (Private-)

Somers, Hal (Private-)

Somerton, Mary Lillian (ABT. 1909-8 DEC 1995)

Somerton, Mary Lillian (1908-8 DEC 1995)

Sommers, Florence (-UNKNOWN)

Sonia, Jennifer (Private-)

Sonja, (Private-)

Soper, ? (Private-)

Soper, Alice (Private-)

Soper, Allan (Private-)

Soper, Amelia (JAN 1918-UNKNOWN)

Soper, Andrea (Private-)

Soper, Arthur (Private-)

Soper, Arthur (Private-)

Soper, Bertha (MAR 1885-1925)

Soper, Bessie (Private-)

Soper, Bessie (Private-)

Soper, Bridget (-UNKNOWN)

Soper, Charles (Private-)

Soper, Clyde (Private-)

Soper, Collette (Private-)

Soper, Crystal Gail (Private-)

Soper, Danielle (Private-)

Soper, Dorothy (Private-)

Soper, Edgar A. (Private-)

Soper, Edward (1865-1922)

Soper, Effie (JAN 1919-UNKNOWN)

Soper, Elias (FEB 1900-UNKNOWN)

Soper, Emmaline (NOV 1916-UNKNOWN)

Soper, Eric (Private-)

Soper, Ethel (AUG 1907-UNKNOWN)

Soper, Eunice (1903-UNKNOWN)

Soper, Frank (JUL 1894-UNKNOWN)

Soper, Fronie (Private-)

Soper, Gerald (Private-)

Soper, Geraldine (Private-)

Soper, Gertrude (Private-)

Soper, James (1828-UNKNOWN)

Soper, Jamie Jeanette (Private-)

Soper, John (-11 MAY 1851)

Soper, John (FEB 1862-UNKNOWN)

Soper, John (1861-UNKNOWN)

Soper, John (Private-)

Soper, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)

Soper, Leonard (Private-)

Soper, Leonard (Private-)

Soper, Lewis (FEB 1883-UNKNOWN)

Soper, Lloyd (Private-)

Soper, Mable (SEP 1912-1967)

Soper, Myrtle Florence (Private-)

Soper, Norman (Private-)

Soper, Pearl (JUL 1904-UNKNOWN)

Soper, Raymond (FEB 1911-UNKNOWN)

Soper, Sarah (JUN 1872-UNKNOWN)

Soper, Thomas (7 JAN 1827-UNKNOWN)

Soper, Una (Private-)

Soper, Violet (JAN 1921-UNKNOWN)

Soper, William (1825-UNKNOWN)

Soper, William (Private-)

Soper, William (Jr.) (AUG 1860-UNKNOWN)

Sophia, (-UNKNOWN)

Soucy, Arielle Alice (Private-)

Soucy, Jasmine Ray (Private-)

Soucy, Jean Marc (Private-)

Soucy, Jordana Yvonne (Private-)

Sparkes, George (Private-)

Sparkes, Herbert (Private-)

Sparkes, Isaac (-UNKNOWN)

Sparkes, Isaac (-UNKNOWN)

Sparkes, Isaac (Private-)

Sparkes, James (Private-)

Sparkes, Nelson Baxter (-23 DEC 1999)

Sparkes, Stephen (Private-)

Spencer, Janet Leigh (Private-)

Spencer, Natalie (Private-)

Spracklin, Ann Maria (4 OCT 1866-1952)

Spracklin, Horatio W. (-UNKNOWN)

Spracklin, Ida (-UNKNOWN)

Spracklin, Mary Charlotte (17 MAY 1826-ABT. 1917)

Spracklin, Nathaniel John (-UNKNOWN)

Spracklin, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)

Spracklin, Samuel Soper (-UNKNOWN)

Spracklin, Simon (ABT. 1809-28 FEB 1882)

Spracklin, Weston (ABT. 1838-24 MAR 1918)

Spracklin, William Henry (27 AUG 1832-13 OCT 1905)

Sprague, Floyd (Private-)

Spurrell, Glen (Private-)

Spurrell, Helen (Private-)

Spurrell, Hubert (Private-)

Spurrell, Hubert Dane (Private-)

Spurrell, Pierce A. (Private-)

Spurrell, Sheldon (Private-)

Spurrell, Tyler (Private-)

Spurril, David (-UNKNOWN)

Spurril, Susannah (-1932)

Squires, ? (Private-)

Squires, Alice (Private-)

Squires, Allister (Private-)

Squires, Bill (Private-)

Squires, Brian William (Private-)

Squires, Chesley (2 AUG 1914-28 OCT 1993)

Squires, Deanne (Private-)

Squires, Donald (Private-)

Squires, Edmund (Private-)

Squires, Effie (Ethel) (Private-)

Squires, Frank (Private-)

Squires, Jacob Donald (Private-)

Squires, James (1834-1916)

Squires, James Jr. (JUN 1861-1935)

Squires, Jamie (Private-)

Squires, Jane (-UNKNOWN)

Squires, Mary MARGARET (Private-)

Squires, Max (Private-)

Squires, Max (Private-)

Squires, Nellie Gertie (2 OCT 1907-12 SEP 1989)

Squires, Pascoe (21 JUN 1901-UNKNOWN)

Squires, Rose (Private-)

Squires, Sarah Noelle (Private-)

Sr, William Shirran (7 NOV 1817-UNKNOWN)

Sr., William George Raines (6 MAY 1849-3 SEP 1936)

St. Croix, Norman (Private-)

St. Croix, Regina (Private-)

St. Croix, Ronald (Private-)

St. Jean, Gilbert Rosaire (Private-)

St. John, John Joseph (Private-)

Stacey, (Private-)

Stack, Anthony (Private-)

Stack, Shane Anthony (Private-)

Stagg, Alonzo (Private-)

Stagg, Augustus (9 NOV 1911-27 OCT 1986)

Stagg, Ben (Private-)

Stagg, Calvi (Private-)

Stagg, Carolynn S (Private-)

Stagg, Christopher J (Private-)

Stagg, Cyril (Private-)

Stagg, Cyril (17 SEP 1905-UNKNOWN)

Stagg, Doris (Private-)

Stagg, Edrel (Private-)

Stagg, Edward (1866-1 JUN 1962)

Stagg, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Stagg, Frances (25 MAR 1909-9 AUG 1984)

Stagg, Harold (Private-)

Stagg, Joseph (1839-29 AUG 1918)

Stagg, Lloyd (Private-)

Stagg, Marie (Private-)

Stagg, Rachel (Private-)

Stagg, Scott (Private-)

Stagg, Shirley (Private-)

Stagg, Vera (Private-)

Stanley, Ariel (Private-)

Stanley, Blanche (Private-)

Stanley, Edward (Private-)

Stanley, Frederick James (JUN 1914-5 MAY 1984)

Stanley, Havlok (Private-)

Stanley, Jack (Private-)

Stanley, James (-UNKNOWN)

Stanley, Maude (Private-)

Stanley, Maxwell (-1996)

Stanley, Michael (Private-)

Stanley, Millicent (Private-)

Stanley, Morgan (Private-)

Stanley, Selena (Private-)

Stanley, Ted (Private-)

Stanley, Timothy (Private-)

Stanton, John (Private-)

Staples, Merle (Private-)

Stasinowsky, Alice Louise (Private-)

Stasinowsky, Henry Paul (-UNKNOWN)

Stead, Andrew (1837-UNKNOWN)

Stead, Ann (1825-1904)

Stead, Anne (1923-1925)

Stead, Audrey (Private-)

Stead, Benjamin (1822-UNKNOWN)

Stead, Benjamin (1900-UNKNOWN)

Stead, Bernice (Private-)

Stead, Carol June (Private-)

Stead, Darryl Victor (Private-)

Stead, Elizabeth (1821-UNKNOWN)

Stead, Ernest (1891-UNKNOWN)

Stead, Flora (Private-)

Stead, Fred (1889-29 MAY 1957)

Stead, Frederick (1840-UNKNOWN)

Stead, Frederick Wayne (Private-)

Stead, James (Private-)

Stead, Jesse (1906-UNKNOWN)

Stead, Job (1836-UNKNOWN)

Stead, John (1827-UNKNOWN)

Stead, John Thomas (1862-UNKNOWN)

Stead, Leo (Private-)

Stead, Peggy Jean (27 DEC 1956-8 APR 1998)

Stead, Phyloss (Private-)

Stead, Rodney Walter (Private-)

Stead, Samuel (1831-1876)

Stead, Theophilius (1842-UNKNOWN)

Stead, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)

Stead, Thomas (1831-UNKNOWN)

Stead, Unknown (Private-)

Stead, Vickie Dionne (Private-)

Stead, Victor (16 FEB 1920-UNKNOWN)

Stead, William (1829-UNKNOWN)

Stearns, Clara Myrtle (JUN 1939-21 JUN 1939)

Stearns, Frances Scott (Private-)

Stearns, John (-UNKNOWN)

Stearns, John (Private-)

Stearns, Johns (25 JUL 1918-26 SEP 1994)

Stearns, Mary Theressa (Private-)

Stearns, Sandra Arlene (Private-)

Steele, Alma (Private-)

Steele, Charles (30 AUG 1906-14 AUG 1993)

Steele, Janice Paulette (Private-)

Steele, Merlee Belle (Private-)

Steele, Samuel (Private-)

Stein, Rozanne (Private-)

Stephen, Deborah (Private-)

Stephens, Ken (Private-)

Stephenson, Loretta May Jane (Private-)

Stephenson, Sherry (Private-)

Stepina, Dorothy (Private-)

Stepina, Rudy (Private-)

Sterling, Robert (Private-)

Stevens, Audrey (Private-)

Stevens, William (1815-UNKNOWN)

Stevenson, Emily Jane Coish (1872-1960)

Stickland, Arthur (1901-UNKNOWN)

Stickland, Arthur (Private-)

Stickland, Clyde (Private-)

Stickland, Dorothy (Private-)

Stickland, Elizabeth Bessie (Private-)

Stickland, Selby J. (Private-)

Stickley, Arthur (Private-)

Stickley, Elizabeth (1877-UNKNOWN)

Stickley, Elizabeth (Private-)

Stickley, Elsie M (Private-)

Stickley, Herbert (-UNKNOWN)

Stickley, John James (1879-6 FEB 1951)

Stickley, Lillian (Private-)

Stickley, Mildred (Private-)

Stickley, Philip J (Private-)

Stickley, Steven (1842-2 JUL 1919)

Stiensbargs, Allie (Private-)

Stokes, Ellen (-UNKNOWN)

Stone, Alfred (-UNKNOWN)

Stone, Alfreda Jane (1906-1991)

Stone, Charlotte Ellen (10 OCT 1897-30 SEP 1974)

Stone, Charlotte Maude (1 JUL 1896-20 APR 1968)

Stone, Elsie May (27 OCT 1888-1966)

Stone, Lydia Jessie Mabel (-UNKNOWN)

Stone, Mary (Private-)

Stone, Mary Ann (23 MAY 1871-8 MAR 1942)

Stone, Mary Ann (dup) (1891-1970)

Stone, Mary Ann (dup) (1891-1970)

Stone, Mary Ann Minnie (19 JAN 1890-1 APR 1926)

Stone, Norman Ross (1907-1980)

Stone, Robert (-UNKNOWN)

Stone, Robert (-UNKNOWN)

Stone, Robert (-UNKNOWN)

Stone, Susannah Frampton (14 AUG 1881-23 MAY 1922)

Stone, Willis (Private-)

Stoodley, Christopher Randy (Private-)

Stoodley, Jonathan Thomas (Private-)

Stoodley, Samantha Beverly Ann (Private-)

Stoodley, Shawn Harry (Private-)

Storer, Carrie (-UNKNOWN)

Stoyles, Egdar Wilson (Private-)

Stoyles, Magdaline (OCT 1884-UNKNOWN)

Straithie, Elizabeth J. (SEP 1882-APR 1971)

Strand, Sten Arn (Private-)

Stranger, Annie Isabella (3 APR 1876-UNKNOWN)

Stranger, Charles Collis (29 APR 1870-UNKNOWN)

Stranger, Clara Maud (2 SEP 1878-UNKNOWN)

Stranger, James Millar Ewing (5 FEB 1872-UNKNOWN)

Stranger, John McIntyre (24 MAY 1867-UNKNOWN)

Stranger, Lucy Scaplen (1 DEC 1868-UNKNOWN)

Stranger, Mary Ewing (7 MAR 1866-UNKNOWN)

Stranger, William Albert (-UNKNOWN)

Stranger, William George (14 JAN 1874-UNKNOWN)

Street, John (Private-)

Street, John (-UNKNOWN)

Street, Jonathan E (Private-)

Street, Maisie (15 JUL 1900-12 JUN 1969)

Street, Mark (-UNKNOWN)

Street, Peter (-UNKNOWN)

Street, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)

Strickland, (-UNKNOWN)

Strickland, Ethel Elizabeth (Private-)

Strickland, John (Private-)

Strickland, John (Private-)

Strickland, Pearl (Private-)

Strickland, Sherry Daphine (Private-)

Strickland, Wilhelmina (Private-)

Strickland, William Dorman (Private-)

Stringer, Hubert (Private-)

Strong, Aaron (3 MAR 1893-1962)

Strong, Alexander (Sandy) (1877-1957)

Strong, Amelia Ann (Millie) (1903-1934)

Strong, Charity (9 DEC 1822-UNKNOWN)

Strong, Charles (-UNKNOWN)

Strong, Eli (1879-1957)

Strong, Eli (-UNKNOWN)

Strong, Elizabeth (Private-)

Strong, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Strong, Ethel Blanche (Private-)

Strong, Everet (Private-)

Strong, George (Private-)

Strong, Glady (Private-)

Strong, Hannah (1899-UNKNOWN)

Strong, James (-UNKNOWN)

Strong, John (-UNKNOWN)

Strong, Mary (dup) (1882-1968)

Strong, Mary (dup) (1882-1968)

Strong, Mildred (Private-)

Strong, Moses (1854-11 JAN 1941)

Strong, Nicholas James (1899-1902)

Strong, Pamela Gail (Private-)

Strong, Rona (Private-)

Strong, Samuel (Private-)

Strong, Samuel (1902-1985)

Strong, William James (1885-1963)

Strong, Willis James (1874-1950)

Stuckless, Christopher (Private-)

Stuckless, Frazer (Private-)

Stuckless, John (Private-)

Stuckless, John Frazer (Private-)

Stuckless, Josephine (Private-)

Stuckless, Troy (Private-)

Sturge, Bonita (Private-)

Sturge, Ethel (Private-)

Sturge, Louise (Private-)

Sturge, Marcel Vincent (Private-)

Sturge, Pearce (Private-)

Sturkey, Geof (Private-)

Suley, Edward (-1953)

Suley, Hilda (1923-1936)

Suley, Richard Garfield (1921-1935)

Suley, Sylvia Jean (Private-)

Sulley, Elizabeth (Private-)

Sullivan, Adam Thomas (Private-)

Sullivan, Agnes Mary Loidine (Private-)

Sullivan, Alexander Ewing (20 NOV 1881-1970)

Sullivan, Alexander Hugh (21 MAR 1891-UNKNOWN)

Sullivan, Allan Leo (30 MAR 1897-UNKNOWN)

Sullivan, Annie Isabel (29 OCT 1882-UNKNOWN)

Sullivan, Annie Josephine (24 SEP 1942-4 JAN 1944)

Sullivan, Annie May (-6 MAY 1887)

Sullivan, Barbara Lynn (Private-)

Sullivan, Barry Allan (Private-)

Sullivan, Benjamin Paris (Private-)

Sullivan, Beverly Ann (Private-)

Sullivan, Brenda Marie Theresa (Private-)

Sullivan, Bridget Agnes (8 JUL 1879-4 OCT 1955)

Sullivan, Bridget Ann (Private-)

Sullivan, Charmaine Maria (Private-)

Sullivan, Deanna Korrie (Private-)

Sullivan, Edmund (Private-)

Sullivan, Elisabeth Susan (Private-)

Sullivan, Ellen (5 AUG 1856-UNKNOWN)

Sullivan, Ellen (5 JUN 1889-25 JUL 1890)

Sullivan, Ellen (-UNKNOWN)

Sullivan, Ellen (Nell) (Private-)

Sullivan, Ellen Gertrude (10 NOV 1880-UNKNOWN)

Sullivan, Ellen Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Sullivan, Emile (-UNKNOWN)

Sullivan, F. Leonard Augustine (-UNKNOWN)

Sullivan, Florence (24 SEP 1814-12 JAN 1870)

Sullivan, Florence Michael (30 DEC 1878-UNKNOWN)

Sullivan, Francise Ann (Private-)

Sullivan, Frederick (Private-)

Sullivan, Frederick Francis (28 JUL 1895-12 FEB 1939)

Sullivan, Frederick Thomas (Private-)

Sullivan, Genevieve Cecilia (26 AUG 1932-24 DEC 1992)

Sullivan, Gerard (14 OCT 1922-18 NOV 1980)

Sullivan, Hilda Marie (14 MAY 1931-16 JAN 1998)

Sullivan, Honora (-UNKNOWN)

Sullivan, Isabelle (1 APR 1885-16 SEP 1885)

Sullivan, James (JAN 1938-NOV 1938)

Sullivan, James (-UNKNOWN)

Sullivan, James (-UNKNOWN)

Sullivan, James (29 APR 1860-UNKNOWN)

Sullivan, Jane (8 OCT 1879-UNKNOWN)

Sullivan, Jean Maureen (Private-)

Sullivan, Jeremiah (-UNKNOWN)

Sullivan, Jimmy Francis (Private-)

Sullivan, John Edmund (10 MAY 1885-UNKNOWN)

Sullivan, John J. (7 AUG 1846-17 OCT 1918)

Sullivan, John Joseph (4 MAY 1928-10 JUL 1995)

Sullivan, John Joseph (Private-)

Sullivan, John Joseph (8 APR 1892-29 MAR 1950)

Sullivan, John Kavanagh (12 FEB 1908-26 JUN 1926)

Sullivan, John Philip (23 JAN 1897-16 MAR 1979)

Sullivan, Johnny Lawrence (Private-)

Sullivan, Joline Natasha (Private-)

Sullivan, Josephine Mary (Private-)

Sullivan, Josephine Mary (Private-)

Sullivan, Keith Francis (Private-)

Sullivan, Kevin Maurice (Private-)

Sullivan, Kevin Wayne (Private-)

Sullivan, Kyle Fletcher (Private-)

Sullivan, Laurie Eva Jennifer (Private-)

Sullivan, Leonard F. (MAY 1903-UNKNOWN)

Sullivan, Lillian Mary (29 NOV 1901-17 APR 1993)

Sullivan, Loretta (14 JUL 1910-30 NOV 1937)

Sullivan, Louise (-DEC 1938)

Sullivan, Madonna Elizabeth (22 JAN 1944-26 JAN 1944)

Sullivan, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Sullivan, Mary (Private-)

Sullivan, Mary Alice (29 NOV 1883-28 APR 1899)

Sullivan, Mary Alice (Private-)

Sullivan, Mary Anne (Minnie) (13 MAR 1875-UNKNOWN)

Sullivan, Mary Ellen (6 APR 1898-UNKNOWN)

Sullivan, Mary Margaret (Private-)

Sullivan, Mary Marguerite (Private-)

Sullivan, Michael (2 MAY 1852-UNKNOWN)

Sullivan, Nancy Anne (Private-)

Sullivan, Olivia Jennifer (Private-)

Sullivan, Patrick (-UNKNOWN)

Sullivan, Patrick (Private-)

Sullivan, Patrick Edward (Private-)

Sullivan, Patrick Joseph (Private-)

Sullivan, Rose Mary (2 JAN 1884-UNKNOWN)

Sullivan, Rosemary Ann (Private-)

Sullivan, Ruthann Marie (Private-)

Sullivan, Sandra Lee (Private-)

Sullivan, Sarah Lilian (Private-)

Sullivan, Sean Wilbur (Private-)

Sullivan, Shane Joel (Private-)

Sullivan, Sharon Lynn (Private-)

Sullivan, Sheila Maureen (Private-)

Sullivan, Shelley Lynn (Private-)

Sullivan, Stephen Preston (Private-)

Sullivan, Stephen Terrance (Private-)

Sullivan, Terrance Thomas (Private-)

Sullivan, Theresa (Private-)

Sullivan, Thomas Florence (29 JUL 1877-20 JUN 1942)

Sullivan, Thomas Florence (15 JUL 1916-31 MAR 2000)

Sullivan, Thomas Marcelene (20 APR 1929-30 JAN 1996)

Sullivan, Vicki Anne Linda (Private-)

Sullivan, William (-UNKNOWN)

Sullivan, William (30 SEP 1849-UNKNOWN)

Sullivan, William (2 MAR 1894-UNKNOWN)

Sullivan, William Francis (14 MAY 1854-18 FEB 1913)

Sullivan, William Francis (Private-)

Sullivan, William Michael (Private-)

Sullivan, William Valentine Hillary (13 JAN 1900-UNKNOWN)

Summerfield, Ronald (Private-)

Summers, Donald Joseph (Private-)

Summers, Ernest (AUG 1867-1935)

Summers, Fred (Private-)

Summers, James (-UNKNOWN)

Summers, John (SEP 1900-1987)

Summers, Lori (Private-)

Summers, Maggie (JUN 1894-UNKNOWN)

Summers, Marion (3 DEC 1892-25 JUN 1979)

Summers, Marjorie (1911-1999)

Summers, Maude (1893-1893)

Summers, Nellie (Private-)

Summers, Ronald (Private-)

Susaanah, (-UNKNOWN)

Susan, (-UNKNOWN)

Susan, (Private-)

Susan, (1792-1825)

Susanna, UNKNOWN (ABT. 1858-16 JUL 1939)

Susannah, (1874-7 JAN 1905)

Susannah, (1829-1894)

Sutherland, Barbara (Private-)

Sutherland, Doald John (Private-)

Swaffield, Harold Cleveland (Private-)

Sweeney, (-UNKNOWN)

Sweeney, (twins) (-UNKNOWN)

Sweeney, Mary Emma (-UNKNOWN)

Sweet, Joseph (Private-)

Sweet, Joseph (Private-)

Sweetland, Angela Danette (Private-)

Sweetland, Arthur Douglas (Private-)

Sweetland, Bary (Private-)

Sweetland, Bronson Douglas (Private-)

Sweetland, Dallas (Private-)

Sweetland, Deborah (Private-)

Sweetland, Douglas (Private-)

Sweetland, Edmund (-UNKNOWN)

Sweetland, Elgin (Private-)

Sweetland, Judy (Private-)

Sweetland, Kenneth (Private-)

Sweetland, Nora Maud (25 AUG 1901-26 MAY 1972)


Swyers, Maria (-UNKNOWN)

Sydney, Samantha, Summer Lea (Private-)

Sylvester, Shelton Mark (Private-)

Symmes, Claudia Marjorie (Private-)

Symmes, Claudia Marjorie (Private-)

Symons, Marilyn Leah (11 MAY 1926-12 OCT 1986)


Talbot, Ida (-1969)

Tanner, Matthew Robert (Private-)

Tanner, William Gordon (Private-)

Tanner, William Gordon (Private-)

Tapper, Louise (Private-)

Targett, Archibald (AUG 1862-4 JUL 1931)

Tarrent, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)

Taverner, Carter (Private-)

Taverner, Dale (Private-)

Taverner, Eric George (1916-1992)

Taverner, Lana (Private-)

Taverner, Larry (Private-)

Taverner, Laurie (Private-)

Taverner, Marilyn Beulah Jean (1938-1939)

Taverner, Randy (Private-)

Taverner, Valerie (Private-)

Taylor, Agnes (-7 OCT 1948)

Taylor, Alice (Private-)

Taylor, Andrew Wilfred Hugh (Private-)

Taylor, Arthur (15 NOV 1889-12 APR 1895)

Taylor, Artland (-UNKNOWN)

Taylor, Beverley Leah (Private-)

Taylor, Brandon Ryan Alexander (Private-)

Taylor, Bruce (Private-)

Taylor, Calvin (Private-)

Taylor, Catherine Gwen (Private-)

Taylor, Christina (1898-1990)

Taylor, Christopher (Private-)

Taylor, Elsa Claire (Private-)

Taylor, Eric Francis (11 FEB 1898-15 MAR 1915)

Taylor, Ethel (Private-)

Taylor, Fanny (ABT. 1856-UNKNOWN)

Taylor, Florence Marion (21 JUL 1891-16 APR 1895)

Taylor, Gary (Private-)

Taylor, Gordon (Private-)

Taylor, Harvey (17 SEP 1901-26 APR 1904)

Taylor, Heather (Private-)

Taylor, Heber (-UNKNOWN)

Taylor, Henrietta Hettie Alexandria (Private-)

Taylor, Henry (Private-)

Taylor, Hubert John (-UNKNOWN)

Taylor, Ida (ABT. 1881-UNKNOWN)

Taylor, Jane (1822-9 JAN 1919)

Taylor, Jane (ABT. 1810-UNKNOWN)

Taylor, Janet (ABT. 1874-18 MAY 1962)

Taylor, John (-UNKNOWN)

Taylor, John Joseph (1856-14 MAR 1938)

Taylor, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)

Taylor, Linda Louise (Private-)

Taylor, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)

Taylor, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)

Taylor, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)

Taylor, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)

Taylor, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)

Taylor, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)

Taylor, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)

Taylor, Margaret (Maggie) (NOV 1899-DEC 1990)

Taylor, Maria Eugenia (DEC 1880-UNKNOWN)

Taylor, Marie Eugenia (DEC 1880-UNKNOWN)

Taylor, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Taylor, Matilda (SEP 1861-19 JAN 1930)

Taylor, Matilda (-UNKNOWN)

Taylor, Mildred (Private-)

Taylor, Morely (Private-)

Taylor, Morgan (Private-)

Taylor, Reginald (11 MAY 1919-10 NOV 1988)

Taylor, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)

Taylor, Sarah Ann (Private-)

Taylor, Sharon Elizabeth (Private-)

Taylor, Solomon Porter (-UNKNOWN)

Taylor, Tammy (Private-)

Taylor, Tim (Private-)

Taylor, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Taylor, Unknown Twin 1 (ABT. 1917-ABT. 1917)

Taylor, Unknown Twin 2 (ABT. 1917-ABT. 1917)

Taylor, Wilfred (28 JAN 1889-23 NOV 1943)

Taylor, Wilfred (1889-UNKNOWN)

Taylor, Wilfred Joseph (Private-)

Taylor, William (1820-UNKNOWN)

Taylor, William (-UNKNOWN)

Taylor, William (-UNKNOWN)

Templeman, Roxanne (Private-)

Templeton, Dorothy (Private-)

Teresa, (Private-)

Terrance, Patricia (1931-1985)

Terron, Terry George (Private-)

Tess, (-UNKNOWN)

Tharp, Harold (Private-)

Theoret, Unknown (Private-)

Theresa, (Private-)

Thevenet, Francis (Private-)

Thom, Mr. (Private-)

Thoman, Kevin (Private-)

Thomas, Albert William (Private-)

Thomas, Andrew Hamilton (Private-)

Thomas, Arlene (Private-)

Thomas, Beverly Anne (Private-)

Thomas, Brian (Private-)

Thomas, Campbell (-UNKNOWN)

Thomas, Cecil Seymore (Private-)

Thomas, Chesley Gordon (Private-)

Thomas, Edith May (Private-)

Thomas, Edward Albert (Private-)

Thomas, Ernest Edward Duncan (-UNKNOWN)

Thomas, Florrie Lucille (Private-)

Thomas, George (-UNKNOWN)

Thomas, George Edward (17 SEP 1914-17 FEB 1983)

Thomas, Hazel Maude (Private-)

Thomas, Irene Margaret (Private-)

Thomas, James (-1971)

Thomas, Margaret Mary Isabel (Private-)

Thomas, Marjorie Olive (Private-)

Thomas, Natalie (Private-)

Thomas, Patricia Denise (3 MAR 1952-15 JUN 1985)

Thomas, Pauline Myrtle (Private-)

Thomas, Raymond (Private-)

Thomas, Roland Selby (Dick) (Private-)

Thomas, Sylvia Rosalie (Private-)

Thomas, Wayne (Private-)

Thomilyn, Brandon (Private-)

Thomilyn, David (Private-)

Thomilyn, David (Private-)

Thompson, Brian (Private-)

Thompson, Emma Jane (Private-)

Thompson, Ester (Private-)

Thompson, Honorah (-UNKNOWN)

Thompson, James (Private-)

Thompson, Joseph (Private-)

Thompson, Megan (Private-)

Thompson, Reginald Anderson (Private-)

Thompson, Wade (Private-)

Thonas, Edward (26 JUL 1885-UNKNOWN)

Thorne, Martha Helen (-UNKNOWN)

Thornhill, Bert (-UNKNOWN)

Thurston, (Private-)

Tibbs, Heber (-UNKNOWN)

Tibbs, Jessie Jane (1908-1946)

Tiller, G. (Private-)

Tiller, Lisa (Private-)

Tiller, Stephanie (Private-)

Tilley, Albert (Private-)

Tilley, Alexander Walter (-UNKNOWN)

Tilley, Ann Maria (1886-UNKNOWN)

Tilley, Bruce (Private-)

Tilley, Christopher Roland James (Private-)

Tilley, Dorothy (JUN 1918-19 NOV 1995)

Tilley, Edward (Ned) (1896-17 MAY 1918)

Tilley, Elizabeth (30 JUN 1831-UNKNOWN)

Tilley, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Tilley, Elizabeth Gertrude (Lizzie) (1889-UNKNOWN)

Tilley, Elsie Bertha (1894-UNKNOWN)

Tilley, Emily Sarah (1899-1974)

Tilley, Florence (-UNKNOWN)

Tilley, Florence (Private-)

Tilley, Frank B. (Private-)

Tilley, Henry Thomas (Tom) (1901-1988)

Tilley, Irene (MAY 1921-18 NOV 1990)

Tilley, Jane Ann (1 JUN 1861-1915)

Tilley, John (Private-)

Tilley, John (-UNKNOWN)

Tilley, John (Jack) (1891-1981)

Tilley, Leah (-UNKNOWN)

Tilley, Marjorie (Private-)

Tilley, Mary Belle (1815-1904)

Tilley, Moses (-UNKNOWN)

Tilley, Olga (Private-)

Tilley, Olive L. (Private-)

Tilley, Paul (Private-)

Tilley, Peter Roland (Private-)

Tilley, Robert (Bob) (1903-UNKNOWN)

Tilley, Roland George (Private-)

Tilley, Ronald (-UNKNOWN)

Tilley, Ruby Ivy (Private-)

Tilley, Sarah Nicole (Private-)

Tilley, Sheila Joan (Private-)

Tilley, Simeon (17 OCT 1859-1921)

Tilley, Sylvia Joyce (Private-)

Tilley, Terrance Roland (Private-)

Tilley, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Tilley, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Tilley, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Tilley, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Tilley, William (-UNKNOWN)

Tilley, William (Private-)

Tilley, William J. (AUG 1896-UNKNOWN)

Tilley, William Joseph (1887-1952)

Tilly, Emily (1848-UNKNOWN)

Tilly, Hanse (Private-)

Tilly, William (Private-)

Tina, (Private-)

Tinarry, (Private-)

Tippett, Gerald (Private-)

Tippett, James (Private-)

Tipple, Clayton (Private-)

Tizzard, Amanda Lee (Private-)

Tizzard, Brittany Claudette (Private-)

Tizzard, David WILFRED (Private-)

Tizzard, Edmund CYRIL (Private-)

Tizzard, George (-UNKNOWN)

Tizzard, Juanita Gail (Private-)

Tizzard, Justin Kerry (Private-)

Tizzard, Kerry Bradley (Private-)

Tizzard, Lori Catherine Effie (Private-)

Tizzard, Maggie Kayla (Private-)

Tizzard, Margaret Ruth (Private-)

Tizzard, Martin Christopher Blake (Private-)

Tizzard, Melissa Beryl (Private-)

Tizzard, Perry Frank (Private-)

Tizzard, Rebecca (Private-)

Tizzard, Ruby MAY (Private-)

Tizzard, Stanley (ABT. 1896-27 JUL 1987)

Tizzard, Tammy Lee (Private-)

Tizzard, Tina Marcella (Private-)

Tizzard, Tracy (Private-)

Tizzard, Wanda Fern (Private-)

Tizzard, Warrick (Private-)

Tizzard, Whycliffe Stanley (Private-)

Tizzard, William (-UNKNOWN)

Tizzard, William JEFFERY (Private-)

Tizzard, Winnie Blanche (Private-)

Tobin, Michael (Private-)

Tom, (Private-)

Tom, Tony (Private-)

Tomlinson, Amy (Private-)

Tomlinson, Derek (Private-)

Tomlinson, Luke (Private-)

Tomlinson, Matthew (Private-)

Townsend, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Tracey, Basil (Private-)

Tracey, Jonathan (Private-)

Tracey, Michael (Private-)

Trahey, Mary Ann (18 JAN 1858-UNKNOWN)

Trahey, Timothy (-UNKNOWN)

Trask, Albert (-UNKNOWN)

Trask, Annie (3 JUL 1879-UNKNOWN)

Trask, Beatrice (25 APR 1889-UNKNOWN)

Trask, Elfreda (19 MAR 1875-1 SEP 1942)

Trask, Elizabeth (2 FEB 1881-UNKNOWN)

Trask, Emily (10 APR 1887-UNKNOWN)

Trask, Jessie (12 APR 1891-UNKNOWN)

Trask, John (5 APR 1878-UNKNOWN)

Trask, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)

Trask, Pheobe (29 JAN 1883-UNKNOWN)

Trask, Sarah (12 AUG 1893-UNKNOWN)

Trask, Walter (22 JUL 1885-UNKNOWN)

Tremain, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Tremain, Unknown (Private-)

Tremain, Unknown (Private-)

Tremain, Unknown (Private-)

Tremblett, Gary (Private-)

Trenholm, Cathy (Private-)

Trenholm, Cheryl (Private-)

Trenholm, Heather (Private-)

Trenholm, Robert (Private-)

Trenholm, Susan (Private-)

Tressam, Audrey (Private-)

Tressam, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Tressam, William (Private-)

Tressam, William (Private-)

Trickett, (Private-)

Trickett, David (Private-)

Trickett, Don (Private-)

Trickett, Mildred (Private-)

Trickett, Minnie Dolores (1931-9 APR 1988)

Trimm, Elsie (Private-)

Trimm, Fred (Private-)

Trimm, Harrison (Private-)

Trimm, Lewellyn (-1974)

Troke, Mary Ann (Private-)

Troyer, Sarah Miranda Jane (Private-)

Troyer, Sprague (Private-)

Trudeau, Julie (Private-)

Tsiu, Yolanda (Private-)

Tuck, Agnes Jane (1878-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Alice (-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Alice (-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Alice (Private-)

Tuck, Allan (NOV 1902-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Allan George (18 OCT 1894-16 DEC 1970)

Tuck, Amelia (28 OCT 1855-1 MAR 1913)

Tuck, Amelia Jane (MAY 1887-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Amy (Private-)

Tuck, Andrea (Private-)

Tuck, Andrew (Private-)

Tuck, Ann (20 JUN 1842-1844)

Tuck, Ann (31 MAR 1843-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Ann (1822-1822)

Tuck, Annie Belle (SEP 1918-17 NOV 1983)

Tuck, Annie Gertrude (Private-)

Tuck, Archibald (3 MAR 1875-1882)

Tuck, Archibald (1884-1889)

Tuck, Arlene Hope (Private-)

Tuck, Arthur (NOV 1890-1968)

Tuck, Arthur Baldwin (Private-)

Tuck, Arthur Maurice (Private-)

Tuck, Ashley Anne (Private-)

Tuck, Aubrey Franklin (MAY 1876-5 AUG 1941)

Tuck, Avalon (Private-)

Tuck, Baxter (Private-)

Tuck, Bertha Jane (OCT 1870-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Bertha Lizzie (1891-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Bessie (20 OCT 1900-14 NOV 1982)

Tuck, Bonita Ruth (Private-)

Tuck, Boyd (3 MAR 1948-29 MAY 1948)

Tuck, Bradley (Private-)

Tuck, Brian Allan (Private-)

Tuck, Caleb (Private-)

Tuck, Caleb (APR 1883-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Caleb (28 AUG 1850-1924)

Tuck, Calvin (Private-)

Tuck, Caroline (Private-)

Tuck, Catherine (1 MAY 1867-13 JUL 1951)

Tuck, Catherine Kendall (MAY 1898-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Chad (Private-)

Tuck, Charlene Dawn (Private-)

Tuck, Charles (30 JUN 1957-30 JUN 1957)

Tuck, Charles (AUG 1870-1942)

Tuck, Charles (16 APR 1848-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Charles (OCT 1921-1941)

Tuck, Charles Peter (Private-)

Tuck, Charles Stewart (1900-1918)

Tuck, Chesley (Private-)

Tuck, Chesley Gordon (22 JAN 1901-2 AUG 1983)

Tuck, Christopher (Private-)

Tuck, Clarence R. (Private-)

Tuck, Clarice Annie (20 NOV 1897-26 JUL 1995)

Tuck, Clyde (Private-)

Tuck, Craig (Private-)

Tuck, Craig Raymond (Private-)

Tuck, Daisy (Private-)

Tuck, Daisy (Private-)

Tuck, Daniel (dup) (NOV 1890-5 DEC 1964)

Tuck, Daniel (dup) (NOV 1890-5 DEC 1964)

Tuck, Daphne (Private-)

Tuck, Daphne (Private-)

Tuck, Darrell (Private-)

Tuck, Darren (Private-)

Tuck, David (Private-)

Tuck, Debbie (Private-)

Tuck, Deborah Faith (Private-)

Tuck, Denise (Private-)

Tuck, Derek Scott (Rev.) (Private-)

Tuck, Dora (-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Dora (Private-)

Tuck, Dora (1889-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Dorothy (21 JUN 1919-OCT 1989)

Tuck, Dorothy (JUN 1916-1988)

Tuck, Dorothy L. (Private-)

Tuck, Douglas (Private-)

Tuck, Dwayne Earl (Private-)

Tuck, Earl (Private-)

Tuck, Edgar (-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Edith Beatrice (1882-1918)

Tuck, Edna (Private-)

Tuck, Edward (Private-)

Tuck, Edwin (1878-1878)

Tuck, Edwin (MAR 1921-1960)

Tuck, Edwin George (1883-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Effie Gladys (FEB 1886-4 OCT 1961)

Tuck, Elizabeth (Betty) (Private-)

Tuck, Elizabeth Ann (1875-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Elizabeth Ann (-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Elizabeth Minnie Dorothy (Private-)

Tuck, Ella (JUN 1913-24 DEC 1999)

Tuck, Ella F. (Private-)

Tuck, Elsie (Private-)

Tuck, Elsie M. (Private-)

Tuck, Eric (dup) (Private-)

Tuck, Eric (dup) (Private-)

Tuck, Erica (Private-)

Tuck, Ernest (NOV 1884-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Ernest (28 FEB 1948-4 MAY 1999)

Tuck, Ethel (OCT 1894-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Florence (Private-)

Tuck, Frank (SEP 1898-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Frank E. (1928-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Frederick K. (AUG 1908-8 FEB 1998)

Tuck, Fronie (Private-)

Tuck, Gary Peter (Private-)

Tuck, George (-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, George (JUN 1873-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, George (-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, George (1821-19 MAR 1871)

Tuck, Gerald (Private-)

Tuck, Gerald (Private-)

Tuck, Gerald Boyd (dup) (12 NOV 1915-29 OCT 2001)

Tuck, Gerald Boyd (dup) (12 NOV 1915-29 OCT 2001)

Tuck, Gertrude (28 JAN 1883-1886)

Tuck, Gertrude (-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Gina Ann (Private-)

Tuck, Gordon Clyde (18 NOV 1902-8 JUN 1995)

Tuck, Gordon R. A. (1927-1991)

Tuck, Grant (Private-)

Tuck, Hannah Kay Evelyn (Private-)

Tuck, Harold (Private-)

Tuck, Harold Hubert (Private-)

Tuck, Harriet (1926-1948)

Tuck, Harriett (1889-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Harry (-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Harvey (Private-)

Tuck, Heartie M. (Private-)

Tuck, Hubert (20 APR 1915-12 DEC 1981)

Tuck, Huntley (DEC 1914-25 JUN 1990)

Tuck, James (27 OCT 1852-16 OCT 1922)

Tuck, James (AUG 1873-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Jane (-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Jane Ann (27 APR 1879-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Jason (Private-)

Tuck, Jason (1880-1950)

Tuck, Jean (Private-)

Tuck, Jeanette Diane (Private-)

Tuck, Jeff (Private-)

Tuck, Jennifer (Private-)

Tuck, Jennifer (Private-)

Tuck, Jeremy (Private-)

Tuck, Jeremy (Private-)

Tuck, Jillian (Private-)

Tuck, John (Private-)

Tuck, Jonathan (2 AUG 1927-20 APR 1999)

Tuck, Joshua (18 MAR 1923-6 APR 1999)

Tuck, Joshua (16 NOV 1845-1933)

Tuck, Karen Pauline (Private-)

Tuck, Katie Margaret (1920-1940)

Tuck, Keith (Private-)

Tuck, Kelson John (27 APR 1930-21 AUG 1989)

Tuck, Kenneth (OCT 1904-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Kerry Charles (Private-)

Tuck, Lawrence (Private-)

Tuck, Leonard (Private-)

Tuck, Leslie (Private-)

Tuck, Leslie George Mills (22 JUL 1911-11 MAY 1979)

Tuck, Lester (Private-)

Tuck, Linda (Private-)

Tuck, Lloyd (Private-)

Tuck, Lloyd P. (1932-8 JUN 1996)

Tuck, Lorene (Private-)

Tuck, Lorne (Private-)

Tuck, Margaret (Private-)

Tuck, Margaret (Private-)

Tuck, Margaret (Private-)

Tuck, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Marie (Private-)

Tuck, Marilyn (Private-)

Tuck, Marion Sarah Maud (Private-)

Tuck, Mark Mansfield (Private-)

Tuck, Martha Tilley (1875-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Mary (1823-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Mattie (-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Mavis M. (Private-)

Tuck, May (-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Melvin C. (Private-)

Tuck, Michael (Private-)

Tuck, Michael (Private-)

Tuck, Mildred (23 JUL 1918-9 NOV 1999)

Tuck, Miriam Maud (1884-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Mitchell (Private-)

Tuck, Mollie (Private-)

Tuck, Moses (6 JAN 1844-25 DEC 1914)

Tuck, Myra (1882-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Myra (1891-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Myrtle (Private-)

Tuck, Myrtle (24 SEP 1904-24 JAN 1994)

Tuck, Nina Ann (-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Noah Jonathan (Private-)

Tuck, Patsy (Private-)

Tuck, Pauline Grace (Private-)

Tuck, Peter (1816-21 JAN 1853)

Tuck, Peter (21 DEC 1859-19 OCT 1932)

Tuck, Peter Thomas (Private-)

Tuck, Phebie Serena Amelia (14 JUL 1909-DEC 1982)

Tuck, Quintin (Private-)

Tuck, Randell (Private-)

Tuck, Raymond (1922-1982)

Tuck, Raymond James (Private-)

Tuck, Rhonda (Private-)

Tuck, Rick (Private-)

Tuck, Robert (Private-)

Tuck, Robert (Private-)

Tuck, Robert (Private-)

Tuck, Robert Patrick (Private-)

Tuck, Rodney (Private-)

Tuck, Roslyn (Private-)

Tuck, Roy Campbell (Private-)

Tuck, Ryan Francis Raymond (Private-)

Tuck, Samantha (Private-)

Tuck, Sarah (12 DEC 1864-18 APR 1936)

Tuck, Sheldon Dwayne (Private-)

Tuck, Stephen (MAY 1858-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Steven (Private-)

Tuck, Sue (Private-)

Tuck, Susie (MAR 1917-28 NOV 1996)

Tuck, Susie E. (Private-)

Tuck, Sylvia (Private-)

Tuck, Taylor Annie Elisabeth (Private-)

Tuck, Terry (Private-)

Tuck, Terry Justin (TJ) (Private-)

Tuck, Thomas Ellis (FEB 1887-1975)

Tuck, Tina (Private-)

Tuck, Tony (Private-)

Tuck, Tony (Private-)

Tuck, Tonya Krisdina (Private-)

Tuck, Trevor (Private-)

Tuck, Trevor (Private-)

Tuck, Trevor Mark (Private-)

Tuck, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Tuck, Vera (Private-)

Tuck, Walter (Private-)

Tuck, Wanda Annette (Private-)

Tuck, Warren Whitfield (Private-)

Tuck, Wayne (18 JUN 1949-5 APR 1951)

Tuck, Wayne (Capt.) (Private-)

Tuck, William (1791-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, William (AUG 1893-13 MAR 1973)

Tuck, William (1873-1878)

Tuck, William (1) (-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, William (2) (-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, William (3) (-UNKNOWN)

Tuck, Willis (Private-)

Tuck, Winston Ralph (Private-)



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