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Blakeney, Donald Myles (Private-)

Blakeney, Michelle Lynn (Private-)

Blakeney, Robert (Private-)

Blamey, Joy (Private-)

Blanche, (1908-12 JAN 1944)

Blandford, George (Private-)

Blandford, Jamie (Private-)

Blantford, Barbara (Private-)

Blennerhassett, Bridget Mary (Private-)

Blundon, Beverly (Private-)

Blundon, Boyd (1920-26 JUN 1994)

Blundon, Carol (Private-)

Blundon, Evelyn Florence (Private-)

Blundon, Joan (Private-)

Blundon, Robert (-10 SEP 1975)

Blundon, Ruth (Private-)

Boarden, Oliver Trusdey (Private-)

Bobbie, (Private-)

Bocan, Michael (Private-)

Bocan, Michael Joseph (Private-)

Bodine, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Boggio, Kit (Private-)

Boiles, Frank (Private-)

Boiles, Girl (Private-)

Bonnell, Kimberly (Private-)

Bonnell, Sharron Margaret (Private-)

Bonnell, Wanda (Private-)

Bonnell, William (-UNKNOWN)

Bonnie, (Private-)

Bonnie, (Private-)

Bonnie, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Bontine, Jean (-UNKNOWN)

Bontine, Nicol (-UNKNOWN)

Boomer, Alfreda (Private-)

Boomer, Allan (-UNKNOWN)

Boomer, Dorothy (Private-)

Boomer, Fred (Private-)

Boomer, Gertrude (Private-)

Boomer, Leonard (Private-)

Boomer, Muriel (Private-)

Boomer, Reginald (Private-)

Boomer, Russell (Private-)

Boone, ? (-UNKNOWN)

Boone, Edward John (10 SEP 1870-1916)

Boone, Eric (Private-)

Boone, Isaac (-UNKNOWN)

Boone, Jihn (-UNKNOWN)

Boone, Minnie (JUL 1908-1971)

Boone, Susanna (-UNKNOWN)

Boone, Terri (Private-)

Boone, Vincent (Private-)

Boone, Wallace (Private-)

Boone, William (1859-1908)

Boulanger, Gisele (Private-)

Bousada, Christine (Private-)

Bower, Brenda Marie (Private-)

Bower, Crystal Dawn (Private-)

Bower, Frank (-UNKNOWN)

Bower, Gary Chester (Private-)

Bower, Goldie Jeanette (Private-)

Bower, Mark Allan (Private-)

Bower, Matthew Wendell (Private-)

Bower, Melissa Anne (Private-)

Bower, Patricia Ann (Private-)

Bower, Rhonda Yvonne (Private-)

Bower, Richard Allan (Private-)

Bower, Vera Louise (Private-)

Bower, Wendell Chester (27 JUL 1920-27 JUL 1978)

Bowers, Todd (Private-)

Boyce, Dale Allen (Private-)

Boyce, Daniel Allen (Private-)

Boyce, Diedre (Private-)

Boyce, Jesse Allen (Private-)

Boyce, Melvin Allen (Private-)

Boyd, (Private-)

Boyd, Henry Percy JAMES (Private-)

Boyd, Howard GORDON (1912-13 FEB 1982)

Boyd, Margaret Peggy (Private-)

Boyd, Nicholas James (Private-)

Boyd, Percy STEVEN (Private-)

Boyd, Sarah Elizabeth (Private-)

Boyd, Stephanie Lorraine (Private-)

Boyd, Stephen J. (Private-)

Boyde, Chesley (-UNKNOWN)

Boyde, Henry (-UNKNOWN)

Boyde, Mae (Private-)

Boyles, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)

Bradbury, Elizabeth Jane (-UNKNOWN)

Bradford, Janette (Private-)

Bradford, Jeanette (Private-)

Bradley, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)

Bragg, Beverley (Private-)

Bragg, Wanda (Private-)

Brake, Ashley (Private-)

Brake, Christopher (Private-)

Brake, Cora Jeanette (Private-)

Brake, Derek (Private-)

Brake, Glenda (Private-)

Brake, Jennifer (Private-)

Brake, Jill (Private-)

Brake, Kathleen (Private-)

Brake, Kimberly (Private-)

Brake, Marguerite (Private-)

Brake, Matthew (Private-)

Brake, Otto (Private-)

Brake, Robert (Private-)

Brake, Robert (Private-)

Brake, Sharon (Private-)

Brake, Suzanne (Private-)

Brant, Darren John (Private-)

Branton, Donna (Private-)

Branton, Edward (Private-)

Branton, Linda (Private-)

Branton, Newman (Private-)

Branton, Nigel (Private-)

Branton, Tina (Private-)

Branton, Wendy (Private-)

Breen, Michael (Private-)

Breen, Pat (Private-)

Bregory ?, Anita (Private-)

Brennan, Elizabeth (NOV 1837-UNKNOWN)

Brennan, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Brett, Aaron RAYMOND (Private-)

Brett, Alyssa Hilary (Private-)

Brett, Amanda Catherine (Private-)

Brett, Dean Hillary (Private-)

Bridger, Shirley Beatrice (Private-)

Bright, Charles (-UNKNOWN)

Bright, Jane (6 JAN 1828-UNKNOWN)

Brinson, Joyce (Private-)

Brogan, Catherine (-UNKNOWN)

Brooker, (Private-)

Brooks, Ambrose (1780-1852)

Brooks, Elizabeth (1808-ABT. 1824)

Brooks, Hannah (1813-3 JAN 1895)

Brooks, Lydia (1818-1907)

Broomfield, Abram (-UNKNOWN)

Broomfield, Abram (-UNKNOWN)

Broomfield, Alfreda (-UNKNOWN)

Broomfield, Augusta (-UNKNOWN)

Broomfield, Bertha (-UNKNOWN)

Broomfield, Charles (-UNKNOWN)

Broomfield, Eliza (-UNKNOWN)

Broomfield, Eliza (-UNKNOWN)

Broomfield, Eliza Ann (1895-1966)

Broomfield, John (-UNKNOWN)

Broomfield, Joseph (ABT. 1835-UNKNOWN)

Broomfield, Lavinia (-UNKNOWN)

Broomfield, Lillian (-UNKNOWN)

Broomfield, Samuel James (1858-1938)

Broomfield, Walter (-UNKNOWN)

Brophy, Valentine (Private-)

Brosseau, Benoit (Private-)

Brosseau, Claude (Private-)

Brosseau, Rene (Private-)

Brosseau, Richard (Private-)

Brosseau, Yves (Private-)

Brown, David (Private-)

Brown, David (Private-)

Brown, Edith (Private-)

Brown, Edward Frederick (20 OCT 1890-1920)

Brown, Elizabeth (1852-1889)

Brown, Frederick Harold (15 DEC 1918-4 NOV 1965)

Brown, Georgina (-UNKNOWN)

Brown, Gertrude Blanche (10 SEP 1920-21 NOV 1965)

Brown, Harold Frederick (Private-)

Brown, Jonathon Fred Christian (Private-)

Brown, Julia (1833-31 DEC 1911)

Brown, Louisa Toomashie (-UNKNOWN)

Brown, Mary (1832-3 MAY 1899)

Brown, Mary Matilda (-UNKNOWN)

Brown, Rachael (-UNKNOWN)

Brown, Randy (Private-)

Brown, Roger (Private-)

Brown, Ronald (Private-)

Brown, Ronnie (Private-)

Brown, Sean (Private-)

Brown?, Mabel (Private-)

Browne, (Private-)

Browne, Autumn Coveyduc (Private-)

Brownlee, David (Private-)

Brownlee, Heather (Private-)

Brownlee, Paul (Private-)

Brownlee, Paula (Private-)

Brownlee, Rob (Private-)

Brownlee, Tammy (Private-)

Bruce, Dan Joseph (Private-)

Bruce, Laurie Jane (Private-)

Bruce, Leslie Jan (Private-)

Bruce, Thomas Joffre (Private-)

Brushett, Martha (1860-1940)

Bryant, Catherine Yvonnne (Private-)

Bryant, Christopher Todd (Private-)

Bryant, Gail (Private-)

Bryant, George (Private-)

Bryant, Paula Elizabeth (Private-)

Bryant, Robert George (Private-)

Bryant, Terrence Craig (Private-)

Bryson, Alyce (21 DEC 1925-12 JUN 1966)

Buckle, Mary LORRAINE (Private-)

Buckle, Matthew Paul (Private-)

Buckle, Paul (Private-)

Bucridge, Eric (Private-)

Budgell, Alfreda (-UNKNOWN)

Budgell, Elizabeth (Private-)

Budgell, Gwyn (Private-)

Budgell, Jane (ABT. 1851-8 SEP 1915)

Budgell, Joseph (-BEF. 19 NOV 1880)

Budgell, Kevin (Private-)

Budgell, Sheldon (Private-)

Bugden, Dorothea (Private-)

Bugden, Sophia (-UNKNOWN)

Bujold, Claire (Private-)

Bungay, Eric (Private-)

Bungay, Florabelle (1893-30 JAN 1959)

Bunton, Marilyn Ruth (Private-)

Bunton, Wallace (Private-)

Burcey, Arch (-UNKNOWN)

Burden, Joseph (Private-)

Burden, Nancy Joanne (Private-)

Burden, Stella (-UNKNOWN)

Burdock, Bill (Private-)

Burdock, Capt. George (Private-)

Burdock, Janice (Private-)

Burdock, Ronald (Private-)

Burgie, Mary (Private-)

Burgle, Emma (-UNKNOWN)

Burke, Dan (Private-)

Burke, Karen Diane (Private-)

Burke, Mark (Private-)

Burke, Nicholas (Private-)

Burke, Rachel (Private-)

Burke, Richard Gary (Private-)

Burke, Stephen David (Private-)

Burke, Taylor Faith (Private-)

Burke, Wayne Gilbert (Private-)

Burke, William Randall (Private-)

Burley, Sheila (Private-)

Burns, Brenda (Private-)

Burrage, Mary (1745-1806)

Burry, Carolyn Gertrude (Private-)

Burry, Edward Lloyal (Private-)

Burry, Glenn (Private-)

Burry, Herbert Frederick (Private-)

Burry, James (Jr.) (1851-UNKNOWN)

Burry, James (Sr.) (-UNKNOWN)

Burry, Jason Loyal (Private-)

Burry, Joanne Lee (Private-)

Burry, Joseph Lloyal (Private-)

Burry, Josephine (Private-)

Burry, Louis (1910-11 JUN 1975)

Burry, Patience Louisa (1881-1971)

Burry, Raymond Butt (Private-)

Burry, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Bursey, Arthur (1857-UNKNOWN)

Bursey, Barbara (Private-)

Bursey, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Burt, David (Private-)

Burt, Tom (Private-)

Burton, ? (-UNKNOWN)

Burton, Abel (Private-)

Burton, Absalom (-UNKNOWN)

Burton, Absolum (-UNKNOWN)

Burton, Albert (Private-)

Burton, Alfred (-UNKNOWN)

Burton, Andrew (Private-)

Burton, Andrew Edwin (Private-)

Burton, Ayne (Private-)

Burton, Betty Marie (Private-)

Burton, Brenda (Private-)

Burton, Bruce (Private-)

Burton, Catherine (Private-)

Burton, Clyde (Private-)

Burton, Coleen (Private-)

Burton, Coreen (Private-)

Burton, Dennis (Private-)

Burton, Dwayne (Private-)

Burton, Eileen (Private-)

Burton, Eliza (ABT. 1908-1983)

Burton, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Burton, Evelyn (Private-)

Burton, Garfield (Private-)

Burton, Garfield (-UNKNOWN)

Burton, Gerald (Private-)

Burton, Irene Marjorie (Private-)

Burton, James (-UNKNOWN)

Burton, James (-UNKNOWN)

Burton, Janet Stella (Private-)

Burton, Jean (Private-)

Burton, Jerry (Private-)

Burton, Jerry (Private-)

Burton, Joseph John (1889-1981)

Burton, Josie (Private-)

Burton, Joy (Private-)

Burton, Joyce (Private-)

Burton, Kay (Private-)

Burton, Kevin (Private-)

Burton, Kurt Scott (Private-)

Burton, Lawrence (Private-)

Burton, Levi (-UNKNOWN)

Burton, Linda (Private-)

Burton, Lionel (Private-)

Burton, Mary (1880-1970)

Burton, Mary (Private-)

Burton, Nina (Private-)

Burton, Olive Marion (12 OCT 1934-12 OCT 1964)

Burton, Philip Jamie (Private-)

Burton, Randy (Private-)

Burton, Rebecca (ABT. 1854-UNKNOWN)

Burton, Reginald Edgar (Private-)

Burton, Roger (Private-)

Burton, Roland Pearce (Private-)

Burton, Roland Pleaman (Private-)

Burton, Rosemary (Private-)

Burton, Ruth Florence (Private-)

Burton, Samuel (Private-)

Burton, Shirley M. (Private-)

Burton, Stella Elsie (Private-)

Burton, Trina Sarah (Private-)

Burton, Vaden (Private-)

Burton, Vanessa (Private-)

Burton, Vera (Private-)

Burton, Warrick (Private-)

Burton, Wilfred (Private-)

Burton, William (Private-)

Bussey, Edna May (4 MAY 1905-24 SEP 1982)

Bussey, Mary (OCT 1889-UNKNOWN)

Bussey, Ned (Private-)

Bussey, Susan (Private-)

Bussey, William (Private-)

Bussey, William (-UNKNOWN)

Bute, Darren (Private-)

Bute, Eddie (Private-)

Butler, Alfred (-UNKNOWN)

Butler, Ann (AUG 1879-UNKNOWN)

Butler, Anne Josephine (1929-15 MAR 2001)

Butler, Annie (-UNKNOWN)

Butler, Audrey (Private-)

Butler, Bethany Jana (Private-)

Butler, Caroline (-UNKNOWN)

Butler, Charles (-UNKNOWN)

Butler, Christopher (-UNKNOWN)

Butler, Effie (5 JAN 1895-12 DEC 1970)

Butler, Fanny (-UNKNOWN)

Butler, Harold (-UNKNOWN)

Butler, Hubert (Private-)

Butler, Isaac (-UNKNOWN)

Butler, Isobel (Private-)

Butler, Isobel (Private-)

Butler, Isobel (Private-)

Butler, Isobel (Private-)

Butler, Isobel (Private-)

Butler, Isobel (Private-)

Butler, Isobel (Private-)

Butler, Isobel (Private-)

Butler, Jacob (-UNKNOWN)

Butler, James (Private-)

Butler, James Vincent (Private-)

Butler, Jared Jaye (Private-)

Butler, Joan (Private-)

Butler, Jordan Josh (15 APR 1980-7 JUL 1980)

Butler, Lavinia (-UNKNOWN)

Butler, Levi (Private-)

Butler, Lidia (AUG 1887-UNKNOWN)

Butler, Louisa (JUL 1884-UNKNOWN)

Butler, Mabel (Private-)

Butler, Mark (Private-)

Butler, Mary Ann (1766-1836)

Butler, Mary Ann (1815-29 JAN 1916)

Butler, Mary Anne (10 DEC 1907-28 APR 1984)

Butler, Peggy (Private-)

Butler, Rachel (4 AUG 1858-20 DEC 1935)

Butler, Ronald Joseph (Private-)

Butler, Samuel (Private-)

Butler, Sarah (Sadie) Mary (25 JAN 1917-8 JUN 1985)

Butler, Selina (-UNKNOWN)

Butler, Warrick (Private-)

Butler, Winston (Private-)

Butlerr, Esther (13 OCT 1889-16 FEB 1971)

Butt, Amelia (-UNKNOWN)

Butt, Annie (12 JUL 1891-3 FEB 1977)

Butt, Eileen (Private-)

Butt, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Butt, Gina Christine (Private-)

Butt, Gordon (Private-)

Butt, John (Private-)

Butt, John (-UNKNOWN)

Butt, Kevin (Private-)

Butt, Marie (Private-)

Butt, Mary Elizabeth (SEP 1876-NOV 1930)

Butt, Reuben (Private-)

Butt, Rosalie (1866-1940)

Butt, Selina (-UNKNOWN)

Butt, Stanley (OCT 1893-1921)

Butt, William (-UNKNOWN)

Button, Ida (3 OCT 1899-UNKNOWN)

Button, Lily May (13 SEP 1895-UNKNOWN)

Button, Paul (Private-)

Butz, Allison (Private-)

Butz, Maggie (Private-)

Butz, Terri (Private-)

Butz, Terry (Private-)

Byrne, Edith (6 DEC 1897-19 MAY 1988)

Byrne, Elizabeth (29 OCT 1882-UNKNOWN)

Byrne, Emily (25 JUL 1881-UNKNOWN)

Byrne, Gregory (Private-)

Byrne, Jessie (18 NOV 1886-UNKNOWN)

Byrne, John (13 MAY 1893-UNKNOWN)

Byrne, Robert (Private-)

Byrne, Samuel (1 MAY 1846-3 NOV 1926)

Byrne, Wilfred (3 NOV 1884-1889)

Byrnes, Rose (Private-)

Bytheway, Aaron Griffin (Private-)

Bytheway, Michael (Private-)

Bytheway, Michael (Private-)

C., Betty (Private-)

C., Emma (JAN 1875-UNKNOWN)

Cable, David Dexter (Private-)

Cable, David Henry (Private-)

Cable, Frances Ann (Private-)

Cable, Jacob (Private-)

Cabot, Jacob Rodney (Private-)

Cabot, Rodney Thomas (Private-)

Cabral, Agnes (Private-)

Cabral, Ann (Private-)

Cabral, Ashley Tyler (Private-)

Cabral, Cary Glenn (Private-)

Cabral, Cyril (Private-)

Cabral, Deborah (Private-)

Cabral, Edwina (Private-)

Cabral, Everard (Private-)

Cabral, Featherless Sonny Placid (Private-)

Cabral, Felix Phil (Private-)

Cabral, Flavia (Private-)

Cabral, Jeffery (Private-)

Cabral, John Ryan (Private-)

Cabral, Judy Florence (Private-)

Cabral, Kayla (Private-)

Cabral, Larry (Private-)

Cabral, Leonard (Private-)

Cabral, Martin Lennie Alonzo (Private-)

Cabral, Meagan Meggie (Private-)

Cabral, Richard (Private-)

Cabral, Rita Molly (Private-)

Cabral, Robert Wayne (Private-)

Cabral, Thadius Rick Sevarius (Private-)

Cabral, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)

Cabral, II, Victor (Private-)

Cabral, Victor (Private-)

Cabral, Vincent (Private-)

Cabral, Vincent Douglas (Private-)

Cabral, Vincent Sr (-UNKNOWN)

Cabral, Vincent Willibroad (14 JUN 1927-24 DEC 1999)

Cady, Kenneth Roy (Private-)

Cady, Robert Roy (Private-)

Cahill, William (Private-)

Callahan, Benjamin Franklin Peter John (Private-)

Callahan, Benjamin George (Private-)

Callahan, Cornelius (-UNKNOWN)

Callahan, Nicholas Benjamin Ryan (Private-)

Callahan, Priscilla (1822-1903)

Cameron, Harry (Private-)

Campbell, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)

Campbell, Daniel Sr. (-UNKNOWN)

Campbell, Esau (-UNKNOWN)

Campbell, Jemima (MIMIE) Matilda (Private-)

Campbell, Sarah (Private-)

Camus, Alfred (Private-)

Camus, Andrew (Private-)

Camus, Audrey (Private-)

Candy, Jean (Private-)

Candy, Jillians (Private-)

Candy, Robert (Private-)

Candy, Robert (Private-)

Canning, Dau Sara Winifred (Private-)

Canning, Elizabeth Ann (1881-UNKNOWN)

Canning, Thomas (Private-)

Canning, Tony (Private-)

Caravan, Annie Eliza (NOV 1863-24 APR 1945)

Caravan, Ivy (Private-)

Caravan, Mamie (Private-)

Caravan, William (Private-)

Card, Laura (-UNKNOWN)

Carol, (Private-)

Caroline, (-10 MAR 1879)

Caroll, Elizabeth (Private-)

Carolyn, (Private-)

Carpenter, Belle (Private-)

Carpenter, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Carpenter, George (-UNKNOWN)

Carpenter, Isaac (-UNKNOWN)

Carpenter, Roy A (-UNKNOWN)

Carpenter, Stan (Private-)

Carpenter, Susanna (1838-23 SEP 1874)

Carpenter, William (-UNKNOWN)

Carroway, William (Private-)

Carson, George (-UNKNOWN)

Carter, ? (Private-)

Carter, Doreen (Private-)

Carter, Douglas (Private-)

Carter, Ellen Nellie (16 JUL 1900-17 JAN 1996)

Carter, Fred (Private-)

Carter, Joanna (Private-)

Carter, Marley (Private-)

Carter, Michael (Private-)

Carter, Nathan (Private-)

Carter, Ralph (Private-)

Carter, Randy (Private-)

Carter, Susan (Private-)

Carter, Susan (Private-)

Carter, William Wayne (Private-)

Cascelia, (17 AUG 1910-12 APR 1912)

Cash, Brian Howard (Private-)

Cash, Howard (Private-)

Cashman, Ellen (-UNKNOWN)

Cashman, James (-UNKNOWN)

Cashman, William (-UNKNOWN)

Cassell, ? (Private-)

Cassell, Cathyann (Private-)

Cassell, David Sherwood (Private-)

Cassell, Elijah Nathaniel (1939-9 NOV 1996)

Cassell, George (-UNKNOWN)

Cassell, George William (JAN 1880-UNKNOWN)

Cassell, Girl (Private-)

Cassell, Lewis (AUG 1919-1941)

Cassell, Louisa (Private-)

Cassell, Lydia Mary (1905-1943)

Cassell, Noah (MAR 1909-1935)

Cassell, Prudence (Private-)

Cassell, Roderick DALE (Private-)

Cassell, Theophilas (-29 MAY 1985)

Cassidy, Maura (Private-)

Catherine, (MAY 1853-UNKNOWN)

Cathy, (Private-)

Cathy, (Private-)

Cecilia, (Private-)

Ceilia, (Private-)

Chaddock, Dave (Private-)

Chaddock, Doug (Private-)

Chaddock, Robert (Private-)

Chafe, Ada Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Chafe, Albert (9 JUN 1929-19 AUG 1929)

Chafe, Albert (15 SEP 1897-9 JUL 1906)

Chafe, Andrew (23 SEP 1901-UNKNOWN)

Chafe, Andrew (9 AUG 1930-12 AUG 1930)

Chafe, Benjamin (28 MAY 1847-25 NOV 1900)

Chafe, Charles (3 MAR 1906-15 MAR 1906)

Chafe, Chesley (Private-)

Chafe, Emma Jane (17 OCT 1881-UNKNOWN)

Chafe, Ethel (Private-)

Chafe, Frederick (21 JUL 1883-UNKNOWN)

Chafe, Gladys May (Private-)

Chafe, Irene (Private-)

Chafe, Isaac James (29 APR 1873-UNKNOWN)

Chafe, Jane (-UNKNOWN)

Chafe, Kathleen (Private-)

Chafe, Laura Belle (21 OCT 1899-UNKNOWN)

Chafe, Lily May (26 MAY 1903-9 MAR 1905)

Chafe, Lydia (17 SEP 1894-UNKNOWN)

Chafe, Mary (Private-)

Chafe, Mary Rachel (4 NOV 1885-UNKNOWN)

Chafe, Norman (4 OCT 1904-22 OCT 1905)

Chafe, Philip (-UNKNOWN)

Chafe, Philip Henry (22 FEB 1881-UNKNOWN)

Chafe, Robert (20 JUN 1888-UNKNOWN)

Chafe, Ronald (Private-)

Chafe, Solomon (21 JUN 1883-7 MAY 1968)

Chafe, Violet (22 FEB 1922-9 JUN 1924)

Chafe, Walter (Private-)

Chaffey, Caitlin Jill (Private-)

Chaffey, Michael R. (Private-)

Chalker, Ann (-UNKNOWN)

Chalker, Brent Alexander (Private-)

Chalker, Catherine "Kate" Anne (Private-)

Chalker, Grant (Private-)

Chalker, Janet Elizabeth "Beth" (Private-)

Chalker, Julia Kinsey (Private-)

Chalker, Tom (Private-)

Challender, Albert (14 JUN 1929-UNKNOWN)

Chandler, Rissie Agnes (-UNKNOWN)

Chandler, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Chard, Ray (Private-)

Chard, Sylvia Jessie (Private-)

Charity, UNKNOWN (ABT. AUG 1877-25 FEB 1911)

Charlene, (Private-)

Charlotte, UNKNOWN (JUN 1895-6 JUN 1954)

Charnock, Christine (Private-)

Charnock, Deb (Private-)

Charnock, Janice (Private-)

Charnock, Jean (Private-)

Charnock, Jim (Private-)

Charnock, Mike (Private-)

Charnock, Wendy (Private-)

Charnock, William (Private-)

Charnock, William J (Private-)

Charters, Gail (Private-)

Chatfield, Doug (Private-)

Chatfield, Jason (Private-)

Chatfield, Mark (Private-)

Chatfield, Melissa (Private-)

Chatfield, Theresa (Private-)

Chatfield, Zackary (Private-)

Chatman, Nelson (Private-)

Chaulk, Rachel (Private-)

Chaytor, Baxter (Private-)

Chaytor, Edmund (Edward) (Ned) B. (Private-)

Chaytor, Eric (Private-)

Chaytor, George B. (AUG 1916-7 NOV 1970)

Chaytor, George Samuel (-UNKNOWN)

Chaytor, John A. (OCT 1870-UNKNOWN)

Chaytor, John H. (SEP 1896-UNKNOWN)

Chaytor, Lizzie B. (Private-)

Chaytor, Raymond (Private-)

Chaytor, Ronald H. (15 AUG 1913-7 FEB 1979)

Chaytor, Roy (Private-)

Chaytor, Samuel B. (Private-)

Chaytor, Valda (Private-)

Chaytor, Victor (Private-)

Chaytor, William (Private-)

Chaytor, William (JUN 1880-UNKNOWN)

Chaytor, William (Jr.) (Private-)

Cheesman, Cecilia (19 APR 1906-14 JAN 1991)

Childs, Kimberley Leslie (Private-)

Chinery, George (Private-)

Chippet, Alan N. (Private-)

Chippet, Cecil Alfred (4 JAN 1911-30 DEC 1994)

Chippet, Mabel Melina (Private-)

Chippet, Roland Perry (Private-)

Chippett, Alfred (-UNKNOWN)

Chippett, Alfred A. (Private-)

Chippett, Alice E. (Private-)

Chippett, Alton Augustus (Private-)

Chippett, Arch Oke (Private-)

Chippett, Archie Bennett (Private-)

Chippett, Bennett (ABT. 1891-10 JUN 1963)

Chippett, Clifford John (Private-)

Chippett, Daisy Pearl (Private-)

Chippett, David Arthur Boyce (Private-)

Chippett, Derrick Noah (Private-)

Chippett, Elvis Alfred (Private-)

Chippett, Ethel Marie (Private-)

Chippett, Frederick (ABT. MAR 1893-23 OCT 1912)

Chippett, Frederick George (3 APR 1915-24 MAR 1986)

Chippett, Gertrude (1909-1963)

Chippett, Hadwell (Private-)

Chippett, Harris Solomon (Private-)

Chippett, Jacob (Private-)

Chippett, Jemima Lillian (Private-)

Chippett, Lilian Melena (23 JUL 1918-6 SEP 1938)

Chippett, Mark (ABT. 1881-4 NOV 1953)

Chippett, Mary Naomi (-UNKNOWN)

Chippett, Mondella Verna (Private-)

Chippett, Nathaniel (17 JAN 1876-22 DEC 1955)

Chippett, Noah (-UNKNOWN)

Chippett, Noah Eli (21 MAR 1924-1986)

Chippett, Owen David (Private-)

Chippett, Ralph William (Private-)

Chippett, Thelma Lola Joyce (Private-)

Chippett, Victoria Annie (Private-)

Chippett, Violet Mary (Private-)

Cholerton, (Private-)

Chow, Kay (Private-)

Christie, Christina (-UNKNOWN)

Christina, (-1775)

Christina, (-UNKNOWN)

Christine, (Private-)

Churchill, Albert (JUN 1875-4 DEC 1952)

Churchill, Alice (1882-5 OCT 1893)

Churchill, Ambrose (1867-11 NOV 1944)

Churchill, Beatrice (-UNKNOWN)

Churchill, Caleb (1879-4 NOV 1954)

Churchill, John (1888-12 JUN 1956)

Churchill, John (ABT. 1833-23 MAY 1888)

Churchill, Lillian (-UNKNOWN)

Churchill, Selena (OCT 1877-UNKNOWN)

Churley, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Chymycz, Mary (Private-)

Cicicio, John (Private-)

Cinq-Mars, Phil (Private-)

Clara, (Private-)

Clara, (-UNKNOWN)

Clark, Eleanor (-UNKNOWN)

Clark, Eliza (-UNKNOWN)

Clark, Isabel Annie (-6 JAN 1985)

Clark, Jeffrey (Private-)

Clark, Jeffrey (Private-)

Clark, John (Private-)

Clark, Richard Scott (1849-UNKNOWN)

Clark, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)

Clarke, ? (-UNKNOWN)

Clarke, Aimee (Private-)

Clarke, Bertram (Private-)

Clarke, Beverly (-1968)

Clarke, Bill (Private-)

Clarke, Cyril (-1986)

Clarke, David (Private-)

Clarke, Dean (Private-)

Clarke, Eliza (-UNKNOWN)

Clarke, Frances (Private-)

Clarke, Gloria (Private-)

Clarke, Jean (Private-)

Clarke, Jeff (Private-)

Clarke, Marcey (Private-)

Clarke, Mildred (1905-1948)

Clarke, Wilson (Private-)

Cleary, Agustus (Private-)

Cleary, Dalton (Private-)

Cleary, Patrick (Private-)

Clements, Florence Elizabeth (Private-)

Clements, John Edward (-UNKNOWN)

Clemons, John Douglas (17 AUG 1906-6 MAY 1976)

Clench, Alex (Private-)

Clench, Barbara (Private-)

Clench, Edna (Private-)

Clench, Florence (Private-)

Clench, Mark (-UNKNOWN)

Clint, (Private-)

Clouter, Clayton (Private-)

Clouter, Colleen (Private-)

Clouter, Ernest (Private-)

Clouter, Goldie Colleen (Private-)

Clouter, Harold (-UNKNOWN)

Clouter, Juanita (Private-)

Clouter, Ralph (Private-)

Cluett, George Samuel (Private-)

Cluett, Patience (-UNKNOWN)

Cluett, Paula (Private-)

Cluett, Samantha (Private-)

Cluett, Shane (Private-)

Cluney, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)

Coady, John (Private-)

Coates, Charles (1829-1906)

Coates, Charles (9 APR 1793-29 MAR 1885)

Coates, Eric (Private-)

Coates, George Edison (1930-1982)

Coates, Hank (Private-)

Coates, Rebecca (12 FEB 1863-29 JUN 1947)

Coates, Susannah (22 SEP 1860-22 NOV 1939)

Coates, Tracy Maria (Private-)

Coates, Wesley (Private-)

Cobb, Alfred (-UNKNOWN)

Cobb, Mary Jane (ABT. 1887-UNKNOWN)

Cobb, Mary Louisa (-UNKNOWN)

Cochrand, Bella (-UNKNOWN)

Coffee, Steve (Private-)

Coffin, Beverly (Private-)

Coffin, Harry (Private-)

Coish, Alfred (-UNKNOWN)

Coish, Lucy (Private-)

Coish, Roland John (Private-)

Coish, Royburn T. (1915-20 DEC 1992)

Coish, Shane (Private-)

Coish, Shawn (Private-)

Colbourne, Adelaide (Annie) Madge (FEB 1921-1990)

Colbourne, Albert ROSS (Private-)

Colbourne, Alexander (Private-)

Colbourne, Alma Sadie Marie (Private-)

Colbourne, Alpheaus George (SEP 1902-1981)

Colbourne, Alwin Herbert (Private-)

Colbourne, Amanda (JAN 1900-UNKNOWN)

Colbourne, Ann (Private-)

Colbourne, Armanda Dorothy (Private-)

Colbourne, Arthur (Private-)

Colbourne, Aubrey B. (Private-)

Colbourne, Bernetta (Private-)

Colbourne, Bertha (Private-)

Colbourne, Bonnie-Lou Catherine (Private-)

Colbourne, Bramwell Andrew (SEP 1914-1999)

Colbourne, Bruce (Private-)

Colbourne, Calvin Maxwell (Private-)

Colbourne, Carla (Private-)

Colbourne, Catherine Mae (Private-)

Colbourne, Cathleen Rose (Private-)

Colbourne, Christopher Keith (Private-)

Colbourne, Clyde (Private-)

Colbourne, Deana Doreen (Private-)

Colbourne, Delcie Elvin JEANETTE (Private-)

Colbourne, Donna Melvina (Private-)

Colbourne, Doreen Elizabeth (Private-)

Colbourne, Doris Ann (Private-)

Colbourne, Edward (Ned) Thomas (JUL 1900-UNKNOWN)

Colbourne, Eric (Private-)

Colbourne, Ernest Stanley (16 OCT 1906-UNKNOWN)

Colbourne, Ethel Stella May (Private-)

Colbourne, Fanny (21 NOV 1903-5 SEP 1978)

Colbourne, Fanny (NOV 1904-UNKNOWN)

Colbourne, Faye (Private-)

Colbourne, Frank (Private-)

Colbourne, Fred (JUN 1893-UNKNOWN)

Colbourne, Fred (Private-)

Colbourne, George Wallace (Private-)

Colbourne, Georgina Marie (Private-)

Colbourne, Gerald Brian (Private-)

Colbourne, Glenda (Private-)

Colbourne, Gordon (SEP 1898-1982)

Colbourne, Grace (Private-)

Colbourne, Gregory Alfred Roy (Private-)

Colbourne, Gregory Joseph Roy (Private-)

Colbourne, Harold (Private-)

Colbourne, Herbert (31 AUG 1879-UNKNOWN)

Colbourne, Ivy Doris (Private-)

Colbourne, James (JUL 1854-1930)

Colbourne, Jennifer-Rose Angel (Private-)

Colbourne, Jill (Private-)

Colbourne, Joan (Private-)

Colbourne, John J. (Private-)

Colbourne, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)

Colbourne, Karen Marie (Private-)

Colbourne, Keith James (Private-)

Colbourne, Kimberley Ann (Private-)

Colbourne, Lloyd (Private-)

Colbourne, Lloyd Jack (Private-)

Colbourne, Lori Lynn Celeste (Private-)

Colbourne, Mabel Madeline (Private-)

Colbourne, Marcus Calvin (Private-)

Colbourne, Marilyn Grace (Private-)

Colbourne, Marion META Bride (Private-)

Colbourne, Marlene Audrey (Private-)

Colbourne, Martha (22 JAN 1904-1920)

Colbourne, Mary (SEP 1904-UNKNOWN)

Colbourne, Matthew Kyle George (Private-)

Colbourne, Maxwell S. (Private-)

Colbourne, Meghan Dianne (Private-)

Colbourne, Melvina LILLIAN (Private-)

Colbourne, Myrl (Private-)

Colbourne, Myrtle Evelyn (Private-)

Colbourne, Norman Lester (Private-)

Colbourne, Obed (Private-)

Colbourne, Olive (1947-1963)

Colbourne, Paulette (Private-)

Colbourne, Peter (Private-)

Colbourne, Phrona Lynn (Private-)

Colbourne, Reginald Eric JAMES (Private-)

Colbourne, Reid (Private-)

Colbourne, Rex (Private-)

Colbourne, Robert John (Private-)

Colbourne, Roderick (Private-)

Colbourne, Ross Ivan (Private-)

Colbourne, Roy Llewellyn (Private-)

Colbourne, Ruby (Private-)

Colbourne, Rupert (Reuben) Freeman (Private-)

Colbourne, Rupert Clifford (DEC 1909-1911)

Colbourne, Samuel Malcolm (5 MAY 1910-27 FEB 1986)

Colbourne, Sharon Lee (Private-)

Colbourne, Shawn (Private-)

Colbourne, Sheila (Private-)

Colbourne, Sheldon (Private-)

Colbourne, Sherry (Private-)

Colbourne, Simeon (15 JUL 1889-6 MAR 1983)

Colbourne, Stanford Freeman (Private-)

Colbourne, Stella Marjorie (Private-)

Colbourne, Susan (Private-)

Colbourne, Susie Melinda (Private-)

Colbourne, Tamara Dawn (Private-)

Colbourne, Titus (3 JAN 1882-6 AUG 1914)

Colbourne, Titus RODERICK (DEC 1918-1987)

Colbourne, Tonya Rita (Private-)

Colbourne, Victor (-UNKNOWN)

Colbourne, Wallace William (28 JAN 1908-24 OCT 1974)

Colbourne, Wilbert (Willy Jr.) Christopher (Private-)

Colbourne, Wilbert Garland (Private-)

Colbourne, William John (19 AUG 1906-21 NOV 1980)

Colbourne, William Thomas (-UNKNOWN)

Colbourne, Wilson (23 MAY 1884-UNKNOWN)

Colbourne, Winnifred Myrtle (Private-)

Colburn, William S. (25 OCT 1875-UNKNOWN)

Cole, Andy (Private-)

Cole, Baxter (Private-)

Cole, Gladys Genevieve (1897-12 MAR 1976)

Cole, Pamela (Private-)

Cole, Roy (Private-)

Cole, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)

Coleen, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Coleman, Joyce Marie (Private-)

Coles, Clayton (Private-)

Coles, Clayton (Private-)

Coles, Cyril (Private-)

Coles, Deanna (Private-)

Coles, Ellis (Private-)

Coles, Eunice (Private-)

Coles, Harold (Private-)

Coles, Herbert (-UNKNOWN)

Coles, Ida (Private-)

Coles, Lillian (Private-)

Coles, Phoebe (Private-)

Coles, William (Private-)

Coles, Winston (Private-)

Colgan, Bernard (-UNKNOWN)

Colgan, Ellen (-21 JUN 1896)

Collett, Barbara Jo-anne (Private-)

Collett, Frank (Private-)

Collett, Heather (Private-)

Collett, Justin (Private-)

Collett, Megan (Private-)

Collett, Stephen Frank (Private-)

Colley, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Collins, Chesley (1912-1985)

Collins, Daniel (1874-1949)

Collins, Doris (Private-)

Collins, Jilia (-UNKNOWN)

Collins, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)

Collins, Unknown (Private-)

Conforzi, Betty Lou (Private-)

Connell, Annette Gertrude Louise (19 SEP 1939-8 APR 1992)

Connell, Edward (-UNKNOWN)

Connell, Elizabeth Roberta (Private-)

Connell, Ernest Melvin (Private-)

Connell, George (1895-UNKNOWN)

Connell, Jane (1892-UNKNOWN)

Connors, (Private-)

Conrad, Deborah Helene (Private-)

Conran, Gerald (Jr.) (Private-)

Conran, Gerald (Sr.) (Private-)

Conran, Nathan Kevin (Private-)

Conran, Nicholas Joshua Gerald (Private-)

Conran, Stephanie Colleen (Private-)

Conroy, Lynn (Private-)

Conroy, Patricia (Private-)

Conroy, Thomas (Private-)

Conroy, Walter (Private-)

Conway, Bridget (Private-)

Conway, Eliza (1884-1966)

Conway, Jacob (-UNKNOWN)

Conway, James (-UNKNOWN)

Cook, Jean (Private-)

Cooke, Angus (Private-)

Cooke, David Francis (Private-)

Cooke, Edward (Private-)

Cooke, Jeremy Lawrence Joseph (Private-)

Cooke, Jody Christopher (Private-)

Cooke, Kimberley Linda Delia Marie (Private-)

Cooke, Madonna (Private-)

Coole, Alfred John (-UNKNOWN)

Coole, Christina M (Private-)

Coole, Fanny Maude (Private-)

Coole, Frederick Rolland (Private-)

Coole, Gordon (Private-)

Coole, Mary Ellen (Private-)

Coole, Samuel J (Private-)

Coombs, Carol Ann (Private-)

Coombs, Curtis (Private-)

Coombs, Derrick (Private-)

Coombs, Earl (Private-)

Coombs, Gay (Private-)

Coombs, Hannah (Private-)

Coombs, Hannah (Private-)

Coombs, Maurice (Private-)

Coombs, Peter (Private-)

Coombs, Robert (Jr.) (Private-)

Coombs, Robert (Sr.) (Private-)

Coombs, Shirley (Private-)

Coombs, William (Private-)

Cooper, Annie (dup) (1861-UNKNOWN)

Cooper, Annie (dup) (1861-UNKNOWN)

Cooper, Eliza (1875-1963)

Cooper, Florence (Private-)

Cooper, Glen (Private-)

Cooper, Hayward (Private-)

Cooper, James (-UNKNOWN)

Cooper, Jodi (Private-)

Cooper, John (Private-)

Cooper, Julia (-UNKNOWN)

Cooper, Mary Ann (Polly) (AUG 1869-UNKNOWN)

Cooper, Michelle (Private-)

Cooper, Nellie (Private-)

Cooper, Randy (Private-)

Cooper, Royal (Private-)

Cooper, Terry (Private-)

Cooper, Thomas Henry (-UNKNOWN)

Cooper, William (-UNKNOWN)

Cooper, Winnie (Private-)

Cooze, Lydia (Private-)

Cope, Eve (Private-)

Copen, Russell (Private-)

Corbett, Daniel (Private-)

Corbett, Elizabeth (Libby) (Private-)

Cordello, (Private-)

Cordello, Cory (Private-)

Cordello, Joshua (Private-)

Corkum, Boyd (Private-)

Corkum, Leona (Private-)

Corkum, Milford (Private-)

Cormier, Loretta (Private-)

Cornick, Jean (Private-)

Cornoyer, Serge (Private-)

Cornwall, Isaac (-UNKNOWN)

Corollo, Deborah (Private-)

Corriveau, (Private-)

Corriveau, Jan (Private-)

Costello, Nellie (Private-)

Costgan, George (Private-)

Cotter, Chris (Private-)

Coull, Catherine Ann (Private-)

Coull, Harris (Private-)

Coupe, Don (Private-)

Coupe, Gary (Private-)

Coupe, John (Private-)

Coupe, Judy (Private-)

Coupe, Randy (Private-)

Coupe, Sherry (Private-)

Courage, Christina (4 APR 1890-9 MAY 1973)




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