Coveduck - Coveyduck

Coveyduc Genealogy


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William Coveduck.




Courtney, William Jeffrey (Private-)

Cousins, Dorothy Doris (Private-)

Coveduck, Ann (23 JAN 1820-UNKNOWN)

Coveduck, Carol (Private-)

Coveduck, Cheryl L. (Private-)

Coveduck, Clarence (Private-)

Coveduck, Cynthia (Private-)

Coveduck, Daniel (Private-)

Coveduck, Deborah (Private-)

Coveduck, Donald (Private-)

Coveduck, Earl (Private-)

Coveduck, Gail (Private-)

Coveduck, Gary (Private-)

Coveduck, Harold William (29 JAN 1911-16 AUG 1981)

Coveduck, Irwin Herbert (Private-)

Coveduck, Joan Winnifred (Private-)

Coveduck, Joseph (Private-)

Coveduck, Kelvin V. (Private-)

Coveduck, Linda Myrna (Private-)

Coveduck, Nancy (Private-)

Coveduck, Richard (Private-)

Coveduck, Sandra (Private-)

Coveduck, Shelley (Private-)

Coveduck, Stephen (Private-)

Coveduck, Victor (Private-)

Coveduck, William (Private-)

Coveduck, William A. J. (Private-)

Covedyduck, Unknown (ABT. 1900-UNKNOWN)

Coverduck, Elizabeth Wells (15 AUG 1856-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduc, Ada May (1911-1993)

Coveyduc, Adam Charles (Private-)

Coveyduc, Albert Lloyd (Private-)

Coveyduc, Charles Layton (14 FEB 1914-21 JAN 1992)

Coveyduc, Cheryl (Private-)

Coveyduc, Clifford (Private-)

Coveyduc, E. May (Private-)

Coveyduc, Emily (1892-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduc, Emily (Private-)

Coveyduc, Gord (Private-)

Coveyduc, James (1909-1987)

Coveyduc, James (27 SEP 1866-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduc, Jean (Private-)

Coveyduc, Jeffrey Layton (Private-)

Coveyduc, Jennifer Lynn (Private-)

Coveyduc, John Jack William (Private-)

Coveyduc, Joseph J (1 JAN 1884-OCT 1957)

Coveyduc, Kristen Anne (Private-)

Coveyduc, Lloyd (Private-)

Coveyduc, Marzie (Private-)

Coveyduc, Pearl (Private-)

Coveyduc, Scott (Private-)

Coveyduc, Sharon (Private-)

Coveyduc, Susie (ABT. 1900-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduc, Violet (Private-)

Coveyduc, Wayne Layton (Private-)

Coveyduc, Wendall Robert (Private-)

Coveyduc, William C. (3 JAN 1913-1982)

Coveyduc, William Halibur (1872-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduc, William John (ABT. 1895-1957)

Coveyduck, (-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, (ABT. 1835-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Agatha (Private-)

Coveyduck, Albert (Private-)

Coveyduck, Albert (ABT. 1900-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Albert (24 OCT 1877-16 MAY 1971)

Coveyduck, Alice Lily (5 JUN 1892-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Allen (Private-)

Coveyduck, Allen (ABT. 1939-3 DEC 1999)

Coveyduck, Allen Sebastian (JUN 1915-1966)

Coveyduck, Amy Fanny (Private-)

Coveyduck, Anderson (Private-)

Coveyduck, Andrew (ABT. 1900-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Andrew (Private-)

Coveyduck, Andrew Andy (Private-)

Coveyduck, Ann (1841-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Ann Coperduck (JUL 1814-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Ann Coveduck (18 MAR 1833-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Ann Coveduck (1823-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Ann Elizabeth (17 MAR 1861-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Annie (1873-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Annie (JAN 1902-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Annie (28 AUG 1892-25 SEP 1892)

Coveyduck, Annie Beatrice (Private-)

Coveyduck, Annie Louise (ABT. 1869-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Anthony (Private-)

Coveyduck, Archibald (NOV 1876-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Arthur (3 APR 1889-2 JUN 1921)

Coveyduck, Audrey Ralph (Private-)

Coveyduck, Barbara (Private-)

Coveyduck, Barbara (Private-)

Coveyduck, Barbara Ann (Private-)

Coveyduck, Bellicent (1862-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Ben (Private-)

Coveyduck, Bertha (21 MAR 1878-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Betty (Private-)

Coveyduck, Bonnie Lee (Private-)

Coveyduck, Bruce (Private-)

Coveyduck, Carol (Private-)

Coveyduck, Carol (ABT. 1900-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Caroline (24 FEB 1863-25 DEC 1939)

Coveyduck, Caroline Batten (Private-)

Coveyduck, Cecily (ABT. 1901-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Charlene (Private-)

Coveyduck, Charles (1881-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Charles (ABT. 1854-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Charles (ABT. 1845-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Charlotte (Private-)

Coveyduck, Christine (Private-)

Coveyduck, Christopher (Private-)

Coveyduck, Christopher (Private-)

Coveyduck, Christopher (OCT 1899-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Christopher Chris (Private-)

Coveyduck, Clara (Private-)

Coveyduck, Clare (1922-23 MAR 1967)

Coveyduck, Clarence (24 AUG 1921-MAR 1967)

Coveyduck, Claudine Laurie (Private-)

Coveyduck, Clayton (Private-)

Coveyduck, Clayton (Private-)

Coveyduck, Clayton Jacob (JUL 1912-1969)

Coveyduck, Cliff (Private-)

Coveyduck, Clifford (Private-)

Coveyduck, Corey (Private-)

Coveyduck, Cyril (Private-)

Coveyduck, Dale (Private-)

Coveyduck, Darlene (Private-)

Coveyduck, Darlene Charlotte (Private-)

Coveyduck, Darren Michael (Private-)

Coveyduck, David (Private-)

Coveyduck, David Lloyd (30 MAY 1946-1994)

Coveyduck, Dawn (Private-)

Coveyduck, Delilah (Private-)

Coveyduck, Denise (Private-)

Coveyduck, Diane (Private-)

Coveyduck, Dianne (Private-)

Coveyduck, Donald (Private-)

Coveyduck, Donald (Private-)

Coveyduck, Donald Duncan (4 NOV 1900-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Donna Mary (Private-)

Coveyduck, Dorcas May Cassie (Private-)

Coveyduck, Doreen (Private-)

Coveyduck, Duncan Donald Marshall Shawn (Private-)

Coveyduck, Edward (Private-)

Coveyduck, Edward (Private-)

Coveyduck, Effie (Private-)

Coveyduck, Elaine (Private-)

Coveyduck, Eleanor Jane (Private-)

Coveyduck, Eliza Jane Coverduck (24 SEP 1860-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Elizabeth (Private-)

Coveyduck, Elizabeth (12 FEB 1865-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Elizabeth (1858-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Elizabeth (Private-)

Coveyduck, Elizabeth Coveduck (ABT. 1770-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Elizabeth Jane (17 NOV 1863-12 APR 1955)

Coveyduck, Elizabeth Sybil (DEC 1903-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Ella G. (1 DEC 1900-6 JAN 1975)

Coveyduck, Emily (1929-19 OCT 2002)

Coveyduck, Emily Coveduck (12 AUG 1856-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Emma (ABT. 1886-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Emma (ABT. 1820-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Emma Jane (8 OCT 1853-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Enid (Private-)

Coveyduck, Ethel (23 NOV 1896-24 MAY 1981)

Coveyduck, Family (-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Fanny (ABT. 1842-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Francis Fanny Covydough (ABT. 1790-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Gail (Private-)

Coveyduck, Garrett Norman (Private-)

Coveyduck, George (JAN 1906-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, George (15 DEC 1872-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, George Covey (14 NOV 1890-30 MAY 1972)

Coveyduck, George Edward (Private-)

Coveyduck, George Smith Coveduck (5 SEP 1865-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Geraldine (Private-)

Coveyduck, Gilbert (ABT. 1900-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Gilbert Copperduck (1891-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Gladys (Private-)

Coveyduck, Glenda (Private-)

Coveyduck, Gordon (AUG 1902-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Gordon (Private-)

Coveyduck, Graham Andrew (Private-)

Coveyduck, Graham Dudley (Private-)

Coveyduck, Graham Scott (Private-)

Coveyduck, Harold (ABT. 1900-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Harriette (Private-)

Coveyduck, Harris (ABT. 1900-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Harvey (DEC 1906-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Helen (5 AUG 1930-10 NOV 1988)

Coveyduck, Helen Marie (Private-)

Coveyduck, Henry (26 AUG 1896-2 SEP 1896)

Coveyduck, Henry Thomas Coverduck (1 JUL 1848-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Hilda (Private-)

Coveyduck, Hilda (Private-)

Coveyduck, Holly Caroline (Private-)

Coveyduck, Horace (JUL 1902-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Hubert Leslie (Private-)

Coveyduck, Ian (Private-)

Coveyduck, Jack (Private-)

Coveyduck, Jack (ABT. 1875-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, James (Private-)

Coveyduck, James (FEB 1858-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, James (ABT. 1860-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, James (OCT 1862-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, James (14 OCT 1846-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, James Coveduck (20 JAN 1827-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, James Jim (Private-)

Coveyduck, James John (21 JUL 1850-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, James John (28 FEB 1866-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Jane (14 OCT 1846-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Jane (AUG 1895-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Jane (10 OCT 1827-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Jane (Private-)

Coveyduck, Janet (Private-)

Coveyduck, Janet (Private-)

Coveyduck, Jeff (Private-)

Coveyduck, Jessie (8 NOV 1897-6 JUN 1997)

Coveyduck, Jessie (26 JUL 1888-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Jim (Private-)

Coveyduck, Joan (Private-)

Coveyduck, Joanna Covenot (ABT. 1765-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, John (1 AUG 1829-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, John (ABT. 1880-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, John (Private-)

Coveyduck, John (1942-16 APR 1997)

Coveyduck, John (ABT. 1900-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, John (ABT. 1859-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, John (1 JUL 1848-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, John (ABT. 1886-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, John (ABT. 1800-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, John (1 AUG 1832-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, John (ABT. 1838-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, John (ABT. 1740-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, John Cabbaduck (ABT. 1708-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, John Cobodoc (ABT. 1787-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, John Covedock (ABT. 1761-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, John Coveduck (4 APR 1825-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, John Coveduck (ABT. 1796-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, John Coveduck (ABT. 1800-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, John Coverduck (6 SEP 1856-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, John Edward (24 MAY 1896-DEC 1969)

Coveyduck, John Harris (24 JUL 1881-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, John Terrence (Private-)

Coveyduck, John Thomas (11 NOV 1877-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Jordan (20 OCT 1860-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Joseph (FEB 1868-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Joseph (6 NOV 1870-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Joseph (ABT. 1851-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Joseph (ABT. 1810-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Joseph (27 SEP 1866-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Joseph (ABT. 1877-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Joseph (1884-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Joseph (27 OCT 1894-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Joseph Coveduck (25 SEP 1814-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Joseph Drover (25 JUL 1852-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Joseph Henry (10 SEP 1885-2 NOV 1964)

Coveyduck, Joseph James (7 JUL 1901-APR 1978)

Coveyduck, Joyce (Private-)

Coveyduck, Joyce Effie (Private-)

Coveyduck, Judy Lynn (Private-)

Coveyduck, Julia Ann (25 JUN 1915-25 JUN 1915)

Coveyduck, Julia Isabelle (Private-)

Coveyduck, Karen Patricia (Private-)

Coveyduck, Katherin (Private-)

Coveyduck, Kathleen (ABT. 1900-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Kay (Private-)

Coveyduck, Kelley Marie (Private-)

Coveyduck, Kenny (Private-)

Coveyduck, Kevin (Private-)

Coveyduck, Kimberley Erin (Private-)

Coveyduck, Kimberly Corrine (Private-)

Coveyduck, Lacey Leann Irene Carla (Private-)

Coveyduck, Laura (Private-)

Coveyduck, Laura (-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Lavinia (ABT. 1860-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Lee Anthony (Private-)

Coveyduck, Leona (Private-)

Coveyduck, Leslie (Private-)

Coveyduck, Leslie (Private-)

Coveyduck, Liewellyn (Private-)

Coveyduck, Lillian (Private-)

Coveyduck, Lillian (Private-)

Coveyduck, Lily May (19 DEC 1924-16 MAY 1983)

Coveyduck, Linda (Private-)

Coveyduck, Loretta (21 APR 1877-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Lorna (17 FEB 1928-2 JUL 1992)

Coveyduck, Louis (17 NOV 1929-6 MAR 1995)

Coveyduck, Louis (Private-)

Coveyduck, Louisa Coveduck (31 MAR 1850-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Louise Gertrude (Private-)

Coveyduck, Malessa Ann (Private-)

Coveyduck, Margerth (ABT. 1795-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Marjorie Terresa (Private-)

Coveyduck, Mark (Private-)

Coveyduck, Marlene (Private-)

Coveyduck, Mary (Private-)

Coveyduck, Mary (1902-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Mary Anne (-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Mary Anne Coppyduck (ABT. 1810-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Mary Jane (3 NOV 1879-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Mary Olivia Coverduck (2 FEB 1859-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Mary Patience (23 NOV 1879-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Maud (ABT. 1900-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, May (AUG 1904-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Michael (Private-)

Coveyduck, Mickey Donald Douglas Marshall Sean (Private-)

Coveyduck, Molly Brynn (Private-)

Coveyduck, Nancy (Private-)

Coveyduck, Nancy Coverduck (7 JUL 1850-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Naomi (-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Nicholas John (Private-)

Coveyduck, Norma (Private-)

Coveyduck, Norma (Private-)

Coveyduck, Patience (1857-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Patience (-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Paul (Private-)

Coveyduck, Penny Colleen (Private-)

Coveyduck, Peren Coveduck (BEF. 1807-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Peter (Private-)

Coveyduck, Phylis (Private-)

Coveyduck, Rachel Anne (23 SEP 1876-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Randy (Private-)

Coveyduck, Rebecca (APR 1851-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Richard (OCT 1866-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Richard (Private-)

Coveyduck, Richard Charles (11 DEC 1864-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Robert (MAR 1837-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Robert (Private-)

Coveyduck, Robert (Private-)

Coveyduck, Robert (Private-)

Coveyduck, Robert (Private-)

Coveyduck, Robert (Private-)

Coveyduck, Robert (Private-)

Coveyduck, Robert (ABT. 1840-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Robert Coveduck (ABT. 1823-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Robert Henry (25 AUG 1859-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Robert James (5 SEP 1902-12 DEC 1993)

Coveyduck, Robert James (Private-)

Coveyduck, Robert John (AUG 1846-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Robert John (6 MAR 1844-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Ronnie (Private-)

Coveyduck, Ross (Private-)

Coveyduck, Roy (Private-)

Coveyduck, Roy (Private-)

Coveyduck, Ruth (Private-)

Coveyduck, Ruth (Private-)

Coveyduck, Sadie Belle (20 DEC 1893-21 OCT 1918)

Coveyduck, Samuel (8 OCT 1865-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Sarah (Private-)

Coveyduck, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Sarah (ABT. 1820-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Sarah Cobadoc (12 JUN 1808-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Sarah Jane (4 JAN 1866-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Sarah Patience (27 MAY 1871-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Selina Bertha Coveyduc (22 NOV 1864-15 JUL 1949)

Coveyduck, Selina Emily (Private-)

Coveyduck, Sera Coviduck (ABT. 1777-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Sharon (Private-)

Coveyduck, Sharon (Private-)

Coveyduck, Sharron (Private-)

Coveyduck, Sharron (Private-)

Coveyduck, Sherri (Private-)

Coveyduck, Shirley (Private-)

Coveyduck, Shirley (Private-)

Coveyduck, Shirley Jacqueline (Private-)

Coveyduck, Silverton Selby (18 SEP 1870-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Sophia (SEP 1901-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Stanley Raymond (30 MAR 1932-9 OCT 1932)

Coveyduck, Stephen (Private-)

Coveyduck, Stephen Copperduck (13 JUL 1813-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Stephen Covedock (18 JUN 1786-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Stephen Coveduck (18 MAR 1852-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Stephen Coveyduke (ABT. 1830-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Steven Coveduck (ABT. 1760-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Susan Elizabeth (Private-)

Coveyduck, Susan Elizabeth (Private-)

Coveyduck, Susanna (21 DEC 1882-1970)

Coveyduck, Susannah Carnel (8 AUG 1862-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Susannah Patience (26 JUN 1871-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Susie (Private-)

Coveyduck, Tammy (Private-)

Coveyduck, Tania Teressa (Private-)

Coveyduck, Theophilus (ABT. 1850-10 OCT 1922)

Coveyduck, Thomas (1855-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Thomas (Private-)

Coveyduck, Thomas Cobbaduck (ABT. 1885-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Thomas Robert (22 AUG 1863-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Tony (Private-)

Coveyduck, Unknown (ABT. 1800-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Unknown (AUG 1862-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Unknown (Private-)

Coveyduck, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, Viola (9 APR 1929-APR 1972)

Coveyduck, Violet (Private-)

Coveyduck, Vyvyan Andrew (Private-)

Coveyduck, Wayne (Private-)

Coveyduck, William (ABT. 1830-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, William (ABT. 1860-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, William (ABT. 1900-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, William (20 DEC 1826-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, William (NOV 1897-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, William (Private-)

Coveyduck, William (ABT. 1840-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, William (Private-)

Coveyduck, William Allen (14 NOV 1869-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, William Cobbyduck (6 MAY 1816-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, William Copyduck (31 OCT 1820-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, William Coveduck (1850-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, William Coveduck (ABT. 1740-1829)

Coveyduck, William Headly (16 JUL 1926-1 DEC 1998)

Coveyduck, William Henry (24 AUG 1842-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, William Henry (10 FEB 1867-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, William Henry Coverduck (1 SEP 1855-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, William Henry Coverduck (26 OCT 1847-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, William John (19 JUL 1898-24 MAY 1984)

Coveyduck, William John (13 MAY 1886-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, William John (26 JUN 1913-9 JAN 1973)

Coveyduck, William John Coveduck (31 MAR 1850-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, William John Coverduck (MAY 1881-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, William Kenneth Jason (Private-)

Coveyduck, William Lorrin (Private-)

Coveyduck, William R. (ABT. 1890-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, William Richard (Private-)

Coveyduck, William Richard (Private-)

Coveyduck, William Russell (Private-)

Coveyduck, William Stewart (23 MAR 1875-UNKNOWN)

Coveyduck, William Thomas (ABT. 15 JUN 1880-15 SEP 1880)

Coveyduck, Winnie (27 NOV 1924-24 DEC 1924)

Cowan, Charles Newton (-UNKNOWN)

Cowan, Dorthea Ella (-9 JUL 1983)

Cowan, John (-UNKNOWN)

Cowan, Mary Helen (-3 AUG 1994)

Cox, Agnes (28 MAY 1843-15 MAY 1931)

Cox, Agnes Jane (28 MAR 1863-UNKNOWN)

Cox, Allan (1907-UNKNOWN)

Cox, Anne (12 FEB 1865-UNKNOWN)

Cox, Ben (Private-)

Cox, Bertha (Private-)

Cox, Clara PEARL (30 OCT 1906-18 OCT 1972)

Cox, David (Private-)

Cox, Eileen Oxford (Private-)

Cox, Elizabeth (28 MAY 1861-UNKNOWN)

Cox, Elsie (OCT 1904-UNKNOWN)

Cox, Evan (Private-)

Cox, Fred (18 JUL 1901-16 JAN 1979)

Cox, John (-UNKNOWN)

Cox, John (27 JAN 1905-17 JAN 1976)

Cox, John (-UNKNOWN)

Cox, Julia Caroline (7 MAR 1875-UNKNOWN)

Cox, Justin (Private-)

Cox, Kevin (Private-)

Cox, Maria (-UNKNOWN)

Cox, Mark John (4 MAR 1871-UNKNOWN)

Cox, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Cox, Mathilda (1 OCT 1845-UNKNOWN)

Cox, Maxwell (Private-)

Cox, Rhoda Alice (10 NOV 1872-UNKNOWN)

Cox, Rita (Private-)

Cox, Samuel (1868-4 MAR 1950)

Cox, Walter (Private-)

Cox, William (23 OCT 1858-UNKNOWN)

Cozens, Julia Ann (-UNKNOWN)

Cracower, Harry (Private-)

Cracower, Rachel (Private-)

Cracower, Sarah (Private-)

Cram, Phyllis (Private-)

Crane, (Private-)

Crane, Dorothy (-UNKNOWN)

Crane, Edgar Chesley (Private-)

Crane, Kerri Lee (Private-)

Crane, Lisa Jacqueline (Private-)

Crane, Matthew (Private-)

Crane, Robbie (Private-)

Crane, Robert (Private-)

Crane, Robt Ernest (Private-)

Crane, Robt Ernest (Private-)

Crane, Shirley (Private-)

Crane, Tina Marie (Private-)

Crawford, Mary (Private-)

Crayton, William (Private-)

Creswick, Bruce Stephen (Private-)

Creswick, Hugh Cyril (-UNKNOWN)

Creswick, Kathleen Roberta (Private-)

Creswick, Mark William (Private-)

Crewe, Ernest (Private-)

Crewe, Lloyd (Private-)

Crewe, Rachel (Private-)

Crewe, Ricky (Private-)

Crewe, Sandra Karen (Private-)

Critch, Baby Girl (Private-)

Critch, Darryl (Private-)

Critch, Elias J. (Private-)

Critch, Ford (Private-)

Critch, Gary (Private-)

Critch, Gerard (Private-)

Critch, Hubert (Private-)

Critch, Miriam (-UNKNOWN)

Critch, Natasha (Private-)

Critch, Tobias (MAY 1883-UNKNOWN)

Critch, Valerie (Private-)

Crocker, Brenda (Private-)

Crocker, Edna Elaine (Private-)

Crocker, Helen (-UNKNOWN)

Crocker, Herbert (Private-)

Crocker, Ida (-12 FEB 1983)

Crocker, Joan (Private-)

Crocker, Samuel (1917-12 NOV 1980)

Crocker, Sharon (Private-)

Croft, Angus (Private-)

Croft, George (-UNKNOWN)

Cromwell, Dorean (Private-)

Cromwell, Kevin (Private-)

Cromwell, Maureen (Private-)

Cromwell, Shirley (1937-7 FEB 1994)

Crone, Margaret (Private-)

Crosbie, David (Private-)

Crosbie, Nicholas (Private-)

Crosbie, Thomas (Private-)

Crosbie, William Bill (Private-)

Crothers, Joanne (Private-)

Crothers, Robert (Private-)

Crothers, Romeo Chrystal Marlin (Private-)

Crothers, Sandra (Private-)

Croucher, Albert (Private-)

Croucher, Boy (Private-)

Croucher, Kitchener Garfield (4 SEP 1915-16 FEB 1987)

Croucher, Marilyn (Private-)

Croucher, Patricia (Private-)

Croucher, Rita (-UNKNOWN)

Crystal, Arthur (Private-)

Crystal, Gary (Private-)

Cuff, George (-UNKNOWN)

Cuff, Tryphena (22 SEP 1904-30 DEC 1997)

Cullum, William (-UNKNOWN)

Cumby, Dolores (Private-)

Cumby, Edwin (Private-)

Cumby, Emily (Private-)

Cumby, Frank (Private-)

Cunning, Andrew (Private-)

Cunning, Carrol Anne (Private-)

Cunning, Melanie (Private-)

Cunning, Michael (Private-)

Cunning, Warren Ornsley (Private-)

Cunning, Wendy (Private-)

Cunningham, Harry (-UNKNOWN)

Cunningham, Harry (Private-)

Cunningham, Joan (Private-)

Cunningham, John Joseph Jacj (1924-1999)

Cunningham, Nancie or Ann (-UNKNOWN)

Curl, Sarah (Private-)

Curlew, Ann (-UNKNOWN)

Curlew, Arthur (25 NOV 1904-29 JAN 1985)

Curlew, Betty (Private-)

Curlew, Cathy (Private-)

Curlew, David (Private-)

Curlew, David (Private-)

Curlew, Donald (Private-)

Curlew, Eleanor (Private-)

Curlew, Eva (5 OCT 1902-UNKNOWN)

Curlew, Fred (16 FEB 1894-31 JAN 1974)

Curlew, George M (3 SEP 1886-20 SEP 1971)

Curlew, Gordon Arthur (Private-)

Curlew, Helen (Private-)

Curlew, Ian (Private-)

Curlew, Ida (16 JAN 1896-10 APR 1966)

Curlew, Isaac (24 FEB 1857-19 MAR 1937)

Curlew, Jennifer (Private-)

Curlew, John (-UNKNOWN)

Curlew, Karen (Private-)

Curlew, Mary (23 JUN 1888-9 OCT 1950)

Curlew, Miriam F. (26 APR 1884-4 JUN 1952)

Curlew, Muriel (Private-)

Curlew, Nora (Private-)

Curlew, Rita Joyce (Private-)

Curlew, Robbie (Private-)

Curlew, Ross Gerald (ABT. 1914-7 JUN 1982)

Curlew, Roy George (ABT. 1912-17 JUN 1988)

Curlew, Stephanie (Private-)

Curlew, Tom (Private-)

Curlew, Victor Roy (ABT. 1936-10 SEP 1942)

Curlew, Vivian (Private-)

Curlew, Walter (18 APR 1900-29 JAN 1985)

Curlew, Walter (Private-)

Currie, Annie (-UNKNOWN)

Currie, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)

D'Alessandro, Gina Marie (Private-)

D, Batten, Allan (Private-)

DaCosta, Unknown (Private-)

DaSantos, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)

Dacombe, Joan Marion (-UNKNOWN)

Daigle, Unknown (Private-)

Dalton, Dorothy (Private-)

Dalton, Edward (Private-)

Dalton, Eli (Private-)

Dalton, Frances (Private-)

Dalton, Genevera (Private-)

Dalton, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)

Dalton, James (Private-)

Dalton, Joseph Thompson Roberts (17 APR 1921-26 JUL 1996)

Dalton, Lloyd (Private-)

Dalton, Malcolm George (21 NOV 1922-16 NOV 1993)

Dalton, Nancy (Private-)

Dalton, Ned (UNKNOWN-7 APR 1996)

Dalton, Norman (Private-)

Dalton, Peggy (Private-)

Dalton, Philip (1874-13 JUN 1951)

Dalton, Philip (Private-)

Dalton, Richard James (Private-)

Dalton, Stewart Valence (8 SEP 1896-27 NOV 1977)

Dalton, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)

Dalton, Winnifred (Private-)

Danielle, (Private-)

Darryl, (Private-)

David, Janet (Private-)

Davidson, Doris R. Wakefield (2 AUG 1897-12 DEC 1972)

Davidson, Ernest Albert (-UNKNOWN)

Davidson, Robert Cecil (Private-)

Davis, Alfreda (-UNKNOWN)

Davis, Ambrose (1873-UNKNOWN)

Davis, Andrew Blair (Private-)

Davis, Blair (Private-)

Davis, Carol (Private-)

Davis, Edward "Ted" Ashley (1917-19 MAY 2000)

Davis, Elizabeth Betty (1870-1918)

Davis, Frederick (Private-)

Davis, Greg (Private-)

Davis, Jemimah (1870-UNKNOWN)

Davis, Jennifer (Private-)

Davis, Ken (Private-)

Davis, Leah Elizabeth (Private-)

Davis, Melvina (Private-)

Davis, Paul (Private-)

Davis, Robert (Private-)

Davis, Rod (Private-)

Davis, Thomas (Private-)

Davis, Una (Private-)

Daw, Abigail (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Abraham (1753-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Abraham (1740-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Abraham (ABT. 1785-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Amy (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Ann ? (BEF. 1810-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Ann Maria (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Archibald (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Charles (1760-1790)

Daw, Charles (1793-1820)

Daw, Charles (1763-1820)

Daw, Dorothy (OCT 1904-ABT. APR 1980)

Daw, Edgar (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Edith (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Elizabeth (13 FEB 1880-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Elizabeth Jane (22 JUL 1878-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Elizabeth Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Eric (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Esau (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Ethel (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Fanny (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Fanny (ABT. 1849-1926)

Daw, Fanny (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, George (ABT. 1575-UNKNOWN)

Daw, George (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, George (-ABT. 1994)

Daw, George (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, George (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, George (12 FEB 1844-9 NOV 1937)

Daw, George (MAR 1755-29 DEC 1829)

Daw, George (AUG 1906-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Isaac (1800-25 AUG 1874)

Daw, Isaac (1814-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Isaac (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Isaac (18 JUL 1852-23 SEP 1901)

Daw, Jacob (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, James (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, James (1760-UNKNOWN)

Daw, James (1790-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Joanna (8 NOV 1854-1 JAN 1901)

Daw, John (AUG 1879-UNKNOWN)

Daw, John (1780-UNKNOWN)

Daw, John (1756-1852)

Daw, John (ABT. 1694-ABT. 1771)

Daw, John (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, John (1754-UNKNOWN)

Daw, John (1723-17 APR 1798)

Daw, John (ABT. 1760-UNKNOWN)

Daw, John (3 SEP 1849-UNKNOWN)

Daw, John (ABT. 1801-UNKNOWN)

Daw, John (1785-UNKNOWN)

Daw, John (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, John (OCT 1778-UNKNOWN)

Daw, John (Jack) Whelan (27 SEP 1887-1957)

Daw, John Batten (18 AUG 1877-18 FEB 1980)

Daw, John Cornwall (OCT 1788-UNKNOWN)

Daw, John James (10 SEP 1854-13 MAY 1925)

Daw, John Senior (ABT. 1790-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Jordan (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Joseph (OCT 1837-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Joshua (16 SEP 1855-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Joshua (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Lavinia (16 JUN 1859-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Mary Ann (OCT 1874-20 NOV 1920)

Daw, Mary Ann (8 AUG 1846-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Mary Ann (1788-1836)

Daw, Miriam (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Moses (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Muriel (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Myrtle (OCT 1913-ABT. 1994)

Daw, Nicholas (1755-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Nicholas (1790-1866)

Daw, Nicholas (1728-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Patience (1800-1820)

Daw, Rebecca Beauchamp (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Richard (AUG 1856-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Robert (1755-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Robert (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Samuel (1758-1830)

Daw, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Samuel (1730-1802)

Daw, Samuel Senior (ABT. 1696-ABT. 1761)

Daw, Sarah (26 JUN 1841-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Susan (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Susan (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Unknown (ABT. 1625-UNKNOWN)

Daw, Unknown (ABT. 1600-UNKNOWN)

Daw, William (1750-UNKNOWN)

Daw, William (ABT. 1650-UNKNOWN)

Daw, William (-UNKNOWN)

Daw, William Henry (1879-26 AUG 1915)

Daw, William John (ABT. 1815-UNKNOWN)

Daw, William Mercer (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe {Of John}, Elizabeth (1839-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Abigail (NOV 1848-8 JAN 1927)

Dawe, Abigail (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Abraham (1862-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Abraham (1818-1904)

Dawe, Abraham (ABT. 1810-15 APR 1907)

Dawe, Abraham (11 NOV 1889-11 JAN 1955)

Dawe, Abraham (10 NOV 1880-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Abraham (1863-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Abraham (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Ada (9 JUN 1908-2 DEC 1994)

Dawe, Ada Rachel (APR 1871-1885)

Dawe, Adrian (Private-)

Dawe, Adrian Ivor (SEP 1905-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Alan (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Albert (OCT 1914-30 DEC 1995)

Dawe, Albert (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Albert James (31 JUL 1867-1938)

Dawe, Alex (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Alice (Private-)

Dawe, Allen M (1900-1968)

Dawe, Alma (Private-)

Dawe, Alonzo (9 DEC 1903-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Alton Gordon (27 JUN 1922-30 NOV 1999)

Dawe, Amy (1 JUL 1849-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Amy (Private-)

Dawe, Amy (1851-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Amy (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Amy (29 JAN 1883-AFT. 1945)

Dawe, Amy (29 NOV 1884-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Amy (Emma) (ABT. 1842-5 JUL 1909)

Dawe, Andrew (DEC 1918-13 JUN 1981)

Dawe, Angela (Private-)

Dawe, Ann (1809-1850)

Dawe, Ann (1837-28 MAR 1891)

Dawe, Ann (1730-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Ann (25 MAR 1838-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Ann Maria (2 MAR 1892-16 MAR 1955)

Dawe, Ann Maria (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Ann Sarah (1855-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Ann Strudwick (Private-)

Dawe, Anne (1700-1781)

Dawe, Anne (13 JUN 1784-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Anne (AUG 1782-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Anne Annie (1844-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Annie (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Annie Marion (ABT. 1913-7 DEC 1945)

Dawe, Annie Weylon (1900-1900)

Dawe, Anthea Janice (Private-)

Dawe, Archibald (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Arthur (Private-)

Dawe, Arthur Wilfred (25 JUN 1894-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Arthur Wilfred (25 MAY 1894-1958)

Dawe, Arthur William (22 SEP 1891-1 OCT 1891)

Dawe, Aubrey (4 DEC 1881-DEC 1967)

Dawe, Audrey (Private-)

Dawe, Audrey (Private-)

Dawe, Audrey (Private-)

Dawe, Audrey (Private-)

Dawe, Audrey Doreen (Private-)

Dawe, Audrey Doreen (Private-)

Dawe, Audrey Doreen (Private-)

Dawe, Autry (Private-)

Dawe, Azariah (1842-1919)

Dawe, Azariah (SEP 1858-1930)

Dawe, Baby (Private-)

Dawe, Barbara (Private-)

Dawe, Barbara (Private-)

Dawe, Barry John (Private-)

Dawe, Beatrice (20 AUG 1889-1963)

Dawe, Beniah (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Beniah (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Bernard (ABT. 1900-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Bertha (5 NOV 1866-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Bertha (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Bertram (30 OCT 1892-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Bessie Louise (18 JUL 1897-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Bette Corinne (25 AUG 1927-25 OCT 1997)

Dawe, Bette Corrine (25 AUG 1927-25 OCT 1997)

Dawe, Betty (Private-)

Dawe, Blanche (Private-)

Dawe, Boyd (Private-)

Dawe, Brian Wallace (Private-)

Dawe, Bridget (ABT. 1835-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Calvin (ABT. 1900-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Carl (Private-)

Dawe, Carol (Private-)

Dawe, Caroline (29 DEC 1839-1881)

Dawe, Caroline (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Caroline (1 AUG 1852-1921)

Dawe, Catherine (1870-1951)

Dawe, Cecil (ABT. 1900-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Charle (1905-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Charlene (Private-)

Dawe, Charles (Private-)

Dawe, Charles (1813-1843)

Dawe, Charles (Private-)

Dawe, Charles (23 APR 1884-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Charles (28 FEB 1845-29 MAR 1908)

Dawe, Charles (Private-)

Dawe, Charles Edmond (AFT. 1860-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Charles Keith D (Private-)

Dawe, Charles M. (29 AUG 1856-13 APR 1931)

Dawe, Charles Samuel (23 MAY 1898-29 NOV 1979)

Dawe, Charles Samuel (23 JUN 1898-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Charlotte (ABT. 1848-8 JUL 1880)

Dawe, Chesley (Private-)

Dawe, Chester (Private-)

Dawe, Chris (Private-)

Dawe, Christine (Private-)

Dawe, Christopher (19 AUG 1899-31 MAY 1918)

Dawe, Christopher (1902-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Christopher Daw (ABT. 1818-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Christopher Simms (Private-)

Dawe, Clara Millicent (19 MAY 1869-13 DEC 1916)

Dawe, Clifford (Private-)

Dawe, Constance (Mary) (1886-1915)

Dawe, Craig (Private-)

Dawe, Cynthia (Private-)

Dawe, Cynthia Ruth (ABT. 1944-19 JAN 1994)

Dawe, Cyril (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Cyril (17 AUG 1936-30 AUG 1956)

Dawe, Cyril Alexander (Private-)

Dawe, David (Private-)

Dawe, David (Private-)

Dawe, David (Private-)

Dawe, David Gordon (Private-)

Dawe, Dawn (Private-)

Dawe, Debbie (Private-)

Dawe, Debbie Lynn (Private-)

Dawe, Deci (Private-)

Dawe, Diana (MAY 1829-1 DEC 1892)

Dawe, Donald (ABT. 1900-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Donald C. (Private-)

Dawe, Dora (Private-)

Dawe, Dora Christine (Private-)

Dawe, Dora F. (3 DEC 1920-17 APR 1995)

Dawe, Doris Harvey (Private-)

Dawe, Dorothy (Private-)

Dawe, Dorothy Charlotte (Private-)

Dawe, Douglas Haig (21 NOV 1917-3 APR 1999)

Dawe, Dulcie (Private-)

Dawe, Earl George (Private-)

Dawe, Ed (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Edgar (23 NOV 1908-MAY 1977)

Dawe, Edgar (Private-)

Dawe, Edgar Charles (Private-)

Dawe, Edgar F. (26 MAY 1916-9 JUN 1988)

Dawe, Edmond Jesse (23 JAN 1879-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Edward Eddy M (31 AUG 1913-12 OCT 2000)

Dawe, Edward John (Private-)

Dawe, Edward V. (JUL 1896-1972)

Dawe, Eileen (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Eli (1896-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Eli (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Eliab (3 JUN 1879-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Eliezer (13 JUN 1883-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Elijah (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Eliz (ABT. 1814-12 DEC 1890)

Dawe, Eliza (1863-17 APR 1920)

Dawe, Eliza (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Eliza (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Eliza Jane (1885-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Eliza Winnifred (Private-)

Dawe, Elizabeth (1845-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Elizabeth (28 OCT 1839-29 SEP 1911)

Dawe, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Elizabeth (14 OCT 1832-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Elizabeth (Private-)

Dawe, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Elizabeth Ann (1880-1885)

Dawe, Elizabeth Emma (ABT. 1874-15 NOV 1894)

Dawe, Elizabeth Emma (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Elizabeth Emma (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Elizabeth F. (17 MAR 1911-7 APR 1995)

Dawe, Elizabeth Lizzy Sarah (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Elizabeth Patience (NOV 1896-23 DEC 1964)

Dawe, Elizabeth Sarah (20 AUG 1890-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Elizabeth Susannah (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Elizabeth {Of John} (1839-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Ella (4 JUL 1888-AFT. 1940)

Dawe, Ellen Nel (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Elva (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Emily (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Emily (19 APR 1856-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Emily (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Emily (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Emily (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Emma (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Emma (12 AUG 1868-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Emma (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Emma (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Emma (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Emma (AFT. 1840-AFT. 1919)

Dawe, Emma (1898-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Emma (4 APR 1875-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Emma (9 SEP 1839-18 APR 1896)

Dawe, Emma (Lilly) (1 DEC 1862-1953)

Dawe, Emma (nee=) (1801-1873)

Dawe, Emma Patience (25 FEB 1865-26 DEC 1956)

Dawe, Emma W. (APR 1909-BEF. 1995)

Dawe, Emmie (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Enid (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Enid (9 SEP 1914-28 OCT 1967)

Dawe, Enid (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Enid (Private-)

Dawe, Enid (9 SEP 1914-10 NOV 1967)

Dawe, Enid I. (2 MAY 1918-1 MAR 2000)

Dawe, Ernest LLewellyn (9 AUG 1895-27 MAY 1979)

Dawe, Ernest Lewellyn (9 AUG 1895-27 MAY 1979)

Dawe, Esther (Etta) (20 AUG 1883-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Ethel (28 FEB 1878-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Ethel (MAY 1921-BEF. 1979)

Dawe, Ethel C. (-1928)

Dawe, Ethel Harvey (27 NOV 1889-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Ettie Susie (21 JAN 1883-FEB 1885)

Dawe, Evelyn Emma (13 MAY 1902-1950)

Dawe, Evelyn Emma M (13 MAY 1902-1950)

Dawe, Evelyn S.C. (APR 1901-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Family (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Fannie (1848-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Fanny (AFT. 1784-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Flora (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Ford (AFT. 1860-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Frances (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Frances (Private-)

Dawe, Frances (1845-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Frances (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Frances (18 AUG 1841-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Frances Fanny (1826-1 SEP 1894)

Dawe, Frances Helena (13 NOV 1900-6 JUN 1977)

Dawe, Francis Fanny (JUN 1786-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Francis Fanny (AUG 1890-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Frank (Private-)

Dawe, Frank (Private-)

Dawe, Franklin (Private-)

Dawe, Fraser (AFT. 1860-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Gary (Private-)

Dawe, George (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, George (AFT. 1784-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, George (31 JAN 1869-1962)

Dawe, George (1790-1870)

Dawe, George (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, George (9 OCT 1861-1899)

Dawe, George (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, George (1849-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, George (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, George (1841-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, George (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, George (1821-27 FEB 1889)

Dawe, George (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, George (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, George (1862-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, George (10 NOV 1862-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, George (ABT. 1836-ABT. 1846)

Dawe, George H. (24 OCT 1844-25 MAR 1918)

Dawe, George Holwell (8 NOV 1864-9 APR 1928)

Dawe, George S. (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Gerald Amphil (Private-)

Dawe, Gerald Amthall (Private-)

Dawe, Gertrude (1900-11 NOV 1983)

Dawe, Gertrude (Private-)

Dawe, Gertrude (1900-11 NOV 1993)

Dawe, Gillian (Private-)

Dawe, Girl (Private-)

Dawe, Gloria (Private-)

Dawe, Gordon (SEP 1897-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Grace (AFT. 1782-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Grace (Private-)

Dawe, Grace (ABT. 1805-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Graham (MAY 1918-6 JUN 1998)

Dawe, Graham (Private-)

Dawe, Gwendoline Minnie (1889-17 MAR 1965)

Dawe, Harold (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Harold (Private-)

Dawe, Harold (Private-)

Dawe, Harold John Fraser (Private-)

Dawe, Hartland (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Harvey Andrews (26 DEC 1887-1982)

Dawe, Harvey Chesley (Private-)

Dawe, Hayward (Private-)

Dawe, Hazel Winnifred (Private-)

Dawe, Helen (Private-)

Dawe, Helen Arlene (3 JAN 1921-19 JUL 1989)

Dawe, Helen Arlene (3 JAN 1921-19 JUL 1989)

Dawe, Helen Arlene (3 JAN 1921-19 JUL 1989)

Dawe, Helena Winnifred (Private-)

Dawe, Henry (-19 SEP 1864)

Dawe, Henry (8 SEP 1864-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Henry (1840-1910)

Dawe, Henry (ABT. 1833-ABT. 1900)

Dawe, Henry (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Henry (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Henry (23 FEB 1876-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Henry (1913-27 SEP 1943)

Dawe, Henry (1853-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Henry (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Henry (1838-BEF. 1917)

Dawe, Henry (28 MAR 1875-AFT. 1926)

Dawe, Henry (1815-1854)

Dawe, Henry (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Henry Charles (1847-1916)

Dawe, Henry Wilfred (27 FEB 1876-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Herbert (AFT. 1860-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Hubert (6 JUN 1900-11 DEC 1978)

Dawe, Hubert (1873-1881)

Dawe, Ida (Private-)

Dawe, Ida (5 JUL 1894-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Ida Louise (1889-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Irene (12 NOV 1884-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Isaac (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Isaac (ABT. 1827-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Isaac (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Isaac (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Isaac (AFT. 1740-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Isaac Francis (24 DEC 1889-14 NOV 1979)

Dawe, Isaac Jr. (1842-3 NOV 1915)

Dawe, Isaac Robert (OCT 1857-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Israel (JUL 1879-1961)

Dawe, Israel (1855-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Israel (1853-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Issac (ABT. 1810-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Jack (26 JAN 1904-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Jacob (BET. 1780 - 1800-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Jacob (AFT. 1784-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, James Jim (Private-)

Dawe, James John (JUN 1864-1928)

Dawe, James John (FEB 1896-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Janet (Private-)

Dawe, Janice (Private-)

Dawe, Jason (Private-)

Dawe, Jason Ralph Edward (Private-)

Dawe, Jean (Private-)

Dawe, Jean (Private-)

Dawe, Jeanne Cavell (Private-)

Dawe, Jeanne Cavelle (4 MAR 1916-11 NOV 1983)

Dawe, Jeffrey (Private-)

Dawe, Jemima (1848-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Jennifer (Private-)

Dawe, Jessie (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Jessie (Private-)

Dawe, Jessie (BEF. 1875-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Jillian (Private-)

Dawe, Joan (Private-)

Dawe, Joan Sylvia (11 JAN 1925-25 JUN 1990)

Dawe, Joanne (Private-)

Dawe, Jocelyn (Private-)

Dawe, Jody (Private-)

Dawe, John (AFT. 1784-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, John (1846-1877)

Dawe, John (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, John (1826-8 JAN 1906)

Dawe, John (AFT. 1740-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, John (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, John (4 JUL 1785-1832)

Dawe, John (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, John (1825-1890)

Dawe, John (1805-20 JUN 1885)

Dawe, John (1858-1903)

Dawe, John (31 JAN 1869-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, John (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, John (BET. 1780 - 1800-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, John (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, John (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, John (Private-)

Dawe, John (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, John (1826-8 JAN 1906)

Dawe, John (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, John (20 NOV 1886-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, John (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, John (2 FEB 1872-8 APR 1897)

Dawe, John Beatty (6 SEP 1920-28 AUG 1984)

Dawe, John Daw (ABT. 1818-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, John E. (1888-1964)

Dawe, John Gushue (1863-1940)

Dawe, John Samuel (6 AUG 1884-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, John Thomas (Private-)

Dawe, John Victor (1926-1983)

Dawe, John William (ABT. 1922-24 FEB 1952)

Dawe, John William (MAR 1858-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, John William (7 AUG 1888-1922)

Dawe, Johnathan (1850-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Joseph (9 AUG 1895-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Josephus Joseph (26 NOV 1887-25 APR 1973)

Dawe, Joshua (AFT. 1784-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Joyce (Private-)

Dawe, Joyce (20 JUN 1947-1995)

Dawe, Joyce (Private-)

Dawe, Joyce Sybil (Private-)

Dawe, Judith (Private-)

Dawe, Judith (Private-)

Dawe, Keith (Private-)

Dawe, Kenneth (Private-)

Dawe, Lancelot A. M. (APR 1904-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Lancelot A.M. (MAR 1904-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Laura (Private-)

Dawe, Laura (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Laura (Private-)

Dawe, Lavinia (ABT. 1877-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Lavinia (20 JAN 1847-30 MAY 1922)

Dawe, Leonard (Private-)

Dawe, Leonard (Private-)

Dawe, Leslie (Private-)

Dawe, Leslie (Private-)

Dawe, Leslie (Private-)

Dawe, Leslie (Private-)

Dawe, Leslie (Private-)

Dawe, Lewis (Private-)

Dawe, Lillian (Lily) Blossom (1886-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Lillian Florence (1893-21 OCT 1928)

Dawe, Linda (Private-)

Dawe, Lorraine (Private-)

Dawe, Lorraine Minnie (Private-)

Dawe, Louise (20 SEP 1872-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Lucy Ann (9 AUG 1877-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Lyman (Private-)

Dawe, Lynn Rebbecca (Private-)

Dawe, Mabel (Private-)

Dawe, Madeline (Private-)

Dawe, Marcella (Private-)

Dawe, Marcellas (Private-)

Dawe, Margaret (Private-)

Dawe, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Margaret (Private-)

Dawe, Margaret Irene (19 JUL 1923-5 NOV 2001)

Dawe, Marguerita (FEB 1899-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Marilyn (Private-)

Dawe, Marion (Private-)

Dawe, Marion (Private-)

Dawe, Marion Bernice (31 MAY 1943-13 MAY 1944)

Dawe, Marjorie (Private-)

Dawe, Marjorie (Private-)

Dawe, Martha Patience (1 MAR 1878-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Mary (1840-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Mary (Private-)

Dawe, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Mary (1836-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Mary (Private-)

Dawe, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Mary (JUN 1784-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Mary (Private-)

Dawe, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Mary (AFT. 1784-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Mary (MAR 1862-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Mary (Private-)

Dawe, Mary Ann (1825-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Mary Ann (ABT. 1801-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Mary Ann (29 JUN 1834-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Mary Ann (1837-1925)

Dawe, Mary Ann (1832-24 MAR 1905)

Dawe, Mary Ann (Private-)

Dawe, Mary Anne (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Mary Emma (17 FEB 1881-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Mary Grace (1861-1921)

Dawe, Mary Grace (15 MAY 1865-1934)

Dawe, Mary Jane (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Mary Jane (1848-1858)

Dawe, Mary Jane (11 OCT 1854-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Mary Josephine (4 JUL 1900-29 SEP 1927)

Dawe, Mary Patience (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Mary Violet (1875-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Matthew (Private-)

Dawe, Maud (29 AUG 1890-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, May (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Michael (Private-)

Dawe, Mona Jean (Private-)

Dawe, Myra (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Naomi (Daisy) Millicent (17 MAR 1886-1977)

Dawe, Naomi Dausy Millicent (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Nathaniel (1823-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Nicholas (1790-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Nicholas (1814-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Nicholas (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Nick (ABT. 1900-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Nina E. (SEP 1916-4 JAN 1996)

Dawe, Noel (Private-)

Dawe, Olga (Private-)

Dawe, Olive (Private-)

Dawe, Olive (Private-)

Dawe, Olive (1 JUL 1924-24 JAN 1926)

Dawe, Pamela Mary Glenys (Private-)

Dawe, Patience (18 MAY 1847-24 MAR 1937)

Dawe, Patience (1842-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Patience (ABT. 1784-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Patricia (Private-)

Dawe, Patricia F. (Private-)

Dawe, Perry (Private-)

Dawe, Peter (Private-)

Dawe, Philip (Private-)

Dawe, Philip (MAR 1868-30 APR 1930)

Dawe, Phoeb (1910-2002)

Dawe, Phoebe (3 SEP 1892-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Phoebe (Private-)

Dawe, Phyllis Lorraine (7 SEP 1949-17 MAY 1950)

Dawe, Providence (1860-6 NOV 1932)

Dawe, Rachel (DEC 1785-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Ralph (Private-)

Dawe, Ralph James (1946-6 APR 2000)

Dawe, Ralph Maxwell (17 DEC 1909-18 JUL 1977)

Dawe, Randell (Private-)

Dawe, Rebecca (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Rebecca (1873-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Reginald (Private-)

Dawe, Reginald (Private-)

Dawe, Reverend Frederick (AFT. 1860-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Rhoda (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Richard (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Robert (ABT. 1875-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Robert (5 DEC 1872-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Robert (FEB 1877-1928)

Dawe, Robert (15 JUN 1818-28 APR 1872)

Dawe, Robert (1851-BEF. 1921)

Dawe, Robert (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Robert (Private-)

Dawe, Robert (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Robert (1830-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Robert (1843-28 APR 1872)

Dawe, Robert (1843-28 APR 1872)

Dawe, Robert (ABT. 1875-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Robert (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Robert Alexander (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Robert Alexander (26 MAR 1883-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Robert Francis (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Robert Hartland (1833-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Robert John (AUG 1891-1949)

Dawe, Robert John (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Robert Lester (Private-)

Dawe, Robert Roderick (1854-16 JAN 1916)

Dawe, Robert William (1892-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Roger (Private-)

Dawe, Ronald (10 OCT 1885-AFT. 1920)

Dawe, Ronald Roland (1902-6 MAR 1965)

Dawe, Ruby (Private-)

Dawe, Ruby (Private-)

Dawe, Ruth Carmen (21 NOV 1930-6 MAR 1946)

Dawe, S. Maud (1901-1984)

Dawe, Sally (Private-)

Dawe, Sam (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Samuel (13 AUG 1880-19 DEC 1972)

Dawe, Samuel (1844-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Samuel (1816-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Samuel (1872-31 DEC 1964)

Dawe, Samuel (18 JUL 1866-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Samuel (15 MAY 1860-1936)

Dawe, Samuel (26 MAY 1876-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Samuel (Private-)

Dawe, Samuel (ABT. 1815-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Samuel (AFT. 1784-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Samuel (1858-19 SEP 1930)

Dawe, Samuel (21 NOV 1858-11 SEP 1902)

Dawe, Samuel (4 FEB 1848-13 JUN 1913)

Dawe, Samuel (1834-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Samuel (MAY 1788-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Samuel (1800-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Samuel (Private-)

Dawe, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Samuel (26 MAY 1876-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Samuel (Private-)

Dawe, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Samuel (Private-)

Dawe, Samuel (1830-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Samuel (1828-17 JUL 1898)

Dawe, Samuel (15 MAY 1860-1936)

Dawe, Samuel George (1857-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Samuel George (SEP 1883-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Samuel Sen (1756-1825)

Dawe, Samuel Sr (9 MAR 1786-1862)

Dawe, Samuel Younger (1826-21 AUG 1872)

Dawe, Sandra (Private-)

Dawe, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Sarah (ABT. 1836-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Sarah (4 JUL 1864-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Sarah (23 FEB 1832-1837)

Dawe, Sarah (10 OCT 1879-4 MAR 1948)

Dawe, Sarah (14 FEB 1851-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Sarah (BEF. 1837-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Sarah Ann (1859-1910)

Dawe, Sarah Ann (1852-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Sarah Elizabeth (Private-)

Dawe, Sarah Frances (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Sarah Grace (1811-1881)

Dawe, Scott (Private-)

Dawe, Selina (BEF. 1842-AFT. 1919)

Dawe, Selina (13 AUG 1858-27 FEB 1935)

Dawe, Selina (Belle) (14 DEC 1888-1978)

Dawe, Selina Belle (14 DEC 1888-1978)

Dawe, Selina Daisy Fanny (21 OCT 1892-1953)

Dawe, Selina Fanny (21 OCT 1892-1953)

Dawe, Selina Fanny (10 JUN 1867-1915)

Dawe, Selina MILDRED (SEP 1908-1997)

Dawe, Selva (1853-1899)

Dawe, Sharon (Private-)

Dawe, Shirley (Private-)

Dawe, Silas (1818-6 SEP 1883)

Dawe, Solomon (1836-5 OCT 1890)

Dawe, Solomon Jr. (1869-1935)

Dawe, Stanley (22 OCT 1898-12 APR 1982)

Dawe, Stanley (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Stanley (Private-)

Dawe, Stanley (Private-)

Dawe, Stephen (Private-)

Dawe, Stephen (Private-)

Dawe, Stephen Robert (NOV 1879-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Stephen Robert (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Stephen Robert (NOV 1880-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Susan Pearl (Private-)

Dawe, Susanna (1 OCT 1820-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Susannah (1841-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Susannah (AUG 1853-1926)

Dawe, Susannah (ABT. 1840-29 SEP 1911)

Dawe, Susie (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Susie Jane (Jen) (2 JUL 1908-19 SEP 1987)

Dawe, Theophilus (FEB 1867-1942)

Dawe, Thomas (Private-)

Dawe, Thomas (1841-1917)

Dawe, Thomas (1867-23 OCT 1953)

Dawe, Thomas (3 AUG 1902-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Thomas Victor Carlton (Private-)

Dawe, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Unknown (ABT. 1740-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Unknown (nee=?) (ABT. 1760-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Valerie Peggy (Private-)

Dawe, Vicki Lynn (Private-)

Dawe, Victor (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Victor Charles (6 FEB 1891-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Vincent Edward Thomas (Private-)

Dawe, Violet (Private-)

Dawe, Violet (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Wallace Coates (27 FEB 1916-17 APR 1961)

Dawe, Walter (Private-)

Dawe, Walter (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Walter (AFT. 1860-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Walter (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Walter George (15 MAY 1885-20 JUN 1974)

Dawe, Walter R. (Private-)

Dawe, Walter Ralph (1898-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Walter Ralph (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Wendy (Private-)

Dawe, Wilfred (26 APR 1896-16 AUG 1976)

Dawe, Wilfred George (Private-)

Dawe, Wilfred Robert (3 OCT 1919-22 MAY 1976)

Dawe, William (AFT. 1848-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, William (1815-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, William (1862-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, William (1839-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, William (4 APR 1921-29 JUN 1949)

Dawe, William (29 NOV 1884-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, William (1842-1920)

Dawe, William (1844-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, William (Private-)

Dawe, William (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, William (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, William (1894-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, William (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, William (28 MAR 1875-1875)

Dawe, William (Private-)

Dawe, William (1861-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, William (12 JUL 1872-3 MAY 1903)

Dawe, William (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, William (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, William (AFT. 1784-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, William (Jr.) (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, William Albert (AFT. 1888-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, William Artland (Private-)

Dawe, William Brendan (4 JUL 1897-1 JAN 1916)

Dawe, William Fraser (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, William Gordon (Private-)

Dawe, William Henry (1884-1905)

Dawe, William Henry (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, William John (-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, William John (3 SEP 1864-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, William John (27 JUL 1876-7 JUN)

Dawe, William John (JAN 1858-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Winifred (NOV 1893-1930)

Dawe, Winnifred (8 OCT 1903-UNKNOWN)

Dawe, Winnifred (NOV 1893-1930)



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