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Coveyduc Genealogy


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Dawn, (Private-)

Dawn, (Private-)

Dawson, Eliz. (Private-)

Day, Christopher (Private-)

Day, Joan (Private-)

Day, Margaret (Private-)

Day, William (Private-)

Daye, Tammy (Private-)

DeFreitas, Agatha (Private-)

DeFreitas, John (-UNKNOWN)

DeFreitas, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

DeFreitas, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)

DeLeskie, Anne Margaret (Private-)

Deagen, John (Private-)

Dean, Elizabeth Amelia (Private-)

Dean, Israel John (-UNKNOWN)

Dean, Ross (Private-)

Deborah, (Private-)

Decker, Emma Jane (Private-)

Decker, Francis George (Private-)

Decker, John (-UNKNOWN)

Decker, Julia (Private-)

Decker, Mary Gladys (Private-)

Decker, Samuel Jacob (Private-)

Defreitas, J P (-UNKNOWN)

Del Rossi, Chiara Marina (Private-)

Delaney, Christina (Private-)

Delaney, Fanny (Private-)

Delaney, Jane (1815-UNKNOWN)

Delaney, John Eric (Private-)

Delaney, L (Private-)

Denief, Daniel (Private-)

Denief, Natasha Noel (Private-)

Denief, Ryan Edward (Private-)

Denief, Stephanie Michelle (Private-)

Denise, (Private-)

Denning, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)

Dennis, Kevin (Private-)

Dennison, Eileen (Private-)

Denobriga, Alyssa May (Private-)

Denobriga, Angela (Private-)

Denobriga, Anthony (Private-)

Denobriga, Billy (Private-)

Denobriga, Erroll (Private-)

Denobriga, Patsy (Private-)

Denobriga, Victor (Private-)

Denobriga, Victor (Private-)

Denobriga, Walter (Private-)

Deslage, Claued (Private-)

Deslage, Darline Deborah Ann (Private-)

Deslage, Joanne Margaret (Private-)

Deslage, Joseph Claude Antonuio Armand (Private-)

Deslage, Robert (Private-)

Deslage, Sandra Aurore (Private-)

Desrosiers, Allan (Private-)

Desrosiers, Micheline Chantale Marie (Private-)

Devires, Randy (Private-)

Di Pardo, Jackie (Private-)

Di Pardo, Nick (Private-)

Di Pardo, Shawn (Private-)

Diamond, Belinda (JUL 1905-5 JUN 1996)

Diamond, Eliza Ann (JAN 1873-UNKNOWN)

Diamond, Harry (Private-)

Diamond, Isabella Ann (28 APR 1867-UNKNOWN)

Diamond, John (16 SEP 1877-UNKNOWN)

Diamond, Lester `George` M (Private-)

Diamond, Levi (5 APR 1875-UNKNOWN)

Diamond, Nora (Private-)

Diamond, Sarah Jane (MAY 1869-UNKNOWN)

Diamond, William (Private-)

Diane, (Private-)

Diane, (Private-)

Diane, (ABT. 1805-ABT. 1825)

Diane, (Private-)

Dianne, (Private-)

Dickers, Harry (-UNKNOWN)

Dickers, John (-UNKNOWN)

Dicks, Brian (Private-)

Dicks, Pope, Elizabeth Ann (DEC 1898-28 OCT 1994)

Dicks, Jason (Private-)

Dicks, Max (Private-)

Dicks, Sadie Beatrice (ABT. 1910-19 DEC 1995)

Dicks, Shawn (Private-)

Dillon, Deborah (Private-)

Dinney, Albert (-UNKNOWN)

Dinney, Ethel (Private-)

Dobbin, Alice (Private-)

Dobbin, Jaimee Natasha Marie (Private-)

Dobbin, James (Private-)

Dobbin, Kathleen (Private-)

Dodd, James Richard (Private-)

Dolomont, George (Private-)

Dolomont, Nicklas (Private-)

Donner, Christopher Jacob (Private-)

Donner, Jonathan Kayle (Private-)

Donner, Joshua Gabriel (Private-)

Donner, Kenneth (Private-)

Donoghue, Annie Ellen (-UNKNOWN)

Dooley, Gerret (Private-)

Dooley, Kim (Private-)

Dooley, Selina (Private-)

Dooley, William (Private-)

Dooley, William (Private-)

Doran, Richard (Private-)

Doranila, Recolita (Private-)

Dorcas, UNKNOWN (ABT. 1849-20 AUG 1928)

Doris, (Private-)

Doris, (Private-)

Dove, Ellie (Private-)

Dove, Francis (Private-)

Dove, Frank (-UNKNOWN)

Dove, Freeman (Private-)

Dove, Hilda (-UNKNOWN)

Dove, Lloyd (Private-)

Dove, Susannah (-UNKNOWN)

Dover, Harry (Private-)

Dover, Timothy (Private-)

Dowden, (-UNKNOWN)

Dowden, Eli (-UNKNOWN)

Dowden, Emily Ann (JAN 1876-ABT. 1950)

Dowden, Helen (Private-)

Dowden, Jemima (FEB 1885-UNKNOWN)

Dowden, Olive (Private-)

Dowden, Phyllis (26 MAY 1912-14 APR 1973)

Dowden, Reg (Private-)

Dowden, Walter George (19 JUL 1906-2 NOV 1978)

Dowden, William (-UNKNOWN)

Dowling, Sandra (Private-)

Downer, Bramwell (Private-)

Downey, Barbara (Private-)

Downey, Christa (Private-)

Downey, Dennis (Private-)

Downey, Harold (Private-)

Downey, Lillian (-UNKNOWN)

Downey, Norman (Private-)

Downey, Norman (Private-)

Downey, Wilson (Private-)

Downtown, Daisy (Private-)

Doyle, ? (-UNKNOWN)

Doyle, Adam (Private-)

Doyle, Alexannder (Private-)

Doyle, Amanda Kirsten (Private-)

Doyle, Cameron Raymobd (Private-)

Doyle, Edward (-UNKNOWN)

Doyle, Elizabeth (Private-)

Doyle, Frances (Private-)

Doyle, Gerald (Private-)

Doyle, Gertrude Louise (Private-)

Doyle, Hailey (Private-)

Doyle, Harold Louis (Private-)

Doyle, Henry (Private-)

Doyle, James Patrick (Private-)

Doyle, Jason (Private-)

Doyle, Jeremiah J. (12 APR 1938-1938)

Doyle, Jeremiah Thomas (Private-)

Doyle, Jerimiah Joseph (Private-)

Doyle, John (Private-)

Doyle, John (Private-)

Doyle, John (Private-)

Doyle, Karl Gerard (Private-)

Doyle, Katherine (Private-)

Doyle, Kathleen F (31 MAY 1944-1948)

Doyle, Kurt (Private-)

Doyle, Lee (Private-)

Doyle, Mackenzie Thomas (Private-)

Doyle, Majorie (Private-)

Doyle, Majorie (12 APR 1938-1938)

Doyle, Margaret (Private-)

Doyle, Marina Louise (Private-)

Doyle, Mary (Private-)

Doyle, Mary Eleanor (Private-)

Doyle, Mary F. (Private-)

Doyle, Michelle (Private-)

Doyle, Neil (Private-)

Doyle, Patrick (Private-)

Doyle, Randy Joseph (Private-)

Doyle, Robert (-UNKNOWN)

Doyle, Serena (Private-)

Doyle, Stephen (Private-)

Doyle, Tammy Marie (Private-)

Doyle, Theresa Charmaine (Private-)

Doyle, Tina Louise (Private-)

Doyle, Tina Marie (Private-)

Doyle, Tonta (Private-)

Doyle, Trudy (Private-)

Doyle, Vincent Loyola (Private-)

Doyle, William (Private-)

Doyle, William John (Private-)

Doyle, christopher (Private-)

Doyle, jackie (Private-)

Doyle, morris (Private-)

Doyle, patrick (Private-)

Doyle, sean (Private-)

Driscoll, Alice Louise (-1943)

Driscoll, Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)

Driscoll, Evangeline (Private-)

Driscoll, Hubert (-UNKNOWN)

Driscoll, William (-UNKNOWN)

Drodge, Alfred (Private-)

Drodge, Earl Benjamin (III) (Private-)

Drodge, Earl Benjamin (Jr.) (Private-)

Drodge, Earl Benjamin (Sr.) (-UNKNOWN)

Drodge, Elsie (Private-)

Drodge, George (AUG 1871-UNKNOWN)

Drodge, Gertie P (Private-)

Drodge, Kevin George (Private-)

Drodge, Rosanna (6 JUL 1853-UNKNOWN)

Drodge, Solomon (SEP 1900-UNKNOWN)

Drover, Audrey (Private-)

Drover, Barry (Private-)

Drover, Carmel (Private-)

Drover, Mary Ann (1853-1943)

Drown, Lena May (1908-UNKNOWN)

Drown, Lorenzo (-UNKNOWN)

Druin, Danielle (Private-)

Druin, Julian Pelley (Private-)

Dube, Alan (Private-)

Duchaine, Anna (Private-)

Duff, Madeline (Private-)

Duff, May (-UNKNOWN)

Duffett, (-UNKNOWN)

Duffett, (-UNKNOWN)

Duffett, Albert (Private-)

Duffett, Allison (Private-)

Duffett, Amy (Private-)

Duffett, Baby (Private-)

Duffett, Benjamine (Private-)

Duffett, Bernice (Private-)

Duffett, Bernice (Private-)

Duffett, Carolyn (Private-)

Duffett, Charlene (Private-)

Duffett, Christoper (Private-)

Duffett, Coleen (Private-)

Duffett, Craig (Private-)

Duffett, Curt (Private-)

Duffett, Dave (Private-)

Duffett, Donald (Private-)

Duffett, Dougald (Private-)

Duffett, Edmund (Private-)

Duffett, Elizabeth (Private-)

Duffett, Elsie (Private-)

Duffett, Erin (Private-)

Duffett, Gladys (15 JUL 1900-12 JUN 1969)

Duffett, Gordon (Private-)

Duffett, Johanne (Private-)

Duffett, Johnaton (Private-)

Duffett, Karen Lynn (Private-)

Duffett, Krissy (Private-)

Duffett, Lisa (Private-)

Duffett, Max (Private-)

Duffett, Megan (Private-)

Duffett, Melvin (Private-)

Duffett, Michael (Private-)

Duffett, Mitchell (Private-)

Duffett, Rebecca (Private-)

Duffett, Robert Frank (Private-)

Duffett, Sarah (23 SEP 1902-1 APR 1985)

Duffett, Shelly (Private-)

Duffett, Stephen (Private-)

Duffett, Susanna (1823-29 DEC 1905)

Duffett, Thomas (Private-)

Duffett, William (Private-)

Duffett, William (-6 NOV 1955)

Duffitt, Marilyn (Private-)

Dufort, Michael (Private-)

Duke, Michelle (Private-)

Dulcie, (Private-)

Dumaresque, Grace Beatrice (Private-)

Dumont, Florence Bernadette (18 DEC 1917-22 JUN 2001)

Dunn, Graham (Private-)

Dunn, John (-UNKNOWN)

Dunn, Matthew (11 NOV 1822-UNKNOWN)

Dunn, Nancy (11 SEP 1829-UNKNOWN)

Dunn, Pat K (ABT. 1795-UNKNOWN)

Dunn, William (5 JUN 1825-UNKNOWN)

Dunphy, Frank (Private-)

Durdle, Beatrice Minnie (11 FEB 1912-30 DEC 1991)

Durdle, Georgina Jane (Private-)

Durdle, Peggy (Private-)

Dutton, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)

Duxbury, Abigal (Private-)

Duxbury, David Paul (Private-)

Duxbury, Donald Wade (Private-)

Duxbury, Jacob Mathew (Private-)

Duxbury, Natalie (Private-)

Duxbury, Tyrel Joseph (Private-)

Duxbury, Winston (Private-)

Duxbury, Winston Shawn (Private-)

Dwyer, Rita (Private-)

Dyke, Ferne Elaine (Private-)

Dyke, Jasmine Elizabeth Marie (Private-)

Dyke, Jessica Natashia Anne (6 SEP 1999-13 JUN 2000)

Dyke, Larry (Private-)

Dyke, Maria Kayla (Private-)

Dymond, Benjamin Snelgrove (13 NOV 1864-UNKNOWN)

Dymond, Lenora (5 DEC 1881-UNKNOWN)

Dymond, Nathaniel (-UNKNOWN)

Dyson, Ben (-UNKNOWN)

Eales, Susannah (-UNKNOWN)

Earl, Julia (7 APR 1896-UNKNOWN)

Earle, Andrew George (10 OCT 1888-UNKNOWN)

Earle, Bessie Naomi (25 JUL 1894-UNKNOWN)

Earle, Caroline Amanda (14 APR 1889-UNKNOWN)

Earle, David (FEB 1895-UNKNOWN)

Earle, David (Private-)

Earle, Delcie Matilda (15 NOV 1897-UNKNOWN)

Earle, Dora (29 NOV 1893-12 MAR 1916)

Earle, Eliza Jane (ABT. JAN 1858-UNKNOWN)

Earle, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Earle, Elizabeth (OCT 1850-UNKNOWN)

Earle, George William (23 OCT 1882-UNKNOWN)

Earle, James (JUL 1891-UNKNOWN)

Earle, James Robert (FEB 1861-UNKNOWN)

Earle, Jennifer (Private-)

Earle, John (-UNKNOWN)

Earle, John (MAR 1887-25 DEC 1967)

Earle, Joseph Cox (ABT. 1859-7 FEB 1911)

Earle, Lenora (9 FEB 1866-1944)

Earle, Maria (1871-UNKNOWN)

Earle, Martha (1849-11 APR 1892)

Earle, Mary (24 MAR 1901-BEF. 14 JUL 1945)

Earle, Mary (11 DEC 1878-UNKNOWN)

Earle, Minnie Blanche (23 JAN 1891-UNKNOWN)

Earle, Priscilla (1852-11 OCT 1899)

Earle, Rhoda (-UNKNOWN)

Earle, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)

Earle, Samuel (7 NOV 1884-UNKNOWN)

Earle, Sarah Fanny (1 AUG 1899-UNKNOWN)

Earle, Selina (14 SEP 1898-UNKNOWN)

Earle, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)

Earle, Victor Louis (28 JAN 1890-23 NOV 1890)

Eason, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Eason, Phyllis (Private-)

Eaton, (-UNKNOWN)

Eaton, (twins) (-UNKNOWN)

Ebenal, Harry (Private-)

Ebenal, James Jamie Nelson (Private-)

Ebenal, Robbin (Private-)

Ebenal, Roxanne (Private-)

Eddison, Violet (Private-)

Eddy, Evelyn (Private-)

Eddy, Everett (Private-)

Eddy, Glenda (Private-)

Eddy, Melinda (-UNKNOWN)

Eddy, Tony (Private-)

Eddy, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Edgar, Don (Private-)

Edgar, Edwin (-UNKNOWN)

Edgar, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Edith, Alice (Private-)

Edith, UNKNOWN (ABT. 1889-27 MAR 1931)

Edmunds, Lydia (1923-1946)

Edmunds, Sarah Alberta (30 OCT 1921-10 JUL 1976)

Edward, Raymond (Private-)

Edwards, Alec (Private-)

Edwards, Almon Lorne (Private-)

Edwards, Bruce (Private-)

Edwards, Catherine (Private-)

Edwards, Elsie (-UNKNOWN)

Edwards, Freda (Private-)

Edwards, Gordon Eric (Private-)

Edwards, Grace Leah (ABT. 1854-ABT. 1929)

Edwards, H.C. (-UNKNOWN)

Edwards, Jonathan (-UNKNOWN)

Edwards, Juli Venus (Private-)

Edwards, Linda (Private-)

Edwards, Lorne E. (Private-)

Edwards, Nancy (Private-)

Edwards, Sharon (Private-)

Edwards, Wayne (Private-)

Edwards, William (Private-)

Edwards, William (-UNKNOWN)

Efford, Elizabeth Anne (-UNKNOWN)

Efford, John (1805-UNKNOWN)

Eileen, (Private-)

Eli, (Private-)


Elizabeth, (Private-)

Elizabeth, (1885-UNKNOWN)

Elizabeth, Annie (NOV 1873-UNKNOWN)

Elizabeth, Mary (ABT. 1886-11 JUN 1912)

Elizabeth, Rowena (-UNKNOWN)

Elizabeth, UNKNOWN (JAN 1879-UNKNOWN)


Elizabeth, UNKNOWN (1831-1888)


Elliott, Alpheus (1897-1982)

Elliott, Barry (Private-)

Elliott, J Andrew (Private-)

Elliott, Lee Wayne (Private-)

Elliott, Lisa (Private-)

Elliott, Wayne (Private-)

Ellis, Aaron (22 DEC 1839-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, Abigail Marguerite (Abbie) (Private-)

Ellis, Alfred (18 OCT 1884-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, Alfred (-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, Amelia Charlotte (2 FEB 1880-21 OCT 1880)

Ellis, Amelia Charlotte (Millie) (27 AUG 1923-5 DEC 2000)

Ellis, Ann (Private-)

Ellis, Annie C. (Private-)

Ellis, Arthur (NOV 1870-1888)

Ellis, Audrey Margaret (DUP) (Private-)

Ellis, Audrey Margaret (dup) (Private-)

Ellis, Barbara (Private-)

Ellis, Bertha (16 MAY 1878-APR 1879)

Ellis, Boy (-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, Charles (27 JUN 1830-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, Charles Maxwell (20 APR 1911-1976)

Ellis, Charlotte (18 MAY 1879-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, Dorothy (Private-)

Ellis, Dorothy Ada Rachel (4 MAR 1922-1933)

Ellis, Edmund (MAR 1863-1886)

Ellis, Edmund (MAR 1835-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, Elam (APR 1873-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, Eleanor V. (Private-)

Ellis, Elizabeth (15 APR 1854-20 NOV 1855)

Ellis, Elizabeth Jane (26 MAR 1875-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, Elsie (-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, Emily Hope (1912-1999)

Ellis, Esther (OCT 1841-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, Ethel Jane (12 DEC 1886-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, George (6 AUG 1882-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, George (-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, George York (Private-)

Ellis, Gordon (DEC 1904-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, Gregory Michael (Private-)

Ellis, Hannah (16 APR 1877-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, Hannah Jane (8 FEB 1847-AFT. 1921)

Ellis, Harold (Private-)

Ellis, Harold Richard Samuel (4 JUN 1925-1 SEP 1990)

Ellis, Herbert George (dup) (18 APR 1883-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, Herbert George (dup) (18 APR 1883-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, Hester (OCT 1868-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, Hester (9 MAR 1826-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, Hezekiah (4 JAN 1875-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, Hezekiah (1869-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, Hezekiah (27 JUN 1828-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, Irene (Private-)

Ellis, Jessie (AUG 1899-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, John (1 AUG 1825-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, John (-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, John James (29 AUG 1878-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, Laura J. (Private-)

Ellis, Letitia (JUL 1873-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, Louis James (6 APR 1881-1 OCT 1977)

Ellis, Maria (19 AUG 1851-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, Marina Gertrude (27 NOV 1934-1945)

Ellis, Martin Adey (6 AUG 1877-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, Mary Louise (Private-)

Ellis, May (Private-)

Ellis, Minnie (Private-)

Ellis, Nancy Jeanette (Private-)

Ellis, Phoebe (25 DEC 1867-2 JAN 1868)

Ellis, Rebecca Jane (6 DEC 1875-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, Richard (Private-)

Ellis, Richard Dashwood (30 AUG 1892-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, Rosie Barbara (11 JUL 1928-SEP 1929)

Ellis, Ruth (3 OCT 1933-15 FEB 1982)

Ellis, Samuel (Private-)

Ellis, Samuel (19 MAR 1865-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, Samuel (Private-)

Ellis, Samuel (dup) (11 MAY 1844-28 FEB 1918)

Ellis, Samuel (dup) (11 MAY 1844-28 FEB 1918)

Ellis, Simeon Dunn (16 AUG 1872-24 MAY 1937)

Ellis, Susannah (7 DEC 1861-APR 1864)

Ellis, Susanne (Private-)

Ellis, Suzanne Elizabeth (Private-)

Ellis, Thomas (1804-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, Thomas (15 FEB 1865-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, Thomas (Jr.) (-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, UNKNOWN (Private-)


Ellis, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Ellis, William (27 OCT 1832-UNKNOWN)

Ellis, William Henry (1819-MAR 1858)

Ellis, William James (18 OCT 1860-UNKNOWN)

Elms, Alice PEARL (Private-)

Elms, Henry (-UNKNOWN)

Elms, Henry (-UNKNOWN)

Elms, Rebecca (Private-)

Elms, Sarah (ABT. 1879-UNKNOWN)

Elson, Edna (Private-)

Emanuel, Frederick (Private-)

Emanuel, Michele (Private-)

Emberley, Kevin (Private-)

Emberley, Vince (Private-)

Emeline, (MAR 1896-UNKNOWN)

Emily, (AUG 1866-UNKNOWN)

Emily, (DEC 1864-UNKNOWN)

Emily, (JUN 1891-27 AUG 1981)

Emily, (-UNKNOWN)


Emily, UNKNOWN (ABT. 1891-27 AUG 1981)

Emma, (-UNKNOWN)

Emma, (15 OCT 1840-16 JUL 1924)

Emma, (-UNKNOWN)




Emmeline, (MAR 1878-UNKNOWN)

English, Monica Madonna (Bonnie) (7 OCT 1915-6 MAR 1973)

English, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)

Ennis, Paul (Private-)


Escott, Anne (Private-)

Escott, Barry (Private-)

Escott, Edgar (Private-)

Escott, Philip (Private-)

Escott, Philip (-UNKNOWN)

Escott, Robert (Private-)

Esposito, Jack (Private-)

Esposito, Jeanne (Private-)

Esposito, Ronald (Private-)

Esposito, Tobert (Private-)


Eugene, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Eva, (Private-)


Evans, Elisha (-UNKNOWN)

Evans, Elsie M. (1904-13 JUN 1983)

Evens, Heather Lyenne (Private-)

Evens, Norman (Private-)

Evens, Robert Norman (Private-)

Everett, Donald (Private-)

Ewing, Alexander (24 JUL 1875-UNKNOWN)

Ewing, Alexander "Sandy" (Private-)

Ewing, Alexander Frederick (23 MAY 1858-3 FEB 1909)

Ewing, Alexander Miller (31 DEC 1826-13 MAY 1903)

Ewing, Alexander William (20 MAY 1888-13 AUG 1890)

Ewing, Amy Elisabeth (Private-)

Ewing, Archibald (1883-1977)

Ewing, Arnold James (7 FEB 1881-6 AUG 1942)

Ewing, Audrey (Private-)

Ewing, Caroline Janet (9 MAR 1868-21 AUG 1950)

Ewing, Catherine (Private-)

Ewing, Christene (Private-)

Ewing, Clara Marion (16 JUN 1889-28 MAR 1955)

Ewing, Constance Margaret "Peggy" (4 JAN 1928-1 APR 1995)

Ewing, Craig (Private-)

Ewing, Cryil (Private-)

Ewing, Cynthia (Private-)

Ewing, Donna May (Private-)

Ewing, Edgar George (24 OCT 1900-3 OCT 1985)

Ewing, Edith Caroline (5 JAN 1883-20 FEB 1883)

Ewing, Elaine (Private-)

Ewing, Eliza (16 JAN 1824-SEP 1903)

Ewing, Eliza Ann (30 AUG 1861-5 OCT 1938)

Ewing, Elizabeth Florence (13 JUN 1884-1 AUG 1884)

Ewing, Ellen (18 SEP 1873-UNKNOWN)

Ewing, Eric Eugene (2 JAN 1903-1991)

Ewing, Ernest Frederick (11 JUL 1895-15 AUG 1952)

Ewing, Ernest Oliphant (1887-1975)

Ewing, Estelle (Private-)

Ewing, Florence (Private-)

Ewing, Florence Maie (-2 SEP 1938)

Ewing, Florence Nina (22 AUG 1892-14 AUG 1989)

Ewing, Frank Millar (Private-)

Ewing, Frank Millar (19 DEC 1898-7 NOV 1970)

Ewing, Geoffery (Private-)

Ewing, Graham (Private-)

Ewing, Graham Millar (30 NOV 1902-UNKNOWN)

Ewing, Grayson Millar (Private-)

Ewing, Helen (1857-25 OCT 1944)

Ewing, Helen (18 SEP 1828-UNKNOWN)

Ewing, Helen May (28 SEP 1894-24 SEP 1998)

Ewing, Hilda Violet (14 JAN 1897-30 SEP 1950)

Ewing, Irene Hilda (20 JAN 1894-17 FEB 1973)

Ewing, Isabel "Bella" Maud (11 DEC 1892-15 FEB 1983)

Ewing, Isabelle (Private-)

Ewing, Isabelle Mary (8 NOV 1890-17 SEP 1973)

Ewing, Jack (Private-)

Ewing, James (22 FEB 1767-UNKNOWN)

Ewing, James Millar (1853-UNKNOWN)

Ewing, James Millar (1878-1972)

Ewing, James Miller (22 APR 1797-17 AUG 1877)

Ewing, James Reid (1825-12 SEP 1885)

Ewing, James Reid (17 MAY 1887-24 APR 1971)

Ewing, Jamesianna (SEP 1865-UNKNOWN)

Ewing, Janet Agnes (Private-)

Ewing, Jean Bontine Crawford (17 JUL 1806-UNKNOWN)

Ewing, Jeanette Mary (13 MAR 1891-28 FEB 1897)

Ewing, Jessie Clift (-5 JUL 1911)

Ewing, Jessie Elizabeth (11 AUG 1858-6 JUN 1926)

Ewing, John (-UNKNOWN)

Ewing, John Frederick Brown (31 AUG 1877-UNKNOWN)

Ewing, John Miller (20 NOV 1809-UNKNOWN)

Ewing, John William (24 JUN 1873-UNKNOWN)

Ewing, Karen (Private-)

Ewing, Lance (Private-)

Ewing, Lance Joseph (Private-)

Ewing, Lancelot Ashton (17 MAY 1897-24 MAY 1987)

Ewing, Leah Long (APR 1867-UNKNOWN)

Ewing, Louisa (18 SEP 1873-UNKNOWN)

Ewing, Marion (MAY 1865-18 OCT 1866)

Ewing, Mary (Private-)

Ewing, Mary Alice (22 MAY 1862-9 APR 1950)

Ewing, Mary Jessie (1854-25 JUL 1901)

Ewing, Mary Lynn (Private-)

Ewing, Mollison (10 OCT 1804-UNKNOWN)

Ewing, Nicol (14 JAN 1808-UNKNOWN)

Ewing, Nina (-UNKNOWN)

Ewing, Phyllis (Private-)

Ewing, Rita Fraser (1908-17 SEP 1908)

Ewing, Robert (1830-UNKNOWN)

Ewing, Robert John (1859-18 OCT 1867)

Ewing, Ruth (-UNKNOWN)

Ewing, Ruth Best (20 AUG 1870-1964)

Ewing, Scott Angus Millar (Private-)

Ewing, Seraphina (1863-21 NOV 1897)

Ewing, Stella (-UNKNOWN)

Ewing, Thomas (3 DEC 1798-UNKNOWN)

Ewing, Thomas (Private-)

Ewing, Thomas Edward (17 DEC 1870-UNKNOWN)

Ewing, Thomas John (1852-17 JAN 1917)

Ewing, Thomas Reed (1832-1857)

Ewing, William Henry (5 MAR 1860-1951)

Ewing, William Henry Holwell (14 SEP 1875-UNKNOWN)

Ewing, William James (-5 MAR 1913)

Ewing, William Thomas (1730-UNKNOWN)

Ewing, Winnifred Grace (4 DEC 1898-29 SEP 1899)

FORT, Laura (Private-)

Fagan, Ambrose (Private-)

Fagan, Amy (Emma) (1 JAN 1808-28 FEB 1883)

Fagan, Charlotte (ABT. 1815-18 NOV 1890)

Fagan, Cheryl (Private-)

Fagan, David (Private-)

Fagan, Derek (Private-)

Fagan, Ellis (Private-)

Fagan, Fred (Private-)

Fagan, Fred (Private-)

Fagan, Gerald (Private-)

Fagan, Geraldine (Private-)

Fagan, Heidi (Private-)

Fagan, Jeffrey (Private-)

Fagan, Jennifer (Private-)

Fagan, Keith (Private-)

Fagan, Kristina Leigh Ann (Private-)

Fagan, Leo Richard (Private-)

Fagan, Lida (Private-)

Fagan, Lisa (Private-)

Fagan, Lisa (Private-)

Fagan, Lisa (Private-)

Fagan, Madeline (Private-)

Fagan, Marilyn Joyce (Private-)

Fagan, Mary Bishop (Private-)

Fagan, Patience (-UNKNOWN)

Fagan, Ralph (Private-)

Fagan, Reginald (Private-)

Fagan, Richard J. (Private-)

Fagen, Reginald L. (ABT. 1975-1 FEB 1999)

Fahan, Carol Patricia (Private-)

Fannie, (Private-)

Fannie, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Fanny, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Farewell, Norman (Private-)

Farewell, Paulette (Private-)

Farnworth, Glen (Private-)

Farr, Mary (Private-)

Faulkner, Clifford (Private-)

Feasey, C. (Private-)

Fedyna, Olga (Private-)

Feener, Celeste (Private-)

Feener, Dulcie (ABT. 1893-UNKNOWN)

Feener, Howard (Private-)

Feener, Melinda (Private-)

Feener, Melva (Private-)

Feener, Morvin (Private-)

Feener, Murray (Private-)

Feener, Nathan (Private-)

Feener, Nathan (-UNKNOWN)

Feener, Winston Warrick (Private-)

Feilds, Susan Monica (Private-)

Felstead, Robert (Private-)

Feltham, Dallas (24 NOV 1930-16 APR 1978)

Feltham, Hubert (-UNKNOWN)

Feltham, Lorraine (1934-17 MAY 1998)

Feltham, Neal (Private-)

Fenn, Barbara Jean (Private-)

Fenn, Harry (Private-)

Fenton, Dorothy May Barry (Private-)

Ferguson, Dorothy Jean (Private-)

Fernandez, Steven (Private-)

Ferullo, Christopher (Private-)

Ferullo, Dawn (Private-)

Ferullo, Michael Francis (Private-)

Fettig, Alfred (Private-)

Feyereisen, Lisa Arlene (Private-)

Fieber, John (-UNKNOWN)

Fieber, Mary Adeline Addie (28 DEC 1901-5 DEC 1968)

Fiefield, (Private-)

Field, S. C. (Private-)

Fifield ?, Emma (-UNKNOWN)

Fifield, Aaron (-UNKNOWN)

Fifield, Angie Doreen (Private-)

Fifield, Cyril James (-15 MAR 1998)

Fifield, Edmund Donald (Private-)

Fifield, Geneva Kay (Private-)

Fifield, Geraldine (Private-)

Fifield, Gloria (Private-)

Fifield, Hettie MARGARET (Private-)

Fifield, J. (-UNKNOWN)

Fifield, Jamie Chad (Private-)

Fifield, Laura (Private-)

Fifield, Leona Blanche (Private-)

Fifield, Martha Elizabeth (1887-1919)

Fifield, Maude (Private-)

Fifield, Nelson SHAWN (Private-)

Fifield, Rachel Hannah (Private-)

Fifield, Randy PAUL (Private-)

Fifield, Reta Dorothy Mae (Private-)

Fifield, Rodney (Private-)

Fifield, Roxanne (Private-)

Fifield, Susannah (-UNKNOWN)

Fifield, Taylor Ryan (Private-)

Fifield, Todd Danny (Private-)

Fifield, William (Private-)

Fifield, William (ABT. 1858-UNKNOWN)

Fifield, William JOHN (Private-)

Fifield, William Samuel (26 DEC 1935-7 AUG 1992)

Fippard, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)

Fitzhugh, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Fitzpatrick, ? (Private-)

Fitzpatrick, Bob (Private-)

Fitzpatrick, Debbie (Private-)

Fitzpatrick, Hazel (Private-)

Flaherty, Catherine (-UNKNOWN)

Flanagan, Winnie (Private-)

Fleming, Albertha (Private-)

Fleming, Christine (Private-)

Fleming, Denise (Private-)

Fleming, Elizabeth (20 AUG 1913-1991)

Fleming, Gerald (Private-)

Fleming, John (-UNKNOWN)

Fleming, Marjory (Private-)

Fleming, Robert John (Private-)

Fleming, Sarah (Private-)

Fleming, Shane (Private-)

Fleming, Shirley (Private-)

Flewitt, Arthur (31 DEC 1897-13 FEB 1964)

Flewitt, Mary (Private-)

Flewitt, Miriam (Private-)

Flewitt, Shirley (Private-)

Flora, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Florence, (1894-UNKNOWN)

Florence, (-UNKNOWN)


Florence, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Florrio, Rocho (Private-)

Flowers, Rachael (-UNKNOWN)

Flynn, Blanche (Private-)

Flynn, Cyril Raymond (29 SEP 1937-9 SEP 1990)

Flynn, David Michael (Private-)

Flynn, Dorothy (Private-)

Flynn, Edward (Private-)

Flynn, Elizabeth Lillian (3 JAN 1908-23 MAR 1965)

Flynn, George (Private-)

Flynn, Helen (Private-)

Flynn, Hilda (Private-)

Flynn, James Edward (10 OCT 1909-23 SEP 1970)

Flynn, Jane Ann (23 DEC 1913-4 APR 2001)

Flynn, Joe (-1975)

Flynn, Joseph (Private-)

Flynn, Mary (16 DEC 1930-12 JUN 1991)

Flynn, Mary Katherine (14 AUG 1911-1986)

Flynn, Maurice (23 SEP 1863-24 OCT 1941)

Flynn, Michael (-UNKNOWN)

Flynn, Michael (24 JUL 1873-UNKNOWN)

Flynn, Michael Joseph (5 SEP 1905-UNKNOWN)

Flynn, Robert (Private-)

Flynn, Russell (Private-)

Flynn, Terrance (Private-)

Flynn, Walter Joseph (2 JUL 1869-UNKNOWN)

Flynn, William Brennan (18 FEB 1868-UNKNOWN)

Foley, Brian William (Private-)

Foley, David (Private-)

Foley, David Joseph (Private-)

Foley, Joanne (Private-)

Foley, Shelly Lynn (Private-)

Foote, Lydia (Private-)

Foote, Richard (Dick) (Private-)

Foquet, Howard (Private-)

Forbes, Leslie (Private-)

Forbes, Mary Catherine (20 JAN 1887-SEP 1964)

Forcey, Hilda (Private-)

Ford, Augustus George (Private-)

Ford, Byron George (Private-)

Ford, Charles (-UNKNOWN)

Ford, Charles (Private-)

Ford, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Ford, Fanny Jane (1903-4 APR 2001)

Ford, Stephanie Lynn (Private-)

Ford, William (-UNKNOWN)

Ford, William (-UNKNOWN)

Forsey, Albert (-UNKNOWN)

Forsey, Albert Jesse (Private-)

Forsey, Ella (Private-)

Forsey, Emma (1919-23 MAR 1996)

Forsey, Emma (6 APR 1907-28 FEB 1908)

Forsey, Emma Tryphena (Private-)

Forsey, Helena Lily (Private-)

Forsey, Hubert (APR 1912-6 JAN 1948)

Forsey, Irene G (ABT. 1932-4 JUL 1999)

Forsey, Mark (FEB 1880-UNKNOWN)

Forsey, Samuel (ABT. AUG 1869-14 FEB 1951)

Forward, Clifford (Private-)

Forward, Kevin (Private-)

Forward, Steven (Private-)

Forward, Susan (Private-)

Foss, Laurie-Kay (Private-)

Foss, Marion (Private-)

Foster, Catherine (Private-)

Foster, David (Private-)

Foster, Fred (Private-)

Foster, Fredie (Private-)

Fowler, Donald Robert (Private-)

Fowler, Douglas Philip (Private-)

Fowler, Edgar (Private-)

Fowler, Larry (Private-)

Fowler, Lisa Mary (22 MAY 1974-24 MAY 1974)

Fowler, Mary Anne (Private-)

Fowler, Robert John (Private-)

Fowler, Robert John (Private-)

Frailey, (Private-)

Frampton, Eldred (Private-)

Frampton, Elodie (8 SEP 1904-FEB 1992)

Frampton, Eunice (1886-UNKNOWN)

Frampton, Mark (1882-UNKNOWN)

Frampton, Robert (-UNKNOWN)

Frampton, Thomas (1878-UNKNOWN)

Frampton, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)

France, Scott Andrew (Private-)

France, Thomas August (Private-)

Frances, (-UNKNOWN)

Francis, (-UNKNOWN)

Francis, Aaron (MAR 1871-UNKNOWN)

Francis, Arline (Private-)

Francis, Clara (Private-)

Francis, Freeman H. (DEC 1910-20 MAR 1997)

Francis, Henry (OCT 1830-UNKNOWN)

Francis, UNKNOWN (-BEF. 6 AUG 1925)

Franson, Leonard (Private-)

Fraser, Carol (Private-)

Fraser, James Oliphant (2 OCT 1826-14 FEB 1904)

Fraser, Jessie (1860-1949)

Fraser, Rev. Donald Allan (-UNKNOWN)

Fraserr, Ronald (Private-)

Fred, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Frederick, Carolyn Gertrude (Private-)

Frederick, Joseph Frederick (Private-)

French, (-UNKNOWN)

French, Ada Edna (20 SEP 1898-1 JAN 1983)

French, Alice (Private-)

French, Annie Emma Batten (1815-1894)

French, Beattie (Private-)

French, Bernice (Private-)

French, Charles (Private-)

French, Denise (Private-)

French, Diana (1808-1881)

French, Donald (Private-)

French, Douglas (Private-)

French, Edward (Private-)

French, Elizabeth Emma (-UNKNOWN)

French, Gertrude (Private-)

French, Graham (Private-)

French, Hazel (1915-1998)

French, John (-UNKNOWN)

French, Karen (Private-)

French, Kevin (Private-)

French, Leonard Earl (Private-)

French, Shirley (Private-)

French, William (Private-)

Friesen, Tim (Private-)

Friezen, Randy (Private-)

Frink, Cynthia (-UNKNOWN)

Fry, Effie (Private-)

Fry, Margaret (Private-)

Fudge, Alfred (Private-)

Fudge, April Dawn (Private-)

Fudge, Bennet Todd (Private-)

Fudge, Bruce D. (Private-)

Fudge, Charles Ewen Ross (Private-)

Fudge, Clyde Rick (Private-)

Fudge, Cyril Raymond (20 APR 1936-2 OCT 1992)

Fudge, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Fudge, George (-UNKNOWN)

Fudge, Gloria Ruth (Private-)

Fudge, Harriet (-UNKNOWN)

Fudge, Joan (Private-)

Fudge, John (3 JUL 1866-1935)

Fudge, John Norman (Private-)

Fudge, Kevin (12 JUL 1947-25 JUL 1947)

Fudge, Louisa Bell (23 FEB 1918-21 APR 1998)

Fudge, Merrick Bernard (Private-)

Fudge, Minnie (ABT. 1899-1996)

Fudge, Peter Philip (Private-)

Fudge, Ralph (Private-)

Fudge, Stella Francis (Private-)

Fudge, Suzanne Madge (Private-)

Fultz, Crystal Lee (Private-)

Fultz, Richard (Private-)

Furey, Annie (Private-)

Furey, Arthur (Private-)

Furey, Christine (Private-)

Furey, Christine (Private-)

Furey, Dawn (Private-)

Furey, George (1907-UNKNOWN)

Furey, Gerry (Private-)

Furey, Heather (Private-)

Furey, Joanne (Private-)

Furey, Joey (Private-)

Furey, Joseph (Private-)

Furey, Karen (Private-)

Furey, Kastine (Private-)

Furey, Kristie Marie (Private-)

Furey, Leo (Private-)

Furey, Marie (Private-)

Furey, Mark (Private-)

Furey, Meghan (Private-)

Furey, Nicklas (Private-)

Furey, Paula (Private-)

Furey, Philip (Private-)

Furey, Tony (Private-)

Furey, Tracey (Private-)

Furey, Wilburt J. (Private-)

Furey, William (Private-)

Furey, William (Private-)

Furey, William (JUL 1878-UNKNOWN)

Furlong, Helen (Private-)

Gadon, Jeanette Anne (Private-)

Gadon, Joseph (Private-)

Gagen, Ashley (Private-)

Gagen, Kathy Lee (Private-)

Gagen, Kelley (Private-)

Gagen, Kimberly Marie (Private-)

Gagen, Robert (Private-)

Gagen, Robert (Private-)

Gallagher, Amy Lynn (Private-)

Gallagher, John Joseph (Private-)

Gamon, Mary Catherine (1898-UNKNOWN)

Gamon, Mary Dolly Catherine (1898-UNKNOWN)

Gangemi, Joanne Elizabeth (Private-)

Garceau, Andre (Private-)

Gardiner, Dora Lorette Gladys (-AFT. 1928)

Gardiner, Robert (1886-1946)

Gardner, Alexander (-UNKNOWN)

Gardner, Anetta Jean (Private-)

Gardner, Ellen (1898-6 MAR 1935)

Garga, Ellen (Private-)

Garland, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Garratt, Mary Alice (-UNKNOWN)

Garrett, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)

Garrett, Tryphina (Private-)

Gaudet, Ashley Marie (Private-)

Gaudet, Brendan James (Private-)

Gaudet, Joseph (Private-)

Gaudet, Melanie Dawn (Private-)

Gaudet, Raymond Joseph (Private-)

Gaudon, Carolyn (Private-)

Gaudon, Cyril (Private-)

Gear, Bridget (Private-)

Geary, Margaret (Private-)

Geering, Gloria (Private-)

Geireaux, Pat (Private-)

Geldart, Dale (Private-)

Geldart, Jason (Private-)

Geldart, Sheilli (Private-)

Genek, Evelyn Denise (Private-)

Genek, Kathyleen Joan (Private-)

Genek, Michael (Private-)

Genek, Michael David Christopher (Private-)

Genek, Suzanne Justine (Private-)

Genereaux, Rachael (Private-)

George, Arthur (Private-)

George, Dorothy (Private-)

George, Edith (Private-)

George, Effie (Private-)

George, Florence (Private-)

George, Helen (Private-)

George, Lewis (-UNKNOWN)

George, Mary (1909-4 AUG 1997)

Gerber, Earl C. (Private-)

Gerber, Heather (Private-)

Gerber, James (Private-)

Gerber, John (Private-)

Gerber, Ted (Private-)

Geriminte, Peter (Private-)

Gerimonti, Peter (Private-)

Gerimonti, Peter (Private-)

German, Victor (Private-)

Gertrude, (DEC 1878-12 OCT 1954)

Gertrude, (Private-)

Gibbons, Bonnie (Private-)

Gibbons, Donna (Private-)

Gibbons, Kathleen (Private-)

Gibbons, Lawrence (Private-)

Gibbons, Marcella (Private-)

Gibbons, Maxwell (18 SEP 1913-28 AUG 1992)

Gibbons, Mollie (Private-)

Gibbons, Peter Donald (Private-)

Gilbert, Jason (Private-)

Gilbert, Robert (Private-)




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