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Giles, Norman (Private-)

Giles, Victor (Private-)

Gill, James (-UNKNOWN)

Gill, Louisa (1840-26 MAR 1897)

Gillard, Lucy (-UNKNOWN)

Gillespi, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)

Gillett, George (-UNKNOWN)

Gillett, William Thomas (ABT. 1871-BEF. 1 DEC 1901)

Gillies, John (Private-)

Gillingham, Betty Rosabelle (Private-)

Gillingham, Jabez (Private-)

Gillingham, James (Private-)

Gillingham, Jimmy (Private-)

Gillingham, Lisa (Private-)

Gillingham, Thomas (SEP 1897-UNKNOWN)

Gillingham, Tina (Private-)

Girvan, James Jim (Private-)

Girvan, Patrick (Private-)

Girvan, Tanya (Private-)

Glen, Richard (-UNKNOWN)

Glenda, (Private-)

Glinos, Amelia Anne (Private-)

Glinos, George I (Private-)

Glinos, George II (Private-)

Glinos, George III (Private-)

Glover, Alison (Private-)

Glover, Eldon (Private-)

Glover, Michael (Private-)

Godden, Edward (-DEC 1979)

Godden, Edward (Private-)

Goldsworthy, Diane (Private-)

Gonzalez, Carmelo Maldonado (Private-)

Gonzalez, Darryl James (Private-)

Gonzalez, David Lee (Private-)

Gonzalez, Dean Wayne (3 JAN 1958-13 AUG 1994)

Gonzalez, Deborah Anne (Private-)

Gonzalez, Luci Michelle-Marie (Private-)

Gonzalez, Robert Dean-Carmelo (Private-)

Gonzalez, Tiffany Ann (Private-)

Goobie, Abraham Peddle (22 AUG 1884-10 JAN 1949)

Goobie, Agnes Bernice (Private-)

Goobie, Alice Muriel (Private-)

Goobie, Allen George (24 OCT 1877-UNKNOWN)

Goobie, Ashley (Private-)

Goobie, Audrey Clarice (Private-)

Goobie, Beatrice Blanche (1 SEP 1913-4 NOV 1992)

Goobie, Brandon (Private-)

Goobie, Brian George (Private-)

Goobie, Catherine (Private-)

Goobie, Cecil (3 OCT 1915-1988)

Goobie, Cecil (Private-)

Goobie, Charles Frederick (Private-)

Goobie, Christine (Private-)

Goobie, Corey (Private-)

Goobie, Dawn (Private-)

Goobie, Donald (Private-)

Goobie, Donald Herbert (12 MAY 1924-11 MAY 1995)

Goobie, Donna (Private-)

Goobie, Doris Rita (-UNKNOWN)

Goobie, Edna Belle (12 JUL 1892-UNKNOWN)

Goobie, Edna Ruby (Private-)

Goobie, Edward (Private-)

Goobie, Elaine (Private-)

Goobie, Eldrid (18 JUL 1917-28 JUN 1999)

Goobie, Eliza (Private-)

Goobie, Elsie May (6 JUL 1889-OCT 1963)

Goobie, Elsie Winnetta (Private-)

Goobie, Eric (Private-)

Goobie, Eva Lilias (Private-)

Goobie, Fenwick (NOV 1902-1928)

Goobie, Florence (Private-)

Goobie, Florence (Private-)

Goobie, Gary Brenton Craig (Private-)

Goobie, George (Private-)

Goobie, Gerald (Private-)

Goobie, Gilbert (Private-)

Goobie, Gloria Jean (Private-)

Goobie, Hayward Wesley (Private-)

Goobie, Henry Charles (Private-)

Goobie, Ivy Elizabeth (Private-)

Goobie, Jane (20 APR 1882-SEP 1975)

Goobie, Jessie (AUG 1872-23 JAN 1936)

Goobie, Jessie Blanche (30 APR 1926-10 FEB 2000)

Goobie, Joseph (21 MAY 1847-12 JUN 1911)

Goobie, Juanita Shirley (Private-)

Goobie, Judy Lorraine (Private-)

Goobie, Lance (Private-)

Goobie, Leonard Allan (Private-)

Goobie, Leslie Kenneth (AUG 1928-3 MAR 1929)

Goobie, Lilias Jane (Private-)

Goobie, Lorraine Ruth (Private-)

Goobie, Mabel (21 JAN 1912-26 JUL 1988)

Goobie, Margaret Ann (Private-)

Goobie, Margarrtia (Private-)

Goobie, Mary Selina (Private-)

Goobie, Mildred (Private-)

Goobie, Miriam Susanne Marjorie (Private-)

Goobie, Morley (Private-)

Goobie, Patricia (Private-)

Goobie, Paul (Private-)

Goobie, Paula Annette (Private-)

Goobie, Regina (Private-)

Goobie, Rod (Private-)

Goobie, Roger (Private-)

Goobie, Roland Fenwick (Private-)

Goobie, Ronald Gordon (10 MAR 1918-19 JUL 1921)

Goobie, Selina (21 OCT 1915-1915)

Goobie, Selina (-UNKNOWN)

Goobie, Selina (Private-)

Goobie, Sharon (Private-)

Goobie, Shawn (Private-)

Goobie, Shirley (Private-)

Goobie, Simon (4 DEC 1879-12 MAY 1944)

Goobie, Stella (Private-)

Goobie, Thomas Charles (Private-)

Goobie, Vanessa Maria (Private-)

Goobie, Viola Belle (Private-)

Goobie, Wesley (Private-)

Goobie, William Dennis (Private-)

Goobie, William Fenwick (20 DEC 1887-22 AUG 1956)

Goobie, William Joseph (14 OCT 1911-14 JAN 1993)

Goobie, William Reuben (Private-)

Gooby, Drucilla (-1925)

Gooby, Newman (-UNKNOWN)

Gooden, Arthur (Private-)

Gooden, Cody Aaron (Private-)

Goodenough, James (-UNKNOWN)

Goodenough, James (22 APR 1833-1850)

Goodenough, Sara Jane (15 MAY 1831-UNKNOWN)

Goodenough, William (8 JUN 1829-1911)

Goodick, Rudolph (Private-)

Goodick, Taylor Andrew (Private-)

Goodick, Terri (Private-)

Goodick, Todd Andrew (Private-)

Goodwin, Amelia (JUN 1881-UNKNOWN)

Goodwin, Arch Gordon (Private-)

Goodwin, Bessie (FEB 1888-UNKNOWN)

Goodwin, Clarice Irene (Private-)

Goodwin, Cora (APR 1882-18 JUL 1951)

Goodwin, Edison J. (Private-)

Goodwin, Frank (Private-)

Goodwin, George (-UNKNOWN)

Goodwin, H. Norman (Private-)

Goodwin, James (-UNKNOWN)

Goodwin, Joshua (Private-)

Goodwin, Mary Ann (-UNKNOWN)

Goodwin, Mildred (Private-)

Goodwin, Richard (-UNKNOWN)

Goodwin, Sarah (JUL 1884-UNKNOWN)

Goodwin, W. Frederick (Private-)

Goodwin, William (JUL 1885-UNKNOWN)

Goodyear, Ardelilna (Al) (1884-1977)

Goodyear, Arthur (18 JUN 1925-28 MAR 1993)

Goodyear, Baby (Private-)

Goodyear, Barry (Private-)

Goodyear, Boyd Allan (1891-UNKNOWN)

Goodyear, Carol (Private-)

Goodyear, Effie (1933-UNKNOWN)

Goodyear, Ellis Willis (Private-)

Goodyear, James (Private-)

Goodyear, Joshua (Private-)

Goodyear, Kenneth (6 DEC 1898-18 FEB 1974)

Goodyear, Margaret (Private-)

Goodyear, Maxine (Private-)

Goodyear, Mildred (Private-)

Goodyear, Mitchell (Private-)

Goodyear, Robert (1919-1927)

Goodyear, Roland (Private-)

Goodyear, William (-UNKNOWN)

Goosney, George Thomas (1883-1960)

Gosse, Anne (1803-1878)

Gosse, Grace (-UNKNOWN)

Gosse, Isreal (20 JUN 1802-26 OCT 1876)

Gosse, Rachel (-UNKNOWN)

Gosse, Robert (1766-1841)

Gosse, Robert (1805-UNKNOWN)

Gosse, Solomon (1796-1882)

Gosse, William (1808-1874)

Goudie, (Private-)

Goudie, (-UNKNOWN)

Goudie, Adolphus William (Private-)

Goudie, Albert (JUL 1899-1991)

Goudie, Archibald (-UNKNOWN)

Goudie, Effie (Private-)

Goudie, Elizah (Private-)

Goudie, Ephriam (-UNKNOWN)

Goudie, Keith (Private-)

Goudie, Lilly Ann (ABT. 1880-UNKNOWN)

Goudie, Selina (JUL 1880-BEF. 29 JUN 1917)

Gough, Cathy (Private-)

Gould, ? (Private-)

Gould, Albert (1 JAN 1880-UNKNOWN)

Gould, Annie (-6 AUG 1970)

Gould, Clara (Private-)

Gould, Edna (Private-)

Gould, Evelyn (-19 MAY 1988)

Gould, Herman (-29 DEC 1991)

Gould, Jessie May (Private-)

Gould, Jimmy (Private-)

Gould, Lester (Private-)

Gould, Maud (Private-)

Gould, Munden (-22 SEP 1991)

Gould, Ricky (Private-)

Gould, Robert (Private-)

Gould, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)

Gould, Stephen (-UNKNOWN)

Gowans, Robert (Private-)

Gowen, Anthony Evans (Private-)

Gowen, Ellen (28 NOV 1909-19 JUL 1975)

Gowen, Ellen Moran (Private-)

Gowen, Frances Anastasia O'Connor (Private-)

Gowen, Francis Xavier (Private-)

Gowen, George (-UNKNOWN)

Gowen, George (Private-)

Gowen, George Mutchler III (Private-)

Gowen, George Mutchler Jr. (Private-)

Gowen, Isabel (Private-)

Gowen, Leo Francis (4 OCT 1911-5 SEP 1964)

Gowen, MIle Joseph Thomas (-UNKNOWN)

Gowen, Malcolm (Private-)

Gowen, Malcolm (Private-)

Gowen, Mimi (Private-)

Gowen, Nancy (Private-)

Gowen, Thomas Francis (8 JUL 1881-28 MAY 1939)

Gowen, Thomas Francis Jr. (28 JUL 1903-19 OCT 1957)

Gowen, Thomas Patrick (-UNKNOWN)

Grace, (ABT. 1855-UNKNOWN)

Grace, (ABT. 1750-UNKNOWN)

Grace, Margaret (Private-)

Graham, Daleyse (Private-)

Graham, Fredrick (Private-)

Grand, David (-UNKNOWN)

Grand, David Jr (Private-)

Grandy, Christopher (Private-)

Grandy, Denise (Private-)

Grandy, Leonard (Private-)

Grandy, Lisa (Private-)

Grandy, Ronald (Private-)

Grandy, Ryan (Private-)

Grant, Danny (Private-)

Grant, Kelli (Private-)

Grant, Theodore (Private-)

Grasse, Wanda (Private-)

Gray, Cathy (Private-)

Gray, Conor James (Private-)

Gray, Doris Margaret (Private-)

Gray, Douglas Arthur (Private-)

Gray, Gloria Joan (Private-)

Gray, James Allen (Private-)

Gray, Karen Ann (Private-)

Gray, Michael Patrick Blennerhassett (Private-)

Gray, Ryan Thomas (Private-)

Gray, William (-UNKNOWN)

Gray, William Howard (Private-)

Greeley, James (Private-)

Greeley, James (Private-)

Green, Agnes (20 JAN 1882-UNKNOWN)

Green, Albert (Private-)

Green, Albert David (Private-)

Green, Alice Lillian (Private-)

Green, Alick (30 JAN 1881-1954)

Green, Amy Patricia (Private-)

Green, Andrew (Private-)

Green, Annie Myra (14 JUL 1925-7 FEB 2000)

Green, Anthony (Private-)

Green, Ariel (SEP 1893-24 AUG 1935)

Green, Arlene (Private-)

Green, Bennett (11 SEP 1865-UNKNOWN)

Green, Bernard (Private-)

Green, Beverley (Private-)

Green, Beverly (Private-)

Green, Blanche Mary (Private-)

Green, Boyd (Private-)

Green, Brandi (Private-)

Green, Brenda Lucille (31 MAR 1958-3 JUL 1972)

Green, Catherine (21 JUL 1876-UNKNOWN)

Green, Charles William (10 DEC 1862-UNKNOWN)

Green, Christopher (Private-)

Green, Clyde Vincent (10 OCT 1926-7 OCT 2002)

Green, Daniel (10 NOV 1878-UNKNOWN)

Green, David William (Private-)

Green, Donald Edison (Private-)

Green, Donald Gordon Clyde (Private-)

Green, Drucilla (21 OCT 1889-6 JUL 1972)

Green, Edison (Private-)

Green, Edward (-UNKNOWN)

Green, Eli (ABT. 1853-UNKNOWN)

Green, Eli (JUL 1851-UNKNOWN)

Green, Elizabeth Grace (Private-)

Green, Ellis (6 NOV 1891-UNKNOWN)

Green, Enoch (Private-)

Green, Felix (Private-)

Green, Franklin Tolson (1935-1957)

Green, Fredrick W. (Private-)

Green, Gerald (Private-)

Green, Gerry (Private-)

Green, Gilbert (OCT 1894-1957)

Green, Graham Bernard (24 OCT 1922-4 OCT 1991)

Green, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)

Green, Hayward (-UNKNOWN)

Green, Jasper (-UNKNOWN)

Green, Jehu (Private-)

Green, Jessie (Private-)

Green, John Pittman (ABT. 1832-UNKNOWN)

Green, John Thomas (6 OCT 1864-UNKNOWN)

Green, Jonas (Private-)

Green, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)

Green, Julia (JUN 1871-UNKNOWN)

Green, Kimberley Ann (Private-)

Green, Laura (-UNKNOWN)

Green, Laura Gertrude (dup) (Private-)

Green, Laura Gertrude (dup) (Private-)

Green, Lizzie Ann (MAR 1869-UNKNOWN)

Green, Lucinda (NOV 1858-UNKNOWN)

Green, Mable (Private-)

Green, Marina (Private-)

Green, Mary Elizabeth (Private-)

Green, Matthew (Private-)

Green, Meighan (Private-)

Green, Myra (-UNKNOWN)

Green, Nadine (Private-)

Green, Perry (Private-)

Green, Phoebe (4 NOV 1866-UNKNOWN)

Green, Raymond (Private-)

Green, Roderick Nelson (15 JAN 1917-28 DEC 1999)

Green, Rosanna (-UNKNOWN)

Green, Roy (Private-)

Green, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)

Green, Samuel (Jr.) (-UNKNOWN)

Green, Sarah (Private-)

Green, Sarah (AUG 1861-14 MAR 1927)

Green, Sarah Jane (Sadie) (Private-)

Green, Shirley Marguerite (Private-)

Green, Simeon James (-UNKNOWN)

Green, Stella (DEC 1869-UNKNOWN)

Green, Stella (JAN 1889-UNKNOWN)

Green, Stephen (Private-)

Green, Susanna (15 AUG 1859-UNKNOWN)


Green, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Green, Violet B. (8 MAY 1893-UNKNOWN)

Green, Wendy (Private-)

Green, William (Bill) (Private-)

Green, Winifred (Winnie) (dup) (DEC 1900-UNKNOWN)

Green, Winifred (Winnie) (dup) (DEC 1900-UNKNOWN)

Greene, Linda (Private-)

Greening, Austin (Private-)

Greening, David (Private-)

Greening, Deanne (Private-)

Greening, Doreen (Private-)

Greening, Frederick (1913-1959)

Greening, Glen (Private-)

Greening, Jenny (-UNKNOWN)

Greening, Margaret (Private-)

Greening, Norris (Private-)

Greenland, Jennifer (Private-)

Gremmel, Joe (Private-)

Grey, Beulah (Private-)

Grey, Elaine (Private-)

Grey, Karen (Private-)

Griffiths, Connor (Private-)

Griffiths, Darren (Private-)

Griffiths, David (Private-)

Griffiths, Dean (Private-)

Griffiths, Deborah (Private-)

Griffiths, Donald (Private-)

Griffiths, Harold (Private-)

Griffiths, Shirley (Private-)

Griffiths, William (Private-)

Grouchy, Jeanine (Private-)

Grouchy, Phyllis (Private-)

Grouchy, Thomas (-1983)

Grout, Debbie (Private-)

Groves, Esther (-UNKNOWN)

Grubb, Sheila (Private-)

Gruber, ? (Private-)

Guibault, Erik William (Private-)

Guibault, Jonathan Lee (Private-)

Guilbault, Chantal (Private-)

Guillena, Cliff (Private-)

Gullage, James (-UNKNOWN)

Gullage, James (FEB 1863-23 SEP 1954)

Gullage, Juanita (Private-)

Gullage, Maggie (1884-1964)

Gullage, Maud (1894-27 JUL 1963)

Gullage, Peter (30 NOV 1946-4 SEP 1993)

Gullage, Trevor (Private-)

Gullage, Troy (Private-)

Gulliford, Angela (Private-)

Gulliford, Anne (Private-)

Gulliford, Arthur (OCT 1905-10 APR 1993)

Gulliford, Cam (Private-)

Gulliford, Edgar (AUG 1875-UNKNOWN)

Gulliford, Emeline (Private-)

Gulliford, Emma (-UNKNOWN)

Gulliford, Emma (-UNKNOWN)

Gulliford, Eric S. (Private-)

Gulliford, George (JUN 1881-UNKNOWN)

Gulliford, Gordon (Private-)

Gulliford, Harriett (Hattie) (dup) (JAN 1901-9 MAR 1990)

Gulliford, Harriett (Hattie) (dup) (20 JAN 1901-9 MAR 1990)

Gulliford, Hubert (Private-)

Gulliford, James (OCT 1826-UNKNOWN)

Gulliford, Jeffrey Craig (Private-)

Gulliford, Jeffrey Gerard (Private-)

Gulliford, Joan (Private-)

Gulliford, Johanna (-UNKNOWN)

Gulliford, John (MAR 1862-UNKNOWN)

Gulliford, John A. (MAY 1889-UNKNOWN)

Gulliford, Kimberly Deanne (Private-)

Gulliford, Laura (AUG 1895-UNKNOWN)

Gulliford, Lawrence William (AUG 1913-16 MAR 1996)

Gulliford, Lynn (Private-)

Gulliford, Marion (Private-)

Gulliford, Queenie (1930-14 SEP 1998)

Gulliford, Rebecca (-UNKNOWN)

Gulliford, Ross E. C. (1923-13 JAN 1977)

Gulliford, Samuel (-8 APR 1917)

Gulliford, Sandra (Private-)

Gulliford, Stewart (Private-)

Gulliford, Violet M. (Private-)

Gushue, Naomi Susanna (1840-UNKNOWN)

Gushue, Robert (-UNKNOWN)

Gushue, William (Private-)

Guy, Ann Maria (18 NOV 1858-23 JAN 1934)

Guy, Daniel (Private-)

Guy, David (Private-)

Guy, Derek (Private-)

Guy, Frederick Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)

Guy, Hilda Elizabeth (Private-)

Guy, Jennifer Chealsey (Private-)

Guy, Jessie (-UNKNOWN)

Guy, Margaret Joyce (Private-)

Guy, Raymond (Private-)

Guy, Raymond (Private-)

Guy, Thomas (Private-)

Hachie, Betty (Private-)

Hagen, Kirsten (Private-)

Haggett, Agnes Minnie (7 SEP 1895-UNKNOWN)

Haggett, Alfred George (Private-)

Haggett, Alice (28 JUL 1880-15 NOV 1966)

Haggett, Arthur (Private-)

Haggett, Arthur (-UNKNOWN)

Haggett, Arthur (-UNKNOWN)

Haggett, Arthur Uriah (2 JUN 1916-2 JUN 1916)

Haggett, Arthur William (12 OCT 1886-UNKNOWN)

Haggett, Bernice (Private-)

Haggett, Charles Newman (Private-)

Haggett, Deliah (1 OCT 1878-UNKNOWN)

Haggett, Dorman Roland (Private-)

Haggett, Eli (ABT. FEB 1876-23 JUN 1955)

Haggett, Eli Azaziah (Private-)

Haggett, Eliza (ABT. 1860-8 MAR 1897)

Haggett, Eliza Matilda (25 AUG 1897-UNKNOWN)

Haggett, Elizabeth (1904-1970)

Haggett, Emily Susanna (Private-)

Haggett, Evelyn Marie (Private-)

Haggett, Frederick THOMAS (Private-)

Haggett, George (-UNKNOWN)

Haggett, George (-UNKNOWN)

Haggett, George (-UNKNOWN)

Haggett, Gleason (Private-)

Haggett, Grace (ABT. 1867-27 MAR 1950)

Haggett, Harvey (18 DEC 1941-17 MAR 1982)

Haggett, Jacqueline (Private-)

Haggett, Joan (Private-)

Haggett, Johanna (14 AUG 1882-UNKNOWN)

Haggett, John (ABT. 1834-5 DEC 1911)

Haggett, John (-UNKNOWN)

Haggett, John Thomas (ABT. 1863-UNKNOWN)

Haggett, Joseph (Private-)

Haggett, Joseph (ABT. 1869-8 MAR 1951)

Haggett, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)

Haggett, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)

Haggett, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)

Haggett, Josiah (ABT. 1864-UNKNOWN)

Haggett, Leah Violet (ABT. 1879-BEF. 15 JUN 1916)

Haggett, Leona (Private-)

Haggett, Louise (Private-)

Haggett, May (Private-)

Haggett, Pearl (Private-)

Haggett, Phoebe Bell (ABT. 1899-UNKNOWN)

Haggett, Rose (ABT. 1897-UNKNOWN)

Haggett, Rosy Lavinia (Private-)

Haggett, Ruth (ABT. MAR 1863-22 SEP 1916)

Haggett, Sarah Maria (ABT. 1866-11 APR 1901)

Haggett, Stanley (ABT. 1892-UNKNOWN)

Haggett, Stewart (24 MAR 1891-1967)

Haggett, Stuart (-UNKNOWN)

Haggett, Theodore (21 OCT 1889-29 NOV 1890)

Haggett, Theodore George (Private-)

Haggett, Triffie (Private-)

Haggett, Tryphenia (30 AUG 1853-14 APR 1926)

Haggett, Tryphenia Maud (Private-)

Haggett, Unknown (-BEF. 22 APR 1940)

Haggett, Willis (ABT. 1902-UNKNOWN)

Haines, Annette (Private-)

Haines, Charles (Private-)

Haines, Delores (Private-)

Haines, Frank (Private-)

Haines, Helen (Private-)

Haines, James (Private-)

Haines, James Norman (ABT. 1936-7 JUN 1996)

Haines, James Norman (ABT. 1936-7 JUN 1996)

Haines, Mary-Ann (Minnie) (16 AUG 1903-1981)

Haines, Paul (Private-)

Hajaga, Amanda (Private-)

Hajaga, Leslie (Private-)

Hajaga, Michael (Private-)

Haldenby, Constance Margaret (Private-)

Haldenby, Meghan Kennedy (Private-)

Haldenby, Ralph Norman (Private-)

Haldenby, Robert Riley (Private-)

Haldenby, William David (Private-)

Hale, Arthur Edward (Private-)

Hale, Arthur Lincoln (3 APR 1900-4 NOV 1941)

Hale, Betsey Mae (Private-)

Hale, Edward Truman (-UNKNOWN)

Hale, Fred William (Private-)

Hale, John Robert (Private-)

Hall, Chesley (Private-)

Hall, Deborah Jean (Private-)

Hall, Elizabeth Ann (Private-)

Hall, George Boyd (Private-)

Hall, Hanora Nora Baldwin Thomson (4 OCT 1863-8 APR 1947)

Hall, Jacqueline Sarah (Private-)

Hall, John Stuart (Jr.) (Private-)

Hall, John Stuart (Sr.) (Private-)

Hall, William Baldwin (-UNKNOWN)

Halliday, Peter (Private-)

Ham, Marian Hilda (7 SEP 1906-29 JAN 1986)

Hambly, Roger (Private-)

Hamel, Edmund (Private-)

Hamel, Eliza (-1916)

Hamel, Peter (-UNKNOWN)

Hamilton, Dorothy (Private-)

Hamilyn, Clarence (Private-)

Hammond, Alice Lacey (Private-)

Hammond, Billy (Private-)

Hammond, Eliza (Private-)

Hammond, Garry (Private-)

Hammond, Peggy (Private-)

Hammond, William (Private-)

Hamon, James Groves (-UNKNOWN)

Hampton, Jane (11 JUN 1827-UNKNOWN)

Hampton, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Hampton, Robert (1856-1941)

Hampton, William (-UNKNOWN)

Hancock, Alice Jean (Private-)

Hancock, Edna (Private-)

Hancock, Joseph (Private-)

Hands, Catherine (Private-)

Hands, Dick (Private-)

Haniford, Margaret (Private-)

Hanlin, Elizabeth Mary (Private-)

Hanlon, Ann (1819-14 JAN 1890)

Hann, Lucy (Private-)

Hann, Nancy (Private-)

Hann, Stephen (Private-)

Hann, Tina (Private-)

Hann, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)

Hann, William (Private-)

Hannah, (-UNKNOWN)

Hannam, Donald (Private-)

Hannam, Doris (Private-)

Hannam, Elijah (ABT. 1894-2 APR 1934)

Hannam, Eva Ernestine (Private-)

Hannam, Eva Jane (5 DEC 1895-UNKNOWN)

Hannam, Evelyn (Private-)

Hannam, George William (5 DEC 1895-UNKNOWN)

Hannam, Herbert George (Private-)

Hannam, John (ABT. 1861-BEF. 31 DEC 1913)

Hannam, John (Private-)

Hannam, Lucy Florilla (Private-)

Hannam, Matilda (ABT. 1871-18 SEP 1952)

Hannam, Roy (Private-)

Hannam, Ruby (Private-)

Hannam, William (-UNKNOWN)

Hannam, Willie (ABT. 1932-1938)

Hannebury, Anne (Private-)


Hansson, Anna - Tora Gunnarsdotter (Private-)

Harding, Edward (Private-)

Harding, Michael (Private-)

Harding, Michelle (Private-)

Harding, Mikayla Mary (Private-)

Harding, Robert (Private-)

Harding, Ryan Edward (Private-)

Hardy, Christopher Eric Vaughan (Private-)

Hardy, Donna Gail (Private-)

Hardy, Eric Lloyd (Private-)

Haris, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Harnett, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)

Harnum, Annie Vera (Private-)

Harnum, Bessie May (29 JAN 1906-18 JAN 1936)

Harnum, Brabara Ruth (Private-)

Harnum, Caroline (-UNKNOWN)

Harnum, Caroline (-UNKNOWN)

Harnum, Edith D (Private-)

Harnum, Eliol (1902-1993)

Harnum, Ewart John (Private-)

Harnum, Florence (Private-)

Harnum, Florence Linina (Private-)

Harnum, Harvey Joseph (Private-)

Harnum, Jacqueline (Private-)

Harnum, Lewist John Arlington (1880-UNKNOWN)

Harnum, Lillian Olive (Private-)

Harnum, Linda (Private-)

Harnum, Mariam Louisa (14 NOV 1901-26 AUG 1930)

Harnum, Patricia (Private-)

Harnum, Paulette (Private-)

Harnum, Rita (3 MAR 1921-19 MAR 1967)

Harnum, Robert E (Private-)

Harnum, Robert Ellis (Private-)

Harnum, Tony (Private-)

Harnum, Violet (Private-)

Harnum, Wilfred Samuel (Private-)

Harnum, William James (Private-)

Harriet, (1819-25 SEP 1908)

Harriet, (-UNKNOWN)

Harriett, (-UNKNOWN)

Harriman, Allen Obediah (-UNKNOWN)

Harriman, Clara Edith (23 JUN 1875-22 MAY 1956)

Harris, Ambrose (1876-1960)

Harris, Arthur John (30 DEC 1879-18 NOV 1961)

Harris, Capt. William (-UNKNOWN)

Harris, Charles (19 APR 1871-UNKNOWN)

Harris, Debbie (Private-)

Harris, Dorman (Private-)

Harris, Dulcie (Private-)

Harris, Eliza (4 MAR 1847-UNKNOWN)

Harris, Emeline (1890-UNKNOWN)

Harris, Hannah (1862-1927)

Harris, Hayward (Private-)

Harris, Hector (23 AUG 1904-22 NOV 1966)

Harris, Jacob (-UNKNOWN)

Harris, Jacob (Private-)

Harris, Jane Mary (-27 APR 1942)

Harris, John (-UNKNOWN)

Harris, John (-UNKNOWN)

Harris, Keren (18 MAR 1874-UNKNOWN)

Harris, Margaret (Private-)

Harris, Nettie (Private-)

Harris, Olive Gertrude (22 NOV 1920-13 SEP 1956)

Harris, Rachel (-UNKNOWN)

Harris, Solomon Bennet (1882-1958)

Harris, Susan (Private-)

Harris, Tryphina (-UNKNOWN)

Harris, Wialliam (-UNKNOWN)

Hart, Abraham (Private-)

Hart, Abraham (Private-)

Hart, Annie (Private-)

Hart, Charlie (Private-)

Hart, Daisy (Private-)

Hart, Dallas Elaine (Private-)

Hart, Diane (Private-)

Hart, Dolly (Private-)

Hart, Eric (Private-)

Hart, Fred (Private-)

Hart, Frederick John (23 AUG 1913-5 JUL 1981)

Hart, Hilary (Private-)

Hart, Jamie Robert (Private-)

Hart, Jeanette (Private-)

Hart, Jody Ted (26 DEC 1970-5 JUL 1981)

Hart, Joseph (Private-)

Hart, Marietta (Private-)

Hart, Ralph (1910-1948)

Hart, Randolph (1882-UNKNOWN)

Hart, Ronald George (Private-)

Hart, Stephen GLEN Ronald (Private-)

Harvey, Ada (Private-)

Harvey, Albert (Private-)

Harvey, Albert A (18 AUG 1896-19 JUL 1986)

Harvey, Bernedette (Private-)

Harvey, Bruce (Private-)

Harvey, Clayton (Private-)

Harvey, Clayton (Private-)

Harvey, Daisy (Private-)

Harvey, David (Private-)

Harvey, Diane (Private-)

Harvey, Dinah Christine (Private-)

Harvey, Dora (Private-)

Harvey, Dora Emma (Private-)

Harvey, Edgar Alfred (9 NOV 1921-14 MAY 1995)

Harvey, Edgar Stanley (9 MAY 1901-14 OCT 1995)

Harvey, Edna (Private-)

Harvey, Edna Lillian (Private-)

Harvey, Effie Dora (Private-)

Harvey, Emma Jane (6 OCT 1898-25 DEC 1979)

Harvey, Ernest (Private-)

Harvey, Frank Albert (Private-)

Harvey, Frederick W (Private-)

Harvey, Gerald (Private-)

Harvey, Harold William (Private-)

Harvey, Helen (Private-)

Harvey, Henry Chesley (1 JAN 1903-30 SEP 1993)

Harvey, Jean (5 DEC 1919-1 AUG 1922)

Harvey, Jemima (14 DEC 1889-1980)

Harvey, Jemina (14 DEC 1889-8 DEC 1980)

Harvey, Joan Elizabeth (Private-)

Harvey, John Anderson (16 OCT 1892-23 JUN 1964)

Harvey, Joyce Marie (Private-)

Harvey, Karen (Private-)

Harvey, Laurence (Private-)

Harvey, Laurence John (Private-)

Harvey, Louisa (Private-)

Harvey, Margaret Edna (Private-)

Harvey, Patricia Louise (Private-)

Harvey, Richard (Private-)

Harvey, Robert (Private-)

Harvey, Roy (13 JUL 1916-2 MAY 1994)

Harvey, Ruby Madeline (18 MAY 1918-UNKNOWN)

Harvey, Susan Margaret (Private-)

Harvey, Tremblett (Private-)

Harvey, Wayne (Private-)

Harvey, William (28 AUG 1861-13 JAN 1946)

Harvey, William (Private-)

Hatch, Amanda (Private-)

Hatch, Barry (Private-)

Hatch, Brenda (Private-)

Hatch, Danielle (Private-)

Hatch, Edward (Private-)

Hatch, Emile (Private-)

Hatch, Margaret (1931-7 JUN 2002)

Hatch, Michael (Private-)

Hatch, Steven (Private-)

Hatcher, David John (Private-)

Hatcher, David Lloyd (Private-)

Hatcher, Jillian Anne (Private-)

Hatcher, Phyllis (Private-)

Hawco, Anne (Private-)

Hawes, Cathy (Private-)

Hayes, Eileen (Private-)

Haynes, Barbara (Private-)

Haynes, Ellen Jane (AUG 1884-UNKNOWN)

Haynes, Marie (Private-)

Haynes, Phyllis (Private-)

Hayter, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Hayward, Chester (14 NOV 1909-14 FEB 1965)

Hayward, Gail (Private-)

Hayward, Ibena (Private-)

Hayward, Irene (Private-)

Head, Bertha (Private-)

Head, Karen (Private-)

Head, Robert (Private-)

Head, Roy (Private-)

Head, William (Private-)

Healey, John (-UNKNOWN)

Healey, Margaret Mary (Private-)

Healt?, Emma Jane (-UNKNOWN)

Heard, Bernie (Private-)

Heard, Dorcas Margaret (Private-)

Hearn, Carrie (Private-)

Hearn, Edward (Private-)

Hearn, Robert (Private-)

Heart, Donna (Private-)

Heath, Ambrose (Private-)

Heath, Amelia (-UNKNOWN)

Heath, Bruce (Private-)

Heath, Chesley James (Private-)

Heath, Dorothy (Private-)

Heath, Emma (ABT. 1887-1 JUL 1911)

Heath, Ford (Private-)

Heath, Frances (Private-)

Heath, Harold (Private-)

Heath, Hilda (Private-)

Heath, Joe (Private-)

Heath, Mabel Doreen (1934-1942)

Heath, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Heath, Peter (NOV 1897-2 APR 1963)

Heath, Rita Evelyn (Private-)

Heath, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)

Heath, William (-UNKNOWN)

Heath-Smith, Chelsey Sarah Lynn (Private-)

Heath-Smith, Geoffrey (Private-)

Heath-Smith, Geoffrey (-UNKNOWN)

Heath-Smith, Jason (Private-)

Heath-Smith, Nelson Jonathan Robert (Private-)

Heath-Smith, Nigel (Private-)

Heath-Smith, Ryan (Private-)

Hebbard, Elizabeth Muriel (ABT. 1933-30 JUN 1991)

Hebbard, Jack (Private-)

Hebbard, Jonathan Michael (Private-)

Hebbard, Lisa Marie (Private-)

Hebbard, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Hebbard, Robert Frederick (Private-)

Hebbard, Stephen Robert (Private-)

Hedd, Robert (Private-)

Hedderson, Frank (Private-)

Hedderson, Gordon Thomas (Private-)

Hegedus, Frank (Private-)

Hele, Mary (ABT. 1830-UNKNOWN)

Helimore, William (ABT. SEP 1853-4 MAR 1930)

Hellemore, Clara Elizabeth (1 MAY 1891-1972)

Hellemore, Dora Belle (Private-)

Hellemore, Victor Emmanual (8 OCT 1889-12 DEC 1918)

Helliwell, (Private-)

Helliwell, Andrew John (Private-)

Helliwell, Benjamin Paul (Private-)

Helliwell, Chloe Athina (Private-)

Helliwell, Luke Aiden (Private-)

Helliwell, Mark Edgar (Private-)

Helliwell, Nicole Alyssa (Private-)

Helliwell, Paul Stuart (Private-)

Helmore, Emily Beatrice (20 AUG 1887-1972)

Helmore, Esther (7 SEP 1885-UNKNOWN)

Hemeon, Geralda (Private-)

Henneberry, Candace (Private-)

Henneberry, Cheryl (Private-)

Henneberry, Christine Florence (Private-)

Henneberry, Mark (Private-)

Henning, (Private-)

Henning, Veronica (Private-)

Henry, Alice Melvina (Private-)

Henstridge, Carly Jessica (Private-)

Henstridge, Chesley Otto LORNE (Private-)

Henstridge, Danika Renee (Private-)

Henstridge, Jake (Private-)

Henstridge, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Henstridge, Myles (Private-)

Henstridge, Nelson (Private-)

Henstridge, Sharon FAYE (Private-)

Henstridge, Stacy Faron (Private-)

Henstridge, Steven Trent (Private-)

Henstridge, Tammy-Lee Paulette (Private-)

Henstridge, Terri-Lynn Patricia (Private-)

Henstridge, Tony Bruce (Private-)

Henstridge, Wade (Private-)

Hewitt, Claire Emily (Private-)

Hewitt, Ray (Private-)

Hewitt, Richard (Private-)

Hewlett, Amelia Ann (NOV 1875-UNKNOWN)

Hewlett, Donald Eugene (Private-)

Hewlett, Eliza Ann (JUL 1871-9 FEB 1929)

Hewlett, Ford (Private-)

Hewlett, George (-UNKNOWN)

Hewlett, Henry Robert (MAR 1848-UNKNOWN)

Hewlett, Israel (4 JUL 1868-UNKNOWN)

Hewlett, Jessie (Private-)

Hewlett, John (1835-23 JAN 1912)

Hewlett, Julia Ann (20 OCT 1861-15 SEP 1925)

Hewlett, Maria (DEC 1850-UNKNOWN)

Hewlett, Marion E. (Private-)

Hewlett, Mary Jane (Eulet) (-UNKNOWN)

Hewlett, Phoebe (21 JUN 1866-UNKNOWN)

Hewlett, Rachel (APR 1846-UNKNOWN)

Hewlett, Robert (-UNKNOWN)

Hewlett, Samuel Short (15 FEB 1877-JUN 1924)

Hewlett, Selina (DEC 1854-UNKNOWN)

Hewlett, Stella Clarice (1922-1974)

Hewlett, Stella Gladys (Private-)

Hewlett, Theophus (-UNKNOWN)

Hewlett, Thomas (1837-UNKNOWN)

Hewlett, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)

Hewlett, William (APR 1844-UNKNOWN)

Hibbs, Brittany (Private-)

Hibbs, Elizabeth (Private-)

Hibbs, Jennifer (Private-)

Hibbs, Mina (Private-)

Hibbs, Nina Margaret (1 JAN 1900-18 APR 1993)

Hibbs, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)

Hickey, Adrian (Private-)

Hickey, Jack (Private-)

Hickey, Patricia (-1972)

Hickey, Sean (Private-)

Hicks, Carlene (Private-)

Hicks, Darryl (Private-)

Hicks, Deborah (Private-)

Hicks, George (Private-)

Hicks, Ronald Hillary (Private-)

Hicks, Unknown (Private-)

Hicks, Zena (Private-)

Higden, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Higgins, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)

Higgins, Zara (Private-)

Hilda, UNKNOWN (1910-1994)

Hilderman, Sussana (Private-)

Hill, Bernard (Private-)

Hill, Eric Bertrand (Private-)

Hill, Marilynn Lee (Private-)

Hill, Olive (-UNKNOWN)

Hill, Robert (Private-)

Hilliard, Bessie (Private-)

Hilliard, Isabell (Private-)

Hilliard, Thomas (AUG 1907-UNKNOWN)

Hilliard, Walter (Private-)

Hilliard, William (AUG 1876-UNKNOWN)

Hillier, Barry (Private-)

Hillier, David (Private-)

Hillier, Donald (Private-)

Hillier, Florence (Private-)

Hillier, Fred (Private-)

Hillier, Ivan (Private-)

Hillier, Jack (Private-)

Hillier, Jack (Private-)

Hillman, Linda Marie (Private-)

Hindy, Beverly (Private-)

Hindy, Brian (Private-)

Hindy, Earl (Private-)

Hindy, Glenys (Private-)

Hindy, Grant (Private-)

Hindy, Jack (-UNKNOWN)

Hindy, Jacob (Private-)

Hindy, Jean (Private-)

Hindy, Kevin (Private-)

Hindy, Melvin (Private-)

Hindy, Muriel (Private-)

Hindy, Pearce (Private-)

Hindy, Perry (Private-)

Hindy, Rachel (Private-)

Hindy, Raymond (Private-)

Hindy, Ruby (Private-)

Hindy, Ryan (Private-)

Hindy, Victoria (Private-)

Hines, Louisa Isabelle (-UNKNOWN)

Hippisley, Charles (-UNKNOWN)

Hippisley, Elizabeth (Private-)

Hippisley, Frank (Private-)

Hippisley, Frank David (Private-)

Hippisley, Lucy (Private-)

Hiscock, Charity (-UNKNOWN)

Hiscock, Chesley (Private-)

Hiscock, Eric (Private-)

Hiscock, Ernest (-UNKNOWN)

Hiscock, Janet Emma (1919-MAR 2000)

Hiscock, Jonathan (-UNKNOWN)

Hiscock, Karen (Private-)

Hiscock, Lori June (Private-)

Hiscock, Marion (11 MAY 1903-12 MAY 1997)

Hiscock, Melina E. (JUL 1893-1967)

Hiscock, Owen (Private-)

Hiscock, Pearce (Private-)

Hiscock, Susanna (-UNKNOWN)

Hiscott, Richard (ABT. 1858-UNKNOWN)

Hiscott, Richard (-UNKNOWN)

Hoban, Clyde Ernest (Private-)

Hobbs, Allan (Private-)

Hobbs, Betty (Private-)

Hobbs, Bobbie (Private-)

Hobbs, Hugh (Private-)

Hobbs, Marie (-UNKNOWN)

Hobbs, Yhomas (-UNKNOWN)

Hodder, Arthur (Private-)

Hodder, Rachael (-UNKNOWN)

Hoddinott, Sterling (Private-)

Hoffe, David (-UNKNOWN)

Hogan, Elizabeth (Private-)

Hogan, Martha Lynn (Private-)

Hogan, Stella (Private-)

Holden, Beatty (Private-)

Holden, Emily Joan Theresa (Private-)

Holden, Maria Frances (Private-)

Holden, Patrick Jude Michael (Private-)

Holden, Shawn (Private-)

Hollenback, Sandra (Private-)

Hollett, (Private-)

Hollett, Lorne (-ABT. 1970)

Hollett, Roberta Frances (Private-)

Hollett, Rodney Keith (Private-)

Hollett, Stephen Lorne (Private-)

Hollingsworth, Melissa (Private-)

Holloway, Alexander (-UNKNOWN)

Holloway, Alexander (Private-)

Holloway, Ann (-UNKNOWN)

Holloway, Damien (Private-)

Holloway, Daniel (Private-)

Holloway, Dorothy (Private-)

Holloway, Eric (-JUL 1971)

Holloway, Geraldine (Private-)

Holloway, Gordon (1914-1978)

Holloway, Gordon (-UNKNOWN)

Holloway, Herbert (1918-1993)

Holloway, Howard (Private-)

Holloway, Isaac (Private-)

Holloway, Isabel (Private-)

Holloway, Jason (Private-)

Holloway, Krista (Private-)

Holloway, Leah (1911-1957)

Holloway, Leslie (1918-1988)

Holloway, Mark (Private-)

Holloway, Mary Ann (-UNKNOWN)

Holloway, Maxwell (Private-)

Holloway, Melvin (Private-)

Holloway, Millicent (Private-)

Holloway, Ralph (Private-)

Holloway, Robert (-UNKNOWN)

Holloway, Rochelle (Private-)

Holloway, Rose (Private-)

Holloway, Sandra (Private-)

Holloway, Selby (Private-)

Holloway, Shirley (Private-)

Holloway, Sydney (-UNKNOWN)

Holloway, Winifred (Private-)

Holloway, Winifred (1910-1943)

Holloway, Winston (Private-)

Holmes, Gary (Private-)

Holmes, Robert (Private-)

Holstead, Roland (Private-)

Holt, Harriot M. (1883-UNKNOWN)

Holt, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)

Holwell, Elizabeth Florence (10 MAR 1858-13 JUN 1884)

Holwell, John (-UNKNOWN)

Holwell, Kimberly Anne (Private-)

Holwell, Selina (14 JUN 1842-6 AUG 1912)

Holwell, William (-UNKNOWN)



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