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Hood, Jack (-1900)

Hood, Thomas (1860-1954)

Hope, Josie (-UNKNOWN)

Hopkins, Abbie (1879-1908)

Hopkins, Albert (-UNKNOWN)

Hopkins, Archibald (DEC 1868-UNKNOWN)

Hopkins, Corey Richard Samuel (Private-)

Hopkins, Darryl Stanley Avalon (Private-)

Hopkins, Dean (Private-)

Hopkins, John (-UNKNOWN)

Hopkins, Olivia (-UNKNOWN)

Hopkins, Richard Edgar (Private-)

Hopkins, Susanah (20 APR 1893-13 FEB 1933)

Hopkins, William (1830-23 FEB 1879)


Horwood, Robert (Private-)

Hounsol, Chris (Private-)

House, Donald (Private-)

House, Gary (Private-)

House, Harold (1921-1996)

House, Jack (-UNKNOWN)

House, Jane (Private-)

House, Lorna (Private-)

House, Marilyn (Private-)

House, Mark (Private-)

House, Max (Private-)

House, Paul (Private-)

House, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)


Howard, John (23 SEP 1888-MAY 1973)

Howell, Annie (-UNKNOWN)

Howell, Maryann (27 NOV 1850-8 AUG 1914)

Howlett, Brett (Private-)

Howlett, Jeff (Private-)

Howlett, Kristen (Private-)

Howse, Peggy (Private-)

Howse, Robie (-1979)

Howse, Yvonne Elizabeth (Private-)

Hoyer, Inge Leni Lavel (Private-)

Hoyles, Clara (-UNKNOWN)

Hoyles, Fred (Private-)

Hubley, Craig (Private-)

Hubley, Gerry (Private-)

Hubley, Kristina (Private-)

Hubley, Stephen (Private-)

Hubner, Marie Hilda (-UNKNOWN)

Hudson, Jennie (Private-)

Hudson, Linda (Private-)

Hudson, Sarah Joan (Private-)

Hughes, Aimee Marion Jean (Private-)

Hughes, Douglas (Private-)

Hughes, Marilyn (Private-)

Hull, Girl (Private-)

Hull, Jamie (Private-)

Hulme, Marion (Private-)

Humby, Margaret (Private-)

Humphrey, William (Private-)

Humphries, Albert (1905-1993)

Humphries, Albert Wilson (1950-1980)

Humphries, Angela (Private-)

Humphries, Annie Madeline (Private-)

Humphries, Beverley (Private-)

Humphries, Beverly (Private-)

Humphries, Bruce (Private-)

Humphries, Bruce Mercer (15 AUG 1912-2 NOV 1996)

Humphries, Calvin (Private-)

Humphries, Charles (1900-12 MAR 1918)

Humphries, Christina (Private-)

Humphries, Daisy (Private-)

Humphries, Dorothy (Private-)

Humphries, Ena Dorothy (Private-)

Humphries, Florence (Private-)

Humphries, Gillian Jill Debises (Private-)

Humphries, Grace (Private-)

Humphries, Harry (1930-1959)

Humphries, Herbert Randolph (Private-)

Humphries, John (-UNKNOWN)

Humphries, Kenneth John (1873-1964)

Humphries, Laurie (Private-)

Humphries, Lester (Private-)

Humphries, Lewis Luther (Private-)

Humphries, Lisa (Private-)

Humphries, Mary Ruby (Private-)

Humphries, Michelle (Private-)

Humphries, Millicent (Private-)

Humphries, Thomas (Private-)

Hunt, David Jeffery (Private-)

Hunt, Ezra Harlow (-UNKNOWN)

Hunt, Jack (Private-)

Hunt, Jack Derek (Private-)

Hunt, Jonathon (Private-)

Hunt, Linda Irene (Private-)

Hunt, Lindsay (Private-)

Hunt, Marie (Private-)

Hunt, Mark (20 JAN 1848-18 NOV 1906)

Hunt, Sandra Glenys (Private-)

Hunt, Sherri Lee May (Private-)

Hunter, Caroline Anne (Private-)

Hunter, Cory Derrick (Private-)

Hunter, Derrick (Private-)

Hunter, Sheila (Private-)

Hurd, Alexander Brengle (21 JUL 1910-28 MAY 1982)

Hurd, Barbara (1939-1939)

Hurd, Bramwell Harry (Private-)

Hurd, Clarence Harry (4 JUN 1909-5 APR 2002)

Hurd, Florence May (6 MAY 1913-MAY 1988)

Hurd, Harry Antle (26 APR 1879-23 FEB 1959)

Hurd, Jacqueline Lindsay (Private-)

Hurd, Jennifer Lynn (Private-)

Hurd, John (-UNKNOWN)

Hurd, Pamela (Private-)

Hurdle, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Hurley, Elizabeth "Betty" (Private-)

Hurley, Murtle M. N. (Private-)

Hurley, Shaun (Private-)

Hurley, Shaun (Private-)

Hussey, Clayton (Private-)

Hussey, Emily (-UNKNOWN)

Hussey, Gordon (-UNKNOWN)

Hussey, Jerry (Private-)

Hussey, Mugford (-UNKNOWN)

Hussey, Neil (Private-)

Hussey, Stanley (Private-)

Hussey, Sylvia (Private-)

Hussey, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)

Husson, Alfred (-1918)

Husson, Annie (1886-UNKNOWN)

Husson, Caroline (1891-1892)

Husson, Ethel (1897-UNKNOWN)

Husson, John (-UNKNOWN)

Husson, John Hannum (1860-17 NOV 1885)

Husson, Martin (1833-UNKNOWN)

Husson, Minnie (1888-1910)

Husson, Wilfred (-UNKNOWN)

Hutchcraft, Rebecca (Private-)

Hutchings, Charles (Private-)

Hutchinson, Marilyn (1946-1998)

Huxter, Elizabeth (1 OCT 1830-UNKNOWN)

Huxter, Joanna (1837-11 MAR 1917)

Huxter, Nathaniel (1 OCT 1830-UNKNOWN)

Huxter, Sabina (27 SEP 1835-UNKNOWN)

Huxter, Stephen (6 JAN 1833-31 MAY 1905)

Huxter, William (1790-20 JAN 1838)

Huxter, William (1764-UNKNOWN)

Hyde, Caleb (1867-1958)

Hynes, Beverley (Private-)

Hynes, Dorcas (Private-)

Hynes, Douglas (Private-)

Hynes, Jackie-Bell (1862-1935)

Hynes, Joseph (1840-1922)

Hynes, Kathleen (Private-)

Hynes, Lois Deborah (Private-)

Hynes, Maggie Elizabeth (DEC 1902-8 FEB 1948)

Hynes, Philip (Private-)

Ilah, (Private-)

Irene, (1890-UNKNOWN)

Irene, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Irwin, Mr. (Private-)

Isabel, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Ishii, Eishichi (Private-)

Ivaney, Bertha (ABT. 1891-UNKNOWN)

Ivany, Bertha (-UNKNOWN)

Ivany, Carol Dianne (Private-)

Ivany, Darrio (Private-)

Ivany, Florence (Private-)

Ivany, Garland (1872-UNKNOWN)

Ivany, Gloria Mildred Clare (Private-)

Ivany, James (-1 JUL 1995)

Ivany, Loyal (Private-)

Ivany, Lucy (Private-)

Ivany, Orlando (-UNKNOWN)

Ivany, Ron (Private-)

Ivany, Sarah (Private-)

Ivany, Sheldon (Private-)

Ivany, Steven Lewis (Private-)

Ivany, Tina (Private-)

Iverson, Johanne Helene (-UNKNOWN)

Ivey, Shirley (Private-)

Jacklyn, Donald (Private-)

Jacklyn, Michael Chester (Private-)

Jacklyn, Savanah (Private-)

Jackman, Arthur R. (-UNKNOWN)

Jackson, Catharine (Private-)

Jackson, Erin (Private-)

Jackson, Terry (Private-)

Jacobs, Mary Ann (1875-1944)

Jacobs, Rosanna (-UNKNOWN)

Jacobs, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)

Jacobson, Allyson (Private-)

Jake, (Private-)

James, Anne (Private-)

James, George Robert (Private-)

James, Joseph George (Private-)

Jane, (Private-)

Jane, (Private-)

Jane, (-UNKNOWN)

Jane, (Private-)

Jane, (-UNKNOWN)

Jane, Ellen (17 JUL 1886-26 JUL 1973)

Jane, Ida (1902-1986)

Jane, Mary (1815-1916)

Jane, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)

Jane, Sarah (1885-16 JUL 1962)

Jane, Sarah (JUL 1896-20 NOV 1951)

Jane, Sarah (1861-UNKNOWN)

Jane, Sarah (AUG 1885-UNKNOWN)


Janed, Ada (11 FEB 1907-3 MAY 1908)

Janenko, Francis (Private-)

Janenko, Nancy (Private-)

Janenko, Patricia (Private-)

Janenko, Thomas (Private-)

Janes, (Private-)

Janes, Adrienne (Private-)

Janes, Arthur (FEB 1905-UNKNOWN)

Janes, Bertran (-UNKNOWN)

Janes, Blair (Private-)

Janes, Blanche (JUL 1892-UNKNOWN)

Janes, Bradley (Private-)

Janes, Charles (1837-UNKNOWN)

Janes, Charles P. (MAR 1876-1963)

Janes, Darryl (Private-)

Janes, David (Private-)

Janes, Edwin H. (10 JAN 1922-25 SEP 2000)

Janes, Evan (Private-)

Janes, Gail (Private-)

Janes, Gail (Private-)

Janes, Gail (Private-)

Janes, Garry (Private-)

Janes, Glenn (Private-)

Janes, Harriet (Hettie) M. (Private-)

Janes, Jessie (-11 JAN 1919)

Janes, Judy R. (Private-)

Janes, Kahtleen (Private-)

Janes, Kimberly (Private-)

Janes, Laura Millie (Private-)

Janes, Lyndon (Private-)

Janes, Maria Marion (5 SEP 1807-UNKNOWN)

Janes, Marilyn (Private-)

Janes, Mary (Private-)

Janes, Maxwell C. (17 NOV 1916-5 JUL 1995)

Janes, Michael (Private-)

Janes, Neva (Private-)

Janes, Norma L. (Private-)

Janes, Pleman (JUL 1885-1952)

Janes, Randy (Private-)

Janes, Richard (Private-)

Janes, Robert (Private-)

Janes, Robert (Private-)

Janes, Robert (Private-)

Janes, Roy (ABT. 1951-29 APR 1974)

Janes, Selma Louise (Private-)

Janes, Sharon (Private-)

Janes, Viola Ruth (MAY 1913-14 MAY 1996)

Janes, Winifred (Winnie) (OCT 1900-UNKNOWN)

Janes, Winifred (Winnie) (OCT 1900-1984)

Janota, Nathan (Private-)

Jaqua, Thomas (Private-)

Jarvis, (Private-)

Jarvis, Marjorie Louise (Private-)

Jasinski, Mike (Private-)

Jean, Vera (-UNKNOWN)

Jeans, Ross (Private-)

Jeffers, Jason (Private-)

Jeffers, Joe (Private-)

Jeffers, Katie (Private-)

Jeffers, Korrin (Private-)

Jeffers, William (Private-)

Jefford, Jerry (1949-1969)

Jefford, Steven (Private-)

Jefford, Thomas Frederick (Private-)

Jemima, (-UNKNOWN)

Jenkins, Elvie Millicent (Private-)

Jenkins, James "Jim" (-UNKNOWN)

Jenkins, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Jennifer, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Jenson, Lone Birgitte (Private-)

Jerome, (Private-)

Jerrett, Charles (Private-)

Jerrett, Eric (-UNKNOWN)

Jerrett, Eric (Private-)

Jerrett, Fred (Private-)

Jerrett, Jean (Private-)

Jerrett, Lorraine (Private-)

Jerrett, Robert (Private-)

Jerrett, Susan (Private-)

Jerrine, (Private-)

Jerritt, Ernest (-UNKNOWN)

Jessie, (-1915)

Jessie, (Private-)

Jessie, (-11 OCT 1977)

Jessie, (JUN 1867-UNKNOWN)

Jessie, UNKNOWN (6 AUG 1886-UNKNOWN)

Jewer, Alfred (1850-UNKNOWN)

Jewer, Aubrey (JAN 1887-UNKNOWN)

Jewer, Eli (1836-UNKNOWN)

Jewer, Emily (27 AUG 1882-UNKNOWN)

Jewer, Esther (22 JUN 1884-UNKNOWN)

Jewer, Eva Isabella (1899-UNKNOWN)

Jewer, George (1843-UNKNOWN)

Jewer, Harold (21 JAN 1903-UNKNOWN)

Jewer, Henry (DEC 1847-UNKNOWN)

Jewer, Herbert (4 JUL 1889-UNKNOWN)

Jewer, Jabez (-UNKNOWN)

Jewer, James (1843-UNKNOWN)

Jewer, James (1799-1901)

Jewer, Janet (4 JAN 1887-UNKNOWN)

Jewer, John (1834-UNKNOWN)

Jewer, Julia Ann (20 DEC 1880-UNKNOWN)

Jewer, William (-UNKNOWN)

Jillian, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Joan, (Private-)

Joan, (Private-)

Joanna, (-UNKNOWN)

Joanne, (Private-)

Joe, (Private-)

John, (Private-)

John, (Private-)

John, William (-UNKNOWN)

Johnson, (-UNKNOWN)

Johnson, (-UNKNOWN)

Johnson, Alexander A (1889-18 SEP 1946)

Johnson, Alexander J (1854-28 NOV 1935)

Johnson, Alice Eleanor (-UNKNOWN)

Johnson, Bertha Ethel (Private-)

Johnson, Bertha Etsel (Private-)

Johnson, Beulah (Private-)

Johnson, Beulah (Private-)

Johnson, Caroline (Private-)

Johnson, Cassandra (Private-)

Johnson, Cecil (Private-)

Johnson, Cecil (Private-)

Johnson, Cecil Reginald (15 SEP 1909-1980)

Johnson, Clarence (3 MAR 1912-9 NOV 1995)

Johnson, Clementina (-UNKNOWN)

Johnson, Coleen (Private-)

Johnson, Darryl (Private-)

Johnson, Dwight (Private-)

Johnson, Edith (Private-)

Johnson, Eleanor (Private-)

Johnson, Eli (Private-)

Johnson, Elizabeth (ABT. 1873-27 JUN 1901)

Johnson, Elizabeth Muriel (Private-)

Johnson, Ellen (1840-UNKNOWN)

Johnson, Ernest (Private-)

Johnson, Evelyn (Private-)

Johnson, Frank (Private-)

Johnson, Gerald (Private-)

Johnson, Geraldine (Private-)

Johnson, Grace (Private-)

Johnson, Graham (Private-)

Johnson, Heather (Private-)

Johnson, Helen (-UNKNOWN)

Johnson, Howard (-UNKNOWN)

Johnson, Jabez (-UNKNOWN)

Johnson, Jabez (1882-1957)

Johnson, James (Private-)

Johnson, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)

Johnson, Larry (Private-)

Johnson, Laura (-UNKNOWN)

Johnson, Mabel (Private-)

Johnson, Mallory (Private-)

Johnson, Mary (Private-)

Johnson, Melvin (NOV 1943-FEB 1944)

Johnson, Michael (Private-)

Johnson, Morrissey (Private-)

Johnson, Myrtle (Private-)

Johnson, Natasha (Private-)

Johnson, Paulette Alva (Private-)

Johnson, Peggy (Private-)

Johnson, Rachel (22 FEB 1877-20 NOV 1965)

Johnson, Rowena (Private-)

Johnson, Samuel (Private-)

Johnson, Stephen (Private-)

Johnson, Tina (Private-)

Johnson, Victor (3 SEP 1935-1 FEB 1999)

Johnson, Violet (16 DEC 1912-12 AUG 1988)

Johnson, Virginia (Private-)

Johnson, William (-UNKNOWN)

Johnston, Chania (Private-)

Johnston, Kenneth (Private-)

Johnston, Kenneth (Jr.) (Private-)

Johnston, Ruth (Private-)

Jones, (-UNKNOWN)

Jones, Anne Melinda (Private-)

Jones, Boyd (Private-)

Jones, Boyd (Private-)

Jones, David Paul (Private-)

Jones, Glenn (Private-)

Jones, Joseph Feen (Private-)

Jones, Larry (Private-)

Jones, Naumi Ruth (21 MAR 1907-AUG 1950)

Jones, Ned (1900-1967)

Jones, Peter (Private-)

Jones, Rachel Lynn (Private-)

Jones, Rita (Private-)

Jones, Rowena Bessie (Private-)

Jones, Scott (Private-)

Jones, Susan (-UNKNOWN)

Jones, Tagwin (Private-)

Joppe, Cornelis Jan (Private-)

Jordan, Rita (Private-)

Josiaha, (11 JAN 1898-UNKNOWN)

Joy, John Jamie (Private-)

Joy, Kirsten Ashley Anne Whalen (Private-)

Joy, Melvin Bernard (2 OCT 1950-9 APR 1998)

Joy, Michael Patrick (Private-)

Joy, Taylor Patrick (Private-)

Joy, Tina Olive (Private-)

Joyce, (Private-)

Jr, Richard Rosental (Private-)

Jr., Robert (Judge) Fudge (-UNKNOWN)

Jr., William Blake (-UNKNOWN)

Jr., William Ryan (8 JUN 1892-UNKNOWN)

Julieta, (Private-)

Kadass, Patricia (Private-)

Kain, Daisy (Private-)

Kan, Rachel (Private-)

Kane, Chesley (Private-)

Kane, Patience (Private-)

Kane, Samuel (Private-)

Karla, (Private-)

Katsouros, John Johnny (Private-)

Kavanagh, Agnes Honora (19 JAN 1881-1 FEB 1953)

Kavanagh, Al (Private-)

Kavanagh, Andrew (Private-)

Kavanagh, Bernard (Private-)

Kavanagh, Bill (Private-)

Kavanagh, Bren (Private-)

Kavanagh, Carl (Private-)

Kavanagh, Cecil (Private-)

Kavanagh, Debbie (Private-)

Kavanagh, Dwayne (Private-)

Kavanagh, Harold (Private-)

Kavanagh, Hubert (Private-)

Kavanagh, Hubert (ABT. 1950-1 FEB 2001)

Kavanagh, Jack (Private-)

Kavanagh, Jamie (Private-)

Kavanagh, John (-UNKNOWN)

Kavanagh, John (1908-1968)

Kavanagh, Kevin (Private-)

Kavanagh, Margaret (Private-)

Kavanagh, Philip (Private-)

Kavanagh, Roseanne (Private-)

Kavanagh, Sonia (Private-)

Kavanagh, Trevor (Private-)

Kavanagh, Yvonne (Private-)

Kean, Angela (Private-)

Kean, Brian (Private-)

Kean, Donna (Private-)

Kean, Frederick (Private-)

Kean, Howard (Private-)

Kean, Jennifer (Private-)

Kean, Joann (Private-)

Kean, Lucas (Private-)

Kean, Luke (Private-)

Kean, Maxwell (George) (Private-)

Kean, Molly (Private-)

Kean, Rodney (Private-)

Kean, Shena (Private-)

Kean, Stephen (Private-)

Kean, Sue Ann (Private-)

Kean, Tanya (Private-)

Kean, Wade (Private-)

Kean, Warren (Private-)

Kearley, Evelyn (1910-23 JUL 1997)

Keats, Chesley (-UNKNOWN)

Keats, Edith (Private-)

Keats, Jessie (Private-)

Keats, Robert (Private-)

Keefe, Mary (Private-)

Keel, Amelia (29 JAN 1866-21 MAR 1943)

Keel, George (-UNKNOWN)

Keel, Maryann (1881-1973)

Kelland, David (Private-)

Kelland, Janice (Private-)

Kelland, Jeffrey (Private-)

Kelland, Newman (Private-)

Kelley, Chelsey (Private-)

Kelley, Christopher (Private-)

Kelley, Francis (Private-)

Kelley, Michael (Private-)

Kelloway, Kate (Private-)

Kelly, (-UNKNOWN)

Kelly, Eletha Letty (Private-)

Kelly, Fanny (-UNKNOWN)

Kelly, John (-UNKNOWN)

Kelly, John (8 OCT 1929-26 DEC 1918)

Kelly, Margaret W. (-UNKNOWN)

Kelly, Mary Ann (ABT. 1870-UNKNOWN)

Kelly, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)

Kelly, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)

Kelly, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)

Kelly, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)

Kelly, William Harvey (Private-)

Kemp, Audrey Patricia (Private-)

Kemp, Caroline (Private-)

Kemp, Jeffrey (Private-)

Kemp, Kenneth Richard (Private-)

Kemp, Noel Beattie (1896-UNKNOWN)

Kendal, Amelia (1883-UNKNOWN)

Kennedy, ? (-UNKNOWN)

Kennedy, Alexander (5 JUN 1839-6 OCT 1900)

Kennedy, Alexander (24 FEB 1861-22 FEB 1927)

Kennedy, Andrew (1831-6 JAN 1835)

Kennedy, Andrew (JUL 1836-6 OCT 1900)

Kennedy, Andrew (-UNKNOWN)

Kennedy, Cailin Isabella (Private-)

Kennedy, Cynthia Marie (Private-)

Kennedy, Donna Lee (Private-)

Kennedy, Douglas Rolland (Private-)

Kennedy, Edward (-UNKNOWN)

Kennedy, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Kennedy, Euphemia (1833-14 JAN 1835)

Kennedy, Frances Anastasia Beck (Private-)

Kennedy, Isabella (-UNKNOWN)

Kennedy, James (Private-)

Kennedy, John (ABT. 1800-25 APR 1871)

Kennedy, John (-UNKNOWN)

Kennedy, John (-UNKNOWN)

Kennedy, John Alexander (7 AUG 1889-17 FEB 1951)

Kennedy, John Alexander III (Private-)

Kennedy, John Alexander Jr (Private-)

Kennedy, John Knut Hagen (Private-)

Kennedy, Jordan Hagen Wilson (Private-)

Kennedy, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)

Kennedy, Kathleen Marie (Private-)

Kennedy, Kathryn Eloise (Private-)

Kennedy, Knut McHugh (Private-)

Kennedy, Laura (Private-)

Kennedy, Lynda Diann (Private-)

Kennedy, Malcolm Levi (Private-)

Kennedy, Margaret (Private-)

Kennedy, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Kennedy, Mary Frances (Private-)

Kennedy, Michael Bruce (Private-)

Kennedy, Nancy (-UNKNOWN)

Kennedy, Patience (1788-1855)

Kennedy, Patricia Lynn (Private-)

Kennedy, Robert (Private-)

Kennedy, Robert (-UNKNOWN)

Kennedy, Robert (-UNKNOWN)

Kennedy, Robert Fiddes (-UNKNOWN)

Kennedy, Roy Edward (Private-)

Kennedy, Sarah Ann ? (-UNKNOWN)

Kennedy, Thomas Francis Gowen (Private-)

Kennedy, Thomas Wishart (-UNKNOWN)

Kennedy, Vera Grace (Private-)

Kennedy, William Lawson (-UNKNOWN)

Kennie, Vince (Private-)

Kenny, Francis (-UNKNOWN)

Keough, Ann (Private-)

Keough, Jim (Private-)

Keough, Margaret (Private-)

Keough, Robert (Private-)

Keppler, Clara (-6 JUN 1970)

Kevin, (Private-)

Kevin, (Private-)

Khan, Asif Rafiq (Private-)

Kieley, Ron (Private-)

Kimens, Gunnars (Private-)

King, ? (Private-)

King, ? (-UNKNOWN)

King, Ada Mary Florence (Private-)

King, Alexander E. (Private-)

King, Alexander Pelley (10 NOV 1872-UNKNOWN)

King, Aubrey Angus (Private-)

King, Boy (Private-)

King, Charles Ross (Private-)

King, Charlotte (-UNKNOWN)

King, Christopher E (Private-)

King, Cyril (Private-)

King, David (Private-)

King, Donald (Private-)

King, Edith (Private-)

King, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Sarah (19 NOV 1894-3 JAN 1983)

King, Emma Sarah (ABT. 1863-UNKNOWN)

King, Ethel (Private-)

King, Eva Lilly (25 NOV 1878-UNKNOWN)

King, Fredrick (JUN 1879-UNKNOWN)

King, Herbert (Private-)

King, Herbert Claude Bramwell (17 AUG 1893-UNKNOWN)

King, James D. (MAR 1905-UNKNOWN)

King, Jana (Private-)

King, Jeanette Joyce (Private-)

King, Jeffery (Private-)

King, Job (-UNKNOWN)

King, Job (-UNKNOWN)

King, Joshua (Private-)

King, Julia (1861-22 FEB 1933)

King, Kenneth (-11 OCT 1940)

King, Lily Alice Maud (7 SEP 1882-UNKNOWN)

King, Loretta FAYE (Private-)

King, Lorne (Private-)

King, Marilyn (Private-)

King, Mary (1796-UNKNOWN)

King, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

King, Mary (Private-)

King, Maud Blanche (18 MAY 1892-UNKNOWN)

King, Meghan Laura (Private-)

King, Mirium (Private-)

King, Myrtle (Private-)

King, Nina Elizabeth (31 MAY 1874-UNKNOWN)

King, Penney (Private-)

King, Philip (-UNKNOWN)

King, Philip (Jr.) (21 APR 1843-OCT 1902)

King, Richard (Private-)

King, Rollice Reginald Daniel (24 APR 1884-UNKNOWN)

King, Ryan Matthew (Private-)

King, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)

King, Sarah (1887-UNKNOWN)

King, Sharon Lynn (Private-)

King, Stanley (JUN 1919-18 FEB 1997)

King, Stephen (Private-)

King, Stephen (Private-)


King, Viola (Private-)

King, Violet (Private-)

King, Wanda Lee (Private-)

King, Woodrow (Private-)

Kingston, Carl (Private-)

Kingston, Ruth (-UNKNOWN)

Kinnie, Winston (Private-)

Kirby, Gary (Private-)

Kirk, Jean (Private-)

Kirven, Emma (-UNKNOWN)

Kirven, William (-UNKNOWN)

Knapp, Dean (Private-)

Knee, Harvey (Private-)

Knee, Lee Ann (Private-)

Knee, Patrick (Private-)

Knight, (-UNKNOWN)

Knight, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Knox, Mr. (Private-)

Knox, William (Private-)

Kopinski, John (Private-)

Kopinski, Roxanne (Private-)

Kopinski, Scott (Private-)

Kopinski, Todd Joseph (2 JAN 1971-7 AUG 1999)

Kopinski, Wayne (Private-)

Kran, Amanda Audra Ann (Private-)

Kran, Brandon Darrel John (Private-)

Kran, Darrel Edward (Private-)

Kroah, Donald Grant (Private-)

Kroah, Patricia Ann (Private-)

Kroah, Stephanie Simeon (Private-)

Kroah, Stephen Donald (Private-)

Kroah, Susan Renee (Private-)

Kroah, Thomas Edward (-UNKNOWN)

Kroah, William Thomas (22 FEB 1916-22 DEC 1999)

Krumins, Krista (Private-)

Kungla, Alfred (Private-)

Kwabiah, Allan (Private-)

Kwabiah, Rebecca Ruth (Private-)

Kwabiah, Samuel (Private-)

Kyte, Kathleen (1921-MAR 1993)

L'Oiseau, Doreen Gertrud (Private-)

L.Delaney, (Private-)

LaFosse, Stella (Private-)

Ladoucer, Adam (Private-)

Ladoucer, Andrew (Private-)

Ladoucer, Cory (Private-)

Ladoucer, Nicole (Private-)

Ladoucer, Wayne (Private-)

Lagowski, Florence (-28 AUG 1996)

Laing, ? (Private-)

Laite, John Jack (Private-)

Laite, Max (Private-)

Lakustra, Bailey Judith Ann (Private-)

Lakustra, Jodie (Private-)

Lalonde, Shalen Patricia Ann (Private-)

Lambert, Annie (-UNKNOWN)

Lambert, Minnie Eliza (Private-)

Lamkin, Brenda Marie (Private-)

Lamkin, Corey Frances (Private-)

Lamkin, Loretta Elizabeth (Private-)

Lamkin, Wayne (Private-)

Lamkin, Wayne Michael (Private-)

Lander, Jane (-UNKNOWN)

Lander, Lloyd (Private-)

Lander, Michael (Private-)

Lander, Paul (Private-)

Landi, Frank (Private-)

Landi, Kyle (Private-)

Landi, Sarah (Private-)

Landreth, Allan (Private-)

Landreth, Cory Devin (Private-)

Lane, Allison (Private-)

Lane, Ida (-UNKNOWN)

Lane, John (-UNKNOWN)

Lane, Len (Private-)

Lane, William (-UNKNOWN)

Langille, Catherine Jane (Private-)

Langille, Morgan James (Private-)

Langille, Ronald Bruce (Private-)

Langor, Eileen (Private-)

Langston, Alexander Frederick (Private-)

Langston, Catherine (Private-)

Langston, Charles (Private-)

Langston, Harry (Private-)

Langston, J. Charles (-UNKNOWN)

Lanning, Charlotte (ABT. 1892-UNKNOWN)

Lanning, Elijah (-UNKNOWN)

Lant, Hellene (-UNKNOWN)

Lantzy, Delores (Private-)

Lantzy, George (Private-)

Lantzy, George (-UNKNOWN)

Lantzy, John (Private-)

Lantzy, Mary (Private-)

Lantzy, Pius (-UNKNOWN)

Lantzy, Pius (Private-)

Lantzy, Stephen (Private-)

Larasy, Greg (Private-)

Larner, Mary (Private-)

Larry, Blanche (ABT. 1900-UNKNOWN)

Larry, William (-UNKNOWN)

Laurie, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Lauzon, Philip (Private-)

Lavernoches, Mary Adeline (-UNKNOWN)

Lavinia, (-UNKNOWN)

Lavoie, Elmina (ABT. 1885-UNKNOWN)

Lawlor, Kevin (Private-)

Lawrence, Charity Ann (Private-)

Lawrence, Garfield (Private-)

Lawrence, Harold Jeffrey (Private-)

Lawrence, Robert Terrance (Private-)

Lawrence, Terrance James (Private-)

Lawrence, Terrance James (Private-)

Lawson, Agnes (ABT. 1800-23 MAY 1885)

Laythorp, George Edward (Private-)

Laythorp, Isaac George (Private-)

Laythorp, Jamie Edward (Private-)

LeBlanc, Bernie (Private-)

LeBlanc, Julie (Private-)

LeBlanc, M (Private-)

LeBlanc, Melanie (Private-)

LeClair, Marie (Private-)

LeDrew, (Private-)

LeDrew, Alison Trisia (Private-)

LeDrew, Annie (23 AUG 1893-30 DEC 1976)

LeDrew, Arthur (29 DEC 1888-JAN 1890)

LeDrew, Arthur (-UNKNOWN)

LeDrew, Austin Harry (ABT. 1908-ABT. 1990)

LeDrew, Avilla Utley (-UNKNOWN)

LeDrew, Brenan Tyler (Private-)

LeDrew, Brian Douglas (Private-)

LeDrew, Carol Shirley (Private-)

LeDrew, Christopher James (Private-)

LeDrew, Danielle (Private-)

LeDrew, Denise (Private-)

LeDrew, Dennis (Private-)

LeDrew, Elsie Leah (3 OCT 1893-18 MAR 1950)

LeDrew, Ethel Ferguson (-UNKNOWN)

LeDrew, Frederick (1927-1929)

LeDrew, George Dugald (4 SEP 1897-27 SEP 1952)

LeDrew, George Thomas (2 OCT 1869-15 MAR 1943)

LeDrew, Glenn (Private-)

LeDrew, Harry (-UNKNOWN)

LeDrew, Harry (-UNKNOWN)

LeDrew, Henry (17 MAR 1891-20 SEP 1966)

LeDrew, Henry (Harry) (22 JUL 1866-ABT. 1926)

LeDrew, Horace Carman (9 APR 1895-MAY 1975)

LeDrew, Idieth Myra (26 DEC 1895-MAR 1896)

LeDrew, James Frederick (Private-)

LeDrew, John (-27 JUN 1905)

LeDrew, Jonathan Butler (14 FEB 1887-JAN 1890)

LeDrew, Joseph (ABT. 1819-ABT. MAR 1881)

LeDrew, Joseph Hickson (9 JUN 1885-JAN 1890)

LeDrew, Karen Ann (Private-)

LeDrew, Kenneth (-UNKNOWN)

LeDrew, Leonard Joseph (2 APR 1903-15 MAY 1969)

LeDrew, Mary Belle (18 FEB 1900-1983)

LeDrew, Moses Harris (-UNKNOWN)

LeDrew, Myrtle Belle (Private-)

LeDrew, Ocella Maud (3 OCT 1898-ABT. 1988)

LeDrew, Randy Alan (Private-)

LeDrew, Renee (Private-)

LeDrew, Robert David (Private-)

LeDrew, Rodney (Private-)

LeDrew, Ronee Beth (Private-)

LeDrew, Ross Billings (Private-)

LeDrew, Roy Carman (Private-)

LeDrew, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)

LeDrew, Sandra Jean (Private-)

LeDrew, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)

LeDrew, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)

LeDrew, Susan (-UNKNOWN)

LeDrew, Victor (-UNKNOWN)

LeDrew, Wayne Keith (Private-)

LeDrew, Wilfred (18 SEP 1884-ABT. 1890)

LeDrew, Willard H. (31 AUG 1923-20 JAN 1995)

LeDrew, William Chalker (13 AUG 1854-13 SEP 1922)

LeGrow, Lewis (-UNKNOWN)

LeGrow, Sarah A. (Private-)

LeMare, Maude (-UNKNOWN)

Leaarning, Millicent (Private-)

Leaman, ? (-UNKNOWN)

Leamon, John Malcolm (Private-)

Leamon, Ray (Private-)

Lear, Clarice Elizabeth (14 SEP 1917-29 JAN 2000)

Lear, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Lear, Grace (28 MAY 1862-4 MAY 1942)

Lear, Grace (Private-)

Lear, Harriet (-UNKNOWN)

Lear, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)

Lear, Lilly (Private-)

Lear, Rebecca (JUN 1865-UNKNOWN)

Lear, William Henry (-UNKNOWN)

Learning, (-UNKNOWN)

Learning, Alfreda (Private-)

Learning, Effie (-UNKNOWN)

Learning, Eliza (-UNKNOWN)

Learning, Gladys (Private-)

Learning, John (-UNKNOWN)

Learning, Levinia (Private-)

Leawood, Amy (-UNKNOWN)

Leblanc, Tressie (-UNKNOWN)

Lebroke, Myrtle Erma (-UNKNOWN)

Ledrew, ? (-UNKNOWN)

Ledrew, Abram (-UNKNOWN)

Ledrew, Alec (Private-)

Ledrew, Allan (Private-)

Ledrew, Bertram (Private-)

Ledrew, Emily (-UNKNOWN)

Ledrew, George (-UNKNOWN)

Ledrew, Harry (-UNKNOWN)

Ledrew, Hilda (Private-)

Ledrew, Isaac (17 MAR 1810-6 JUN 1891)

Ledrew, Julia (-UNKNOWN)

Ledrew, Kenneth (JAN 1887-UNKNOWN)

Ledrew, Liza Jane (-UNKNOWN)

Ledrew, Mabel Blanche (Private-)

Ledrew, Mary Wilcox (7 OCT 1861-8 AUG 1923)

Ledrew, Moses (-UNKNOWN)

Ledrew, Nellie Amelia (Private-)

Ledrew, Otto Sterling (Private-)

Ledrew, Ralph Pleaman (Private-)

Ledrew, Rebbeca Jane (1868-UNKNOWN)

Ledrew, Robert (Private-)

Ledrew, Robert (-UNKNOWN)

Ledrew, Robert William (Private-)

Ledrew, Ruby Pearl (Private-)

Ledrew, Samuel (ABT. 1883-UNKNOWN)

Ledrew, Selby (Private-)

Ledrew, Susan (-UNKNOWN)

Ledrew, Walnetta Phillys (Private-)

Ledrew, William (-UNKNOWN)

Ledrew, William James (-UNKNOWN)

Ledro, Anne (ABT. 1760-UNKNOWN)

Lee, Eileen (-29 SEP 1974)

Lee, Ray (Private-)

Leech, Shirlee (Private-)

Leelung, Sylvia (Private-)

Legge, Gary (Private-)

Legge, George H. (1906-1992)

Legrow, Edward (Private-)

Lehr, Annie (1886-1964)

Lehr, Clarice Elizabeth (14 SEP 1917-29 JAN 2000)

Lenihan, John (-UNKNOWN)

Lenihan, John (Private-)

Lestage, Bill (-UNKNOWN)

Lestage, Dave (Private-)

Lestage, Dylan (22 JUL-17 JUL 1997)

Lestage, Nicole (Private-)

Lester, Selah R. (13 NOV 1899-MAR 1975)

Lethbridge, Bernice (-FEB 2002)

Lethbridge, Calvin (Private-)

Lethbridge, Chesley (Private-)

Lethbridge, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Lethbridge, Emily (Private-)

Lethbridge, Eva (-UNKNOWN)

Lethbridge, John (-UNKNOWN)

Lethbridge, Verna (Private-)

Leung, Dennis (Private-)

Leung, Gary Man Hay (Private-)

Leung, James Vincent (Private-)

Leung, Kai William (Private-)

Lewers, Eleanor (Private-)

Lewis, Agnus (Private-)

Lewis, Bill (Private-)

Lewis, Jason (Private-)

Lewis, Nicole (Private-)

Lewis, Sarah (1834-UNKNOWN)

Leyte, Eli (1862-UNKNOWN)

Leyte, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)

Libonati, Tomasino (-UNKNOWN)

Libonatti, Andrea Nicole (Private-)

Libonatti, Jeffrey Richard (Private-)

Libonatti, Karl Vincent Harry (Private-)

Libonatti, Vincent William (Private-)

Light, Keith (-UNKNOWN)

Lillian, Beatrice (1916-23 APR 1958)

Lillian, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Linda, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Linden, Catherine (Private-)

Lindsay, Joan (Private-)

Lindsey, Jean (Private-)

Lingard, Clarence (Private-)

Lingard, Clarence Lamont (19 MAY 1906-UNKNOWN)

Lingard, Donna (Private-)

Lingard, Grace M. (Private-)

Lingard, John C. (Private-)

Lingard, Mae (Private-)

Lingard, Monson (-UNKNOWN)

Lingard, Monson Earnest (Private-)

Lingard, Olin Wilbert (dup) (Private-)

Lingard, Olin Wilbert (dup) (Private-)

Lingard, Philip (Private-)

Lingard, Rosemarie (Private-)

Lingard, Vanda J. (Private-)

Lingard, William H. (Private-)

Liska, Ann (Private-)

Little, Amelia (-UNKNOWN)

Little, Bessie (Private-)

Littlejohn, John Thomas (Private-)

Lizzy, (AUG 1872-UNKNOWN)

Loader, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Lochner, David (Private-)

Lochner, Zoe Franda (Private-)

Locke, Bina Victoria Selina (Private-)

Locke, Cecil Gerald (Private-)

Locke, Donald (Private-)

Locke, Edmund (Private-)

Locke, Fredrick George (Private-)

Locke, Gary (Private-)

Locke, Louise Winnifred (Private-)

Locke, Maxwell (Private-)

Locke, Philip (APR 1884-UNKNOWN)

Locke, Sarah (Private-)

Lockery, Cora Myrtle (25 AUG 1899-27 MAR 1993)

Lockery, James Edward (-UNKNOWN)

Locklyn, John (Private-)

Lockyear, Annie Eliza (Private-)

Lockyear, Cristy (Private-)

Lockyear, Norman (Private-)

Lockyer, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Loder, Archibald (1874-UNKNOWN)

Loder, Bertha (Private-)

Loder, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Lodge, Albert (Private-)

Lodge, Alexander (Private-)

Lodge, Barbara Alexine (Private-)

Lodge, Bernice (Private-)

Lodge, Blair Russell (Private-)

Lodge, Breanna Marie (Private-)

Lodge, Brenda Mae (Private-)

Lodge, Bronson Eric (Private-)

Lodge, Charlene (Private-)

Lodge, Christa Nadine (Private-)

Lodge, Christopher (Private-)

Lodge, Daphne (Private-)

Lodge, Dawn (Private-)

Lodge, Delores Blanche (Private-)

Lodge, Denise (Private-)

Lodge, Donald (Private-)

Lodge, Ella (Private-)

Lodge, Ellen (-7 AUG 887)

Lodge, Emma (Private-)

Lodge, Gail (Private-)

Lodge, Gary Ernest (Private-)

Lodge, Gilbert (Private-)

Lodge, Gilda Francine (Private-)

Lodge, Glen (Private-)

Lodge, Gloria (Private-)

Lodge, Grant (Private-)

Lodge, Harold (1923-19 JUN 1938)

Lodge, Hayward (Private-)

Lodge, Heather (Private-)

Lodge, Helen (Private-)

Lodge, Hettie (Private-)

Lodge, Hilda June (Private-)

Lodge, James (-UNKNOWN)

Lodge, John Thomas (18 OCT 1894-JAN 1954)

Lodge, Joyce (Private-)

Lodge, Karen (Private-)

Lodge, Lynden (Private-)

Lodge, Mabel (Private-)

Lodge, Margaret (Private-)

Lodge, Mark (1898-1975)

Lodge, Mary-Ann (-UNKNOWN)

Lodge, Mildred (Private-)

Lodge, Nathan John (Private-)

Lodge, Natlie Jane (Private-)

Lodge, Nellie (Private-)

Lodge, Olivia June (Private-)

Lodge, Roy (Private-)

Lodge, Russell Lorne (Private-)

Lodge, Ruth Isobel (1934-1934)

Lodge, Samantha Alexine (Private-)

Lodge, Samuel (Private-)

Lodge, Sarah (-1934)

Lodge, Shana Magaret (Private-)

Lodge, Thomas Russell (Private-)

Lodge, Vanessa Mary (Private-)

Lodge, Victor Ernest (Private-)

Lodge, Vikie (Private-)

Lodge, Walter Edgar (4 JAN 1929-18 JAN 1929)

Lodge, William Lloyal (Private-)

London, Willliam (Private-)

Long, Brittany (Private-)

Long, Darrell (Private-)

Long, Edward (Private-)

Long, Elizabeth (Private-)

Long, Francis (Private-)

Long, Francis Patrick (-9 MAY 1994)

Long, Georgina (Private-)

Long, Gertrude (JUN 1895-6 APR 1985)

Long, Jane (Private-)

Long, John (Private-)

Long, Joseph Donald Jude (Private-)

Long, Lilly (Private-)

Long, Mary (Private-)

Long, Minnie Telford (1894-1931)

Long, Myrtle (Private-)

Long, Nicole (Private-)

Long, Paul (Private-)

Long, Rheta (Private-)

Long, Rosemary (Private-)

Long, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)

Long, Tina (Private-)

Long, William (-UNKNOWN)

Long, William (Private-)



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