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Lopez, Anastasia (1877-1902)

Loria, Joseph (Private-)

Lorna, (Private-)

Lorna, (Private-)

Lott, Marcus Kevin (Private-)

Lougheed, Irene Brenda (Private-)

Louise, (Private-)

Louise, (-UNKNOWN)

Loveman, Henry (ABT. 1879-UNKNOWN)

Loveman, John (-UNKNOWN)

Loveman, Neta (Private-)

Loveman, Roland (Private-)

Loveman, Unknown (-BEF. 4 NOV 1935)

Loveys, Selah Mary Anne (-UNKNOWN)

Ludlow, Bruce (Private-)

Ludlow, Kelly (Private-)

Luff, John (Private-)

Luff, Marie Jessie (Private-)

Luffman, John (-UNKNOWN)

Luffman, Stanley (ABT. 1882-UNKNOWN)

Lundrigan, Esther (-UNKNOWN)

Luscombe, Alex (Private-)

Luscombe, Anita (Private-)

Luscombe, Craig (Private-)

Luscombe, Daniel (1919-26 AUG 1989)

Luscombe, David (-14 MAY 1974)

Luscombe, George (Private-)

Luscombe, Krista (Private-)

Luscombe, Lisa (Private-)

Lush, Charlotte Gloria (Private-)

Lush, Christine (Private-)

Lush, Cindy (Private-)

Lush, Clayton (Private-)

Lush, Dulcie (Private-)

Lush, Girl (Private-)

Lush, Joseph (Private-)

Lush, Kelly Mae (Private-)

Lush, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Lush, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Lush, Mary Patricia Agnes (Private-)

Lush, Melanie Dora Rosabelle (Private-)

Lush, Melvin Maxwell (Private-)

Lush, Michaela Tracey Grace (Private-)

Lush, Pearce (Private-)

Lush, Peggy (Private-)

Lush, Ralph (Private-)

Lush, Sarah Lee (Private-)

Lush, William John (16 JUL 1904-26 JAN 1975)

Luther, Lucy Jane (7 JUN 1874-UNKNOWN)

Lutz, Gertruce Charlotte (Private-)

Lycett, Amber Lee (Private-)

Lycett, Elgin William (Private-)

Lycett, Krystal Rose (Private-)

Lycett, Melissa Brandi (Private-)

Lydia, (MAY 1882-UNKNOWN)

Lydia, (-1945)

Lynch, Amanda (Private-)

Lynch, Daisy (Private-)

Lynch, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)

Lynch, Roy (Private-)

Lynch, Tyler (Private-)

Lynn, (Private-)

Lyttle, Glen (Private-)

M., Phylis (Private-)

Mabee, Gordon (Private-)

Mabel, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Mac Donald, Barbara (Private-)

Mac Donald, Cassie (Private-)

Mac Donald, Claude (Private-)

Mac Donald, Claudine (Private-)

Mac Donald, Eleanor Marie (Private-)

Mac Donald, Ethel (Private-)

Mac Donald, Freda (Private-)

Mac Donald, Gladys (Private-)

Mac Donald, John Nelson (Private-)

Mac Donald, John William (Private-)

Mac Donald, Ralph (Private-)

Mac Donald, William (-UNKNOWN)

MacDonald, (Private-)

MacDonald, Brett (Private-)

MacDonald, Corinne Anne-Marie (Private-)

MacDonald, Hubert (Private-)

MacDonald, John (-UNKNOWN)

MacDonald, John R. (Private-)

MacDonald, Roland (Private-)

MacEachern, Elizabeth (Private-)

MacEachern, Heather (Private-)

MacEachern, John (Private-)

MacEachern, John Joseph (-1972)

MacEachern, Linda (Private-)

MacIntosh, Edward (Private-)

MacPherson, John (Private-)

MacQueen, Donald Gereld (Private-)

MacQueen, Samuel Joseph (Private-)

MacQueen, Wilfred Gereld (Private-)

MacVicar, Donald (Private-)

MacWhirter, Douglas (Private-)

MacWhirter, Eileen (Private-)

MacWhirter, Frances (Private-)

MacWhirter, Gertie (Private-)

MacWhirter, Gordon (Private-)

MacWhirter, Mamie (Private-)

MacWhirter, Minnie (Private-)

MacWhirter, Peter (-UNKNOWN)

MacWhirter, Walter (Private-)

Macdonald, (Private-)

Macintosh, Barbara (Private-)

Macintosh, Edward (-15 MAR 1987)

Mackay, Margaret (Private-)

Mackenzie, J Alex (Private-)

Mackie, Jessica (Private-)

Mackie, Jordan (Private-)

Mackie, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Madalin, Danny (Private-)

Madalin, Jeffery (Private-)

Madalin, Katelyn (Private-)

Madden, Eileen (Private-)

Madden, Margaret (Private-)

Madden, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Maddigan, Jerome (Private-)

Maddigan, Joan (Private-)

Maddigan, Louise Ann (Private-)

Madsen, Otto (Private-)

Mae, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Maher, Clarke Theresa (Private-)

Maher, Patrick (Private-)

Mahoney, Jerry (Private-)

Mahoney, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Maidment, Albert Thomas Johnson (1875-UNKNOWN)

Maidment, Anita (Private-)

Maidment, Ann (Private-)

Maidment, Barbara (Private-)

Maidment, Carla (Private-)

Maidment, Cathy (Private-)

Maidment, Cecil Lindberg (Private-)

Maidment, Charles Morris (-UNKNOWN)

Maidment, Chuck (Private-)

Maidment, David (Private-)

Maidment, Dinah Jane (1865-UNKNOWN)

Maidment, Dorothy (Private-)

Maidment, Dorothy (Private-)

Maidment, Drucilla (1867-UNKNOWN)

Maidment, Edna (10 OCT 1915-3 JUL 2002)

Maidment, Ernest (1886-1954)

Maidment, Ernest (Private-)

Maidment, Ezra (1870-1914)

Maidment, Frank (Private-)

Maidment, Fredrick (1887-1973)

Maidment, Fronie (Private-)

Maidment, Garry (Private-)

Maidment, Gladys (Private-)

Maidment, Gordon (1904-1971)

Maidment, Gordon (Private-)

Maidment, Heber (1874-1936)

Maidment, Hilda (Private-)

Maidment, Isabella (Private-)

Maidment, Jackie (Private-)

Maidment, James (Private-)

Maidment, Jamie (Private-)

Maidment, Jane Ann (1885-1957)

Maidment, Jesse (Private-)

Maidment, Jim (Private-)

Maidment, Joann (Private-)

Maidment, John (Private-)

Maidment, John (1889-1967)

Maidment, Joyce E. (Private-)

Maidment, Karen (Private-)

Maidment, Laura J. (Private-)

Maidment, Linda (Private-)

Maidment, Linda (Private-)

Maidment, Lisa (Private-)

Maidment, Mable (Private-)

Maidment, Mary (Private-)

Maidment, Minnie (1895-1966)

Maidment, Monty (Private-)

Maidment, Nellie Bertha (Private-)

Maidment, Pearl (Private-)

Maidment, Randolph Scott (Private-)

Maidment, Richard (1851-1921)

Maidment, Richard (Private-)

Maidment, Samuel J. (SEP 1877-1948)

Maidment, Samuel James (1878-UNKNOWN)

Maidment, Sarah (Private-)

Maidment, Scott (Private-)

Maidment, Shela (Private-)

Maidment, Stewart (Private-)

Maidment, Susan (1899-1971)

Maidment, Susie G. (Private-)

Maidment, Wallace (Private-)

Maidment, Walter (Private-)

Maidment, Wanda (Private-)

Maidment, William (1836-UNKNOWN)

Maidment, William James (-1970)

Mallette, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Malone, Candice Rae (Private-)

Mansfield, Bertha (FEB 1903-UNKNOWN)

Mansfield, Cathy (Private-)

Mansfield, Fred (JUN 1874-UNKNOWN)

Mansfield, George (Private-)

Mansfield, Harriett (JAN 1880-1961)

Mansfield, Jack (Private-)

Mansfield, Laura (Private-)

Mansfield, Sarah (Private-)

Mansfield, Walter (SEP 1900-UNKNOWN)

Manuel, Catherine (Private-)

Manuel, Corey (Private-)

Manuel, Daniel (Private-)

Manuel, Jack (Private-)

Manuel, Kathy (Private-)

Manuel, Lewis (Private-)

Manuel, Norma Una (Private-)

Manuel, Samuel N. (-UNKNOWN)

Maranchik, George (Private-)

Maranchik, Jack (Private-)

Marcel, Georgette (Private-)

March, Jessie Drusilla (-UNKNOWN)

March, Walter (Private-)

Marche, Daniel (Private-)

Marche, Gerry (Private-)

Marche, Jack Jarad (Private-)

Marche, John Francis (Private-)

Marche, Robert (Private-)

Marcie, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Margaret, (Private-)

Margaret, (Private-)

Margaret, (-UNKNOWN)

Marie, (Private-)

Marie, (Private-)

Marie, (Private-)

Marie, (Private-)

Marion, (Private-)

Marjorie, (Private-)

Marjorie, (-UNKNOWN)

Marling, Jennifer (Private-)

Marryatt, Cherry Leann (Private-)

Marryatt, Clyde (Private-)

Marryatt, Kelly Lynn (Private-)

Marryatt, Wanda Lynn (Private-)

Marsh, Adolphus George (23 JUL 1896-ABT. 1928)

Marsh, Adoricha Ann (22 APR 1909-1990)

Marsh, Alice Eva Chippett (Private-)

Marsh, Arthur (Private-)

Marsh, Brenden (Private-)

Marsh, Cecil J. (Private-)

Marsh, David Goliath (28 DEC 1906-10 JAN 1907)

Marsh, David James (Private-)

Marsh, Debbie (Private-)

Marsh, Eileen (Private-)

Marsh, Elias (Private-)

Marsh, Elias John (Private-)

Marsh, Elijah Andrew (31 MAY 1899-UNKNOWN)

Marsh, Eliza (Private-)

Marsh, Esther Vickie (Private-)

Marsh, Evelyn (Private-)

Marsh, Exie (Private-)

Marsh, Frederick (DEC 1905-UNKNOWN)

Marsh, George (23 DEC 1892-25 AUG 1895)

Marsh, George (ABT. 1825-11 APR 1911)

Marsh, George (Private-)

Marsh, George (MAY 1866-18 AUG 1930)

Marsh, Gerald (Private-)

Marsh, Gladys (Private-)

Marsh, Harry (Private-)

Marsh, Henry (JUN 1878-UNKNOWN)

Marsh, Herbert Solomon Bartholomew (Private-)

Marsh, Hetty Jane (Private-)

Marsh, Irene (Private-)

Marsh, James (JUL 1860-24 SEP 1946)

Marsh, Jane (ABT. 1867-UNKNOWN)

Marsh, Jasper (19 OCT 1886-13 DEC 1918)

Marsh, Jasper (JUN 1869-18 NOV 1954)

Marsh, Jemima Mary (29 APR 1908-1983)

Marsh, John (NOV 1858-22 AUG 1922)

Marsh, John (28 DEC 1906-UNKNOWN)

Marsh, John (Private-)

Marsh, Lavina (Private-)

Marsh, Lavinia (Private-)

Marsh, Leah (Private-)

Marsh, Leah Annie (Private-)

Marsh, Levi (Private-)

Marsh, Louisa Jane (7 JAN 1889-UNKNOWN)

Marsh, Margaret (Private-)

Marsh, Mary Ann (MAY 1873-UNKNOWN)

Marsh, Mona (Private-)

Marsh, Obadiah (22 JUL 1897-1978)

Marsh, Patsy (Private-)

Marsh, Pearl (MAR 1908-16 JUN 1939)

Marsh, Penny (Private-)

Marsh, Reginald (Private-)

Marsh, Rhoda (MAY 1891-UNKNOWN)

Marsh, Robert George (11 JAN 1917-1992)

Marsh, Rosanna Elizabeth (7 APR 1891-UNKNOWN)

Marsh, Rosie (Private-)

Marsh, Ruby (1931-1932)

Marsh, Samuel (JUN 1906-7 OCT 1933)

Marsh, Selina (Private-)

Marsh, Stephen (Private-)

Marsh, Triffinia Beatrice (19 JAN 1917-9 FEB 1934)

Marsh, Veronica (Private-)

Marsh, Victoria (FEB 1902-1993)

Marsh, Walter (Private-)

Marsh, Wayne (Private-)

Marsh, William Thomas (DEC 1876-5 APR 1959)

Marsh, Willis Bennett (12 JUL 1900-1932)

Marshall, Amanda (Private-)

Marshall, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Marshall, George (Private-)

Marshall, Matthew (Private-)

Marshall, Scott (Private-)

Marshall, Shaun (Private-)

Martell, Blanche E.R. (Private-)

Martin, Andre (-UNKNOWN)

Martin, Anna (Private-)

Martin, Christopher (Private-)

Martin, Curtis (Private-)

Martin, David (Private-)

Martin, Derek (Private-)

Martin, Doris (Private-)

Martin, Electra Jane (MAR 1873-26 FEB 1950)

Martin, Jeffrey Thomas (Private-)

Martin, Joan (Private-)

Martin, Jonathan Robert (Private-)

Martin, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)

Martin, Kathleen Eve (Private-)

Martin, Leanne (Private-)

Martin, Mary Jane (Private-)

Martin, Nickolas Paul (Private-)

Martin, Paulette (Private-)

Martin, Richard William (Private-)

Martin, Robert (Private-)

Martin, Robert Berkely (1921-3 AUG 1993)

Martin, Ronald Vernon (Private-)

Martin, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)

Martin, Shirley Ethel (Private-)

Martin, Stacey (Private-)

Martin, Thomas Hilliard (-UNKNOWN)

Martin, Thomas Hilliard (Private-)

Martin, Unknown (-BEF. 9 DEC 1918)

Mary, (Private-)

Mary, (-UNKNOWN)

Mary, (Private-)

Mary, (-UNKNOWN)

Mary, (Private-)

Mary, M Sheppard (Private-)

Mary, Sarah (Sadie) (25 JAN 1917-8 JUN 1985)

Masek, Christopher (Private-)

Mason, (Private-)

Mason, Adelle (Private-)

Mason, Agathy (-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Agnes (Private-)

Mason, Agnes (28 NOV 1901-28 MAY 1988)

Mason, Albert E (Private-)

Mason, Albertha (1 OCT 1919-12 MAY 1939)

Mason, Alexine (Private-)

Mason, Alice (22 AUG 1894-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Alvin (Private-)

Mason, Ann (-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Ann (Private-)

Mason, Anna Belle (5 AUG 1882-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Anne (1862-1889)

Mason, Annie (-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Annie Ellen (Private-)

Mason, Barbara Anne (Private-)

Mason, Bernice (Private-)

Mason, Betty (Private-)

Mason, Bridey (Private-)

Mason, Clarence (Private-)

Mason, Denise (Private-)

Mason, Dominic (29 MAY 1895-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Donna (Private-)

Mason, Edward (MAR 1905-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Eleanor (31 JUL 1887-24 SEP 1887)

Mason, Elias Beach (16 SEP 1896-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Elizabeth (Private-)

Mason, Elizabeth (Private-)

Mason, Elizabeth Ann (11 JUL 1858-23 FEB 1919)

Mason, Elizabeth Martha (Private-)

Mason, Ellen Blanche (10 SEP 1905-14 MAY 1995)

Mason, Ellen Mary (1 MAY 1896-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Family (-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Florence (Private-)

Mason, Frederick (Private-)

Mason, Frederick James (5 OCT 1892-UNKNOWN)

Mason, George (18 APR 1895-UNKNOWN)

Mason, George (1924-1983)

Mason, Gerald (1926-1992)

Mason, Gilbert Wilson (Private-)

Mason, Harold (Private-)

Mason, James (17 OCT 1892-UNKNOWN)

Mason, James (Private-)

Mason, James (ABT. 1810-UNKNOWN)

Mason, James (4 SEP 1896-23 MAR 1973)

Mason, Jane (ABT. 1810-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Jane (18 SEP 1892-APR 1981)

Mason, John (1927-1979)

Mason, John (2 MAY 1862-2 AUG 1944)

Mason, John (Private-)

Mason, John (ABT. 1780-UNKNOWN)

Mason, John Jack (11 JUN 1897-28 OCT 1983)

Mason, John Thomas (25 APR 1902-UNKNOWN)

Mason, John Thomas (1891-1989)

Mason, Joseph (1860-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Joseph (Private-)

Mason, Joseph Johnson (13 JUN 1891-15 MAR 1968)

Mason, Juia (24 NOV 1890-10 MAR 1976)

Mason, Katherine (Private-)

Mason, Leo Robert (14 JUL 1905-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Linda (Private-)

Mason, Lucy (6 SEP 1910-22 JUN 1985)

Mason, Mareen (Private-)

Mason, Margaret (24 FEB 1856-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Margaret (Private-)

Mason, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Marie (Private-)

Mason, Marion (Private-)

Mason, Mary (29 OCT 1853-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Mary Agatha (5 SEP 1899-4 MAY 1940)

Mason, Mary Ann (FEB 1881-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Mary Catherine (17 MAY 1890-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Mary Ellen (7 OCT 1888-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Mary Margaret (Private-)

Mason, Mathew (1821-6 JAN 1894)

Mason, Matthew (19 JAN 1869-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Maxine (Private-)

Mason, Mildred Ivy (Private-)

Mason, Milverd May (Private-)

Mason, Myra (Private-)

Mason, Nicolas (17 APR 1864-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Noah Diamond (17 SEP 1900-15 NOV 1900)

Mason, Nora Bridget (11 JUN 1899-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Patrick (-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Perry (Private-)

Mason, Peter (ABT. 1857-27 MAY 1928)

Mason, Peter Clarence (21 NOV 1910-15 APR 1930)

Mason, Peter Harold (18 SEP 1898-7 APR 1978)

Mason, Philip (SEP 1899-1 MAR 1976)

Mason, Philip (1851-SEP 1924)

Mason, Reginald (Private-)

Mason, Richard Albert (22 JAN 1884-21 JAN 1929)

Mason, Ronald (Private-)

Mason, Samuel George (Private-)

Mason, Sandra (Private-)

Mason, Sarah (ABT. 1810-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Sarah (1 SEP 1898-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Sarah Ann (FEB 1887-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Sarah Jane (7 NOV 1885-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Sarah Maria (8 JUL 1860-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Sarah Mary Francis (1859-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Stanley (-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Susan (Private-)

Mason, Susanna Lodge (28 SEP 1880-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Theresa (Private-)

Mason, Thomas (1830-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Thomas (ABT. 1810-UNKNOWN)

Mason, Timothy (-1941)

Mason, Unknown (Private-)

Mason, William (10 OCT 1850-UNKNOWN)

Mason, William (Private-)

Mason, William James (11 SEP 1908-28 MAR 1979)

Mason, Yvonne (Private-)

Masoushey, (-UNKNOWN)

Matchem, Irene (Private-)

Matchem, Willis (Private-)

Matthews, Arthur (-UNKNOWN)

Matthews, Clive (Private-)

Matthews, Diane (Private-)

Matthews, Doris (Private-)

Matthews, Harold (Private-)

Matthews, Nina (Private-)

Matthews, Ralph (Private-)

Matthews, Roger (Private-)

Matthews, Willis (Private-)

Mattson, (Private-)

Maud, Eva (18 OCT 1885-14 MAR 1937)

May, Dennis (Private-)

May, Isaac Leaf (Private-)

Mayhew, James (Private-)

Mayhew, Wendy (Private-)

Maynard, Ann (-UNKNOWN)

Maynard, Edward (-UNKNOWN)

Maynard, Henry (-UNKNOWN)

Maynard, Thomas (1853-UNKNOWN)

Maynard, William (-UNKNOWN)

Maynard, William (1815-1878)

Mays, Adam (-UNKNOWN)

Mays, Charlotte (Private-)

Mays, Christopher William (Private-)

Mays, Dorothy Rose (Private-)

Mays, Eva (4 MAY 1902-1975)

Mays, Harvie Harry (Private-)

Mays, Herbert Jack (31 OCT 1905-UNKNOWN)

Mays, Jack (Private-)

Mays, Joan Rebecca (5 JUL 1914-23 OCT 1996)

Mays, Judith Arlene (Private-)

Mays, Katherine (Private-)

Mays, Kenneth Young (22 DEC 1924-19 MAR 1925)

Mays, Leslie Joseph (25 MAR 1913-4 MAY 1974)

Mays, Lydia (Private-)

Mays, Lynn (-UNKNOWN)

Mays, Marguerite Isobel (20 JUN 1918-UNKNOWN)

Mays, Ronald George Henry (5 JUL 1907-1983)

Mays, Shirley (-UNKNOWN)

Mays, Thomas (4 OCT 1880-28 NOV 1964)

Mays, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)

Mays, Vera Jean (Private-)

Mays, William (-UNKNOWN)

Mays, William Thomas Fredrick (16 FEB 1904-UNKNOWN)

Mays{Still-Born Female}, UNKNOWN (-UNKNOWN)

Mc Leary, Debbie (Private-)

Mc Leary, Geoffrey (Private-)

Mc Leary, Nancy (Private-)

Mc Leary, Stewart (Private-)

McCallum, Jenny (-UNKNOWN)

McCarthy, Annie (-UNKNOWN)

McCarty, Shannon (Private-)

McCarty, William (Private-)

McClean, Lancelot James (Private-)

McClean, Michael James (Private-)

McCourt, Mary Ellen (1859-UNKNOWN)

McDonald, Jack (-UNKNOWN)

McDonald, M.Ray (Private-)

McDyer, Hugh (-UNKNOWN)

McElhenny, Francis (Private-)

McElhenny, James Patrick (Private-)

McElhenny, James Patrick (Private-)

McElhenny, James Patrick (4 NOV 1904-ABT. 1996)

McElhenny, Katie (Private-)

McElhenny, Sharon (Private-)

McGow, Angela Jane (Private-)

McGow, John (Private-)

McGow, Leah Mary (Private-)

McGrath, Betty (Private-)

McGrath, Brian Cron (-1997)

McGrath, Deborah Jane (Private-)

McGrath, Desmond (Private-)

McGrath, John (Private-)

McGrath, John (Private-)

McGrath, Joseph (Private-)

McGrath, Patricia (Private-)

McGreggor, Maggie (-UNKNOWN)

McGuinas, Darrell (Private-)

McGuinas, Jessica (Private-)

McGuinas, Sarah (Private-)

McGuiness, Daisy (Private-)

McGuiness, Obadiah (Private-)

McGuire, Adam (Private-)

McGuire, Andrea (Private-)

McGuire, Anthony (Private-)

McGuire, John (Private-)

McHugh, Catherine (31 MAY 1905-ABT. 1990)

McHugh, Donald (Private-)

McHugh, Edward (Private-)

McHugh, Edward Anthony (Private-)

McHugh, Francis (Private-)

McHugh, Francis Hugh (8 FEB 1874-7 APR 1939)

McHugh, Francis Richard (14 JAN 1909-8 JAN 1971)

McHugh, Frank (-UNKNOWN)

McHugh, Isabella Marie (31 JAN 1907-7 MAY 1987)

McHugh, Joseph John (Private-)

McHugh, Joseph John (17 OCT 1917-4 FEB 1973)

McHugh, Kevin Clader (Private-)

McHugh, Maureen (Private-)

McHugh, Michael (Private-)

McHugh, Patricia (Private-)

McHugh, Susan (Private-)

McHugh, Timothy (9 FEB 1947-7 FEB 1968)

McInnis, Margaret (Private-)

McIntyre, David (Private-)

McIntyre, Donald (Private-)

McIntyre, Joyce (Private-)

McIntyre, Michael (Private-)

McIntyre, Peter (Private-)

McIntyre, Robert (-UNKNOWN)

McKee, Alfred Edgar William (-UNKNOWN)

McKee, Barry (Private-)

McKee, Dana (Private-)

McKee, Darlene (Private-)

McKee, Debra (Private-)

McKee, Donna (Private-)

McKee, Gordon (Private-)

McKee, Gordon Francis (7 FEB 1933-17 MAY 1982)

McKee, Robert George (Private-)

McKie, Everette (-UNKNOWN)

McKie, Rose (-UNKNOWN)

McKinnon, Erin (Private-)

McKinnon, Ian (Private-)

McKinnon, Marie (Private-)

McLarty, Linda Jean (Private-)

McLaughin, Kevin (Private-)

McLean, Ella (Private-)

McLean, Malcolm (-UNKNOWN)

McLeod, Nora (-UNKNOWN)

McMonigle, Catherine (Private-)

McMonigle, Michael (-UNKNOWN)

McNabb, Clement (Private-)

McNabb, Myrtle Rose (Private-)

McNamara, Elizabeth Mary (2 JAN 1931-19 AUG 1937)

McNamara, Marcellia (11 AUG 1929-MAR 1984)

McNamara, Mary (Private-)

McNamara, Thomas (22 SEP 1906-DEC 1994)

McNelis, Donald (Private-)

McNelis, Edward (Private-)

McNelis, Hugh (Private-)

McNelis, Isabella (Private-)

McNelis, John (Private-)

McNelis, John (-UNKNOWN)

McPhee, Clair (Muriel) (7 AUG 1896-18 APR 1985)

McQue, Annie (Private-)

Mcgrath, (Private-)

Mcgrath, Christopher (Private-)

Mckay, Marg (Private-)

Mckee, Norman James (Private-)

Mckee, Percy Eric (1 MAR 1904-UNKNOWN)

Mckee, Shawn (Private-)

Mckee, Stephen (Private-)

Mckee, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)

Mclean, Malcolm (-UNKNOWN)

Mcleod, (-UNKNOWN)

Mclouglan, Mike (Private-)

Mcquillen, Madeline (5 NOV 1900-UNKNOWN)

Means, William J. (Private-)

Meedhan, Kevin Joseph (Private-)

Meehan, Andrew (-UNKNOWN)

Meehan, Bridget A. (-UNKNOWN)

Meehan, Keith (Private-)

Meehan, Maiti (Private-)

Meehan, Megan Jill (Private-)

Meehan, Molly (Private-)

Meehan, Richard Thomas (Private-)

Meehan, Sean Timothy (Private-)

Meldrum, Joyce (Private-)


Melina, UNKNOWN (ABT. MAR 1939-29 OCT 1965)

Melinda, (Private-)

Mennard, Christopher (Private-)

Mennard, Dennis (Private-)

Mennard, Gavin (Private-)

Mennard, Johnathan Noel (Private-)

Mercer, (1922-1962)

Mercer, ? (-UNKNOWN)

Mercer, Ananias (-UNKNOWN)

Mercer, Ananias (24 OCT 1848-25 JAN 1902)

Mercer, Charles (-UNKNOWN)

Mercer, Charles (Private-)

Mercer, Charles (Private-)

Mercer, Clarence (Private-)

Mercer, Cory (Private-)

Mercer, Craig (Private-)

Mercer, Diane (Private-)

Mercer, Douglas (Private-)

Mercer, Edward (Private-)

Mercer, Edward (Private-)

Mercer, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Mercer, George Henry (-UNKNOWN)

Mercer, Gordon (Private-)

Mercer, Grace (-UNKNOWN)

Mercer, Jabez (-UNKNOWN)

Mercer, John Charles (-UNKNOWN)

Mercer, Judy (Private-)

Mercer, Julia (Private-)

Mercer, Lucy (1817-UNKNOWN)

Mercer, Marilyn (Private-)

Mercer, Mary Ann (-UNKNOWN)

Mercer, Mary Louise (-UNKNOWN)

Mercer, Mike (Private-)

Mercer, Norma (Private-)

Mercer, Rachel (-UNKNOWN)

Mercer, Ruth (Private-)

Mercer, Susannah (27 SEP 1858-10 NOV 1930)

Mercer, Sybil (Private-)

Mercer, William (Private-)

Mercer, William Cyril (-UNKNOWN)

Merchant, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)

Meredith, John Wayne (Private-)

Mesher, Alice Elizabeth (13 JUN 1896-20 JAN 1983)

Mesher, Ambrose (1827-14 JAN 1914)

Mesher, Angus John (1884-UNKNOWN)

Mesher, Annabelle (-UNKNOWN)

Mesher, Charles Angus (1883-UNKNOWN)

Mesher, Dorothy (Private-)

Mesher, Earle Douglas Dewitt (DEC 1906-1910)

Mesher, Edward (-UNKNOWN)

Mesher, Eldred Evan (16 MAR 1901-13 AUG 1949)

Mesher, Eliza Myrtle (11 MAR 1898-13 MAY 1898)

Mesher, Esther (-UNKNOWN)

Mesher, Evelyn (Private-)

Mesher, Frances Esther (13 SEP 1884-UNKNOWN)

Mesher, Francis Esther (1884-UNKNOWN)

Mesher, Gertrude Charlotte (Private-)

Mesher, Grace (Private-)

Mesher, Harvey (Private-)

Mesher, Henry (Private-)

Mesher, Holman (Private-)

Mesher, Irving (Private-)

Mesher, James Samuel Kitchener (Private-)

Mesher, John (-UNKNOWN)

Mesher, Karl Reuben Chesley (21 SEP 1903-4 NOV 1918)

Mesher, Lavinia Groves (-UNKNOWN)

Mesher, Leslie (Private-)

Mesher, Lily May Jane (4 OCT 1893-UNKNOWN)

Mesher, Llewellyn (Private-)

Mesher, Mary (Private-)

Mesher, Myrtle (Private-)

Mesher, Peter (-UNKNOWN)

Mesher, Priscilla (Private-)

Mesher, Raymond Reuben Percival (Private-)

Mesher, Reuben Absalom (10 AUG 1860-UNKNOWN)

Mesher, Robert (1828-1909)

Mesher, Robert (-UNKNOWN)

Mesher, Robert John (6 SEP 1886-UNKNOWN)

Mesher, Robert Mesher (Private-)

Mesher, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)

Mesher, Samuel James (9 DEC 1888-30 SEP 1913)

Mesher, Stanley (17 JUL 1892-26 AUG 1892)

Mesher, Stanley Edward (30 SEP 1895-UNKNOWN)

Mesher, Susie Shiwak Goudie (-UNKNOWN)

Mesher, Sylvia (Private-)

Mesher, Victor (Private-)

Mesher, Victor Grenfell (1 OCT 1899-1908)

Mesher, Vincent Mesher (Private-)

Mesher, Walter (-10 FEB 1973)

Mesher, Warrick (Private-)

Mesher, William (1010-UNKNOWN)

Mesher, William (-UNKNOWN)

Mesher, William Goodenough (19 MAR 1882-UNKNOWN)

Messier, James (-UNKNOWN)

Metcalf, Annie (ABT. 1927-20 MAR 2000)

Michelen, Ellen (-UNKNOWN)

Michelen, Lizzie (Private-)

Michelen, Sarah (Private-)

Michelen, Unknown (Private-)

Michelin, Alice (-UNKNOWN)

Michelin, Annie (-1972)

Michelin, Barbara (Private-)

Michelin, Betty (Private-)

Michelin, Brian (Private-)

Michelin, Burey (-UNKNOWN)

Michelin, Charlotte (Private-)

Michelin, Charolotte (1892-UNKNOWN)

Michelin, Daniel (1888-UNKNOWN)

Michelin, Donald (-1972)

Michelin, Dorothy (Private-)

Michelin, Ellen (1882-UNKNOWN)

Michelin, Emily (1848-UNKNOWN)

Michelin, Emily (1899-UNKNOWN)

Michelin, Esther (1880-UNKNOWN)

Michelin, Ettie (Private-)

Michelin, George Ernest (Private-)

Michelin, Hannah (1884-UNKNOWN)

Michelin, Helen (1850-UNKNOWN)

Michelin, Henry (Private-)

Michelin, John (1852-UNKNOWN)

Michelin, John (-1925)

Michelin, Joseph (1846-UNKNOWN)

Michelin, Joseph (1885-UNKNOWN)

Michelin, Joseph (1896-UNKNOWN)

Michelin, Leslie (Private-)

Michelin, Mary (1901-UNKNOWN)

Michelin, Melvina (1897-UNKNOWN)

Michelin, Mersai (-UNKNOWN)

Michelin, Norman (Private-)

Michelin, Olive (Private-)

Michelin, Olive (Private-)

Michelin, Oscar (Private-)

Michelin, Oswald (Private-)

Michelin, Peter (1851-UNKNOWN)

Michelin, Robert (1890-UNKNOWN)

Michelin, Ross (Private-)

Michelin, Ruth (1903-UNKNOWN)

Michelin, Selby (Private-)

Michelin, Stewart (1894-UNKNOWN)

Michelin, Susannah (1887-UNKNOWN)

Michelin, Winifred (Private-)

Michlin, Infant Son (1883-1883)

Miesseau, Joseph (1 DEC 1877-UNKNOWN)

Miesseau, Mary (1901-UNKNOWN)

Mifflin, Agnes Jane (-UNKNOWN)

Mifflin, Don (Private-)

Mifflin, Mary Ann (-UNKNOWN)

Mildred, (-UNKNOWN)

Miller, Agnes (1773-UNKNOWN)

Miller, Cyril (Private-)

Miller, Dana (Private-)

Miller, Evelyn Jean (3 FEB 1920-1982)

Miller, Hilda (Private-)

Miller, Ignatius (Private-)

Miller, Leah (Private-)

Miller, Mark (Private-)

Miller, Melvie (1907-18 APR 1930)

Miller, Pauline (Private-)

Miller, Shannon (Private-)

Miller, Stanley (Private-)

Miller, Trenton (Private-)

Miller, Trina Tamie Grace (Private-)

Milley, Ann (19 JUN 1877-UNKNOWN)

Milley, Annie (4 MAR 1884-UNKNOWN)

Milley, Arthur (5 OCT 1880-UNKNOWN)

Milley, Brenda (Private-)

Milley, Caroline (11 AUG 1883-20 AUG 1970)

Milley, Edmund (27 JAN 1874-UNKNOWN)

Milley, Elias (-UNKNOWN)

Mills, Annie (-UNKNOWN)

Mills, Archibald (Private-)

Mills, Carol Ann (Private-)

Mills, Carol Ann (Private-)

Mills, Corwin (Private-)

Mills, Edward James (Private-)

Mills, Eileen Jean (Private-)

Mills, Elaine (Private-)

Mills, Eliza (-UNKNOWN)

Mills, Frank (Private-)

Mills, Frederick Bertram (23 MAR 1909-31 DEC 1996)

Mills, Garrett Edward (Private-)

Mills, George (-UNKNOWN)

Mills, George (Private-)

Mills, John (-UNKNOWN)

Mills, John Milton (1910-1987)

Mills, Mabel Ann (1901-1983)

Mills, Merlin (Private-)

Mills, Paula (Private-)

Mills, Richard (-UNKNOWN)

Mills, Richard A. (-UNKNOWN)

Mills, Rowena (Private-)

Mills, Stewart Boyd (31 MAY 1914-22 FEB 1969)

Mills, Susan Palmer (SEP 1881-1952)

Mills, Willia (Private-)

Mitchell, Albert (-UNKNOWN)

Mitchell, Alex (-UNKNOWN)

Mitchell, Ambrose William (Private-)

Mitchell, Calvin W. (Private-)

Mitchell, Carolyn Marina (Private-)

Mitchell, Edgar (Private-)

Mitchell, Edgar (Private-)

Mitchell, Elizabeth B. (Private-)

Mitchell, Evelyn (Private-)

Mitchell, Flossie (Private-)

Mitchell, Fred (1887-UNKNOWN)

Mitchell, Frederick L. (Private-)

Mitchell, Guy Stephen (Private-)

Mitchell, Herbert Glenn (Private-)

Mitchell, Herman L. (Private-)

Mitchell, Joan (Private-)

Mitchell, John (OCT 1895-FEB 1933)

Mitchell, Lester E. (Private-)

Mitchell, Makaela (Private-)

Mitchell, Margaret (Private-)

Mitchell, Mary Jane (-UNKNOWN)

Mitchell, Michael (Private-)

Mitchell, Michael James (Private-)

Mitchell, Minnie Clara (Private-)

Mitchell, Mona (Private-)

Mitchell, Natasha (Private-)

Mitchell, Pamela (Private-)

Mitchell, William John (1948-1996)

Mitchelll, Albert (8 NOV 1923-1981)

Mitchelll, Flossie (Private-)

Mitchelll, Irvin (Private-)

Mitchelll, Jessie May (Private-)

Mitchelll, Leander (Private-)

Mitchelll, Maleasa (Private-)

Mitchelll, Ramsey (Private-)

Mitchelll, Vida (Private-)

Mitchelmore, Brian (Private-)

Mobley, Jim (Private-)

Moffat, Gordon Douglas (Private-)

Moffat, Grant Ewing (Private-)

Moffat, Hannah Clare (Private-)

Moffat, Sarah Catherine (Private-)

Moffat, Will Alexander Grant (Private-)

Monan, Tom (Private-)

Monk, Shirley (Private-)

Monks, Lizzie (-UNKNOWN)

Montague, John (-UNKNOWN)

Montague, Robt. (-UNKNOWN)

Montcalm, Grace Louise (-UNKNOWN)

Montminy, Alec (Private-)

Montminy, Cesar (Private-)

Montminy, Samuel (Private-)

Moore, Ann (Private-)

Moore, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)

Moore, David (Private-)

Moore, Doris Bernice (11 DEC 1898-UNKNOWN)

Moore, Elizabeth Beth (JUL 1862-FEB 1937)

Moore, Emma (ABT. 1849-21 OCT 1925)

Moore, Frederick (20 JAN 1897-UNKNOWN)

Moore, Frederick (-UNKNOWN)

Moore, Gail Marie (Private-)

Moore, Janet Gertrude (Private-)

Moore, Jo-anne (Private-)

Moore, John (20 JAN 1897-UNKNOWN)

Moore, Luke (20 JUL 1899-UNKNOWN)

Moore, Lynn (Private-)

Moore, Lynn (Private-)

Moore, Mabel Sylvia (30 OCT 1899-9 NOV 1976)

Moore, Patience W. (-UNKNOWN)

Moore, Patrick (17 MAY 1894-UNKNOWN)

Moore, Patrick Joseph (13 MAR 1858-UNKNOWN)

Moore, Rachel (Private-)

Moore, Robert (Private-)

Moore, Sandra Bernice (Private-)

Moore, Stephen (Private-)

Moore, Theodore (-UNKNOWN)

Moore, Theodore Edward (Private-)

Moores, Boy (Private-)

Moores, Carl (Private-)

Moores, Ernest (Private-)

Moores, Girl (Private-)

Moores, Joe (Private-)

Moores, Lilly (Private-)

Moores, Marie (Private-)

Moores, Ralph (Private-)

Moran, Robert (Private-)

Morey, Ambrose (Private-)

Morgan, (ABT. 1860-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Abe (Private-)

Morgan, Abe (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Abraham (ABT. 1798-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Abraham (ABT. 1870-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Abraham (ABT. 1850-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Abraham (FEB 1856-29 SEP 1937)

Morgan, Abraham Abram (1822-6 MAR 1902)

Morgan, Agnes (Private-)

Morgan, Agnes (JUL 1921-7 AUG 1999)

Morgan, Agnes Jane (ABT. 1815-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Albert (-12 DEC 1995)

Morgan, Alex (-9 JUL 1965)

Morgan, Alexander (1914-26 MAR 1972)

Morgan, Alexander Sandy (Private-)

Morgan, Alfred (18 JUL 1886-2 APR 1935)

Morgan, Alfreda (14 AUG 1898-1996)

Morgan, Alice (Private-)

Morgan, Alice (Private-)

Morgan, Allan Andrew (NOV 1902-25 NOV 1995)

Morgan, Allan Edward (-1967)

Morgan, Alma (Private-)

Morgan, Amanda (Private-)

Morgan, Amanda (Private-)

Morgan, Aneticia (Private-)

Morgan, Angus (Private-)

Morgan, Ann (DEC 1857-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Ann (12 NOV 1809-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Ann (Private-)

Morgan, Ann Maria (1 NOV 1829-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Annie (NOV 1896-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Annie (Private-)

Morgan, Annie (Private-)

Morgan, Annie (Private-)

Morgan, Annie Emma Patience (Private-)

Morgan, Anthony (Tony) Frederick (Private-)

Morgan, April Dawn (Private-)

Morgan, Arch (FEB 1904-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Archeleus (Private-)

Morgan, Archibald (FEB 1904-1988)

Morgan, Arthur (DEC 1894-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Arthur Boyd (Private-)

Morgan, Arthur Cecil (Private-)

Morgan, Ashley Christina (Private-)

Morgan, Augustus (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Barbara (Private-)

Morgan, Barbara (Private-)

Morgan, Barbara Gladys (Private-)

Morgan, Belinda (18 DEC 1876-5 JAN 1957)

Morgan, Beniah (22 NOV 1876-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Benjamin (20 JUN 1902-8 FEB 1909)

Morgan, Bertha (Private-)

Morgan, Bertha (Private-)

Morgan, Bertram Dawe (ABT. 1922-21 MAR 1995)

Morgan, Betty (Private-)

Morgan, Blanche (1926-15 AUG 1998)

Morgan, Brent Nathaniel (Private-)

Morgan, Brian (Private-)

Morgan, Bridget (OCT 1836-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Bud (Private-)

Morgan, Carl (Private-)

Morgan, Carlton Victor (Private-)

Morgan, Caroline (Private-)

Morgan, Caroline (26 NOV 1882-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Cecil (Private-)

Morgan, Cecil (Private-)

Morgan, Charles (Stanley) (Private-)

Morgan, Charles Hubert (Private-)

Morgan, Charles Manuel (Private-)

Morgan, Charlie (Private-)

Morgan, Charlotte (Private-)

Morgan, Chesley (MAR 1921-1983)

Morgan, Clara Susanna (Private-)

Morgan, Clarence (OCT 1917-1987)

Morgan, Clarence (Private-)

Morgan, Clarence Ralph (8 MAR 1902-17 MAY 1957)

Morgan, Clarice Elizabeth (Private-)

Morgan, Clayton (Private-)

Morgan, Clayton (Private-)

Morgan, Clyde (Private-)

Morgan, Cyril (Private-)

Morgan, Cyril (SEP 1904-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Cyril Charles (Private-)

Morgan, Dave (Private-)

Morgan, David (Private-)

Morgan, David Heber (Private-)

Morgan, David Nelson (Private-)

Morgan, Dawn (Private-)

Morgan, Dayle Ralph (Private-)

Morgan, Deborah (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Deborah Debbie (Private-)

Morgan, Denine (Rev.) (Private-)

Morgan, Dennis (Wayne) (Private-)

Morgan, Diane Barbara (Private-)

Morgan, Diane Laura (Private-)

Morgan, Donald (Private-)

Morgan, Dorcas (Private-)

Morgan, Doreen (Private-)

Morgan, Doris Emily (Private-)

Morgan, Dorothy (Private-)

Morgan, Dorothy (Doreen) Elizabeth (Private-)

Morgan, Dorothy Jean (28 APR 1928-23 SEP 1942)

Morgan, Douglas Fraser (7 JUL 1931-13 OCT 1996)

Morgan, Edgar (Private-)

Morgan, Edgar Samuel (AUG 1902-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Edith Anna (JAN 1920-7 DEC 2001)

Morgan, Edna (Private-)

Morgan, Edna (5 APR 1945-12 APR 1945)

Morgan, Edna (Private-)

Morgan, Edward (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Edward (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Edward (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Edward (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Edward (Ned) James (1 MAR 1903-10 MAR 1977)

Morgan, Edward George (Private-)

Morgan, Edward James (MAY 1900-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Edward Neddy (MAY 1875-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Effie (Private-)

Morgan, Effie (Private-)

Morgan, Eileen (Private-)

Morgan, Eleanor (26 DEC 1923-4 JAN 1924)

Morgan, Eli (1878-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Eliol (JUL 1869-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Eliol (1907-1977)

Morgan, Eliol Selby (FEB 1910-ABT. 1969)

Morgan, Eliza (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Eliza Jane (Private-)

Morgan, Eliza Jane (MAY 1903-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Elizabeeth (30 MAY 1897-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Elizabeth (9 OCT 1855-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Elizabeth (18 JUL 1779-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Elizabeth (Betty) Mary (-16 NOV 1989)

Morgan, Elizabeth (Dulcie) (1952-1985)

Morgan, Elizabeth Ann (JAN 1894-13 OCT 1956)

Morgan, Elizabeth Ann (13 MAY 1876-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Elizabeth Edith (Private-)

Morgan, Elizabeth Jane (15 OCT 1878-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Elsie Maude (Private-)

Morgan, Emily (1851-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Emily (FEB 1893-1 AUG 1967)

Morgan, Emma (16 AUG 1894-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Emma Later (23 SEP 1870-6 APR 1962)

Morgan, Eric (Private-)

Morgan, Ernest (Private-)

Morgan, Ernest (Private-)

Morgan, Esau (ABT. 1841-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Ethel (DEC 1900-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Ethel (7 DEC 1894-6 MAR 1975)

Morgan, Ethel Emma (Private-)

Morgan, Eva (Private-)

Morgan, Evelyn (Private-)

Morgan, Evelyn M. (Private-)

Morgan, Family (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Fanny (SEP 1843-19 JAN 1930)

Morgan, Florence (Private-)

Morgan, Florence (Private-)

Morgan, Florence (Private-)

Morgan, Frances (Private-)

Morgan, Frances (NOV 1870-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Francis Fanny (ABT. 1830-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Frank (Private-)

Morgan, Fred (Private-)

Morgan, Fred (Private-)

Morgan, Frederick (23 MAR 1886-31 JAN 1915)

Morgan, Frederick (AUG 1902-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Gail (Private-)

Morgan, George (ABT. 1830-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, George (23 MAR 1852-23 JUL 1913)

Morgan, George (1863-16 NOV 1896)

Morgan, George (ABT. 1750-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, George (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, George (4 AUG 1879-17 MAR 1893)

Morgan, George (12 OCT 1781-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, George (13 MAY 1943-20 MAY 1943)

Morgan, George (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, George (Private-)

Morgan, George (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Gerald Claude (Private-)

Morgan, Gilbert (SEP 1908-ABT. 1983)

Morgan, Gladys (Private-)

Morgan, Glen (Private-)

Morgan, Glenys Myrtle (Private-)

Morgan, Gloria (ABT. 1932-30 AUG 1997)

Morgan, Gordon (Private-)

Morgan, Gordon (9 FEB 1909-10 FEB 1909)

Morgan, Gordon K (JAN 1916-24 APR 2000)

Morgan, Grace (Private-)

Morgan, Grenfell Boyd (Private-)

Morgan, Gwendolyn (Private-)

Morgan, Harold (Private-)

Morgan, Harvey (Private-)

Morgan, Harvey (Private-)

Morgan, Heather Carolyn (Private-)

Morgan, Heber (30 JUN 1892-1976)

Morgan, Heber (26 FEB 1891-23 SEP 1968)

Morgan, Heber Philip (Private-)

Morgan, Helen (Private-)

Morgan, Helen Bernice (Private-)

Morgan, Henry (26 JUN 1896-27 MAR 1965)

Morgan, Henry (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Henry (Private-)

Morgan, Henry D. (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Henry James (1936-11 MAR 2001)

Morgan, Henry William (1 OCT 1849-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Henry William (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Herbert (Private-)

Morgan, Herbert Blackwell (Private-)

Morgan, Hubert Francis (Private-)

Morgan, Ian (Private-)

Morgan, Ida Louise (6 NOV 1889-8 FEB 1945)

Morgan, Ida May (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Isaac (ABT. 1825-ABT. 1896)

Morgan, Isaac (ABT. 1849-25 OCT 1918)

Morgan, Jack (Private-)

Morgan, Jack (Private-)

Morgan, Jacob (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Jacob (ABT. 1879-ABT. 1971)

Morgan, Jacob (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Jacob (Private-)

Morgan, Jacob Morgan (OCT 1845-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Jake (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, James (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, James (MAY 1861-ABT. 1935)

Morgan, James (24 NOV 1782-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, James (Private-)

Morgan, James (Private-)

Morgan, James (1834-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, James (DEC 1888-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, James Edward (Private-)

Morgan, James Frederick (21 JAN 1892-1942)

Morgan, James Herbert (Private-)

Morgan, James Jimmy (Private-)

Morgan, James John (1870-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, James John (Private-)

Morgan, Janet (Pearl) (Private-)

Morgan, Janice (Private-)

Morgan, Jason (Private-)

Morgan, Jasper (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Jean Petten (Private-)

Morgan, Jessie (JAN 1865-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Jimmie (Private-)

Morgan, Jimmy (AFT. 1912-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Joan (Private-)

Morgan, John (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, John (Private-)

Morgan, John (OCT 1868-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, John (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, John (Private-)

Morgan, John (AFT. 1898-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, John (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, John (JAN 1861-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, John (SEP 1868-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, John (ABT. 1825-1893)

Morgan, John (AUG 1895-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, John (Harold) (1935-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, John Byrne (Private-)

Morgan, John Thomas (1888-25 FEB 1915)

Morgan, John Thomas (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Joseph (ABT. 1810-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Joseph (Private-)

Morgan, Joseph Heber (19 APR 1884-1 APR 1890)

Morgan, Joseph Job (ABT. 1852-21 JUN 1921)

Morgan, Joseph Job (9 MAY 1900-6 MAR 1904)

Morgan, Julia Ann (9 FEB 1873-12 JUN 1954)

Morgan, Julia Mary (SEP 1904-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Julie Elizabeth (Private-)

Morgan, Julius (Private-)

Morgan, Julius Jules (Private-)

Morgan, June (Private-)

Morgan, June G. (Private-)

Morgan, Kelly Ann (Private-)

Morgan, Kenneth (Private-)

Morgan, Larry (Private-)

Morgan, Laura (Private-)

Morgan, Laura Francis (4 NOV 1902-21 JUL 1921)

Morgan, Lavina (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Lavinia (1875-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Leonard (Private-)

Morgan, Leonard (Private-)

Morgan, Leonard (ABT. 1916-ABT. 1916)

Morgan, Lesley (-BEF. 2001)

Morgan, Leslie (Private-)

Morgan, Lewis (Private-)

Morgan, Lillian (Private-)

Morgan, Lillian Lily (Private-)

Morgan, Lilly (Private-)

Morgan, Lorenzo (OCT 1878-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Lorenzo (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Lorna Marie (Private-)

Morgan, Lorne (Private-)

Morgan, Louie (Private-)

Morgan, Louise (Private-)

Morgan, Louise (Private-)

Morgan, Lub (Private-)

Morgan, Lynda Azenith (Private-)

Morgan, Madeline (Private-)

Morgan, Margaret (Private-)

Morgan, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Margarey (Private-)

Morgan, Maria (17 DEC 1885-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Maria M. (Private-)

Morgan, Marie (Private-)

Morgan, Marjorie (Private-)

Morgan, Marjorie (Private-)

Morgan, Mary (22 MAR 1812-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Mary (18 MAY 1788-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Mary (Private-)

Morgan, Mary Ann (10 OCT 1879-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Mary Ann (-BEF. 21 MAY 1885)

Morgan, Mary Ann (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Mary Annie (7 JAN 1920-FEB 2000)

Morgan, Mary E. (Private-)

Morgan, Mary Emma (4 MAR 1880-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Mary Jane (26 NOV 1864-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Mary Jane Polly (3 OCT 1845-1926)

Morgan, Mary Patience (5 NOV 1883-29 DEC 1937)

Morgan, Matthew Dayle (Private-)

Morgan, Maud (Private-)

Morgan, Maxine (Private-)

Morgan, Maxwell (Private-)

Morgan, Maxwell (Gordon) (Private-)

Morgan, Maxwell Max (Private-)

Morgan, Melvin (Private-)

Morgan, Melvina (Private-)

Morgan, Mildred (Private-)

Morgan, Mildred (Private-)

Morgan, Mildred Clara (Private-)

Morgan, Minetta (13 SEP 1881-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Minnie (Private-)

Morgan, Minnie (Private-)

Morgan, Mioses Osborne (28 AUG 1917-24 APR 1995)

Morgan, Muriel (DEC 1904-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Myrtle (Private-)

Morgan, Myrtle (6 APR 1928-17 MAY 1942)

Morgan, Naomi (SEP 1860-3 APR 1931)

Morgan, Nathaniel (ABT. 1867-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Nathaniel (15 NOV 1887-12 OCT 1963)

Morgan, Nathaniel (ABT. 1828-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Nelson (Private-)

Morgan, Nelson (Private-)

Morgan, Nelson (Private-)

Morgan, Newton Boyd (Private-)

Morgan, Noel (Private-)

Morgan, Norma Louise (Private-)

Morgan, Octavia. (Private-)

Morgan, Patience (27 OCT 1867-14 OCT 1902)

Morgan, Patience (14 FEB 1864-4 APR 1945)

Morgan, Patricia (Private-)

Morgan, Patrick (Private-)

Morgan, Paul Bruce (Private-)

Morgan, Phoebe (Private-)

Morgan, Phoebe (Private-)

Morgan, Phoebe (12 OCT 1899-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Polly (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Rachel (1881-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Ralph Agustus (Private-)

Morgan, Randolf William (Private-)

Morgan, Randy Morgan (Private-)

Morgan, Raymond (Private-)

Morgan, Rebecca (1855-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Reginald (Private-)

Morgan, Reginald (Private-)

Morgan, Reta (Private-)

Morgan, Reuben (FEB 1897-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Richard (6 AUG 1835-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Richard (ABT. 1803-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Richard William (ABT. 1853-ABT. 1908)

Morgan, Robert (27 FEB 1905-1965)

Morgan, Robert (Private-)

Morgan, Robert Abraham (10 APR 1884-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Robin (Private-)

Morgan, Rod (Private-)

Morgan, Ronald (30 SEP 1899-1 JAN 1989)

Morgan, Ronald (Private-)

Morgan, Ross (Private-)

Morgan, Roxanne (Private-)

Morgan, Ruth (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Ruth Elaine (Private-)

Morgan, Ruth Elizabeth (17 AUG 1939-1 AUG 1974)

Morgan, Salina (4 AUG 1886-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Samuel (JUL 1897-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Samuel (21 NOV 1894-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Samuel (1875-27 MAY 1893)

Morgan, Samuel (1862-17 AUG 1918)

Morgan, Samuel (JUL 1881-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Samuel Bishop (23 MAY 1894-1944)

Morgan, Samuel G. (JUL 1862-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Samuel G. (JUN 1902-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Samuel George (25 JUL 1925-1926)

Morgan, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Sarah Anne (26 NOV 1882-29 APR 1958)

Morgan, Sarah Jane (Private-)

Morgan, Sareh Ann (MAR 1883-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Selina (1880-17 MAR 1893)

Morgan, Shane Michael (Private-)

Morgan, Shirley (Private-)

Morgan, Shirley (Private-)

Morgan, Silas (1894-12 APR 1966)

Morgan, Solomon (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Stanley (Private-)

Morgan, Stella (Private-)

Morgan, Stephen (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Steward (11 OCT 1888-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Susanna (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Susanne (OCT 1893-21 APR 1992)

Morgan, Thelma (Private-)

Morgan, Tiffany (Private-)

Morgan, Timothy Ernest (Private-)

Morgan, Trevor Newton (Private-)

Morgan, Trudy (Private-)

Morgan, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Unnkown (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Valda (Private-)

Morgan, Verner (Private-)

Morgan, Victor (25 SEP 1909-30 OCT 1965)

Morgan, Voida (Private-)

Morgan, Walter (DEC 1876-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Walter (SEP 1904-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Wayne (Private-)

Morgan, Wilfred (Private-)

Morgan, Wilfred Byrne (20 OCT 1921-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, William (Private-)

Morgan, William (25 JAN 1807-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, William (Private-)

Morgan, William (Private-)

Morgan, William (FEB 1884-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, William (19 NOV 1854-16 MAY 1881)

Morgan, William (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, William (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, William (MAR 1783-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, William (Private-)

Morgan, William (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, William (1845-1 NOV 1927)

Morgan, William (ABT. 1835-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, William (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, William (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, William George (APR 1900-1985)

Morgan, William George (18 JUN 1861-12 JAN 1929)

Morgan, William Horace (Private-)

Morgan, William James (20 JUL 1891-28 JAN 1913)

Morgan, William James (20 JUN 1877-28 AUG 1959)

Morgan, William John (2 DEC 1877-11 OCT 1963)

Morgan, Willis (Private-)

Morgan, Winnie (-UNKNOWN)

Morgan, Winnifred (Private-)

Morgan, Winnifred (DEC 1899-ABT. 1990)

Morgan, Yvonne (Private-)

Morgan, Yvonne (Private-)



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