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Morgan?, Gleason (Private-)

Morley, Daniel (Private-)

Morley, Dylan (Private-)

Morressey, (Private-)

Morris, Clarence (Private-)

Morris, Clarence (Private-)

Morris, Clifford (Private-)

Morris, Darlene (Private-)

Morris, Gavin (Private-)

Morris, Leroy (Private-)

Morris, Nellie (Private-)

Morris, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)

Morris, Sarah (Sally) (1867-1935)

Morrison, Gordon (Private-)

Morrison, Jessica (Private-)

Morrison, Paul (Private-)

Morrison, Robert (Private-)

Morrissey, Cora (-1922)

Morrissey, Josephine (27 JUN 1899-24 JUN 1979)

Morrissey, Theresa (Private-)

Morrow, (Private-)

Morrow, Bruce Alan (Private-)

Morrow, Carolyn Dianne (Private-)

Morrow, Christopher Daniel (Private-)

Morrow, James Arthur (Private-)

Morrow, James Clinton (15 APR 1928-1 NOV 1995)

Morrow, Janet Suzanne (Private-)

Morrow, Jayme Lynn (Private-)

Morrow, Jeffery Clinton (Private-)

Morrow, Jeffery Clinton Jr (Private-)

Morrow, Jessika Nichole (Private-)

Morrow, Jonathan Bruce (Private-)

Morrow, Michael David (Private-)

Mortimer, Eric (Private-)

Mortimer, Rachel Ann (Private-)

Mosdell, Heber (FEB 1897-26 MAY 1938)

Mosdell, Marie (Private-)

Mosdell, Noah (1867-1954)

Mosdell, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)

Mosdell, Tom (Private-)

Mosher, Grace Bernice (7 AUG 1883-15 SEP 1964)

Mouland, Amber Danielle (Private-)

Mouland, David Lawerence (Private-)

Mouland, Debra Suzanne (Private-)

Mouland, June (Private-)

Mouland, June (Private-)

Mouland, Lucy (31 MAR 1914-17 JAN 1982)

Moulton, Alva Pearl (1907-7 MAR 1939)

Moulton, Edith (Private-)

Moulton, Edith Pardy (23 JUL 1916-14 JUN 1964)

Moulton, John (-UNKNOWN)

Moyse, Julia (-UNKNOWN)

Mueller, John (-UNKNOWN)

Mugford, Fanny Jane (1 NOV 1874-JUN 1967)

Mugford, Margaret Vera (Private-)

Mugford, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Mugford, Mary Anne Patty (DEC 1893-UNKNOWN)

Mugford, Rachael (-UNKNOWN)

Mugford, Robert (-UNKNOWN)

Mugford, William Henry (-UNKNOWN)

Mullen, Jason (Private-)

Mulley, Ern (Private-)

Mulley, Henry Charles (-UNKNOWN)

Mulley, Lottie Jane (Private-)

Mullins, Denise (Private-)

Mullins, Ernest (Private-)

Mullins, Glen (Private-)

Mullins, Paula (Private-)

Mummery, Bettina Teresa (Private-)

Munn, Terry (Private-)

Munro, Alec (Private-)

Munro, Brian (Private-)

Munro, David (Private-)

Munro, Jim (Private-)

Munro, Karen (Private-)

Munro, Loraine (Private-)

Munro, Natasha (Private-)

Munt, Clyde (Private-)

Munt, Clyde (Private-)

Munt, Craig (Private-)

Munt, Lauren Ashley (Private-)

Muriel, (21 FEB 1908-5 MAR 1909)

Murphy, Allan Thomas (Private-)

Murphy, Brenda Marie (Private-)

Murphy, Ella Maureen (Private-)

Murphy, Elva Hope (-UNKNOWN)

Murphy, Florence (Private-)

Murphy, George Walter (Private-)

Murphy, John (-UNKNOWN)

Murphy, John George (Private-)

Murphy, Josephine (Private-)

Murphy, Kelly Ann (Private-)

Murphy, Lee Alonzo (Private-)

Murphy, Lew (Private-)

Murphy, Margaret (Private-)

Murphy, Martha Frances (-UNKNOWN)

Murphy, Mary (Private-)

Murphy, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Murphy, Mary Ellen (Private-)

Murphy, Michael (Private-)

Murphy, Mike (Private-)

Murphy, Paddy (Private-)

Murphy, Patrick (-UNKNOWN)

Murphy, Patrick Joseph (Private-)

Murphy, Patrick Joseph (-UNKNOWN)

Murphy, Paula (Private-)

Murphy, Philip (Private-)

Murphy, Pius (Private-)

Murphy, Rose (Private-)

Murphy, Ross Patrick (Private-)

Murphy, Scott William (Private-)

Murphy, Sean Allan (Private-)

Murphy, Shawn (Private-)

Murphy, Wade (Private-)

Murphy, William Edward (Private-)

Murray, Harvey (Private-)

Murrin, (not related) (-UNKNOWN)

Murrin, Bridget (-UNKNOWN)

Murrin, Catherine (-UNKNOWN)

Murrin, Clara (-UNKNOWN)

Murrin, Edward (-UNKNOWN)

Murrin, Isabella Anne (15 JUN 1877-15 OCT 1957)

Murrin, John (-UNKNOWN)

Murrin, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Murrin, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Murrin, Stephen (-UNKNOWN)

Murrin, Stephen (-UNKNOWN)

Murrin, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)

Musseau, Karen Heather (Private-)

Myler, Carolyn (Private-)

Myler, John Donald (Private-)

Myles, Ashton G. (Private-)

Myra, (Private-)

Nanstiel, Dorothy (Private-)

Naomi, Fannie (-UNKNOWN)

Napier, Myrtle (1912-1965)

Nash, Marie (Private-)

Neal, Deboriah (Private-)

Neal, Mark (Private-)

Neal, Phil (Private-)

Nee?, Mary (31 MAY 1828-7 JUN 1885)

Nellie, (Private-)

Nellie, (-UNKNOWN)

Nellie, (Private-)

Nellie, Helen (ABT. 1907-11 APR 1984)

Neuens, Unknown (Private-)

Newbury, Charles (-UNKNOWN)

Newbury, Gloria (Private-)

Newbury, Joanne (Private-)

Newbury, Marion (Private-)

Newbury, Orville (Private-)

Newbury, Samuel (Private-)

Newell, (-UNKNOWN)

Newell, ? (-UNKNOWN)

Newell, Ann (-UNKNOWN)

Newell, Donald (Private-)

Newell, Edward (-UNKNOWN)

Newell, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Newell, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Newell, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Newell, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Newell, Frank (Private-)

Newell, Gillian Dawn (Private-)

Newell, Graham (Private-)

Newell, Harold (Private-)

Newell, James (-UNKNOWN)

Newell, Lillyan Olga (MAR 1919-28 JAN 2002)

Newell, Marie (Private-)

Newell, Mary (1915-19 JUN 1999)

Newell, Varrick J. (Private-)

Newell, Vera (Private-)

Newhook, Harold Leslie (-27 JUN 1997)

Newhook, Harvey Thomas (Private-)

Newman, Elaine (Private-)

Newman, Eliza (1874-1948)

Newman, George (1818-22 JUL 1886)

Newman, Louisa (JUN 1865-1948)

Newman, Rose Anna (Private-)

Nicol, Alastair (Private-)

Noble, Anne (Private-)

Noble, Jane (Private-)

Noel, Albert (-UNKNOWN)

Noel, Ambrose (-UNKNOWN)

Noel, Arthur (Private-)

Noel, Arthur (-UNKNOWN)

Noel, Betty (Private-)

Noel, Capt. Simeon (-UNKNOWN)

Noel, Evelyn (Private-)

Noel, Frank (Private-)

Noel, George (Private-)

Noel, Isabella (-UNKNOWN)

Noel, Jane (-UNKNOWN)

Noel, Janet (Private-)

Noel, John (-UNKNOWN)

Noel, John (Private-)

Noel, Joseph (Private-)

Noel, Laurence (Private-)

Noel, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Noel, Mary Anne (-UNKNOWN)

Noel, Stewart (-UNKNOWN)

Noel, Susannah (-UNKNOWN)

Noel, William (-UNKNOWN)

Noel, William (-UNKNOWN)

Noel, Zacharus (-UNKNOWN)

Nolan, Michael David (Private-)

Nolan, Robert (Private-)

Nora, (-UNKNOWN)

Nordeide, Albert Johanne Anderson (26 NOV 1902-20 MAR 1975)

Nordeide, Elizabeth (JUN 1940-JUN 1941)

Nordeide, John Anderson (-UNKNOWN)

Nordeide, Mary Margaret (Private-)

Norman, (-UNKNOWN)

Norman, Albert (Private-)

Norman, Albert (Private-)

Norman, Allan (Private-)

Norman, Alva (Private-)

Norman, Annie (Private-)

Norman, Barry (Private-)

Norman, Bonnie (Private-)

Norman, Bradley (Private-)

Norman, Bruce (Private-)

Norman, Carol (Private-)

Norman, Cindy (Private-)

Norman, Daisy (Private-)

Norman, Daphne (Private-)

Norman, David (-UNKNOWN)

Norman, David (Private-)

Norman, Dianne (Private-)

Norman, Douglas (Private-)

Norman, Edward (-UNKNOWN)

Norman, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Norman, Elizabeth (Private-)

Norman, Elsie (Private-)

Norman, Emma (Private-)

Norman, Ernest (Private-)

Norman, Gail (Private-)

Norman, Gary (Private-)

Norman, Glady's (Private-)

Norman, Glen (Private-)

Norman, Isaac (Private-)

Norman, James (Private-)

Norman, Janice (Private-)

Norman, Jesse (13 NOV 1896-29 SEP 1957)

Norman, John (-UNKNOWN)

Norman, Jordan (Private-)

Norman, Joseph (Private-)

Norman, June (Private-)

Norman, Kelly (Private-)

Norman, Kenneth (Private-)

Norman, Kenneth (Private-)

Norman, Levi (-UNKNOWN)

Norman, Linda (Private-)

Norman, Marguerite (Private-)

Norman, Naomi (Private-)

Norman, Paul (Private-)

Norman, Pauline (Private-)

Norman, Pearl (Private-)

Norman, Rebecca (Private-)

Norman, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)

Norman, Sarah (Private-)

Norman, Sarah (Private-)

Norman, Unknown (Private-)

Norman, William P. (-UNKNOWN)

Norman, Winnie (Private-)

Normore, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Norris, Alice (Private-)

Norris, Beverly Ann (Private-)

Norris, Christine (Private-)

Norris, Edith (Private-)

Norris, Gail Lynette (Private-)

Norris, Iris (Private-)

Norris, Jeanette Eliza (Private-)

Norris, Karen Elizabeth (Private-)

Norris, Lynne Vedelle (Private-)

Norris, Ruby (Private-)

Norris, Sterling (Private-)

Norris, Thomas (Private-)

Norris, Thomas William (Private-)

Norris, William Thomas (Private-)

North, John (-UNKNOWN)

Northon, Allan (Private-)

Northon, Brian (Private-)

Northon, Jennie (Private-)

Northover, Lizzie (Private-)

Noseworthy, (Private-)

Noseworthy, Albert (22 MAY 1880-7 JUN 1894)

Noseworthy, Albert Arthur (Private-)

Noseworthy, Allan (Private-)

Noseworthy, Arthur (Private-)

Noseworthy, Austin (Private-)

Noseworthy, Austin (Private-)

Noseworthy, Beryl (Private-)

Noseworthy, Bessie (Private-)

Noseworthy, Beverley (Private-)

Noseworthy, Calvin (Private-)

Noseworthy, Caroline (11 SEP 1892-26 MAY 1971)

Noseworthy, Charlotte (27 MAR 1891-11 JUN 1894)

Noseworthy, Christopher (Private-)

Noseworthy, Doreen (Private-)

Noseworthy, Edgar Reginald (Private-)

Noseworthy, Elijah (16 APR 1882-20 JUN 1894)

Noseworthy, Elizabeth Ann (ABT. 1917-11 DEC 1942)

Noseworthy, Elizabeth Ann (Private-)

Noseworthy, Elizabeth Squires (FEB 1837-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, Ellen (13 JUL 1889-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, Ernest (6 MAR 1909-14 MAR 1954)

Noseworthy, Fannie Naomi (10 MAR 1897-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, Fanny (-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, Fanny (ABT. 1862-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, Florence (20 NOV 1902-29 JUN 1991)

Noseworthy, Frances (1876-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, George (-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, George (BEF. 26 OCT 1879-4 SEP 1954)

Noseworthy, George (ABT. 1856-10 FEB 1916)

Noseworthy, George (-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, Gertrude (Private-)

Noseworthy, Gladys Margurite (Private-)

Noseworthy, Harriet (1867-3 AUG 1894)

Noseworthy, Hayward (Private-)

Noseworthy, Hazel (1893-1971)

Noseworthy, Heidi (Private-)

Noseworthy, Hilda (3 JAN 1892-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, Ida (JUL 1898-1926)

Noseworthy, Ida Mary (3 SEP 1880-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, Ivan (Private-)

Noseworthy, James (-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, James (7 JUL 1884-17 JUN 1894)

Noseworthy, James (ABT. 1849-7 MAY 1912)

Noseworthy, James (-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, James John (Private-)

Noseworthy, Jane (ABT. 1891-26 DEC 1972)

Noseworthy, Jessie Emma (19 NOV 1886-1985)

Noseworthy, John (ABT. NOV 1887-18 APR 1941)

Noseworthy, John (-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, John (-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, John Charles (27 MAY 1849-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, Josie (Private-)

Noseworthy, Laura (-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, Laura Bessie (Private-)

Noseworthy, Leah Pearl (Private-)

Noseworthy, Lisa (Private-)

Noseworthy, Lorne (Private-)

Noseworthy, Lottie B. (SEP 1917-8 MAY 1985)

Noseworthy, Louise (Private-)

Noseworthy, Margaret (12 SEP 1845-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, Mary (25 SEP 1884-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, Mary Ann (ABT. AUG 1890-25 FEB 1934)

Noseworthy, Mary-Jane (ABT. 1852-4 MAR 1905)

Noseworthy, Maureen (Private-)

Noseworthy, Melena Sarah (Private-)

Noseworthy, Minnie Florence (Private-)

Noseworthy, Moses (3 APR 1843-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, Nellie (Private-)

Noseworthy, Norman (22 MAR 1923-4 JUN 1993)

Noseworthy, Olive (Private-)

Noseworthy, Parmenas John (9 JUL 1889-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, Paula Mary Jane (Private-)

Noseworthy, Pearl (Private-)

Noseworthy, Peter (Private-)

Noseworthy, Peter (Private-)

Noseworthy, Rachel (ABT. 1892-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, Randy (Private-)

Noseworthy, Reuben (-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, Reuben Garland (Private-)

Noseworthy, Robert White (31 OCT 1882-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, Russell (Private-)

Noseworthy, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, Samuel (ABT. 1869-9 DEC 1945)

Noseworthy, Solomon (ABT. 1858-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, Sophia (13 NOV 1888-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, Stacey (Private-)

Noseworthy, Stanford (Private-)

Noseworthy, Steward (1858-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, Sylvia (Private-)

Noseworthy, Thomas (1856-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, Thomas (Private-)

Noseworthy, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, Una (Private-)

Noseworthy, Wallace (Private-)

Noseworthy, Will (-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, William (20 DEC 1906-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, William (Private-)

Noseworthy, William (-UNKNOWN)

Noseworthy, William (Private-)

Noseworthy, William Walter (1921-1995)

Noseworthy, Willie Edward (ABT. 1914-6 NOV 1963)

Nosewothy, William J. (-UNKNOWN)

Novelle, Pamella (Private-)

Nowell, Margarett (3 JAN 1905-18 DEC 1978)

Nugent, Gus (Private-)

Nugent, Ned (-UNKNOWN)

Nyhart, Paula (Private-)

O'Brian, Michael (Private-)

O'Brien, Ann (-UNKNOWN)

O'Brien, John (Private-)

O'Connell, John (-UNKNOWN)

O'Connor, Anne (-UNKNOWN)

O'Connor, Charles (-UNKNOWN)

O'Connor, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)

O'Connor, Edward (-UNKNOWN)

O'Connor, Ellen (19 OCT 1881-2 AUG 1960)

O'Connor, Frances Anastasia (29 JUN 1873-25 AUG 1934)

O'Connor, John Joseph (12 JAN 1877-JAN 1946)

O'Connor, Leo (-UNKNOWN)

O'Connor, Marie (-UNKNOWN)

O'Connor, Michael (-UNKNOWN)

O'Connor, Paul (Ben) (-UNKNOWN)

O'Connor, Thomas (Private-)

O'Connor, Thomas (Private-)

O'Connor, Thomas (Private-)

O'Connor, Thomas Francis (29 APR 1841-2 MAY 1916)

O'Dea, Deborah (Private-)

O'Dea, Fabian (Private-)

O'Dea, Jane Agnes (Private-)

O'Dea, Stephen Edgar (Private-)

O'Dea, Victoria "Viki" Mary (Private-)

O'Donnell, Mary Ann (Slavin) (-UNKNOWN)

O'Grady, George (-UNKNOWN)

O'Grady, Julia (Private-)

O'Grady, Monica (1912-1987)

O'Grady, William (7 APR 1873-UNKNOWN)

O'Keefe, Cathy (Private-)

O'Leary, Brian (Private-)

O'Qinn, Deanna Marie (Private-)

O'Qinn, Erin Melonie (Private-)

O'Qinn, Gary (Private-)

O'Reilly, Colleen Frances (Private-)

O'Reilly, Genevieve Muriel (Private-)

O'Reilly, Gertrude Mary (Private-)

O'Reilly, Joan Kathleen (Private-)

O'Reilly, Kevin Joseph (1934-1973)

O'Reilly, M. Chas (Private-)

O'Reilly, Margaret Lorraine (Private-)

O'Reilly, Michael Shan (1954-1984)

O'Reilly, Rosemary (1940-1945)

O'Reilly, Rudolph Edward (Private-)

O'Reilly, Shelagh Rosemary (Private-)

O'Reilly, William (1904-1987)

O'Reilly, William John (1932-1938)

O'Rielly, Christopher Gerard (Private-)

O'Rielly, Gerard Patrick (Private-)

O'Rielly, Jason Alexander (Private-)

O'Rielly, Jordan Matthew (Private-)

O'Rielly, Mary Ellen (16 JAN 1987-16 JAN 1987)

Oake, Adby Doris HILDA (Private-)

Oake, Alvin WOODROW Cecil (5 JAN 1929-1996)

Oake, Angela Audrey (Private-)

Oake, Archibald W. (17 SEP 1886-1981)

Oake, Aubrey (Private-)

Oake, Baby Boy (Private-)

Oake, Baby Girl (Private-)

Oake, Belinda Madeline (Private-)

Oake, Bennett L. (1924-6 APR 1982)

Oake, Bennett NEIL (Private-)

Oake, Betty Ann (Private-)

Oake, Blanche (Private-)

Oake, Boyce (Private-)

Oake, Bradley (Private-)

Oake, Bram (Private-)

Oake, Brandon (Private-)

Oake, Brandon Wayne (Private-)

Oake, Brian Jeffery (Private-)

Oake, Bruce (Private-)

Oake, Carol SANDRA (Private-)

Oake, Chantelle (Private-)

Oake, Charmaine Susanne (Private-)

Oake, Ches (Private-)

Oake, Christine (Private-)

Oake, Clarence (Private-)

Oake, Cody Freeman Leslie (Private-)

Oake, Connie (Private-)

Oake, Dana (Private-)

Oake, Dana Angela (Private-)

Oake, Darlene (Private-)

Oake, Darryl (Private-)

Oake, David (Private-)

Oake, David (Private-)

Oake, David John (Private-)

Oake, Dean (Private-)

Oake, Denise (Private-)

Oake, Densol BOYCE (Private-)

Oake, Donna (Private-)

Oake, Donna Faye (Private-)

Oake, Dora NETTA (Private-)

Oake, Doreen (Private-)

Oake, Dorothy (Private-)

Oake, Duane Lee (Private-)

Oake, Dwayne Dawson (Private-)

Oake, Dwayne Everett (Private-)

Oake, Edward Hayward (Private-)

Oake, Eileen (Private-)

Oake, Elsie Velma Bride (Private-)

Oake, Elsie Velma Bride (Private-)

Oake, Elvis (Private-)

Oake, Elvis (Private-)

Oake, Ethel (Private-)

Oake, Evelyn NELLIE (Private-)

Oake, Ford (Private-)

Oake, Frank (Private-)

Oake, Geneva Ruby (15 JUL 1930-16 AUG 1980)

Oake, George (30 JUN 1890-3 FEB 1983)

Oake, Gerald (Private-)

Oake, Gerald Hubert (Private-)

Oake, Goldine (Private-)

Oake, Grace (Private-)

Oake, Harold (Private-)

Oake, Heather Jean (Private-)

Oake, Helen Ruth (20 MAR 1945-22 JUN 1994)

Oake, Ivan (Private-)

Oake, James Albert (28 JUN 1895-22 NOV 1979)

Oake, Jared James Leon (Private-)

Oake, Jemima (29 JUN 1893-17 SEP 1981)

Oake, Jesse (Private-)

Oake, Joan (Private-)

Oake, Joseph (OCT 1864-1938)

Oake, Josiah John (Private-)

Oake, Joyce (Private-)

Oake, June (Private-)

Oake, Karl George (Private-)

Oake, Krista (Private-)

Oake, Leslie Basil (Private-)

Oake, Leslie Lawerence (Private-)

Oake, Lewis (Private-)

Oake, Leyton (Private-)

Oake, Lillian (Private-)

Oake, Lisa (Private-)

Oake, Lorraine (Private-)

Oake, Ludrick HARVEY (Private-)

Oake, Maggie (Private-)

Oake, Marilyn Gail (Private-)

Oake, Marjorie (Private-)

Oake, Melinda GEORGINA (Private-)

Oake, Michelle (Private-)

Oake, Monty (Private-)

Oake, Nancy Helen (Private-)

Oake, Norena (FEB 1903-22 JUL 1987)

Oake, Norena Jane (Private-)

Oake, Norman WESLEY (Private-)

Oake, Patricia MAGGIE (Private-)

Oake, Paul Jeffrey (Private-)

Oake, Paulette (Private-)

Oake, Pauline (Private-)

Oake, Percy GERALD (Private-)

Oake, Peter Bramwell (1917-16 JUN 1918)

Oake, Philip (Private-)

Oake, Raymond (Private-)

Oake, Roby (-UNKNOWN)

Oake, Roland DOMINO (Private-)

Oake, Ross (Private-)

Oake, Royburn George (Private-)

Oake, Sadie Donna Bell (Private-)

Oake, Sandra Ruby Maurine (Private-)

Oake, Scott Victor (Private-)

Oake, Selby Dawson (Private-)

Oake, Selma Gladys Marie (Private-)

Oake, Shannon (Private-)

Oake, Sheldon Royston (Private-)

Oake, Sherman (Private-)

Oake, Sherry (Private-)

Oake, Sherry Maxine Lavina (Private-)

Oake, Shirley Marie (Private-)

Oake, Silas William (Private-)

Oake, Solomon Rideout (16 JAN 1929-15 MAY 1977)

Oake, Sophie (Private-)

Oake, Stanley (3 JUN 1903-15 DEC 1984)

Oake, Stella Marie (Private-)

Oake, Stephanie Deanna Johnena (Private-)

Oake, Steven Ryan (Private-)

Oake, Susan (Private-)

Oake, Sylvia Margaret (Private-)

Oake, Terry (Private-)

Oake, Theresa (Private-)

Oake, Thomas (Private-)

Oake, Thomas John (20 APR 1897-5 APR 1971)

Oake, Timothy (Private-)

Oake, Todd (Private-)

Oake, Tracey Lori Rochelle (Private-)

Oake, Uriah (ROY) Pierce (Private-)

Oake, Verda Michelle (Private-)

Oake, Victor RAYMOND (Private-)

Oake, Victoria (Private-)

Oake, Viola Rita (Private-)

Oake, Wanda Lou (Private-)

Oake, Wayne Clyde (Private-)

Oake, Zena Madonna (Private-)

Oakes, Roy (Private-)

Oakley, Ethel (Private-)

Obed, Emily (Private-)

Obrien, George (Private-)

Obrien, George (Private-)

Obrien, Sean (Private-)

Ogden, June (Private-)

Ogle, James (-UNKNOWN)

Ogle, Kenneth (Private-)

Oldford, Jessie (1884-1961)

Olga, (Private-)

Olga, (Private-)

Olga, (Private-)

Olive, UNKNOWN (1917-1997)

Oliver, Alice (Private-)

Oliver, Amanda Marie (Private-)

Oliver, Anna Marie (Private-)

Oliver, Bertha Suzanne (29 SEP 1900-UNKNOWN)

Oliver, Brenda Karen (Private-)

Oliver, Carmel Helen (Private-)

Oliver, Christopher William (Private-)

Oliver, Douglas Carl (Private-)

Oliver, Elaine Catherine (Private-)

Oliver, Eugene (Private-)

Oliver, Eugene (Private-)

Oliver, Gerald (26 AUG 1931-22 DEC 1997)

Oliver, Gerald Paul (Private-)

Oliver, Jemima (-UNKNOWN)

Oliver, Josephine Mary (Private-)

Oliver, Kimberley Ann (Private-)

Oliver, Marjorie (-UNKNOWN)

Oliver, Michael Paul (Private-)

Oliver, Natasha Lee (Private-)

Oliver, Sampson (Private-)

Oliver, Thomas Marcel (Private-)

Oliver, Walter Francis (Private-)

Oliver, Walter Ronald (Private-)

Oliver., Sarah Jane (-UNKNOWN)

Olschewsky, Vera (Private-)

Olsen, Michael (Private-)

Olson, Nellie (1898-2 SEP 1973)

Olson, Nelson (Private-)

Orr, Daniel (Private-)

Orr, Dorothy (Private-)

Orr, Shenley (Private-)

Orr, Tyler (Private-)

Osborne, Floral (ABT. 1890-UNKNOWN)

Ovarey, Kathy (Private-)

Owens, Roseanne (-UNKNOWN)

Pack, Gladys (Private-)

Pack, Shirley (Private-)

Paddock, Albert Thomas (Private-)

Paddock, Donna (Private-)

Paddock, Ford (Private-)

Paddock, Ford Clarence (Private-)

Paddock, Henry THOMAS (1880-1967)

Paddock, Ishmeal (-UNKNOWN)

Paddock, Noressa (Private-)

Paddock, Rex (Private-)

Paddock, Rhona (Private-)

Paddock, Sadie Lulu (Private-)

Paddock, Sandra (Private-)

Page, Chester R. (-UNKNOWN)

Page, Diana Helene (Private-)

Page, Robert C. (Private-)

Palliser, Aloce (Private-)

Palliser, Emily (Private-)

Palliser, Eva (Private-)

Palliser, Lucy (-UNKNOWN)

Palliser, Nelly (Private-)

Palmer, Alice (-UNKNOWN)

Palmer, Everett (Private-)

Palmer, Lillian Maude (1900-1965)

Palmer, Mary Ann (Polly) (-1940)

Palmer, Mildred (Private-)

Palmer, Susan (1856-UNKNOWN)


Palmer, Watson (-UNKNOWN)

Pamela, (Private-)

Paquette, Alyse Yvonne (Private-)

Paquette, Gerard Maurice (Private-)

Paquette, Lucas Urbain (Private-)

Paquette, Urbain (Private-)

Pardy, Adelaide (29 APR 1900-UNKNOWN)

Pardy, Andrew (-UNKNOWN)

Pardy, Belle (1905-5 MAR 1990)

Pardy, Bessie (Private-)

Pardy, Carol (Private-)

Pardy, Clayton (Private-)

Pardy, Clayton Kirby (Private-)

Pardy, Clifton (Private-)

Pardy, Craig (Private-)

Pardy, Craig (Private-)

Pardy, Crystal (Private-)

Pardy, Denise (Private-)

Pardy, Derrick (Private-)

Pardy, Dorothy (Private-)

Pardy, Edith (Private-)

Pardy, Effie (15 NOV 1921-25 DEC 1998)

Pardy, Florence (-UNKNOWN)

Pardy, Florence (Private-)

Pardy, Florence (4 OCT 1923-6 OCT 1934)

Pardy, George (Private-)

Pardy, George (Private-)

Pardy, George (-UNKNOWN)

Pardy, Jane (-UNKNOWN)

Pardy, Jewel (Private-)

Pardy, Jill (Private-)

Pardy, John (1902-21 DEC 1936)

Pardy, John (18 SEP 1893-31 DEC 1926)

Pardy, Johnathon (Private-)

Pardy, Kathie (Private-)

Pardy, Mary (Private-)

Pardy, Melvin (Private-)

Pardy, Mykala (Private-)

Pardy, Pamala (Private-)

Pardy, Peter (1849-7 APR 1917)

Pardy, Peter G (24 MAY 1918-19 DEC 1923)

Pardy, Rachel (Private-)

Pardy, Rachel (7 SEP 1890-UNKNOWN)

Pardy, Rhonda (Private-)

Pardy, Stephen (Private-)

Pardy, William (5 MAY 1896-UNKNOWN)

Pardy, William (Private-)

Park, Peggy (Private-)

Parker, Joyce Marion (Private-)

Parrell, Margaret (Private-)

Parrott, Edna (Private-)

Parrott, Fannie (Private-)

Parrott, George (Private-)

Parrott, Harriett (-UNKNOWN)

Parsley, Gus (Private-)

Parsons, Adelaide (1882-4 MAR 1906)

Parsons, Alfred (-UNKNOWN)

Parsons, Alfred Arthur (Private-)

Parsons, Annie (-UNKNOWN)

Parsons, Bert (Private-)

Parsons, Bessie (MAY 1891-UNKNOWN)

Parsons, Bina Belle (Private-)

Parsons, Carla (Private-)

Parsons, Cecil (-UNKNOWN)

Parsons, Cecil Victor (Private-)

Parsons, Cindy (Private-)

Parsons, David (Private-)

Parsons, Edwin Lamont (31 DEC 1909-11 APR 1985)

Parsons, Effie Winnifred Blanche (Private-)

Parsons, Ellen (30 MAR 1863-21 APR 1934)

Parsons, Ellen (30 MAR 1863-21 APR 1934)

Parsons, Ern (Private-)

Parsons, Esther Etta (20 AUG 1883-UNKNOWN)

Parsons, Frederick John (1924-1987)

Parsons, George (NOV 1841-1929)

Parsons, George (-UNKNOWN)

Parsons, Grace (-UNKNOWN)

Parsons, Grace (Private-)

Parsons, Gregort (Private-)

Parsons, Harold Winston (Private-)

Parsons, Hayward (JUL 1902-UNKNOWN)

Parsons, Henry (Private-)

Parsons, John (-UNKNOWN)

Parsons, Joshua (Private-)

Parsons, Josiah (1873-1960)

Parsons, Lavinia (ABT. 1890-UNKNOWN)

Parsons, Leyton William (Private-)

Parsons, Lloyd Norman (Private-)

Parsons, Lucy Livinia (ABT. 1894-UNKNOWN)

Parsons, Man? (-UNKNOWN)

Parsons, Marie (Private-)

Parsons, Mary (JAN 1904-UNKNOWN)

Parsons, Mary Ann (-UNKNOWN)

Parsons, Mary Louisa (21 JAN 1895-3 NOV 1918)

Parsons, Maxwell William (OCT 1906-27 AUG 1939)

Parsons, Molly (-UNKNOWN)

Parsons, Naomi (JUL 1852-NOV 1945)

Parsons, Naomi F. (JUL 1853-NOV 1945)

Parsons, Peter (MAY 1878-UNKNOWN)

Parsons, Richard H. (1851-1912)

Parsons, Rita Mazie Edith (Private-)

Parsons, Robyn (Private-)

Parsons, Sarah (1847-1926)

Parsons, Sarah Jane (-UNKNOWN)

Parsons, Serena (Private-)

Parsons, Shirley (Private-)

Parsons, Sidney John (1904-1980)

Parsons, Stephen (-UNKNOWN)

Parsons, Stephen (-UNKNOWN)

Parsons, Steven (Private-)

Parsons, Tammy (Private-)

Parsons, Ted (Private-)

Parsons, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)

Parsons, Wade (Private-)

Parsons, William Henry (ABT. 1898-21 JUN 1958)

Parsons, Zachery (Private-)

Pasher, George Hedley (-UNKNOWN)

Pasher, Rita Blanche Sisley Mercer (9 OCT 1910-1 DEC 1997)

Patience, (-UNKNOWN)

Patience, (-UNKNOWN)

Patience, (NOV 1870-UNKNOWN)

Patience, (NOV 1882-UNKNOWN)

Patience, (-UNKNOWN)

Patience, (-UNKNOWN)

Patience, (ABT. 1796-UNKNOWN)

Patience, Emma (ABT. OCT 1800-21 JAN 1873)


Patish, Laura Lulu (-UNKNOWN)

Patricia, (Private-)

Patten, (Private-)

Patten, Allan (Private-)

Patten, Edward (Private-)

Patten, Ewart (Private-)

Patten, Pearl (-UNKNOWN)

Patten, Pearl (-UNKNOWN)

Patten, Pearl (-UNKNOWN)

Patten, Pearl (-UNKNOWN)

Patten, Pearl (-UNKNOWN)

Patten, Pearl (-UNKNOWN)

Patten, Pearl (-UNKNOWN)

Patten, Ruby (Private-)

Patterson, Donna Lorraine (Private-)

Patterson, Douglas Stanley (Private-)

Patterson, Janice Lynn (Private-)

Patterson, Lori Ann (Private-)

Patterson, Paul (Private-)

Patterson, Paul (Private-)

Patterson, Paul (Private-)

Patterson, William (Private-)

Pauls, Angela (Private-)

Pauls, Carrie (Private-)

Pauls, Charles (Private-)

Pauls, Christopher (Private-)

Pauls, Corinne (Private-)

Pauls, David (Private-)

Pauls, Holly (Private-)

Pauls, Jordan (Private-)

Pauls, Michael (Private-)

Pauls, Raymond (Private-)

Pauls, Richard (Private-)

Pauls, Scott (Private-)

Pauls, Steven (Private-)

Pauls, Steven (Private-)

Pauls, Summer (Private-)

Pauls, Susan (Private-)

Pauls, Thomas (Private-)

Pauls, Timothy (Private-)

Pauls, Timothy (Private-)

Pauls, William (Private-)

Pauls, William (-UNKNOWN)

Pauls, William (-UNKNOWN)

Paxton, Amy (Private-)

Paxton, Russell (Private-)

Payne, Clayton ROSS (Private-)

Payne, David Dexter (Private-)

Payne, Derek Wayne (Private-)

Payne, Dexter (29 AUG 1930-22 OCT 1999)

Payne, Donald (Private-)

Payne, Edwin (Ned) (Private-)

Payne, Elizabeth (Private-)

Payne, Girl (Private-)

Payne, Julia (Private-)

Payne, Karissa Elizabeth (Private-)

Payne, Katrina Crystal (Private-)

Payne, Serena Allison (Private-)

Payne, Winston GARRY (Private-)

Paynter, John (Private-)

Paynter, John (Private-)

Peach, Myrtle (18 DEC 1911-1990)

Pearce, Archibald (-UNKNOWN)

Pearce, Hector (Private-)

Pearce, Jean (Private-)

Pearce, Jessie Maud (7 MAY 1915-24 FEB 1986)

Pearl, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Pearson, Christine (Private-)

Pearson, David (Private-)

Pearson, Francis Laury (29 APR 1944-3 APR 1969)

Pearson, Gary (Private-)

Pearson, Ira Francis (Private-)

Pearson, Joan (Private-)

Pearson, Karen (Private-)

Pearson, Kenneth (Private-)

Pearson, Kenneth Michael (Private-)

Pearson, Meghan (Private-)

Pearson, William (-UNKNOWN)

Peary, Jemima Martin (-UNKNOWN)

Peckford, Ethelinda (-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, (-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Abraham (JAN 1850-25 MAY 1922)

Peddle, Abuah (11 DEC 1888-12 OCT 1980)

Peddle, Alexander (-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Alice (-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Amelia (18 DEC 1859-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Amelia Jane (ABT. 1859-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Andrew Ernest (NOV 1896-17 OCT 1944)

Peddle, Annie (ABT. 1891-14 SEP 1936)

Peddle, Annie (Private-)

Peddle, Annie (-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Annie (-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Archer (AUG 1894-3 JAN 1974)

Peddle, Barbara Hazel (Private-)

Peddle, Beatrice (Private-)

Peddle, Belinda (4 OCT 1869-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Belinda (11 DEC 1888-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Bertha Mary (15 OCT 1913-30 MAR 1932)

Peddle, Bertha Mary (2 OCT 1890-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Bertha May (2 OCT 1890-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Betty-Lou (Private-)

Peddle, Blanche (Private-)

Peddle, Caleb (1820-1 OCT 1884)

Peddle, Caleb (FEB 1886-26 NOV 1962)

Peddle, Calvin Maxwell (1941-16 JUL 1999)

Peddle, Calvin Maxwell (Jr.) (Private-)

Peddle, Caroline (23 NOV 1861-30 MAR 1891)

Peddle, Catherine (12 JUL 1887-28 JAN 1889)

Peddle, Cecil (Private-)

Peddle, Cecilia (Private-)

Peddle, Cecilia Simms (27 MAR 1902-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Ches (Private-)

Peddle, Clara (ABT. 1884-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Corinne Nanette (Private-)

Peddle, Daphne (Private-)

Peddle, David (15 FEB 1883-1932)

Peddle, David (1850-1925)

Peddle, David I (JUL 1840-30 AUG 1925)

Peddle, Deliliah (Private-)

Peddle, Deliliah M (-23 APR 1905)

Peddle, Derrick Cyril (Private-)

Peddle, Doreen (Private-)

Peddle, Douglas (ABT. 1913-29 OCT 1967)

Peddle, Edna (Private-)

Peddle, Elaine (Private-)

Peddle, Eliazbeth Mae (21 MAY 1778-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Elijah (Private-)

Peddle, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Ellen (8 APR 1890-19 OCT 1978)

Peddle, Ellen (8 APR 1890-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Ellen Katherine (1892-2 MAR 1970)

Peddle, Eugene (OCT 1891-26 DEC 1966)

Peddle, Eugene (Private-)

Peddle, Family (-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Fanny Belle (Private-)

Peddle, Florence (OCT 1894-31 AUG 1896)

Peddle, Florence E (1900-17 JUL 1912)

Peddle, Francis (1700-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Francis (1747-20 MAY 1817)

Peddle, Freeman (Private-)

Peddle, George (4 MAR 1810-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, George (JAN 1876-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, George (ABT. 1860-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, George Edward (23 NOV 1866-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, George Henry (-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Gerald Robert (Private-)

Peddle, Gisele (Private-)

Peddle, Grace (22 MAY 1807-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Grace (14 DEC 1894-10 JUN 1964)

Peddle, Grace Maria (NOV 1767-1843)

Peddle, Gregory (Private-)

Peddle, Harvey (28 JUN 1898-7 APR 1966)

Peddle, Hayward J. (Private-)

Peddle, Hayward Jesse (Private-)

Peddle, Holly (Private-)

Peddle, Howard (Private-)

Peddle, Jamie (Private-)

Peddle, Jennifer (Private-)

Peddle, Jessica (Private-)

Peddle, Joanna (1 JUN 1894-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, John (AUG 1853-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, John (Private-)

Peddle, John (Private-)

Peddle, John (1888-28 JUL 1957)

Peddle, John (-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, John (ABT. 1852-15 OCT 1944)

Peddle, John (JUL 1840-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, John (ABT. 1824-30 MAY 1886)

Peddle, John Brett (28 JAN 1909-1992)

Peddle, John I (14 FEB 1815-27 JUN 1897)

Peddle, John Jack (30 SEP 1896-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Johnthan (Private-)

Peddle, Jonathan (14 JUN 1872-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Josephine Jocelyn (Private-)

Peddle, Julia (Private-)

Peddle, Julia (Private-)

Peddle, Kayla (Private-)

Peddle, Larry (Private-)

Peddle, Leander (SEP 1885-27 MAR 1935)

Peddle, Lettice (SEP 1876-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Levi (ABT. 1655-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Lewis (Private-)

Peddle, Marina (Private-)

Peddle, Marion (Private-)

Peddle, Mark (9 NOV 1898-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Mark (OCT 1879-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Mark Peddle (2 APR 1888-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Mary (21 NOV 1886-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Mary Katherine (-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Maxwell G (FEB 1911-8 DEC 1988)

Peddle, Moses (14 FEB 1859-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Moses (25 APR 1884-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Moses Lundrick (3 SEP 1914-9 SEP 1952)

Peddle, Patrick (Private-)

Peddle, Phoebe (Private-)

Peddle, Rebecca (NOV 1885-1972)

Peddle, Robert (Private-)

Peddle, Robert (29 AUG 1863-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Roland Clarence (Private-)

Peddle, Rowland (FEB 1901-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Rowland Chesley (-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Ruth (Private-)

Peddle, Sarah Jane (1892-1 JAN 1910)

Peddle, Selena (13 MAY 1852-3 NOV 1915)

Peddle, Solomon (-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Solomon (13 SEP 1812-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Susannah (1846-10 MAY 1913)

Peddle, Susannah (Private-)

Peddle, Tanya (Private-)

Peddle, Tanya Audrey (Private-)

Peddle, Thomas (Private-)

Peddle, Thomas (OCT 1898-1958)

Peddle, Thomas Douglas (Private-)

Peddle, Thomas Uriah (12 FEB 1909-7 MAR 1910)

Peddle, Triffy (Private-)

Peddle, Viny (NOV 1804-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Wayne (Private-)

Peddle, William (ABT. 1680-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, William (22 FEB 1869-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, William (27 OCT 1882-12 FEB 1953)

Peddle, William (Private-)

Peddle, William (10 DEC 1775-1855)

Peddle, William (15 SEP 1863-1 APR 1917)

Peddle, William (1745-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, William C. (ABT. 1903-18 NOV 1941)

Peddle, William Freeman (NOV 1905-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Willim (ABT. 1819-UNKNOWN)

Peddle, Winston (Private-)



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