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Pelley, Aaron (1905-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Aaron (1846-30 OCT 1894)

Pelley, Abel (Private-)

Pelley, Ada Muriel (Private-)

Pelley, Adelaide (3 SEP 1878-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Albert Paul (Private-)

Pelley, Alexander (1820-6 AUG 1907)

Pelley, Alexander (22 MAR 1880-17 JUL 1971)

Pelley, Alexander (1776-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Alexe Grace (Private-)

Pelley, Alfred (1897-1942)

Pelley, Alfred (1853-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Alfred (Alfie) (Private-)

Pelley, Alfred (Skipper) (-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Alfred Boyd (Private-)

Pelley, Alfred George (7 DEC 1925-FEB 1992)

Pelley, Alfred James (23 JUL 1909-23 MAY 1978)

Pelley, Allen E. (Private-)

Pelley, Alma (Private-)

Pelley, Alma Blanche (Private-)

Pelley, Ambrose (SEP 1881-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Amelia (Millie) (29 SEP 1903-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Amelia Winifred (19 MAR 1938-24 AUG 1997)

Pelley, Andrew Jonathan (Private-)

Pelley, Ann (-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Ann (1892-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Ann Leslie (Private-)

Pelley, Ann V. (Private-)

Pelley, Annie (Private-)

Pelley, Annie (1884-1970)

Pelley, Annie May (1908-1984)

Pelley, Annie Myra (27 OCT 1889-1977)

Pelley, Annie Velma (Private-)

Pelley, Arthur Baxter (11 NOV 1923-12 JUN 1966)

Pelley, Arthur James Wilson (7 MAY 1895-9 OCT 1972)

Pelley, Austin (Private-)

Pelley, Austin (Private-)

Pelley, Barbara (Private-)

Pelley, Barrzillai (JUL 1871-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Beatrice (Private-)

Pelley, Beatrice May (Private-)

Pelley, Benjamin (1913-1995)

Pelley, Bernard (Private-)

Pelley, Bernard Frederick (1941-14 NOV 1989)

Pelley, Bernette Ann (1891-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Bernice Blanche (Private-)

Pelley, Betty (Private-)

Pelley, Blair (Private-)

Pelley, Blanche (Private-)

Pelley, Bonny Anne (Private-)

Pelley, Breanna Lynn (Private-)

Pelley, Brent (Private-)

Pelley, Burns Allan (27 AUG 1915-13 SEP 1979)

Pelley, Caleb (Private-)

Pelley, Calvin Richard (Private-)

Pelley, Camilla (1898-1985)

Pelley, Carolyn Jean (Private-)

Pelley, Cassandra (1843-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Catherine (-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Catherine (1869-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Cecil C. (Private-)

Pelley, Charles (13 SEP 1951-12 JUN 1966)

Pelley, Charles (1849-1924)

Pelley, Charles (-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Charlotte (1877-1950)

Pelley, Charlotte (Private-)

Pelley, Chesley (Private-)

Pelley, Chesley Seth (1910-1910)

Pelley, Chrissie (Private-)

Pelley, Chrissie (Private-)

Pelley, Clara (Private-)

Pelley, Clara Dorothy (Private-)

Pelley, Colleen Gloria (Private-)

Pelley, Cora L. (Private-)

Pelley, Cornelius (Private-)

Pelley, Cornelius (27 JUL 1861-1936)

Pelley, Cornelius (23 MAR 1885-21 AUG 1966)

Pelley, Craig Milton (Private-)

Pelley, Cynthia Ruth (Private-)

Pelley, Cyril (25 OCT 1918-25 JUL 1973)

Pelley, Daniel (1911-1930)

Pelley, Daniel (dup) (1870-1950)

Pelley, Daniel (dup) (1870-1950)

Pelley, Daniel Jewett (Private-)

Pelley, Daniel Pike (1867-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Darlene (Private-)

Pelley, Darryl Sean (Private-)

Pelley, David (Private-)

Pelley, David (Private-)

Pelley, David Matthew (Private-)

Pelley, Dawn Elaine (Private-)

Pelley, Derek Keith (Private-)

Pelley, Donald (Private-)

Pelley, Doris (Private-)

Pelley, Doris Margaret (19 FEB 1920-1995)

Pelley, Edith (dup) (5 FEB 1903-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Edith (dup) (5 FEB 1903-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Edmund (1891-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Edmund (1844-1911)

Pelley, Edward Arthur (20 AUG 1894-14 OCT 1954)

Pelley, Edward Arthur II (18 JUL 1922-21 AUG 1977)

Pelley, Effie (1919-1939)

Pelley, Eileen (Private-)

Pelley, Elaine (Private-)

Pelley, Eleanor (AUG 1824-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Elijah Baxter (Private-)

Pelley, Eliza (1892-1976)

Pelley, Eliza Jane (1887-1890)

Pelley, Eliza Nellie May (1910-3 OCT 1997)

Pelley, Elizabeth (1801-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Elizabeth (1871-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Elizabeth Ellen (Nellie) (1889-23 FEB 1918)

Pelley, Elizabeth Florence (22 OCT 1924-1 JUL 2002)

Pelley, Ella (Private-)

Pelley, Ellen (23 JUN 1849-27 DEC 1931)

Pelley, Ellis (21 NOV 1887-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Elsie Elizabeth (Bette) (Private-)

Pelley, Emily (1878-1939)

Pelley, Emily (1861-1927)

Pelley, Emily (21 APR 1870-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Emily Mary (22 AUG 1846-25 JUN 1931)

Pelley, Emily Mary Parsons (21 SEP 1892-13 JAN 1950)

Pelley, Emma (Private-)

Pelley, Enid Blanche (Private-)

Pelley, Enid Blanche (Private-)

Pelley, Ethel (5 AUG 1908-15 SEP 2000)

Pelley, Ethel (Private-)

Pelley, Ethel (1880-1957)

Pelley, Evonne (Private-)

Pelley, Faith E. (1928-23 MAY 1943)

Pelley, Florence (Floss) (Private-)

Pelley, Frances (Private-)

Pelley, Frances (Private-)

Pelley, Frank (Private-)

Pelley, Frank G. (12 JAN 1904-19 NOV 1960)

Pelley, Frank Harris (1891-1961)

Pelley, Fred M. (Private-)

Pelley, Frederick (1846-1934)

Pelley, Frederick Gordon (12 JUL 1908-2 NOV 1980)

Pelley, Frederick Joseph (1886-1916)

Pelley, Gary Warrick (Private-)

Pelley, George (17 JAN 1875-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, George (-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, George (1805-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, George (1888-1951)

Pelley, George (14 JAN 1805-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, George Cecil (14 JUN 1906-25 JAN 1995)

Pelley, Gerald Baxter (Private-)

Pelley, German (1869-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Gertrude (Private-)

Pelley, Glen John (Private-)

Pelley, Gordon Randlett (7 JAN 1924-22 NOV 1997)

Pelley, Grace (Private-)

Pelley, Gregory (Private-)

Pelley, Harold (Private-)

Pelley, Harold (-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Harold Olifant (14 JUL 1899-MAR 1960)

Pelley, Harriett (1825-5 DEC 1900)

Pelley, Harrison (Private-)

Pelley, Harrison Joseph (1899-1960)

Pelley, Harrison Livingston (1870-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Harvey (Private-)

Pelley, Hector William (Jr.) (Private-)

Pelley, Hector William (Sr.) (19 SEP 1919-20 FEB 1945)

Pelley, Hedley (Private-)

Pelley, Henrietta Taylor (1886-1979)

Pelley, Henry Thomas (1866-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Hettie Velma (Private-)

Pelley, Hilda Lily (Private-)

Pelley, Hubert Joseph (5 OCT 1885-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Ida (1870-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Ida (Private-)

Pelley, Irad (29 MAR 1876-15 JUN 1950)

Pelley, Irene (Private-)

Pelley, James (15 NOV 1847-1927)

Pelley, James (1803-14 OCT 1878)

Pelley, James (1762-27 APR 1856)

Pelley, James (-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, James Alexander (Jim) (1881-1945)

Pelley, James Holman (Private-)

Pelley, Jane (Private-)

Pelley, Jane Crissie (29 JUN 1882-1973)

Pelley, Jane Elizabeth (Private-)

Pelley, Janet (1854-14 FEB 1934)

Pelley, Janet (9 APR 1872-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Jason (Private-)

Pelley, Jennifer Lauren (Private-)

Pelley, Jennifer Marie (Private-)

Pelley, Jessie (Private-)

Pelley, Joan (Private-)

Pelley, Joan Laura (Private-)

Pelley, Job (7 DEC 1817-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Joey (Private-)

Pelley, John (1853-1933)

Pelley, John (5 APR 1810-MAR 1876)

Pelley, John (1818-11 AUG 1824)

Pelley, John (-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, John (1808-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, John (-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, John (Jack) (1878-1947)

Pelley, John (Sr.) (15 AUG 1842-3 SEP 1925)

Pelley, John Bradlope (1864-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, John Clap (1816-1903)

Pelley, John Mark (1795-11 AUG 1824)

Pelley, John Thomas (1881-1959)

Pelley, John Thomas (Johnny) (11 OCT 1854-1929)

Pelley, Jonathan (1888-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Jonathan Randlett (Private-)

Pelley, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Joseph (19 JUN 1814-1 OCT 1879)

Pelley, Joseph (Private-)

Pelley, Joseph (1845-1919)

Pelley, Joseph (Joe) (Private-)

Pelley, Joseph (dup) (-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Joseph (dup) (1819-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Joseph Arthur (1884-1957)

Pelley, Josiah (1768-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Joyce (Private-)

Pelley, Jude Henderson Alfred Michael (Private-)

Pelley, Kathleen Violet (Private-)

Pelley, Kitchner (Private-)

Pelley, Krista Bernice (Private-)

Pelley, Laura (Private-)

Pelley, Laura Denise (Private-)

Pelley, Laura Jean (Private-)

Pelley, Leah (Private-)

Pelley, Leonard C. (Private-)

Pelley, Leslie John (Private-)

Pelley, Lester (Private-)

Pelley, Lewis (Private-)

Pelley, Lewis (Private-)

Pelley, Lilian (Lily) (1891-25 JUL 1967)

Pelley, Lillian (Private-)

Pelley, Lillian J. (Private-)

Pelley, Lily Blanche (JAN 1902-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Lincoln (16 FEB 1906-SEP 1974)

Pelley, Linda (Private-)

Pelley, Linda Sue (Private-)

Pelley, Lisa (2 DEC 1965-4 APR 1998)

Pelley, Lisa Coleen (Private-)

Pelley, Llewellyn (dup) (8 DEC 1916-9 MAY 1995)

Pelley, Llewellyn (dup) (8 DEC 1916-9 MAY 1995)

Pelley, Lloyd (Private-)

Pelley, Lori Michelle (Private-)

Pelley, Louisa (-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Louisa Frances (Private-)

Pelley, Lucy Ann (1857-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Luther (1872-1945)

Pelley, Lydia (1889-1976)

Pelley, Mabel (Private-)

Pelley, Mabel Florence (19 OCT 1905-13 NOV 1978)

Pelley, Malcolm (1874-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Margaret (Private-)

Pelley, Marguerite (12 OCT 1901-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Margurite (Private-)

Pelley, Marilyn (Private-)

Pelley, Mary (1794-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Mary (Rita) Rachel (3 NOV 1912-18 MAY 2001)

Pelley, Mary Ann (27 JUL 1861-1927)

Pelley, Mary Elizabeth (1839-1843)

Pelley, Mary Jane (Polly) (1851-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Maude (Private-)

Pelley, Melvin G. (3 MAY 1930-10 NOV 1993)

Pelley, Mildred (Private-)

Pelley, Molly (Private-)

Pelley, Mona (1913-1985)

Pelley, Moses (Capt.) (1872-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Nathan (1887-1945)

Pelley, Nellie (Private-)

Pelley, Nellie (-22 FEB 1918)

Pelley, Nicholas (1906-1968)

Pelley, Nicholas (1875-1900)

Pelley, Nicholas (Jim) (Private-)

Pelley, Norman (27 JAN 1926-4 DEC 1999)

Pelley, Norman (1869-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Norman (Private-)

Pelley, Norman (Private-)

Pelley, Olive (1931-16 FEB 1994)

Pelley, Patricia D. (Private-)

Pelley, Pollyanna Pittman (-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Priscilla (1894-1976)

Pelley, Priscilla (Private-)

Pelley, Priscilla (Cilly) (6 NOV 1855-1906)

Pelley, Priscilla (dup) (1882-1905)

Pelley, Priscilla (dup) (1882-1905)

Pelley, Rachael Adey (10 AUG 1852-10 MAR 1931)

Pelley, Rachel (1876-1953)

Pelley, Rachel (Private-)

Pelley, Rachel (1906-1906)

Pelley, Ralph (Private-)

Pelley, Ralph Ross (1904-19 APR 1995)

Pelley, Raymond (MAR 1907-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Raymond (Private-)

Pelley, Raymond (1910-1990)

Pelley, Raymond Sterling (29 NOV 1958-12 JUN 1966)

Pelley, Rebecca Joanne (Private-)

Pelley, Richard (17 MAY 1843-1928)

Pelley, Richard (1764-4 DEC 1836)

Pelley, Richard (1815-12 SEP 1902)

Pelley, Richard (Dick) (1896-1948)

Pelley, Richard (Ricky) (Private-)

Pelley, Richard Halfyard (7 JUN 1874-1 DEC 1944)

Pelley, Richard Onsville (Private-)

Pelley, Richard Samuel (21 FEB 1921-MAR 1927)

Pelley, Richard Scott (Private-)

Pelley, Rita June (Private-)

Pelley, Robert (-11 AUG 1824)

Pelley, Robert (Private-)

Pelley, Robert (Bobby ) (Private-)

Pelley, Robert David (Private-)

Pelley, Robert John (Private-)

Pelley, Robert White (23 NOV 1884-1892)

Pelley, Rosemary Cecilia (Private-)

Pelley, Ruby (Private-)

Pelley, Rudolph (Private-)

Pelley, Ruth Crosby (1915-1997)

Pelley, Samuel (1880-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Samuel (Private-)

Pelley, Samuel (Private-)

Pelley, Samuel Richard (1740-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Sarah (Private-)

Pelley, Sarah (1883-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Sarah Rebecca (Private-)

Pelley, Scott Bruce (Private-)

Pelley, Shaelyn Olga Frances Gheorghina (Private-)

Pelley, Sharon Lee (Private-)

Pelley, Shawn Stephen (Private-)

Pelley, Shirley Janet (dup) (Private-)

Pelley, Shirley Janet (dup) (Private-)

Pelley, Sidney (1859-1939)

Pelley, Solomon (-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Stephanie Lauren (Private-)

Pelley, Stephen (1768-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Stephen (1792-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Stephen (22 NOV 1807-15 MAY 1886)

Pelley, Stephen Albert (2 OCT 1978-4 OCT 1978)

Pelley, Stephen Harold (Private-)

Pelley, Steven (Private-)

Pelley, Susan (Private-)

Pelley, Susanna (-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Susannah Jane (1902-29 MAY 1998)

Pelley, Susie (Private-)

Pelley, Sylvia (18 DEC 1932-4 APR 2001)

Pelley, Thomas (1790-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Thomas (1882-1882)

Pelley, Thomas (6 APR 1822-1923)

Pelley, Thomas (1880-1952)

Pelley, Timothy (1895-1896)

Pelley, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, Vera Bernice (9 JUN 1931-4 NOV 1995)

Pelley, Victor John (Jack) (6 MAR 1897-6 NOV 1982)

Pelley, Violet (20 JUN 1883-24 FEB 1958)

Pelley, Wallace (17 APR 1930-7 JUL 1998)

Pelley, Wallace George (Private-)

Pelley, Wallace Runson (Private-)

Pelley, Wanda (Private-)

Pelley, William (-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, William (1812-UNKNOWN)

Pelley, William (George) (1 DEC 1875-21 MAR 1898)

Pelley, William (Rev.) (Private-)

Pelley, William Henry (1862-1911)

Pelley, William Henry (1869-1942)

Pelley, William James (Private-)

Pelley, William James (Bill Jim) (1873-1952)

Pelley, Wilson (4 MAY 1915-24 DEC 1978)

Pelley, Wilson (Private-)

Pelley, Winifred (Private-)

Pennel, Florrie (Private-)

Pennel, Levi (-UNKNOWN)

Penney, Bernice (Private-)

Penney, Bethany (Private-)

Penney, Carol (Private-)

Penney, Effie Dorrett (Private-)

Penney, George (Private-)

Penney, Harold B. (Private-)

Penney, Helen D. (Private-)

Penney, Ivan (Private-)

Penney, John J. (Jr.) (Private-)

Penney, John J. (Sr.) (1898-UNKNOWN)

Penney, Kerri Lynn (Private-)

Penney, Mark (Private-)

Penney, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Penney, Muriel (6 JUL 1911-SEP 1942)

Penney, Murray (Private-)

Penney, Neil (Private-)

Penney, Reginald (Jr.) (Private-)

Penney, Reginald (Sr.) (Private-)

Penney, Vernon (Private-)

Penny, Elizabeth (Private-)

Penny, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Penny, Ian (Private-)

Penny, Lillian (Private-)

Penny, Lillian (Private-)

Penny, Marsha (-UNKNOWN)

Penny, Matt (Private-)

Penny, Noel (Private-)

Penny, Scott (Private-)

Penton, Andrew (Private-)

Penton, Bernadette (Private-)

Penton, Catherine (Private-)

Penton, Dianne (Private-)

Penton, Eileen (Private-)

Penton, Johanna (Private-)

Penton, Madonna (Private-)

Penton, Margeurite (Private-)

Penton, Robert (Private-)

Penton, Sherri Lynn (Private-)

Penton, Thomas (Private-)

Penton, Thomas (Private-)

Perdue, Madison Sara (Private-)

Perdue, Mark James (Private-)

Pereira, Manuel (Private-)

Pereira, Sonya (Private-)

Perez, Alma Frances (Private-)

Perham, Robert (-UNKNOWN)

Perkins, Genevieve (Private-)

Perks, Katrina Alisa (Private-)

Perks, William (Private-)

Perrin, Ann (-UNKNOWN)

Perry, Lillian Rebecca (ABT. 1915-27 MAY 1997)

Perry, Maria (-UNKNOWN)

Perry, Roger (Private-)

Perry, Wilbert (Private-)

Peter, (Private-)

Peter, Emma (Private-)

Peters, Mildred (Private-)

Peters, Rosetta Ann (10 APR 1871-14 MAY 1953)

Peterson, Unknown (Private-)

Petree, Kimberly Anne (Private-)

Petree, Patrick Joseph (Private-)

Petten, (Private-)

Petten, Allan (Private-)

Petten, Charles (18 SEP 1905-14 MAY 1987)

Petten, Charles (18 SEP 1905-14 MAY 1987)

Petten, David (Private-)

Petten, Effie (24 OCT 1929-29 OCT 1930)

Petten, Eric (Private-)

Petten, Fannie (27 SEP 1942-19 AUG 1943)

Petten, Florence (MAR 1938-OCT 1938)

Petten, Garland (-UNKNOWN)

Petten, Iris (Private-)

Petten, Irma (Private-)

Petten, Jacob (-UNKNOWN)

Petten, Jacob (-UNKNOWN)

Petten, Jane (ABT. 1755-UNKNOWN)

Petten, Jemima (-1937)

Petten, Leonard (Private-)

Petten, Leslie (Private-)

Petten, Lester (Private-)

Petten, Linda Gertrude (Private-)

Petten, Margaret (Private-)

Petten, Michael Samuel (Private-)

Petten, Minnie (-UNKNOWN)

Petten, Myrtle (Private-)

Petten, Nathaniel (-UNKNOWN)

Petten, Nathaniel Batten (-UNKNOWN)

Petten, Nicholas (-UNKNOWN)

Petten, Pearl (-UNKNOWN)

Petten, Philip (Private-)

Petten, Phillip (Private-)

Petten, Phillip (27 JUN 1916-AFT. 1986)

Petten, Phylis (MAR 1938-OCT 1938)

Petten, Reginald (Private-)

Petten, Reginald (16 MAY 1934-30 APR 2000)

Petten, Robert Chesley (23 NOV 1928-15 OCT 1930)

Petten, Rosalind (Private-)

Petten, Ryan (Private-)

Petten, Samuel (6 APR 1901-1990)

Petten, Susannah (-UNKNOWN)

Petten, Violet (Private-)

Petten, William Richard (Private-)

Phair, Jennifer (Private-)

Phalen, Cecil Pearce (Private-)

Phalen, Edgar (-UNKNOWN)

Phalen, Elizabeth Albeta Minnie (Private-)

Phalen, John Thomas (5 APR 1908-11 APR 1999)

Phelan, Charlotte (23 FEB 1894-UNKNOWN)

Phelan, Edgar (18 JAN 1896-UNKNOWN)

Phelan, Edward (20 MAY 1895-UNKNOWN)

Phelan, Eli Reginald (Private-)

Phelan, Esther Belle (Private-)

Phelan, George (4 SEP 1868-19 JAN 1957)

Phelan, James George (19 MAR 1911-4 JUL 1983)

Phelan, John Aquila (29 JUL 1900-UNKNOWN)

Phelan, John Joseph (1872-UNKNOWN)

Phelan, Mary (28 SEP 1874-UNKNOWN)

Phelan, Rowena Jane (12 MAY 1904-2 MAR 1970)

Phelan, Samuel (ABT. 1877-UNKNOWN)

Phelan, Susannah May (2 OCT 1879-25 OCT 1942)

Phelan, Teresa Ann (4 MAY 1902-UNKNOWN)

Phelan, William (-UNKNOWN)

Phelan, William (ABT. DEC 1845-28 SEP 1913)

Philomene, (-UNKNOWN)

Philpott, Richard Dean (-9 JUL 1999)

Picco, (-UNKNOWN)

Picco, Thomas (1857-15 MAR 1930)

Pico, Thelma (Private-)

Piddle, John (30 SEP 1896-UNKNOWN)

Piddle, Susanna (ABT. 1829-18 JUN 1900)

Pierce, Agnes (-UNKNOWN)

Piercey, Charles (Private-)

Piercey, Dana Michelle (Private-)

Piercey, Dorcus (11 NOV 1860-23 MAY 1953)

Piercey, Edna (Private-)

Piercey, Glenn (Private-)

Piercey, Jessica Tuck (Private-)

Piercey, Lillian (Private-)

Piercey, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Piercey, Noah (-UNKNOWN)

Piercey, Rhoda (-UNKNOWN)

Piercey, Rhonda Lynn (Private-)

Piercey, Ronald (Private-)

Piercey, Stanley (Private-)

Piercey, Susanah (-UNKNOWN)

Piercey, Susie (Private-)

Piercey, Uriah (Roy) (-UNKNOWN)

Piercey, Victor (Private-)

Piercey, Wilfred Francis (Private-)

Piercy, Allen (Private-)

Piercy, Douglas (Private-)

Piercy, Stephen (-UNKNOWN)

Pierides, Helen (Private-)

Pike, (Private-)

Pike, Arlene (Private-)

Pike, David (Private-)

Pike, Edgar (Private-)

Pike, Eleanor (-UNKNOWN)

Pike, George (SEP 1871-UNKNOWN)

Pike, Harvey (-UNKNOWN)

Pike, Joan (Private-)

Pike, Margaret (Private-)

Pike, Mary (1866-UNKNOWN)

Pike, Mildred (Private-)

Pike, Pearl Oakley (1898-1985)

Pike, Rev. James (Private-)

Pike, Ruby (Private-)

Pike, Valerie (Private-)

Pilgrim, Eric (Private-)

Pilgrim, Norma JEAN (Private-)

Pinheco, Maria (Private-)

Pinhorn, Alice (Private-)

Pinhorn, Bradley (Private-)

Pinhorn, Ebenezer (Private-)

Pinhorn, Henry (2 SEP 1913-17 JUN 1995)

Pinhorn, Henry (Private-)

Pinhorn, Henry (-UNKNOWN)

Pinhorn, Martha (-UNKNOWN)

Pinhorn, Melvin Bruce (Private-)

Pinhorn, Norm (Private-)

Pinhorn, Paula (Private-)

Pinhorn, Pauline (Private-)

Pinhorn, Peter (Private-)

Pinhorn, Randy (Private-)

Pinhorn, Rhonda (Private-)

Pinhorn-Eddy, Kiera (Private-)

Pink, (Private-)

Pinkton, Annie (-UNKNOWN)

Pinsent, Jessie (-UNKNOWN)

Pinsent, Mimmie (Private-)

Pipher, Bonnie Elizabeth (Private-)

Pipher, Eric Mervin (Private-)

Pipher, Mervin (28 FEB 1920-22 JAN 1983)

Pipher, Sandra Lynn (Private-)

Pitcher, ? (Private-)

Pitcher, Arnold (Private-)

Pitcher, Audrey (Private-)

Pitcher, Ethel Amelia (Private-)

Pitcher, James (Private-)

Pitcher, Jill (Private-)

Pitcher, Mark (Private-)

Pitcher, Phyllis (Private-)

Pitcher, Roy (Private-)

Pitcher, Sherry DARLENE (Private-)

Pitcher, Uriah (Private-)

Pitcher, William (Private-)

Pittman, Abel (17 FEB 1899-14 APR 1918)

Pittman, Alexander James (Private-)

Pittman, Art (Private-)

Pittman, Arthur (dup) (12 SEP 1909-18 JUL 1946)

Pittman, Arthur (dup) (12 SEP 1909-18 JUL 1946)

Pittman, Benjamin (9 OCT 1872-1 OCT 1920)

Pittman, Benjamin (23 JUN 1920-18 JUL 1941)

Pittman, Carol Avanella (Private-)

Pittman, Carolyn Amanda (Private-)

Pittman, Clara Mae (17 OCT 1903-23 NOV 1994)

Pittman, Doris May (1915-1915)

Pittman, Edith (14 JUL 1906-30 NOV 1977)

Pittman, Edmund Kenneth (15 SEP 1920-18 JUL 1998)

Pittman, Edna Blanche (Private-)

Pittman, Effie Florence (Private-)

Pittman, Frederick Lynfield (Private-)

Pittman, Guy (7 SEP 1931-10 OCT 1985)

Pittman, Harold James (28 JAN 1926-11 NOV 1926)

Pittman, Harry (1923-1923)

Pittman, Hester Ann (17 NOV 1884-3 JUN 1970)

Pittman, Isabella (Bella) (17 FEB 1881-1954)

Pittman, James (31 DEC 1830-17 SEP 1906)

Pittman, James (Jr.) (14 DEC 1877-4 MAR 1960)

Pittman, Jane (14 SEP 1904-UNKNOWN)

Pittman, Jean Marie (Private-)

Pittman, Jessie (-UNKNOWN)

Pittman, John (Private-)

Pittman, John (-UNKNOWN)

Pittman, Joseph (26 NOV 1910-5 JAN 1998)

Pittman, Lillian (12 JAN 1892-22 APR 1978)

Pittman, Mabel Joyce (11 JAN 1914-16 MAR 2001)

Pittman, Maisie Loretta Jean (Private-)

Pittman, Malcolm (16 JUL 1902-MAR 1970)

Pittman, Marcella Lillian (Private-)

Pittman, Mark (Private-)

Pittman, Marsha Faye (Private-)

Pittman, Matthew Joshua (Private-)

Pittman, Max Wycliffe (Private-)

Pittman, Maxine Jean (Private-)

Pittman, Meriam (1 APR 1918-6 MAR 1939)

Pittman, Merida (28 FEB 1875-1 SEP 1950)

Pittman, Merida (17 SEP 1904-JUN 1985)

Pittman, Michael (Private-)

Pittman, Minnie Phyllis Edna (Private-)

Pittman, Richard Morris (Private-)

Pittman, Ron (-UNKNOWN)

Pittman, Samuel (1893-1893)

Pittman, Samuel Harold Duncan (-UNKNOWN)

Pittman, Victor Ralph (Private-)

Pittman, Walter (Private-)

Pittman, Walter Frank (Private-)

Pittman, William (31 DEC 1889-26 OCT 1979)

Pittman, William (8 MAR 1935-8 MAR 1935)

Pitts, Oliver (Private-)

Plataniotis, Barbara Ann (Private-)

Plataniotis, UNKNOWN (Private-)

Pleasance, Geraldine Yvonne (Private-)

Pleasance, Wilbur (Private-)

Ploughman (dup), Benjamin (18 DEC 1914-1974)

Ploughman (dup), Benjamin (18 DEC 1914-1974)

Ploughman, Alexander (Private-)

Ploughman, Allan (Private-)

Ploughman, Allan (1883-UNKNOWN)

Ploughman, Alvina (1910-1949)

Ploughman, Angus (Private-)

Ploughman, Archibald (1894-1894)

Ploughman, Austin (Private-)

Ploughman, Bernard (1912-1997)

Ploughman, Beulah (Private-)

Ploughman, Brenda (Private-)

Ploughman, Charity (1878-1931)

Ploughman, Christine (-UNKNOWN)

Ploughman, Clements (1931-1937)

Ploughman, Colin (Private-)

Ploughman, Daphne (Private-)

Ploughman, Deborah (Private-)

Ploughman, Deborah (1880-1914)

Ploughman, Deborah Blanche (Private-)

Ploughman, Doris (1928-1971)

Ploughman, Dorothy (Private-)

Ploughman, Dulcie (Private-)

Ploughman, Dulcie (Private-)

Ploughman, Edison (Private-)

Ploughman, Edna (Private-)

Ploughman, Edwin (1924-2000)

Ploughman, Effie (Private-)

Ploughman, Effie (Private-)

Ploughman, Elizabeth (Private-)

Ploughman, Eric (1919-1987)

Ploughman, Eugene (Private-)

Ploughman, Everett (Private-)

Ploughman, Florence (Private-)

Ploughman, Florence (Private-)

Ploughman, Frances (Private-)

Ploughman, Frank (Private-)

Ploughman, Frank (Private-)

Ploughman, Freeman (1910-1992)

Ploughman, Georgina (Private-)

Ploughman, Gordon (Private-)

Ploughman, Harry (1894-UNKNOWN)

Ploughman, Harry (1916-1967)

Ploughman, Hector (Private-)

Ploughman, Irene (Private-)

Ploughman, Jessie (1884-1946)

Ploughman, John (Private-)

Ploughman, John (15 JUL 1892-SEP 1968)

Ploughman, John (1921-1991)

Ploughman, John (-UNKNOWN)

Ploughman, Laura (Private-)

Ploughman, Lillian (Private-)

Ploughman, Louise (Private-)

Ploughman, Louise (Private-)

Ploughman, Mae (Private-)

Ploughman, Marilyn (Private-)

Ploughman, Mary (Private-)

Ploughman, Mary Anne (1886-1990)

Ploughman, Myra (Private-)

Ploughman, Paul (Private-)

Ploughman, Ralph (Private-)

Ploughman, Reginald (Private-)

Ploughman, Reuban (Private-)

Ploughman, Robbie (Private-)

Ploughman, Robert (Private-)

Ploughman, Ronald (1895-1895)

Ploughman, Ronald (1896-7 JAN 1991)

Ploughman, Thomas (Private-)

Ploughman, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)

Ploughman, Thomas (21 MAY 1830-13 FEB 1899)

Ploughman, Vincent (Private-)

Ploughman, Walter (1908-1977)

Ploughman, Wanda (Private-)

Ploughman, William (15 JUL 1892-1969)

Ploughman, Winifred (Private-)

Plummer, Alvin (-UNKNOWN)

Pollard, Eli (MAY 1845-1923)

Pollard, Emma (4 MAR 1891-15 MAY 1962)

Pollard, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Pollard, Samuel (1896-UNKNOWN)

Pollard, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)

Pomeroy, Francis George (28 FEB 1879-UNKNOWN)

Pomeroy, George William (-UNKNOWN)

Pomeroy, Hubert (Private-)

Pomeroy, John Arthur (10 JAN 1938-11 JUN 1995)

Pomeroy, John Eric (Private-)

Pool, Willie (Private-)

Poole, Ann (1845-1912)

Poole, Bertha Jane (-UNKNOWN)

Poole, Henry (-UNKNOWN)

Poole, Una (Private-)

Poole, Willis (1869-1932)

Pope, Audrey (Private-)

Pope, Howard (Private-)

Pope, James (Private-)

Porter, (Private-)

Porter, Abigail (1846-UNKNOWN)

Porter, Amy (-UNKNOWN)

Porter, Andrew (Private-)

Porter, Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)

Porter, Cynthia (Private-)

Porter, Daphne (Private-)

Porter, Doris (Private-)

Porter, Eliza Jane (-UNKNOWN)

Porter, Emma (-UNKNOWN)

Porter, Emma Jane (-UNKNOWN)

Porter, Francis (-UNKNOWN)

Porter, Graham (Private-)

Porter, Harold (Private-)

Porter, James (1820-1894)

Porter, Male (Private-)

Porter, Maria (ABT. 1833-ABT. 1915)

Porter, Mary (SEP 1895-UNKNOWN)

Porter, Nancy (Private-)

Porter, William (Private-)

Porter, William H. (Private-)

Porter, William John (Private-)

Post, Elroy Dayton (29 JUN 1857-2 JUN 1929)

Post, Margaret Pittman (29 JUL 1918-23 NOV 1998)


Pottle, Charlotte Susannah (1829-1894)

Pottle, Ellen (-UNKNOWN)

Pottle, Isabelle (1872-1947)

Pottle, Ruth (-UNKNOWN)

Power, (Private-)

Power, Bridget (-UNKNOWN)

Power, Caroline (Private-)

Power, Christopher (Private-)

Power, Francis (Private-)

Power, James (-1968)

Power, Keith (Private-)

Power, Lucy (-UNKNOWN)

Power, Marie (Private-)

Power, Ron (Private-)

Power, Sarah (Private-)

Pretty, Nathaniel (-UNKNOWN)

Price, Effie (Private-)

Price, Jason (Private-)

Price, Marjorie (Private-)

Primavera, James Anthony (Private-)

Prince, Charlie (Private-)

Prince, Courtney (Private-)

Prince, Mitchell (Private-)

Priscilla, (-UNKNOWN)

Pritchett, Blair (Private-)

Pritchett, Catherine (Private-)

Pritchett, Cecil B. (1909-1999)

Pritchett, Derek (Private-)

Pritchett, William (Private-)

Puddicombe, Esther (-UNKNOWN)

Pudington, Fredrick (-UNKNOWN)

Pudington, Sarah Ann (MAY 1880-1956)

Pumphrey, Alice Maude (Private-)

Pumphrey, Gerald (Private-)

Pumphrey, Kevin (Private-)

Pumphrey, Kevin John Lloyal (Private-)

Purchase, Bradlet (Private-)

Purchase, Howard (Private-)

Purchase, Stephanie (Private-)

Pychevicz, Gail Lee (Private-)

Pychevicz, Henry Frederick (Private-)

Pynn, (Private-)

Pynn, Allan Richard (Private-)

Pynn, Archibald Lloyd (Private-)

Pynn, D. Boyd (Private-)

Pynn, Eliza (-UNKNOWN)

Pynn, Rosabel (1899-28 DEC 1990)

Pynn, Russell (Private-)

Pynn, Samantha Anne (Private-)

Pynn, Wilfred (Private-)

Pynn, William Newman (5 DEC 1899-JAN 1979)

Quinn, Ann (-UNKNOWN)

Quinn, Peter (-UNKNOWN)

Quinton, Darlene (Private-)

Rachel, (Private-)

Radford, Isabelle Foote (-UNKNOWN)

Raines, Amelia Jane (9 FEB 1880-16 NOV 1962)

Raines, Clara Belle (26 NOV 1888-UNKNOWN)

Raines, Minnie Bertha (15 SEP 1886-UNKNOWN)

Rainis, George (1 JUL 1882-UNKNOWN)

Rainis, William (JAN 1880-UNKNOWN)

Ralph, Benjamin (Private-)

Ralph, Melvin (Private-)

Ralph, Peter (Private-)

Ralph, Sharon (Private-)

Ralph, Valerie (Private-)

Randall, Maria (-UNKNOWN)

Randell, Alison (Private-)

Randell, Beatrice M. (-UNKNOWN)

Randell, Beatrice Maude (1892-1982)

Randell, Blanche (-24 MAY 1990)

Randell, Darren (Private-)

Randell, Dorcas (-UNKNOWN)

Randell, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Randell, Keith (Private-)

Randell, Lloyd (Private-)

Randell, Neil (Private-)

Randell, Richard (Private-)

Randell, Tyler (Private-)

Randlett, Beatrice Ellen (JUN 1901-19 APR 1992)

Ranies, Esther Pheobe (13 NOV 1881-UNKNOWN)

Rankin, Catherine Anne (1881-20 OCT 1961)

Rankin, John (-UNKNOWN)

Rankin, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Rankin, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)

Ravell, Daniel (Private-)

Ravell, Danielle (Private-)

Ravell, Robin (Private-)

Raynor, Caroline (Private-)

Raynor, Christopher (Private-)

Raynor, George (ABT. 1902-UNKNOWN)

Raynor, George (-UNKNOWN)

Raynor, George (-UNKNOWN)

Raynor, John (Private-)

Raynor, Unknown (Private-)

Read, Gillian Laura Anne (Private-)

Read, Gregory Allister Fredrick (Private-)

Read, Wallace James (Private-)

Reader, Aubrey (-UNKNOWN)

Reader, Harold (Private-)

Reader, Ronald (Private-)

Rebecca, (AUG 1896-UNKNOWN)

Rebecca, Arlene (Private-)

Redden, William (Private-)

Reed, Christianna (1850-1935)

Reed, John (ABT. 1842-UNKNOWN)

Reed, Mary (-UNKNOWN)

Reed, Mary MacBraire (1800-1880)

Reed, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)

Reed, William (-UNKNOWN)

Reeves, Barton Green (Private-)

Reeves, Benjamin (Private-)

Reeves, Charlotte (-UNKNOWN)

Reeves, Charlotte (Private-)

Reeves, David (Private-)

Reeves, Derrick (Private-)

Reeves, Elizabeth (ABT. 1872-22 DEC 1928)

Reeves, Jessie (Private-)

Reeves, John (1887-27 MAR 1917)

Reeves, Joseph (1841-15 JUL 1893)

Reeves, Karen (Private-)

Reeves, Ruby (Private-)

Reeves, Scott (Private-)

Reeves, Susannah Elizabeth (Private-)

Reeves, Thomas (1878-17 OCT 1901)

Reeves, Thomas Wilfred (Private-)

Regular, Annie (29 JUL 1895-UNKNOWN)

Regular, Asinith (20 AUG 1885-UNKNOWN)

Regular, Bernard (Private-)

Regular, Dorothy (FEB 1892-UNKNOWN)

Regular, Ernest (Private-)

Regular, Francis (-UNKNOWN)

Regular, Gertie (Private-)

Regular, Hayward (25 OCT 1893-UNKNOWN)

Regular, James (-UNKNOWN)

Regular, James (-UNKNOWN)

Regular, Jane (-UNKNOWN)

Regular, John (-UNKNOWN)

Regular, John (MAR 1887-UNKNOWN)

Regular, Mary Anne (-UNKNOWN)

Regular, Priscilla (-UNKNOWN)

Regular, Richard (-UNKNOWN)

Regular, Sarah Jane (13 JUN 1890-6 JAN 1981)

Regular, William (-UNKNOWN)

Regular, Willis (-UNKNOWN)

Reid, Ben (Private-)

Reid, Bonita (Private-)

Reid, Cyril Walter (10 MAR 1910-18 FEB 1995)

Reid, Elizabeth Lydia (-UNKNOWN)

Reid, Enock (AUG 1852-19 NOV 1925)

Reid, Evelyn Ruth (10 AUG 1932-28 OCT 1997)

Reid, John Ernest (Private-)

Reid, Margaret (Private-)

Reid, Marjorie Anthony (Private-)

Reid, Odie (-UNKNOWN)

Reid, Roy (Private-)

Reid, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)

Reid, Sarah (28 JUN 1865-21 FEB 1939)

Reid, Sylvia (Private-)

Reid, Tanya (Private-)

Reid, Trudie (Private-)

Reid, Victoria Lane (Private-)

Reid, Walter (-UNKNOWN)

Reid, Wilbur (-UNKNOWN)

Reid, William (Private-)

Reid, William (-UNKNOWN)

Rendell, Roland (Private-)

Rendell, Sandra (Sandy) (Private-)

Ressor, Rachel Helen (Private-)

Restau, Bryan (Private-)

Restau, Donald (Private-)

Restau, Donald (Private-)

Revie, Jean Steel (Private-)

Reynolds, Frederick Irving (3 DEC 1901-29 APR 1975)

Reynolds, Gail (Private-)

Reynolds, Glenna (Private-)

Rice, Chloe (Private-)

Rice, Clayton (Private-)

Rice, Clayton (Private-)

Rice, Edna M. (26 AUG 1919-14 JUL 1992)

Rice, Erwin DEON (Private-)

Rice, Ethel (Private-)

Rice, Ethel May (Private-)

Rice, Joseph (Private-)

Rice, Lily Jane (DEC 1878-UNKNOWN)

Rice, Malcolm (Private-)

Rice, Morley (Private-)

Rice, Nancy (Private-)

Rice, Obediah (Private-)

Rice, Troy (Private-)

Rich, Ann (Private-)

Rich, Francis Fannie (ABT. 1845-UNKNOWN)

Rich, Louisa (-UNKNOWN)

Rich, Naomi (-UNKNOWN)

Richard, Armand (Private-)

Richards, Ann Mariah (-UNKNOWN)

Richards, Emma Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Richards, Emma Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)

Richards, Mary Grace (1864-UNKNOWN)

Richards, Sarah Jane (1870-28 FEB 1942)

Richards, Wilfred (-25 DEC 1984)

Richards, William Henry (-UNKNOWN)

Richardson, Helen (Private-)

Richardson, Kathleen Frances (Private-)

Richer, Cathy (Private-)

Richer, Nicky (Private-)

Richer, Robert (Private-)

Ricketts, Bernard (9 JAN 1922-8 APR 1987)

Ricketts, Charmaine (Private-)

Ricketts, Dominic (Private-)

Ricketts, Eva (Private-)

Ricketts, Gerald (Private-)

Ricketts, Joseph (Private-)

Ricketts, Joseph (Private-)

Ricketts, Kevin (Private-)

Ricketts, Kevin (Private-)

Ricketts, Madonna (Private-)

Ricketts, Martin G. (Private-)

Ricketts, Matthew Warren (24 FEB 1983-7 OCT 1985)

Ricketts, Melanie (Private-)

Ricketts, Pauline (Private-)

Ricketts, Randy (Private-)

Ricketts, Samantha (Private-)

Rideout, (Private-)

Rideout, Ada (Private-)

Rideout, Alwin (Private-)

Rideout, Barbara Elizabeth (Private-)

Rideout, Bradley Kirby (Private-)

Rideout, Brian (Private-)

Rideout, Colleen Christine (Private-)

Rideout, Cyril (Private-)

Rideout, Edna (Private-)

Rideout, Ethel (Private-)

Rideout, Fannie (-UNKNOWN)

Rideout, Florence Gail (Private-)

Rideout, Gleason (Private-)

Rideout, James Frederick (Private-)

Rideout, Job (Private-)

Rideout, Melvin (Private-)

Rideout, Natasha Beth (Private-)

Rideout, Pearce (Private-)

Rideout, Renee Dawn (Private-)

Rideout, Robbie (Private-)

Rideout, Ronnie-Delane (Private-)

Rideout, Steadman (Private-)

Rideout, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)

Rideout, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)

Rideout, Tina Lucy (JAN 1899-1980)

Rideout, Trevor James (Private-)

Rideout, Wayne Robert (Private-)



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