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1-Emma Morgan

2-Philip Dawe

3-Isaac Dawe 4-Jessie Dawe 
5-John William Dawe 6-John William Dawe 7-Emily 8-Abraham Dawe
9- Emma Dawe 10-John Dawe 11-Philip Dawe 12-Enid Walsh-
13-Lisa Fowler 14-Framk Scott 15-Charles Scott 16-Reginald Pettem
17-Sam Petten 18-Sarah & Andrew Dawe 19-Olive Dawe 20-Joseph Dawe
21-Elizabeth Dawe 22-Emma Jane Coveyduck 23-Anne Dawe 24-Emma Lilly Dawe
25-Francis & Geotge Dawe 26-George H. Dawe & Emma 27-Henry Dawe 28-Isaac Daw
29- Isaac Dawe Sr. & Emma 30_John Dawe Sr. 31- Joseph Dawe 32- Samuel & Johb Daw
33- Samuel Dawe Sr. 34- Olive & Eddie Dawe 35 - Allen & Shirley Coveyduck 36. Alfred Morgan-
37- Robert Peddle. 38- Allan Coveyduck 39 - Clayton Coveyduck 40-

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Coveyduck Headstones Located  in Newfoundland

Cemetery::St John's - Anglican, new

  • COVEYDUCK, Elizabeth Ann (1979) 
  • COVEYDUCK, Paul Howard (1980)
  • COVEYDUCK, John (1997)

Turn right off Highway 1 between Mt. Pearl and St. John's and head towards St. John's on Kenmount Road. Find it on the right (southwest) side of Kenmount between the Avalon Mall and the Trans-Canada Highway 1.


Cemetery: St John's - Anglican, old

  • COVEYDUCK, Gladys May (1945)
  • COVEYDUCK, Graham (1971)
  • COVEYDUCK, Allan Sebastian (1966) 
  • COVEYDUCK, Clayton Jacob (1969) & Phyllis 

On the big hill immediately southwest of STJ21-24 and adjacent to the prison. Very large and old with graves of many interesting people.


Cemetery: St John's - Salvation Army

  • COVEDUCK, Violet (1912) 

On Blackmarsh Road near the Public Works Office. Adjacent to STJ09.


Cemetery: Clarke's Beach - war memorial

  • COVEYDUCK, Jack (xxxx) in Group
  • COVEYDUCK, Clarence (xxxx) in Group

On the water side of the main road through town, and across the street from the Salvation Army Church.


Cemetery: Clarke's Beach - United Church, churchyard, old

  • COVEYDUCK, Wilfred (1944)
  • COVEYDUCK, William (1979) & Mary Ann

In the rear of the churchyard on the left side of the main road when coming from South River.


Cemetery: North River - Anglican

  • COVEYDUCK, Joseph J (1975) & Violet M 

Follow the main road through North River towards Halls Town. It's up on the hill behind the Anglican church that is on the right side of the road. Park by the church and hike up the steep, undriveable road.

Cemetery: Mt Pearl - Catholic, new

  • COVEYDUCK, Myrtle E (1990)
  • COVEYDUCK, Allen (1999) & Shirley E

On the north side of Topsail Road in Mt. Pearl just west of the town's common border with St. John's. This is where you will find more recent graves of the descendants of Catholic families who were buried in the two very large old Catholic cemeteries in St. John's. It is the only Catholic cemetery actively serving in the St. John's/Mt. Pearl area, because the old ones are full.


Cemetery: Bay Roberts - Anglican, new

  • COVEYDUCK, Thomas (1999) & Julia M

Continue uphill from BAR04 on Cemetery Lane. Turn right at the intersection and go about 20 meters to find it on the left side of the road.


Cemetery: Conception Bay South - Anglican, churchyard

  • COVEYDUCK, Emily (1901)

In the St. Peters Anglican churchyard on the right side of the road as you drive through Conception Bay South on Highway 60 in the southwest end of town heading northeast from Holyrood.


Cemetery: South River - Anglican, new

  • COVEYDUCK, Graham (1989)
  • COVEYDUCK, Elizabeth (1925)
  • COVEYDUCK, Thomas Harris (1975) & Mary Ann
  • COVEYDUCK, Joseph J (1958) 

Coming from Clarke's Beach, lean towards the left of the Anglican Church after crossing the bridge into South River. Follow the road around towards the left. The cemetery is on the left between the water and the road to Salmon Cove.



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