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Headstone No. 25



Francis & George Daw



To the Memory of


who died 13th March


aged 66 Years 

8 Months & 13 Days. 


To the Memory of


 who died 29th December


 aged 74 Years

 9 Months.

Great God on what a slender thread Time was I stood as thou dost now
Hang everlasting things: And viewed the dead as thou dost me;
The eternal states af all the dead, E'er long thou'lt be as low as I,
Upon life's feeble strings. And others stand to look at thee.


Location: The stone is not located in a cemetery but on the old Daw property in Port de Grave. To find it, drive past St. Mark's church and take a branch road on the right. I believe there was a fish plant around there. High on a cliff overlooking the bay is a yellow two-story house. This headstone, along with that of George's brother John, and some other unmarked rocks show the burial place of other Dawe ancestors. This was the first time in my research that I had come across graves not in a churchyard or designated cemetery. I was amazed at how well these stones have survived the harsh and eroding salty wind for nearly 200 years. 


George & Frances Daw - these are my GGGGG grandparents. Including my children, this makes nine generations of Dawes identified and located. Woodley St. Mary Church ... Valerie

Photo Courtesy: Valerie Whelan



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