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Headstone No. 30






Ship - Cove

departed this life 17th April, 1798

Aged 75 Years

Time was I stood as thou dost now
And viewed the dead as thou dost me
Ere long thoult be as low as I
And others Stand to look at thee. 

Location: The stone is not located in a cemetery but on the old Daw property in Port de Grave. To find it, drive past St. Mark's church and take a branch road on the right. I believe there was a fish plant around there. High on a cliff overlooking the bay is a yellow two-story house. This headstone, along with that of his brother George (& wife Frances), and some other unmarked rocks show the burial place of other Dawe ancestors. This was the first time in my research that I had come across graves not in a churchyard or designated cemetery. I was amazed at how well these stones have survived the harsh and eroding salty wind for over 200 years.

Photo Courtesy: Valerie Whelan



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