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  Welcome To My Genealogy Site 

I created this site with hope of bringing together Family from near and far, to have a place where we could easily share our family information, photos and genealogy. A place where our children could learn of their heritage and a place where our ancestors would not be forgotten.   

What started out as an attempt to search and record the family genealogies of my family lines COVEDUCK and MORGAN now includes my wife’s MASON and RUSSELL lines. This search has resulted in finding more than 4,652 Surnames! in 1462 family groups connecting  to our parents and the list continues to grow. 

In researching my family, I have come across many roadblocks over the years, I have learned about my family roots and I have met many of my distant relatives for the first time. Each phone conversation, each letter brought by the postman and every email that contained family information has helped me to record our family history. On many occasions, I have received unsolicited packets of data in the mail from individuals who found that our research crossed paths. Some have spent many hours even days in institutions going through microfilm and old documents. My Special Thanks to everyone who took some time out of their busy lives to generously share some of their family history, photos and stories within these pages. Our family's descendants and I will always be grateful. 

Nearly all of our early ancestors were born or emigrated to Newfoundland during it's colonization, this means our lines are rich in the Newfoundland traditions and culture. It is inspiring that our ancestors were of such caliber that they always rose to the occasion. many were very religious, others were probably not.  However, they constantly moved, exploring new lands, fighting for what they believed in, and relying on their God for support and hope.  

Our ancestors fought for their land and their battles have been well documented. They were pioneers and worked hard, they had many sorrows and hardships because of disease and the harsh environment.  Yet always, they persevered.  They were successful, not necessarily in the financial sense, but in the sense that they left a history to be written.  They all have stories, some of which are uncovered in this volume.  We should think of them as mentors for our own lives, so that our children, and their children likewise, will have a story to tell.  May we have such wisdom to see that we are not here for the moment, but for a larger purpose. Our ancestors  helped make life better for us with their desire of seeing a foreign land. They deserve to be recognized and within these writings their memory will be preserved. 

If you have any questions or would like to preserve and share your family photos, a family Profile or a family Article like so many others have done, it's Free;  So Please let me know by sending me an email or leave a note in my guestbook below and I will be pleased to add your contribution. Also let me know who you are, what part of the world you live in and any comments you may have about this site. I would love to hear from you.....

William Coveduck

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