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  WIlliam's Mission 

12 August 2002
William's Mission
My mission to create my Coveduck Genealogy Site, to preserve the memory of our ancestors and to have a Family Reunion on the Internet. A place where all relatives near and far can learn about our history, each other's families and participate freely in the sharing of information. I began this project a long time ago as my gift to all my family and all of our descendents all over the world.. Today I am so pleased that so many of us have found each other because of our Genealogy site and are now using letters, email and the telephone to stay in touch. Occasionally, you will now receive email updates for my Genealogy site so you can view the new entries that your Aunts Uncles & Cousin are sharing with you. This site is for us to enjoy, have some fun with, get involved and get to know what happened to our relatives by simply using the Internet. You can easily find your relatives email address or any other information they choose to share with you on this site.
When you enter this site there is a menu at the top where you can click on WHATS NEW to find out what you have not already viewed with a link to access it. Also you can use the Front Page Link or New Photos in the Menu Bar to see all the entries. Look in the Address Book and you will find all our email addresses.   Don't forget to click on the MEMBERS file and keep your page updated so we don't lose contact with you. You have full access to this site and it's features, you can add your photos, your notes or comments even share your favorite recipe. We can even schedule group chats on our own personal secure CHAT LINE.

What about the kids, many have already visited the site and have gotten involved using the site for school projects.   Let them share one of their drawings, a photo, grad news or maybe a holiday photo etc. Give them a reason to participate. They will love it. You can help them learn about their Heritage by introducing them to our Genealogy pages to learn whom their family and ancesters are. All you have to do is Click on a link and you are with your family today or go back in time with a Click to visit with our ancestors. Another Click and you are in our guest book on my Genealogy site where you can answer a note left by one of your distant relatives living on the other side of the globe or just say Hello. Answering the messages in my guest book entries has been a rewarding experience for me. I never imagined that I would find so many distant living relatives who were interested in helping with this project and continued to stay in touch with me. Now we are all looking forward to seeing you and your family keeping in touch with new events and photos on our new Newsletter pages.

Just this week I found Louisa Trudy Coveyduck in Oklahoma, USA. Trudy is 81 years old and my grandfather Joseph Coveduckís brother William Johnís daughter. Trudy was raised by her aunt Annie Coveyduck and her husband Abraham Dawe from the age of five years old. Trudy and my mom were friends when they were children in the early 1900ís. Trudy and I had a wonderful conversation for nearly two hours on the phone and she enjoyed sharing her memories with me and hearing about her lost family, I gave her my momís phone number and she is going to surprise her with a phone call so they can have their own reunion on the telephone. What a wonderful lady.

My Special Thanks to all of you for your kindness, your patience and for all the help you have given me that have made my mission possible.

God Bless all of you and Welcome Home

William (Bill) Coveduck.

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