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  Coveduck Name Changes 

27th October 1874
COVEDUCK NAME CHANGES 1808 August 09, 2002

Prior to these early records of 1808 I have not confirmed our family's connection to any Coveduck documents in the 1700's and before. Although there is no doubt in my mind that all the Coveduck Coveyduck and Coveyduc Families of Newfoundland dating back to John Cabbaduck in 1708 are related.   My family's confirmed connection begins in Harbour Grace - Anglican Baptism Records, 1808 - 1812. They show that on 12 Jun 1808 Sarah a daughter of John & Amy Cobodoc (John and Amy are my great great great grandparents) Sarah was baptized in   Upper Island Cove. She was born on 13 Dec 1807.   Next to arrive, a second child on the 06 May 1816 and baptized William Cobbydock a son of John & Amy Cobodoc also in Upper Island Cove.   Then came John and Amy's third child Anne Coveduck baptized on 23 Jan 1820 in St. John's Anglican Church in Broad Cove. Newfoundland..   Anne Coveduck's little baby brother James arrived on the 20th of Jan 1827 and was baptized James Coveduck son of John & Amy Cobodoc.  
Records from Brigus, Newfoundland Church Records show that John and Amy' Cobodoc's son James Coveduck is my great great grandfather and he married Frances Anthony on Dec. 19, 1850:   Francis (Fanny) Anthony is a direct descendant of the Anthony Plantation that passed to the Coveduck name through marriage to a daughter of Matthew Anthony, the original owner in 1760.

Brigus Church Records in Newfoundland also show that James and Francis had a son William Henry, my great grandfather and he was born William Henry Coverduck on Sept. 01, 1855 and baptized on Oct. 03, 1855. William Henry was recorded in the 1856 Indian Point, Newfoundland census as Cobeduck. William Henry known as Uncle Harry had four sisters Patience, Elizabeth Jane and Mary Anne and two brothers Charles and John.
Charles married Caroline and had a daughter Rachel Ann. Patience married Benjamin Chaffe on September 20, 1877 and our branch of the Chaffe Family tree began. William Henry married Elizabeth Butler and had nine children Annie, Alice Lily, Susannah, Jessie, William John, Joseph Henry, Albert and Henry who lived only eleven days. William Henry had a second marriage to Amy Porter they had no children. Annie married Abraham Dawe and they also had no children although they raised her brother William John's daughter Louise Gertrude known as Trudy. Alice Lily married Edward  Green and they had a son Albert who married Elizabeth Mary Hanlon of St. John's Nfld. Albert and Mary had four children Blanche Mary, Alice Lillian, Mary Elizabeth, and Albert David who's family I have finally found after all these years.    

I have not found Jessie's family as of this date .   Susannah married Fred Stead and their children Rick and Carol have become my email buddies. William John married twice, his first marriage was to Louisa Butler and they have many descendents who I am in touch with regularly in USA and Canada. William John's second marriage to Myrtle Peach was in St. Clements Church in Verdun, Quebec. St. Clements Church is the same church most of my family were married amd christened in. Some of William and Myrtle's descendents who I have found have also stayed in touch with me. Albert also married twice his first marriage was to Annie Mildred Andrews born 1882 and died in 1910 they had two children. Albert's second marriage in Point Saint Charles Quebec was to Annie Walsh and they have a large number of descendents who now live in Quebec and Ontario. I have met several of their descendents and with their help I was able to put their branch together.

My Mom Annie (Morgan) Coveduck recalls there was a Coveyduck house next door to Isaac Anthony's house in Seal Cove close to the river near the long bridge. It was demolished in the early 1900's. said the house was gone before she came to Montreal It was quite a walk from her house in Indian Pond to get to that Coveyduck house. She does not remember who lived there or if they were related to us. The only Coveyducks shown in the 1894 census for Indian Pond were Henry Coveyduck and his brother Charles Coveyduck and in Seal Cove were Robert Coveyduck and Thomas Coveyduck. Elizabeth Jane Coveyduck was born in Seal Cove in 1863 and sent to Labrador at a young age. She later met and married Thomas Blake. Elizabeth must have lived in the house near the long bridge in Seal Cove, 

My grandfather Joseph Henry Coveyduck first came to Montreal, Quebec in 1910 where he married his wife Sarah Jane Regular in St Edwards Anglican Church in Montreal. After they were married they both returned back to Indian Pond, Newfoundland where my father Harold William COVEDUCK was born in 1911. Hopewell Register of Baptisms from Nov 1900 to Dec 1942 show that he was born January 28, 1911 and baptized HERBERT William COVEYDUCK on February 12,1911 by E.K.H. Caldwell. and that his parents were Joseph & Sarah COVEYDUCK, Abode: Indian Pond. Fathers Occupation: Farmer

Joseph Henry and his family returned back to Montreal after Herbert William was born and in 1912 had his and his son Herbert William's surname legally changed to Coveduck.   My grandmother Sarah Jane Coveduck told me that my grandfather Joseph and his brother Albert were both living in Montreal Quebec in 1912. Joseph was constantly being mistaken for his brother so Joseph felt the only solution was to change his name and his son Herbert William COVEYDUCK (my father) to COVEDUCK, later he changed it in the court but could not change it in the church. I have documents that show Joseph Henry signed his attestation papers in 1915 as Joseph Henry Coveduck. They can be viewed on my Genealogy Site on the Documents page. My grandmother also told me that Joseph and his brother Albert both worked at the Canadian National Railway in Point Saint Charles Quebec.

Sarah Jane (Jenny) Coveduck told my mother Annie (Morgan) Coveduck that my dad was supposed to be baptized Harold William and the minister put Herbert on his birth certificate by mistake. She also said that Joseph (Paddy) changed it to Harold William in 1912 when he changed their names to COVEDUCK in the court but he did not change it in the church. Therefore my fatherís birth certificate remained Herbert in the church and Harold William in the Quebec records. My grandmother Sarah Jane also told me that my grandfather Joseph chose to change his name to Coveduck because he believed that Coveduck was the original spelling of his family surname and wanted to preserve it. My research haa confirmed that his grandparents were James and Francis (Anthony) Coveduck and that he was right.
Joseph and Sarah Jane's son Irwin's baptismal records show that Irwin was baptized Urban Covaduck, Sarah Jane's name appears as Coveduck and Joseph's brother Albert appears as Coveyduck.. My Uncle Irwinís wife Violet Smith told my mom she did not like the name Urban and she was going to change it. My mother said she does not remember hearing that Violet changed it legally or not but it had to be changed around the time Irwin and Violet were married and before his name appeared on his Uncle William John Coveyduck and Myrtle Peachís wedding certificate in 1933 as Irwin Herbert Coveduck. Violet must have liked the name Irwin instead of Urban and because Irwin was already nicknamed Herbie for Urban Violet most likely chose Herbert for Herbie.

In 1915 Joseph Henry went to fight in World War One but before going he took his family Sarah Jane, William and Irwin back to Indian Pond Newfoundland until his return home after the war ended.   Joseph Henry and his family later returned to Verdun, Quebec where many of my grandfather Joseph's descendants still live today. (August 09, 2002)

Today the youngest male menber in our branch with the spelling COVEDUCK is Michael COVEDUCK (four years old) and the proud father is my cousin Gary COVEDUCK grandson of Joseph Henry COVEDUCK.

You can find more information and view documents on all the Coveduck Coveyduck Coveyduc Families Of Newfoundland connections on my Genealogy Site. You can help your children learn more about their ancestors settlements by visiting my Family Settlements page on my Genealogy site.

August 17, 2002

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