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  Coveduck & Morgans In Seal Cove 

27th October 1874
Coveduck & Morgans in Seal Cove 1857

In Seal Cove, Tradition has it that the earliest settlers came to Seal Cove from the older communities on the north side of Conception Bay and the community first appears in the census in 1857, with a population of 61. In 1871 Seal Cove and Indian Pond population is 90 and the names appearing in the 1857 Census are as follows:  


Cobbadue Charles fisherman
Daw George planter
Daw Henry fisherman
Daw Isaac fisherman
Dowden William jun fisherman
Dowden William sen fisherman
Morgan Abram planter
Morgan Abram planter
Morgan John fisherman
Morgan Joseph fisherman
Morgan Joseph planter
Morgan Joseph of William planter
Morgan William fisherman
Peyton Henry fisherman

By 1884 Seal Cove had a population of 117, and this number has continued to grow steadily. Originally a fishing community and by the 1880s there were also some full-time farmers at Seal Cove. Work was also available in the granite quarry that opened in 1882 to supply construction materials to the railway. Quarrying remained important to the local economy; throughout the twentieth century many gravel pits were excavated. Traditionally, Seal Cove has been a Church of England community. A church was built by 1874, but starting in the 1880s most people attended church in Upper Gullies and by the 1930s it seems most of them had converted to Pentecostalism. Seal Cove had its own school from 1884 to 1974. Family names included in the SEAL COVE;   Harbor Main District - 1894-97 McAlpine's Directory Census are as follows;

ANTHONY   Isaac   fisherman
BISHOP   Thomas   fisherman
BUTLER   William fisherman
BUTLER   Charles fisherman
COVEYDUCK William fisherman
COVEYDUCK Thomas fisherman
DAWE   George   fisherman
DAWE   Edward   fisherman
DAWE   Stephen fisherman
DOWDEN   William fisherman
DOWDEN   George, jr fisherman
DOWDEN   George, sr fisherman
LEAR   Abram   fisherman
LEAR   Henry   fisherman
LEAR   John   fisherman
MORGAN   Abram   fisherman
MORGAN   Joseph, sr fisherman
MORGAN   Joseph, jr fisherman
MORGAN   Abram, sr fisherman
MORGAN   Jacob   fisherman
MORGAN   George   fisherman
MORGAN   Jos of Joseph fisherman
MORGAN   Abram, jr   fisherman
MORGAN   Nathaniel   fisherman
MORGAN   John Thomas   fisherman
MORGAN   William, sr   fisherman
MORGAN   Archibald   fisherman
MORGAN   William, jr   fisherman
MORGAN   James, sr   fisherman
MORGAN   William of James   fisherman
MORGAN   James, jr   fisherman
PYNN   John   fisherman
PATEN   Richard   fisherman

Since 1985 Indian Pond and nearby Seal Cove have been part of the incorporated community of Conception Bay South Indian Pond is located at the eastern side of Holyrood Bay. Near its mouth, the shores of Indian Pond first attracted settlers in the mid-1800s. Early family names associated with Indian Pond, who came to the area from Port de Grave in search of good farm land with ready access to the sea. are found in the INDIAN POND. Harbor Main District - 1894-97 McAlpine's Directory Census, as follows

ANTHONY Robert John fisherman
COVEYDUCK   Charles fisherman
COVEYDUCK   Henry   fisherman
MORGAN   Edward, sr   fisherman
MORGAN   John, sr   fisherman
MORGAN   Joseph, sr   fisherman
MORGAN   Edward, jr   fisherman
MORGAN   William   fisherman
MORGAN   Isaac, jr   fisherman
MORGAN   Abram, jr   fisherman
MORGAN   Joseph, jr   fisherman
MORGAN   Abram, sr   fisherman
MORGAN   Henry   fisherman
MORGAN   John, jr fisherman
MORGAN   Isaac, sr fisherman

In the 1840s a mid-nineteenth century house type was constructed for Henry Morgan, by himself and his brothers Abraham and John, in the community of Bareneed. MORGAN   Abram   is mentioned as being well off in the Bareneed Census of 1817 and os the only Morgan listed,. . On July 19th, 1888 the three brothers received a Crown Grant of land in Seal Cove, Conception Bay South, and the house was dragged across the Conception Bay ice to Seal Cove. Henry Morgan occupied the northeastern portion of the land, with Abraham and John sharing the southern portion. Henry's son William James Morgan originally married Elizabeth Eason, however in 1917, William's second wife, Esther Butler, gave birth to Minnie, who is now the only living member who remembers the house.   Minnie grew up in the home which was built by her grandfather almost two centuries ago. After Henry's death in 1929, his son, William J. Morgan took possession of the property, and held it until his own death in 1959. His wife, Esther (Butler) Morgan, continued to reside on the property until 1971 The house was sold in 1971 to the Simmons family marking the first time since the house was built that it did not belong to the Morgan family.

Isaac Morgan Sr. (abt.1825-1896) and Isaac Morgan Jr. (1849-1918) first appear in the INDIAN POND. Harbor Main District - 1894-97 McAlpine's Directory Census and are my connection to the Morgans of Newfoundland. Annie E. P, Morgan born in Indian Pond a direct descendant of Isaac Morgan Sr. (abt.1825-1896) married my Father Harold William Coveduck also born in Indian Pond, Newfoundland and a direct descendant of James and Francis (Anthony) Coveduck who were married in Brigus Dec. 19, 1850.

There were no Coveducks in the 1817 Brigus and Bareneed Census, therefore I can only assume they were still settled in Clarks Beach in 1817 and Charles Cobbadue son of James and Francis Coveduck resettled in the community of Seal Cove when it first appeared in the census of 1857.   On Sepeember 23, 1876, Rachel Ann, daughter of Charles and Caroline Coberduck of Seal Cove, was born. Charles and his brother Henry Coveyduck both appear in the INDIAN POND. Harbor Main District - 1894-97 McAlpine's Directory Census. Henry (William Henry) Coveyduck is my Great Grandfather.
William Coveduck

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