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  Bussey & Coveyduck Fined 

27th October 1874
Another interesting article I found from 1907, I have not been able to identify this Coveyduck as of this date...Bill Coveduck

1907 St John Daily News Nov. 28, 1907 TWO MEN FINED FOR ASSAULTING CONDUCTOR The two men, BUSSEY and COVEYDUCK, who assaulted Conductor BESANT, near Clarke's Beach, on the shore train, a few nights ago, were before Magistrate THOMPSON, at Brigus, yesterday. The case was clearly proven against both men, but the company did not want to press the charge, and they were let off with a fine of $2 or seven days. Both received a long lecture from the Judge, who strongly condemned their conduct, and warned them against any such future transgressions. Mr. W. R. WARREN acted for the Company; the men were undefended

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