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  Coveyduck's in The U.K. 

27th October 1874
COVEYDUCKS IN UK   Early 1900's

I received this letter from Graham Andrew Coveyduck who I found in the UK: At present (July 2002)   Graham Andrew lives in Winchester Hampshire England.
and the second letter is from Vyvyan Coveyduck's son Nicholas. I am sharing these letters with you as they explain who our relatives in the UK are....Bill Coveduck

Hello William
I am part of the UK Coveyduck tribe. There are two distinct lots of Coveyducks in the UK, the Cornish lot and some renegade group around Halifax (UK).

Our side came originally from St Johns when Dorothy Behenna of Truro in Cornwall married John Edward Coveyduck of Brigus/Makinson Crossing in 1919. John was a Petty Officer First Class in the Royal Navy during the First World War. He worked on minesweepers around the UK and met Dorothy during a visit to Falmouth.

They had three sons and a daughter who died in infancy. The three sons were Clarance, Evelyn (known as Ben) and Vyvyan, my father.   My father was the eldest and was born in Truro, Cornwall on 1st Jan 1920.   He was left behind in Cornwall when Dorothy and John returned to Newfoundland after his discharge from the Navy, and Clarance and Ben were born in Newfoundland. Dorothy left Newfoundland in the 1930's and returned to Truro with Ben leaving Clarance with his father in Newfoundland.

Ben served in the Navy during the 39-45 war and my father was an RAF bomber navigator, but got shot down over Hamburg and spent 4 years as a POW. They made a movie about my father VyVyan's escape with Steve McQueen called The Great Escape. His family and a few other survivors were invited to England during the making of the film and for the premier.

Father married Joy Elizabeth Blamey of Portscathow, Cornwall in 1946 and I was born on 1st August 1947. My brother Nicholas was born 18th Dec 1952.

I married Jean Elizabeth kirk from Totnes in Devon on 1st September 1973 and have two sons James Andrew (24) and Christopher John (21)

Ben had three children and he is alive and kicking in Cornwall where his children and grandchildren breed like rabbits. Both my parents are still alive and well.

The Coveyducks around Halifax number about 8 and seem to come from St Johns but despite trying to get in contact with them, we hear or know little of them.

There was an message on the same site as you about John and Fanny(nee Wells) Coveyduck of Conception Bay. My great, great, great grandfather John was their son.

Hope the above helps.

Kindest regards,

Graham Andrew Coveyduck.
This letter I received from Nicholas Coveyduck
June 12, 2000)....Bill Coveduck

Hello William
John (Jack) Coveyduck came over on duty in the First World War and was a casualty he ended up in hospital in Falmouth, Cornwall were my grand mother was a nurse, Jack Coveyduck met Dorothy, she was his nurse and he her patient. They married and Vyvyian was born but very ill and not thought fit to travel but Jack just had to return to Newfoundland with Dorothy.
Vyvyian did survive and was raised by his Grandmother   Evelyn Behenna.
His parents went on to produce Clearance & Ben
Jack & Dorothy divorced and she returned to Cornwall with Ben.
Clearance stayed in Canada and later moved to New Haven Con. USA. where
He married and had children.
Vyvyian had two sons and Ben had a son & two daughters, Anthony, Janet & Sarah, all living in Cornwall.   His wife was Betty who is still living.
\Nicholas Coveyduck had two children, Katherine 2/6/82 & Edward 1/5/85 with his first wife (Unknown).  
Nicholas married his second wife Chania nee Johnston who was born in Kenya.
Graham Coveyduck, brother of Nicholas married Jean nee Kirk and had two sons James 21/11   (23?) & Christopher   30/5 (21) Christopher married Elizabeth (Unknown) 1999.   I met Enid a couple of years ago when she came over for Mothers & Fathers
Ruby Wedding Anniversary.   She is related to Bud & Betty but he could tell
you more about that.
Hope This Helps...Nicholas Coveyduck June 12, 2000)


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