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  Toronto's Oldest Twins 

27th October 1874
I found this article in a 1937 Newspaper and I have added it to our Family Tree...Bill Covedick

Woman and Brother Claim To Be Toronto's Oldest, Pair Recommend Work.
The achievement of a long life as exemplified by J.M.Shafer of Plainsview, and Mrs Lydia Whitelock of Los Angeles, the oldest twins of the United States and now nearing their 95th birthdays, hold no particular attraction for Mrs Theopilus Coveyduck and John Anthony who claim to be Toronto's oldest twins. They will celebrate their 83rd birthdays, July 07th next.
We are living on borrowed time and when we get too old we will become a burden on our relatives and we don't   want that, declared Mrs Coveyduck who spoke also for her twin brother. The two white haired Torontonians still very vigorous, eagerly explained that they are yet able to do many household dutie   Mrs Coveyduck's particular pleasurs is making rug mats from odds and ends of cloth. Her brother spends most of his time in the garden or boating and fishing. Cold weather does not dampen the ardour of these twins who regularly take a "brief crisp walk"   the sister explained.
Hard work never hurt anybody agreed the two, However, differed on the point as to which appeared the younger "I was burnt out of my home in Newfoundland and came to Toronto 25 years ago" explained Mrs Coveyduck. "At that time I had only 50 cents. Now I have my own house and I don't owe anybody a cent Each was born and married in Newfoundland.Mr Anthonyis living with his wife on Westmount Ave. He is actively interested in the Salvation Army at Earlscourt citadel. Untill a year and a half ago he was employed with a local candy firm.
When it comes our time to go we will be happy for we both lived happy, energetic lives." declared Mrs Coveyduck. "The hard rugged life of earlier days was much better for one. But life today is surely more"

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