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  Family History Begins At Home 

20th October 2002
Family History Begins at Home
With the holidays just around the corner, think about sharing the pleasures of genealogy with your family. When you bring family history home, you bring your family together.

At your next family gathering, be ready to ask older family members about themselves and older relatives they remember. Let the children interview older relatives, too, and even vice versa! Both can learn something fresh and new from the other

Melvie and I are so pleased to see all the participation and your photos especially the children we have never met. We have the means to share our family history, stories and family photos. Like you, we are anxiously waiting to see that new photo or family story in our inbox. So folks let's find a way to get your family history and stories uploaded. If you need help, please let me know. Keep your camera loaded Christmas is coming....Bill

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