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This section is for all of our Families, all over the world, to drop by and meet, add their family news, special events and put their own  pieces into the huge puzzle that is our family history. You don't need a membership to participate here. All you need is an interest in our Family Heritage.  It won't cost you anything either. Send me your Family Article by email and I will add it here.. 

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Family Articles

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Welcome To Our Family Site - by William Coveduck.
William's Mission - by William Coveduck.
Coveduck Name Changes as of 1808 - by William Coveduck
Coveyduck & Morgans in Seal Cove 1857 - Newfoundland, Canada
Two Men Fined For Assaulting Conducter 1907 - Newfoundland
Coveyducks In The U.K. Early 1900's 
Coveyduck-Mesher Family History in Labrador 
Joseph Cobbeduck witnessed Last Will & Testament in 1812
Coveduck's Indian Pond & Seal Cove Nfld. Roots
The Hannah - William Cobbeduck's ship - 1749
Coveduck In Anglo Boer War - William Coveduck.
Mrs Theopilus Coveyduck & John Anthony are Oldest Twins 
Family History Begins At Home - William Coveduck.
How Old Are You - Unknown Author
The Story Tellers - We Are The Chosen
Adrift On The Ice 1917 - by Ross Pomeroy.
William Coveduck's Relatives - Coming Soon.

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