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Welcome to our online Family Photoalbum. We would love to see your familyís photos preserved within these pages. Here you can preserve and share your photos as your relatives have shared with you. CLICK on the camera and use my new UPLOAD feature. Your photos will be uploaded to my private album for security and will only be seen after screening by me. Donít forget to add your email address or simply Email them to me. 



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Family Albums

  Coveduck Wedding Portraits (old & New)

Annie (Morgan) Coveduck 90th Birthday

  Clarence Coveduck

  Earl Coveduck

  Irwin Coveduck

John Coveduck

  Joseph Coveduck

Stephen & Peggy Coveduck Wedding

  William H Coveduck

Lloyd Coveyduc

Albert Coveyduck

Alice Lilly Coveyduck

Bertha Coveyduck

Caroline Coveyduck

Graham Coveyduck

Rachel Coveyduck

Robert James Coveyduck

Robert & Jane Coveyduck

Susannah Coveyduck

Sybil Coveyduck

Viola Coveyduck

William John Coveyduck

William John Coveyduck Jr

Mason Family

Morgan Family

Ellen Peddle

Spencer & Bonnie Morgan Wedding Album

Darren & Lynn Bute Wedding Album

Leonard French Family