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  William John & Kathleen (Kyte) Coveduck Jr. 

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Album 12. William John Coveduck Jr.ís Family

1-William John Coveyduck Snr 2-William John Coveyduck Jr 3-Kathleen (Kyte) Coveyduck 4-Jane Coveyduck with David Lloyd Coveyduck  5-Kathleen (Kyte) Coveyduck 
6-David & Marilyn Coveyduck's Wedding  7-Richard Coveyduck 8-Richard Coveyduck 9-William John Coveyduck Jr 10-Richard Coveyduck
11-Sharon, William, David 12-Kathleen, David & Sharon 1952 13-David, Kathleen,Sharon 14-Kathleen & Richard 15-Coveyduck Family
16-Lee Anthony Coveyduck 17-Luke Nichole & Chloe Helliwell 18-Mark & Helen 19-Mark & Helen  20-Mark & Helen

21-Sharon Coveduck 22-Sharon 23-Sharon & Andrew 24-Victoria & Andrew 2 25-Victoria & Andrew 3 
26-Sharon Andrew Victoria & Richard 27-Victoia & Andrew 28-Sharon,Mark, Nicole and Andrew 29-David Kathleen & Sharon 30-William John Coveyduck Jr
31-David William & Sharon 32-Paul & Michelle 33-Paul & Michelle 34-Paul & Michelle's Wedding 35-Paul, Andrew, Sharon, Mark & Helen
36-Paul,Andrew & Mark 37-Family Photo 38-Benjamin Paul 39-Benjamin Paul 40-Benjamin Paul
41-Benjamin Paul 42-William John Coveyduck Snr 1985   43-William John Coveyduck Jr Death Certificate 44-William John Jr's Marriage Certificate 45-William John Jr's Birth Certificate
46-Bernadette Coveyduck & Myrtle Peach 47-Edmund holding Cathy 48-David Lloyd Coveyduck's family 49-Trudy & Marjorie Coveyduck 50-Benjamin Paul
51-Benjamin Paul 52-Lee Anthony Coveyduck 53-Lee Anthony Coveyduck 54-Luke Nichole & Chloe Helliwell 55-Luke Helliwell
56-Luke, Nicole, Chloe Helliwell 57-Nichole Helliwell 58-Benjamin Paul 59-Benjamin Paul 60-Chloe Helliwell
61-Benjamin Paul 62-Benjamin Paul 63-Benjamin Paul 64-Benjamin Paul  

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