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Coveyduck Oldest Twins

Genealogy of Carolyn (Coveyduck) Curlew.

Caroline Coverduck (Photos: Courtesy Asif Khan

Hello and Welcome to Caroline Coveyduck's family homepage. I recently made contact with Asif Khan who's wife (Jennifer Hurd) is the great grand daughter of Caroline Coveyduck. Brigus Church Marriage Records show that on December 08, 1847, Caroline's parents  Robert Coverduck born Abt. 1823.  married Jane Coveyduck born October 10, 1827 and their marriage was witnessed by Thomas Bonnell and William Coverduck. Now in 1863, Brigus United Methodist Church Baptisms. No.1714 Vol 35 COVEYDUCK, show that Jennifer's great great grandparents Robert a Fisherman & his wife Jane had their daughter Caroline baptised by Thomas Harris on Dec. 29, 1863 in Cupids and that Caroline was born Jan. 25, 1863: Methodist Marriages-BRIGUS PARISH
On Feb 3, 1880 Isaac Curlew of Bareneed, Newfoundland and Caroline Coveyduck of Cupids, Newfoundland were married at Cupids by John Reay?  Witnesses were Robt H & Ann E. COVEYDUCK.

Caroline Coverduck's Family. (Photos: Courtesy Asif Khan

Miriam Hurd (nee Curlew born April 28 1884 ) sent a letter to PANL on September 26 1945.At that time she listed her place of residence as Coppercliffe, Ontario and she listed the following information within her letter. Isaac & Caroline Curlew ( nee Coveyduck born Feb. 24 1863) of Bareneed, Nfld. moved to Toronto in 1887 until 1894 when the family returned to Bareneed. In 1898 they moved back to Toronto.

Isaac Curlew died in March 1937 ( place of death not listed but probably Toronto).
Caroline (Coveyduck) Curlew died December 25 1939 (place of death not listed but probably TORONTO)

Miriam also stated in the letter at PANL that her brother Arthur Curlew resided in the
city of Toronto and had the family Bible with the following Births posted in it. 
George Curlew on  September 3 1886
Mary Curlew on June 23 1888  (presume this would be Toronto)
Fred Curlew on February 16 1894 (probably Toronto)
Ida Curlew on January 16 1896
Walter Curlew April 18 1900  (probably Toronto)
Eva Curlew October 5 1902  (probably Toronto)
Arthur Curlew November 25 1904 (probably Toronto)

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