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Genealogy of Bertha (Coveyduck) Ross.

Bertha Coverduck (Photos: Courtesy Charlene Harris

Hello and Welcome to Bertha Coveyduck's family homepage. I am Charlene Virginia Ross Harris, currently of Alabama and living in both Mobile and Athens (opposite ends of Alabama).  My husband has retired to our farm there. I grew up in Michigan and have lived in several areas of the US.  I haven't done any genealogy research since about 1965.  At that time I had written all the Coveyducks I could locate--and never received any responses other than Garnet Coveyduck and Myrtle Coveyduck.  I had my hopes up at the time but they weren't interested. My grandmother was Bertha Coveyduck, born 21 March 1878 in Conception Bay, Newfoundland and her death certificate lists her father as Robert Coveyduck born in Newfoundland.  

Bertha married James Lorne Ross in Charlottetown, PEI  on 2 May 1899, their marriage license gives her maiden name as Coppdor. Their children were Walter, Mable, twins Muriel and Myrtle (Myrtle died young), Edith, and Charles Garnet Ross (my father). After her  father's third marriage Bertha had gone to Charlottetown to live with his sister, a Mrs. Merced. I was told my grandmother had a sister Rachel, who stayed in Newfoundland and married a Mr. Morgan.    When I was writing people in Newfoundland, I started out with high hopes since I came up with the names Myrtle Coveyduck and Garnet Coveyduck.  

Bertha Coverduck's Family. (Photos: Courtesy Charlene Harris

James and Bertha lived in PEI for a short time, then moved to Nova Scotia.  In their later years they moved to Detroit for a while, then back to Windsor, Ontario.  She died 8 Dec. 1954. This is nearly all the Coveyduck knowledge I have.  I'm glad I did the research I did 1960-65, since I wouldn't have had this information without the letters I received from James Lorne Ross's sister. 

I hate to admit it but I don't have a lot of information about my
father's brother's children.  He was at least ten years older than my father, and I did see him a few times as a child.  He lived in Detroit and had a large family.  We lived in Williamston (near Lansing) and we drove to Windsor frequently.  Mable married an Ansel Bowser and they had a daughter Charlotte, who I hear from at Christmas.  Muriel married more than once, she had one son but at the moment I can't remember his first name, but the last name was Lord.  As I said Muriel's twin died quite young.  Edith also married more than once.  She had a son Jimmy Neely (detroit policeman, I think), and
the last I knew she lived in Windsor and was married to a Fred Roberts.  My father died 10 years ago, and I don't believe any of his siblings are still living.

Charlene Virginia Ross Harris:

Footnote From William:

Rachel Anne was born September 23, 1876 in Seal Cove, Conception Bay, Newfoundland.  She married Edward Neddy Morgan, son of Abraham Morgan and Fanny ?.  Edward was born May 1875 in Seal Cove, Conception Bay, Newfoundland. My mom, Annie (Morgan) Coveduck told me that Ed Morgan was known as Neddy because there were too many Ed's at the time and he lived in the the other Coveyduck house in Indian Pond, Nfld. which appears to have been Rachel's father Charles Coveyduck's house. Charles and my great grandfather William Henry were brothers.  

According to the 1921 Newfoundland census for Indian Pond: Edward born May 1875 married Rachel Morgan born Nov. 1876 and their children were Edward Morgan born May 1875, Frederick Morgan born Aug. 1902, Allen born Nov 1904, Julias Born Nov 1909, Caroline born Jan 1912, Effie born Feb. 1916, Jim Herbert born Oct. 1918 and Agnes born Jul. 1921.     

William Coveduck 

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