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  Annie Beatrice Coveyduck

This page contain the Genealogy of my Grandmother Annie Beatrice Coveyduck.

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Hello and Welcome to my family's homepage. My name is Carol and I would like to introduce you to my family. My mother Annie Coveyduck   met William John Charnock in the 1940's. They dated, and then my mother became pregnant with me (Carol). She then found out that WJ Charnock was already married. That was the end of that.
She later met Warren Cunning. They married and he adopted me. She then had 2 other kids, Wendy Cunning ( now Wendy Richer) and Mike Cunning , I became Carrol Cunning.
When I was 12 yrs old, my mother told me about WJ Charnock, until then I   was led to believe, Warren was my real father. She also told me that WJ Charnock's wife was pregnant at the same time my mother was.
I was always curious about my roots. Mike (my hubby) bought me a computer in 1998. What was I going to do with a computer??? I had no interest and if I did, Mike had one that I could use at any time.So the first thing I did was get on the internet and start a search for my REAL dad William J Charnock and knowing I had a brother or sister about the same age as me, I was driven to find them.
The first thing I did was search the 411 and found out there were ONLY 22 Charnock's in Ontario.....good thing. I sent out 22 letters explaining that I was looking for a WJ Charnock and all the information, that I knew.

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About a week later, I got a call from Janice, explaining that she might be my sister. My heart fell, I was so surprised and that same day I got a e-mail from my brother Mike saying that he might be my brother. I was so shocked !! It was the best day of my life, to find out that there are 11 of them. Amazing!!!!
My search found, that my dad had passed away 6 yrs prior and I had 11 (ELEVEN) new sisters and brothers !!!!! WOW..... What a shock that was. So the Charnock's are my long lost NEW sisters and brothers. Jean, William, Jim (who I have not met yet, the same age as me) then me, Mike, Wendy,Christine, Deb, Janice,Doug, Dave and last Robert. That is the order of our birth. A very busy boy, that dad of mine.
Soon after I found them and we had a few phone conversations with them I made plans to fly to Toronto to meet with them for the first time. It was a GREAT day. Getting to know all the names and be able to put a face to all the names, was a feat in itself. Not only them but their spouses and kids and grandkids etc etc etc. I am finding out more and more all the time. It has been and will be a lot of fun to have so much family.

I now see them each time I go to Toronto for a visit, chat with some on the phone, exchange letters with others and e-mail others.
When Dad married Barb , he changed his name to the last 3 boys have that name... Doug, Dave and Bobby Chaddock !
So now you all know who the Charnock's and the Chaddock's are .

With love Carol

Carol Mitchel

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