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Genealogy of Edward & Alice Lily (Coveyduck) Greene


  (Photos: Courtesy Cavelle Knee Greene)

Hello from St.John's Newfoundland and Welcome to my family's homepage. My name is Cavelle (Knee) Greene and I would like to introduce you to our family branch of the Coveyduck Family Tree.  My husband Albert David Greene's grandparents are Edward & Alice Lily (Coveyduck) Greene. Alice Lily was born in Indian Pond and is the daughter of William Henry Coveyduck & Elizabeth Burton. Alice Lily's brother Joseph is William Coveduck's grandfather. 
Edward and Alice (Coveduck) Greene had one son Albert. Albert married Elizabeth Mary Hanlon of St. John's and they had 4 children Blanche Mary , Alice Lillian, Mary Elizabeth, and Albert David.   Albert David and I have been married for 12 years and have 2 sons Matthew Scott Greene and Marcus Edward Greene.

(Photo: Courtesy Cavelle Knee Greene)

Blanche Mary is deceased . She married George O'Brien of St John's and they had 2 children George and Sean.  Alice lives in California and is married for the 2nd time to George Achoa. She has three daughters by her first husband Debbie, Diane and Donna.
Mary married Edward Hearn of Torbay and they live in St.John's . They have one son Robert.     

  (Photo: Courtesy Cavelle Knee Greene )

Alice Lily lived to be 96 years of age and she died in 1988? I knew her only briefly although she lived with my Husband and Mother in Law for many years. Albert Greene Senior died back in the 1970's of lung cancer but was estranged from his family for many years. The story goes that Alice's husband was lost at sea while she was pregnant with her son, however we cannot prove that this is so. Alice was quite a character ( as we say here) and likely to tell any kind of story. She had also told my husband that her husband came over from Ireland.

Cavelle (Knee) Greene

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