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Daphne Blake

My Grandmother Elizabeth Jane Coveyduck's Genealogy.

Hello and Welcome to my Grandmother  Elizabeth Coveyduck's page. My name is Daphne Blake. My grandmother Elizabeth Jane Coveyduck was born on  Nov 17, 1863  in Seal Cove, Newfoundland. My grandmother Elizabeth Jane's mother died when she and her siblings were young and they were all reared by someone else except my grandmother. After her father remarried my grandmother's stepmother was unkind to her, they sent her on a fishing boat to the Labrador when she was 12 or 13.  There she met and married  Thomas Blake in North West River, Labrador and had a large family, my father being the youngest. 

My grandmother Elizabeth Jane gave birth to approx 13 children but most died before we were born. Only 5 lived to an old age, They had five sons: Douglas, bachelor; Edward, bachelor; Henry who married Rachael Flowers; Philamon, married Burey Michelin; and Sidney, my father who married Alfreda Davis. Lillian Ethel married Archibald Goudie and Violet married Daniel Michelin. Thomas Blake died in the flu of 1918.  My father, Sidney had two brothers Henry and Philemon. I think our original ancestor was William Blake from SW England.

Many of my grandparents descendents are still living in North West River and Goose Bay area of Labrador. My grandmother Elizabeth Jane passed away 12 April 1955 and is buried in North West River.  

Daphne Blake


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