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Daphne Jones

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©Messai Michlin and   Hannah Brooks. (Photos: Courtesy Them Days)

Our Coveyduc- Mesher family tree connection begins with William Messier who changed his surname to Mesher. He came from the Channel Islands, United Kingdom and settled in Labrador in the early 1800's, he married an Inuit woman Hannah Brooks, their daughter Esther Mesher ( 1832- 1913) married William Goodenough . 

William and Esther could not have children so Reuben Absalom Mesher son of Robert John Mesher (1828-1913) and Eliz. (1836-1916), daughter of Peter and Eliz. (Broomfield) Hamel, was given to them to raise as long as Reubin kept the Mesher name

Children of Robert John and Eliz. Mesher were: William,  John,  Annabel,  Samuel,  Edward (Samuel and Edward were twins) and Reuban Absalom who married Selina Bertha Coveyduc June 17, 1882. She was born on Aug. 22, 1864 and died July 15, 1949. She was the daughter of John Coveduck and Francis Wells of Cupids Nf.  

Our family surnames spelling of Coveyduc first appeared with Selina's children. Her father John Coveduck's birth record shows it spelled as Coveduck.... 

William Coveduck  

© William John Coveyduck Jr. (Photos: Courtesy Annie (Morgan) Coveduck)

Hello and Welcome to my family's homepage. My name is Daphne Jones and I would like to introduce you to my family. My grandfather is Stanley Edward Mesher - his parents are Reuben Absalom Mesher & Selina Bertha Coveyduc. Selina's parents are John Coveduck born April 4, 1825 & Fanny Wells, born Aug. 28, 1829, they were married in June 1855. I first met William Coveduck in May of 2000 when I dropped in at the Downhomer Kitchen and his enquiry about the Coveyduck name popped right out at me. My mother told me that the Coveyducks came from Salmon Cove, Conception Bay, and from one other place. She remembers a lot about her grandmother, Selina (Coveyduck) Mesher. My mother and four other sisters were raised by their two grandmothers, with the help of their own dad Stanley, Stanley's wife died at a young age, and left him with five young girls to raise, this was his second time being widowed, his first wife died and left him with two sons - how tragic can that be. I live in Tennessee right now, married an American GI in 1976, and have been back and forth to home real often.

© John Coveyduck. (Photos: Courtesy Annie (Morgan) Coveduck)

John Coveyduck & Fanny Wells's five  children were Emily Coveyduck - Aug. 12, 1856, Mary Ohira Coveyduck - Feb. 2, 1859, Eliza Jane Coveyduck - Sept. 24, 1860, Selina Bertha Coveyduck - Aug. 22, 1864 died July 15, 1949 and James Coveyduck - Sept. 27, 1866. Selina Bertha Coveyduck (b. Aug. 22, 1864) married Reuben Absalom Mesher (born Aug. 10, 1860) marriage date of June 17, 1882. Their children are: William Goodenough Mesher - b. March 19, 1882, Frances Esther Mesher - b. Sept. 13, 1884, Robert John Mesher - b. Sept. 6, 1886, Samuel James Mesher - b. Dec. 9, 1888 -  died Sept. 30, 1913, Stanley Mesher - b. July 17, 1892 - died Aug. 26, 1892, Lily May Jane Mesher - b. Oct. 4, 1893, Stanley Edward Mesher - b. Sept. 30, 1895, Eliza Myrtle Mesher - b. March 11, 1898 -  died May 13, 1898, Victor Grenfell Mesher - b. Oct. 1, 1899 - died 1908, Eldred Evan Mesher - March 16, 1901 - died Aug. 13, 1949, Karl Reuben Chesley Mesher-  b. Sept. 21, 1903 - died Nov. 4, 1918, Earle Douglas Dewitt Mesher - b. Dec. 1906 - died 1910.

Daphne Jones

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