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Genealogy of Robert John & Mariah Shaw Coveyduck.


Heather Evans

© Courtesy Heather Evans

My name is Heather (Sobol) Evans - Bocan. My great grandfather Robert John Coveyduck born about 1846 married Mariah Shaw born November 1842. Family tales say that Mariah's maiden name was Ford, her father changed the name to Shaw. Apparently there had been a falling out within the family. Robert and Mariah had four Children, Jane born August 1895 married Sam Snow, William John born 1898 married Bertha Suzanne Oliver, Richard born 1866 married Jessie and my grandfather Robert James Coveyduck was born September 05, 1902 in Salmon Cove, Newfoundland and died December 12, 1993 in Newmarket Ont..

The first Coveyduck to go to Hamilton was Richard Coveyduck from St. Johns Nfld., Gordon went north of Toronto from St. Johns Nfld. & his family remains there still. I believe that Richardís off-springs changed the name to Covey & there is a thriving business there to this day. My Uncle Jack from Richmond looked exactly like our grand father & his name I do believe was really William John my grandfather's brother.

Robert Coveyduck Courtesy Heather Evans

Robert (Bob) married twice. His first marriage to my grandmother Henrietta Marion Young was on December 22, 1923 in Carbonear, Newfoundland, Canada. Henrietta's parents are George Young and Margaret Nowell or Newell. My grandparents had eight children, Raymond Stanley, Lily May (my mother), William Headley, Annie Beatrice, Helen, Stanley Raymond, Robert James and Eleanor Jane.

My mother Lilly May Coveyduck married Frank Sobol and my brother Frank Wayne was first born then myself (Heather) arrived three years later. Mom's second marriage was to Vincent William Libonati and Karl Vincent Harry was born.

© Courtesy Heather Evans

My uncle William Headley married Betty Lou Conforzi and their two children were Barbara Ann and William Richard. Aunt Annie Beatrice married Warren Ornsley Cunning, their three children are Carol Ann, Michael Warren, and Wendy. Ann then married Oliver Bourdon. Aunt Helen married Mervin Pipher and their children are Bonnie Elizabeth and Eric Mervin. Uncle Bob (Robert James jr.) married twice. First marriage to Myrtle Rose McNabb and their children are Gordon and Christine. Uncle Bob's second marriage was to Margaret, Their four children are Kelley Marie, Karen Patricia, Kimberley Erin, and Penny Colleen.

My Aunt Eleanor Jane married Philip

Scott Neale and their two children are Mark and Deborah. Both Raymond Stanley and Stanley Raymond died before they were two years old.


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