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Over the years, I have found many distant relatives who have generously sent me their pieces of our puzzle and their contribution deserves some recognition. Here in our Family Puzzle is where all your fragments of genealogical data can be viewed by others so they can make some sense of how the pieces fit in the Family Tree.. 

Each piece of the puzzle each of us individually holds may relate to another piece that someone else has been holding on to. One problem is that lots of people all over the world are holding on to missing pieces of our puzzle and they don't even know that we need their pieces! If you are one of them. Why not send us your Family Profile by e-mail It will be included here then pretty soon, we could be looking at the full picture of our Family Genealogy! because of your contribution

My Special Thanks to all of you for your contributions that made our Family site what it is today....   Wiliiam Coveduck 


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Alice Lily Coveyduck, 1892 - Albert & Cavelle (Knee) Greene, Nfld.
Annie Beatrice Coveyduck, 1927 - Carrol Mitchell, Ontario, Canada.
Bertha Coveyduck, 1878  - Charlene Harris, Ontario.
Caroline Coveyduck, 1863 - William Coveduck, Quebec.
Edward Samuel Morgan 1880 - Jeanette Whelan, Newfoundland.
Elizabeth Jane Coveyduck, 1863 - Daphne Blake, Ontario,
Elizabeth Sybil Coveyduck, 1903 - William Coveduck, Quebec. 
Emma Jane Coveyduck, 1853 - Ross Pomeroy, U.S.A.
Irwin Coveduck, 1913 - Victor Coveduck, Florida U.S.A.
Joseph Michelin  - Various Contributors
Newton Boyd Morgan - Gary Morgan, Newfoundland.
Rachel Ann Coveyduck, 1876 - Denis Morgan, British Columbia.
Robert Henry Coveyduck 1859 - Tom Martin, British Columbia
Robert James Coveyduck 1902 - Heather Evans, Ontario, Canada
Selina Bertha Coveyduc 1864 - Contributors listed with data.
Selina Bertha Coveyduc, 1864 - Daphne Jones, Tennessee, USA
Selina Bertha Coveyduc, 1864 - Mary & Bob King, USA
Susanna Coveyduck - Rick Stead, Newfoundland
Thomas John Coveyduck - Karen Miller, Ontario, Canada
Valerie (Dawe) Whelan - Ontario, Canada
Viola Coveyduck, 1929 - Contributors listed with data.
William & Helen (Coveyduck) Scott, 1930  - Scott Beem.
William John Coveyduck, 1913 - Sharon Coveyduck, Great Britain
Judy Cabral's Site - Ontario

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