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  Joseph Michelin  

Joseph Michelin.

Mersai and Hannah Brooks. Courtesy 

I would like to tell the true story of Joe Michelin (1845-1940), my great grandfather. He was born in Labrador as was the rest of his brothers. It was great-great-grandfather Mersai Michelin who came from Quebec on snowshoes with the Indians. It was said that he was a Metis. When he came to the lake Melville area, He took a wife who was a half Eskimo, Hannah Brooks. The old people used to say that she could clean a seal skin on her leg. I know this information to be rigjt because I take great interest in my ancesters, and I have researched on my ownby talking with all the old people, asking them questions about the past. My grandfather, Stewart Michelin,of North West Riverhas told me this same story.... Max Blake. 

Joseph Micjelin Courtesy 

Uncle Joe Michelin is a very interesting old trapper. He is especially proud of his teeth, as well he may be, for at 72 he hadn't an unsound tooth in his head; and at 84 when this picture was taken he had all his teeth but two. He explains their fine condition by saying that he has never worn them out scrubbing them with a tooth brush.. The winter he was 81 he needed some traps so he put on his snowshoes, tramped in from his home at Traverspine, 26 miles, to the Hudson's Bay Company post at North West River, got his traps and a bite to eat and tramped back home for supper.. 52 miles. Not so bad for a day's tramp at any age.... John W. Newell.

Coming Soon Stewert Michelin  Courtesy

I worked in Labrador in 1963 and 64 being an anthropologist by trade. I lived there for a year in 64 and have a child named Michelin. She is a descendant of Hannah brooks. I remained close to the Michelin family and go there often. My specific interest is in Ambrose Brooks, his daughter Hannah, and her second husband, Marcel Michelin, the ancestors of my daughter. Along those lines I hear of people who have similar interests in genealogies. That is why I still look for info on the Coveduck name because of the connection with Hannah Brooks first husband, a Mesher. My daughter's grandfather is Stewart Michelin born in 1894, Feb 9. His father was Joseph and his mother the second wife of Joseph, Mary Snow from Nfld. Joseph and Mary had 11 children.

Mersai is the Marcel I was talking about. He was born in Trois-Rivieres, Que, in 1823. He married Hannah Brooks 1813-1895) Hannah is the daughter of Susan, an Inuit renamed by her husband, Ambrose Brooks. They had or adopted 5 children. Before him Hannah married William Mesher from Groswater Bay, Lab..... Michelle Marcinkowska

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