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  Thomas John Coveyduck 

Lillian Mae Coveyduck

(Photos: Courtesy of Karen Miller)

Genealogy of Thomas John Coveyduck.


Karen Elizabeth Miller (2009)

( Courtesy Karen Miller)

Hello my name is Karen and welcome to my great-great grandfather THOMAS JOHN COVEYDUCK's family profile. Thomas was born in 1881 in Salmon Cove Newfoundland and passed in 1964 in Thornhill Ontario. Thomas was mainly a fisherman going out on the boats as did most of the men at that time. Thomas had two brothers, Richard, Robert and I think a sister Sarah.  

Thomas married before he left Newfoundland, to  Sarah Ann Whelan, who was born Aug 3rd 1883 in Bull Cove Pond. Before Thomas and Sarah left Newfoundland, two girls and one boy were born. I believe that Norman was first born, Mary May was second, but she died an infant due to diptheria. There are no records of dad in Thornhill Cemetary. John Thomas Coveyduck (Son births for Lily May or Norman. Norman is burried close to his mom  and) to Thomas and Sarah. He was known as (Jack) He was living in Richmond Hill Ontario until March 22 1993 when he passed and is now resting with his mom and dad. ( He was creamated)

( Courtesy Karen Miller)

When Thomas and Sarah landed in Toronto, they first settled on Euclid Ave. with their children. We don't know if Richard stayed awhile, or continued on to Hamilton, Ontario. After a while Richard and his wife Maud adopted a little Kathleen, and shortly after adopted a second baby girl Viola. Richard lived the rest of his life in Hamilton where he worked in the steel mills. 

Eventually Thomas was able to buy a house. So on Sept 23, 1922 in the township of Vaughan, in the county of york he purchased; pt #'s 33 & 34, plan 1984 for $878.00. His down pament was $269.18. The Mortgage payments was only $ 4.00 a month. This property was purchased from E.T. STEPHENS LTD. This property was later known as 95 Garden Ave. Langstaff. Many years later Langstaff was known as Richmond Hill. Thomas was proud of his home and family, and when later Robert and Richard and families come over to visit; his home came to life newfie style. Friends and families from Toronto and Hamilton on a prearranged weekend and everyone contributed to the merriment and food. 

My great-great grandmother Sarah was a hard worker and anyone who new her new that she would do anything for you. She would walk for miles and back from the store or just a walk. At her passing there were over 80 car's she was well liked and loved. Richard was known to his neices and nephews as ( uncle Dick) Robert was known as (uncle Bob). .

(Courtesy Karen Miller)

Robert and his wife Ethel, had six children, they were, LILY MAY, ANN, HELLEN, HEADLY, ROBERT JR., ELLENOR. Robert's wife Ethel died in the 60's, after a series of illnesses. Bob being  a carpenter bought and sold houses he built. He finished a house then lived in it till the next one was built. As they got older they stopped moving and just lived in the one house till after Ethel died. He then sold that house got married again and lived in an apartment in Richond Hill. There was a plaza beside his apartment and that is where a couple of younge punks beat him. He never did recover.

Ellenor the youngest daughter married and moved to the U.S.A. She worked for the Marx brothers. Richard had diabetes but died of stomach cancer. He married in the fifties to a Mary ?. Richard's proudest moments was July 12th when he rode a horse as WILLIAM OF ORANGE. That was in the early sixties. Kathleen married an italian who also worked in the steel mills. There children were: Linda, Joseph, David, Ronald.  

Viola married Percy Edwards, thier union produced 8 children. All of which were turned over to the children's Aid. The kids have somehow found each other, one has just passed away and one they still can't find. Viola later married again, but was killed in a car accident.  

Then there is my grandmother Lillian Mae Coveyduck daugther of Thomas and Sarah Lillian born Dec 12th,1914 in Newfoundland. She married my grandfather Kenneth Victor Miller. Lillian was around 24 years old when married. There children are: Sarah Norma born Sept 20th 1941 and Thomas John born April 24 1943. There were other children but died at birth.  

My mother Sarah Norma Miller had a child named Bonnie Jean Miller born Oct 31 1958. My mother then met my father Lester Joseph Martin and were married in June 1963. There children are, Alice May (Sandy), Lester Joseph Jr., Karen Elizabeth (me) Robert Steven, Brian Vicent  

My uncle Tom ( Thomas John) lived and worked in Richmond Hill, and is still living there to this day with his wife Patrica. Uncle Tom just retired from the town of Richmond Hill.He is 66 now.  

I would love to know where great uncle Bob's children are now and how they are doing. If anyone knows please let William know love to see them.  


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