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Genealogy of Edward & Rachel (Coveyduck) Morgan


Denis Morgan  (Photos: Courtesy Denis Morgan)

Hello from British Columbia and Welcome to my family's homepage. My name is Denis Morgan grandson of Edward and Rachel (Coveyduck) Morgan. It wasn't until less than ten years ago that I learned that my father's parents were Edward and Rachel (Coveyduck) from my father's birth certificate. There appears to have been some tension between my parents families and It was only this Spring that I found out my grandmother's birth name. My grandmother Rachel was born on September 23, 1876 in Seal Cove, Newfoundlnd and she died in 1943. When I told one sister Grandmother's name, she said someone told her the same thing.  

Edward Neddy Morgan (Photo: Courtesy Denis Morgan)

My father Edward Neddy Morgan was born in May of 1875 and he died in 1962, I thought my siblings would have more knowledge of our roots. Recently William Coveduck and I met and his mother Annie Morgan remembers that my grandparents lived on William's great grandfather William Henry Coveyduck's land . My grandfather Edward (Neddy) Morgan was nicknamed Neddy Coveyduck. 

I have to track down some cousins and pick their brains and find out more of our family's ancesters. My father's sister Agnes said that Rachel had a sister named Bertha, who left home when she (Bertha) was 16 years old. No one seems to have any idea what became of her afterwards. Rachel died in 1943 (long before my birth), so I never knew her. 

 John Herbert Morgan (Photo: Courtesy Denis Morgan )

I lived with my family in Seal Cove in the 1960s, and I never saw grandfather, even though he must have lived nearby. I also never saw anything of my father's relations until after my mother Margaret Day died in 1962  Later I lived with my maternal grandmother in Western Bay and almost never saw any of them after the move. My father James Herbert Morgan born in October of 1918 died in 1966, so I didn't get a chance to hear any family history from him.


Denis Morgan

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