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  Elizabeth Sybil Coveyduck Profile 

Genealogy of Elizabeth Sybil Coveyduck.

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Elizabeth Sybil Coveyduck, daughter of Joseph Coveyduck and Fanny Mugford. was known as Sybil, she was born December 1903 in Goulds, Newfoundland. Elizabeth Sybil had a son Thomas born in 1923 who was raised by his grandparents Joseph Coveyduck and Fanny Jane Mugford. Elizabeth Sybil married Eli Dawe and had four more children. Jessie Dawe, Donald Dawe who married Vera, Calvin Dawe married Joyce and Nick Dawe married Clara.

Thomas Coveyduck was born in 1923 in Bay Roberts, Newfoundland and married twice. His first marriage was to Dorothy Doris Cousins who was born in 1924 and died May 2000 from bone cancer brought on by breast cancer. Thomas and Dorothy's children were Hubert Leslie Coveyduck their oldest son born April 15, 1945. Their second son William (Bill) was born on August 21, 1945. Roy Coveyduck (known as June) was given the Coveyduck name at birth.

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Thomas Coveyduck had a second marriage to Julia Mercer, born in 1922. Doris Cousins married Greg Larcey  after her marriage to Thomas. Greg and Doris had two children, Greg Larcey and Tim Larcey. Thomas passed away, aged 76 at the Grace General Hospital, St. John`s on Sunday, November 7, 1999, Thomas was a Veteran of W.W.II. 

William (Bill) Coveyduck was born in Aug of 1946 and he married Agnus Lewis. He died Aug 2 1994 when he fell from his fishing boat and was never recovered. William and Agnus's children are: Clifford Coveyduck, and Roy Coveyduck. William and Agnus's third child is William Coveyduck.

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Tom's brother Roy Coveyduck has a daughter Sherri Coveyduck.

Hubert Leslie Coveyduck married Vicki Kilinworth on August 17 1966. and they have two daughters, Vicki-Lyne who married Brian Millson on Aug. 4 1990 and they have two children...Zachary John Thomas and Laura Catheline. Hubert and Vicki's second daughter is Darlene Coveyduck. Darlene married married Michael Shand and there children are Sebastian Michael Richard Coveyduck, Tristian Darion Anthony Shand, and Alicia Courtney Marie Shand.




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