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Genealogy of Robert & Mary (Wilcox Ledrew) Coveyduck.


Tom Martin

(Robert Coveyduck Photos: Courtesy Tom Martin)

Hello - I'm Tom Martin. I first met William Coveduck in January of 2001 when I got his email address from Sandra LeDrew who my son discovered a while back. Sandra is the grandaughter of the youngest brother of my grandmother Mary Wilcox LeDrew who married Robert Coveyduck. Robert and Mary Coveyduck are in the above picture.

Robert and Mary had six children. Arthur born 1889, Ella G. born 1908, George born 1890 married Beatrice and changed his name to Covey, George and Beatrice had a son Ross, Sadie Belle born 1893 married Charles Newton Cowan and had two daughters Mary Helen and Dorthea, Ethel (My mother) was born 1896 and she married Thomas Hilliard Martin and their first child my sister Shirley ethel was born in 1923 and myself Thomas Hilliard arrived in 1928, and Annie was born in 1892

Etta Coveyduck Photos: Courtesy Tom Martin

My mother was Ethel Coveyduck, until she too changed her name from Coveyduc (note - no k) to Covey on Nov. 4, 1920 even though she was soon to be married. My uncle George was behind the name change. He decided to change the name so his son (my cousin) Ross wouldn't get the teasing that he as he apparently had been over the strange name. My mother said that since she was to be married and get a new name she wasn't sure about going through with the legal change to Covey, but did it anyway. As I understand it Robert and Mary did not legally change their name but Ella did. In the announcement of my mother's wedding her parents were referred to as Covey. My mother said that at school she was sometimes called "Frenchy" so maybe Uncle George had the same type of teasing.

Ethel Coveyduck Photos: Courtesy Tom Martin

Uncle George was a dentist; his son Ross was as well and retired from the Canadian Army as a col. and CO of the Canadian Army Dental Corps. He went to private practice in Ottawa, where he died; Ella Covey(duck) ended WW11 as a Major in the RCAMC and Matron of the Canadian hospital ship Lady Nelson.



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