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  Valerie Dawe Whelan 


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WHeadstone. (Photo: Courtesy Valerie Whelan)

Hello and Welcome to my family's homepage. My name is Valerie Whelan. My connection to William is through the Morgan family. Our Family vacation last summer 2002 consisted of an information gathering week for my family tree.   With the aid of a digital camera, I was able to record a number of Dawe headstones and others for additional branches of my tree.   Unfortunately, I did not have enough memory card space to record all that I found but there is always another time.   My husband laughed that when the kids, ages 5 and 8, go back to school and their teacher asks them what they did for their summer vacation, our boys would reply, "we went to a lot of cemeteries".   

  (Photos: Courtesy )

My husband made a game of it and called it the "Zippity-Do-DAWE-DAYS".   To prevent them from getting bored, each time we stopped at yet another cemetery, they jumped out with paper and pencil in hand to record as many Dawe headstones as they could find.   At the end of the week, the winner was promised a prize.   Well, they had more fun than they did at Disneyworld!   Of course, at the end of the week both of them got prizes and neither of them complained about being bored once.   

WHeadstone. (Photo: Courtesy Valerie Whelan)

As for an appropriate response for their classmates about their vacation, I suggested instead of "traipsing through cemeteries", they say "we participated with our family in an important historical research project."   It's all in the way you look at it!    That's all for now. Thank you for dropping by Enjoy your visit.


Valerie (Dawe) Whelan

Enjoy Your Visit

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