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Irwin Coveduck Family Genealogy.


Victor Coveduck

Joseph Coveduck (Photos: Courtesy Annie (Morgan) Coveyduck)

Hello and Welcome to my family's homepage. My name is Victor Coveduck and I would like to introduce you to my family. My father and William's father were brothers. " My father, Irwin H. Coveduck was born in Verdun, Quebec. (1913) His father, Joseph Henry Coveyduck of Indian Pond, Newfoundland, left Newfoundland prior to World War 1, moving his family, Wife, Sara-Jane and eldest son William Harold, to Verdun, Quebec. He returned his family, with his newborn son, Irwin Herbert to Indian Pond, Newfoundland, after the start of WW1, to serve with the Army in France. He returned in 1918, to Newfoundland and moved his family back to Verdun, Quebec. Irwin Herbert was then raised in Verdun, leaving home in his late teens. He met up with Violet Alice Smith, of St. Lambert and Verdun and they were married in 1932. They lived in Verdun through difficult , post-Depression years, bringing three children into the world, namely, Joan Winnifred,(1933) Victor Irwin(1934) and Donald Ernest Coveduck.(1936)

Irwin Coveduck Family (Photos: Courtesy Annie (Morgan) Coveyduck)

In 1940, Irwin Herbert volunteered to serve in WW2, enlisting in the Royal Canadian Engineers, serving in Europe until  Mid-1945, while his wife Violet stoically kept the family together on the homefront. He returned to  Verdun, where they both were employed  in Montreal until 1951. The children were educated in Verdun/Montreal and in 1952 the family was moved to a Farm in East Farnham, Quebec, where a Mcgill University Reseach Project and Summer business was started. The property was later developed into a Subdivision, with Lots for Sale. Irwin died suddenly in 1981 and Violet, with the assistance of Joan, successfully continued the Subdivision Project. Violet died at home in 1999. Joan, who raised her family of three, Gary Crothers, Sandra, Crothers and Joanne Crothers in Lasalle, Quebec, carries on at "Coveduck Farm."

Victor Irwin Coveduck (Photos: Courtesy Victor Coveduck)

Victor Irwin went on to marry June Ogden of Cowansville, after serving in the RCAF Reserve and Aircrew for two years,employment with Bell Telephone, Montreal and Granby, Quebec,where they began raising three children: Cheryl Lynn, Cynthia Lee and Kelvin Coveduck. ( Losing one daughter Nancy Ann at 11/2 years) Victor moved his family to California in 1964, where they were raised and completed their education. After 36 years in Telephony,Victor retired to Florida in 1989. Donald Ernest married Christine Bousada of Cowansville, Quebec in 1958 . They raised two children, Deborah and Daniel, in Lasalle, Quebec, while Donald was employed by Dominion Engineering,Lachine Quebec and worked in Metallurgy, for 36 years, retiring as a Welding-Project Inspector, (Atomic Power Plant turbines) retiring to Cowansville, Quebec."

Victor Coveduck

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