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  Viola Coveyduck 

© (Photos: Courtesy of Catherine Chow)

Genealogy of Lorne & Viola (Coveyduck) Edwards.


Catherine Chow (2001)


Joanne Brouwer (2007)

©(Viola Coveyduck Courtesy Catherine Chow)

Hello folks, my name is Catherine. My birth mother's name was Viola Coveyduck, and she was married to Lorne E. Edwards (I believe sometime in the late 1940's), Lorne's parents were Mr. & Mrs. H.C. Edwards of Richmond Street in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; they had eight children and I am the fifth. Viola was subsequently married to Larry Fowler, (sometime in the 1970's) also of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

I don't know much of my birth family, and I only have a few photographs which are not named or dated, but I believe there is one of my grandparents who were of the Coveyduck family. I am hoping someone may recognize the people in them and they can be useful to you in obtaining some information about my family. 

(Viola Coveyduck's  parents: Courtesy Catherine Chow)

I don't know my maternal grandparents (Coveyduck) first names; My mother Viola's sister Kay (married name is Augostino) who although her memory isn't quite what it used to be, was able to give me a little more information. Kay says that she and my mother, Viola, were also adopted. Viola was born April 9, 1929 and died in April of 1972. (I believe that at that time she had remarried a Larry Fowler and that she died in a car accident - Kay has the obituary and is going to send me a copy of it.)

My mother Viola's birth mother was Annie Coveyduck but Kay doesn't remember who her father was. My mother's grandfather's name was Jack Coveyduck, don't remember her grandmother's name. I understand there are several cousins/nephews in Toronto, all Coveyduck, some of which are Bob and Ethel and their children, Evelyn, Hubert (called Bert?) and another son, can't remember his name either. Kay says the family did come originally from Newfoundland.

Kay is going to go through her photos and send me some in the mail, which I will probably receive in a week or so. It seems, that there is some kind of a connection after all. It's kind of exciting discovering my own roots . . . .

© (Lorne Edwards parents, Mr & Mrs H.C. EdwardsPhotos: 1955 Courtesy Catherine Chow)

This photo of Mr & Mrs H.C. Edwards taken, I believe, from The Hamilton Spectator in 1955, of my father's parents, my paternal grandparents (Edwards). 

I'd better go back to your website and see if I missed something . . . . BTW, a brother who is 15 months younger than myself was adopted with me - and his birth name was William - Billy. (His name was changed to John.) My birth name was Julie (they changed it to Catherine, but I love both names). Interesting? 

Photo #3 - I don't know who these people are, but I believe they are aunts (?); 

Thank you so much for your interest William; I have been through your website extensively - it is the reason I decided to contact you. It is a wonderful site, one of the best I have ever seen. 


Genealogy of Percy & Viola (Coveyduck) Edwards


Joanne Brouwer (2007)


© Joanne Brouwer(Photos: Courtesy of Joanne Brouwer)

Hello everyone, my name is Joanne Brouwer my birth mother is Viola Coveyduck I believe she was born in Newfoundland. She married my father Percy Edwards son of Lorne Edwards in 1950's. The last time I saw my parents was in 1962 when my siblings and I were seperated from them by the Childrens Aid Society in Hamilton Ontario, and put up for adoption. I am the 2nd youngest of those children.  I was only 3 years old at the time. My Birth parents Percy and Viola had 8 children, Stella, Valerie, Percy, Rose Marie, 
Julie, William (Billy), Patricia (that's me) and Steven.

© Percy Edwards Aka Richard Young (Photos: Courtesy of Joanne Brouwer)

My mother Viola Coveyduck later remarried to a man named Lawrence Fowler. She also had a sister Kathleen. When I was growing up I used to wonder what happened to my "real" mom.  So many questions, and no answers. I kept telling myself that one day I would find her. When I was old enough I started searching for her.  I had my own children by this time, and When I finally got my "non id information" I found out my mom's name, my birth name and all my brothers and sisters names whom I didn't know I had. I have since been reunited with five of my brothers and sisters.

© Steven Edwards Aka Andrew Brouwer (Photos: Courtesy of Joanne Brouwer)

There are stil three of our siblings out there somewhere and we are still looking for them.  Where are you  Valerie Martha, Rose Marie and William (Billy). 

I also found information that my mother Viola Coveyduck later remarried to a man named Lawrence Fowler and that she also has a sister Kathleen.  

Joanne Brouwer


Notes From William Coveduck

Mr and Mrs H.C. Edwards of 6 Richmond Street were married in MacNab Presbyterian Church by the Rev. Donald McKay and resided in Hamilton for many years. We know they had at least two daughters Mrs. John Chaphan and Mrs Martin Nohen, as well as one son, Mr Lorne E. Edwards, all of Hamilton. They have 29 great-grand children. The newspaper article can be seen in the photo album

Viola & Kay Coveyduck are cousins to Lily May Coveyduck daughter of  Robert James & Ethel Coveyduck; Ethel was called Ettel......sometimes Robert would call her Ett....they never pronounced the th sound.....
The first Coveyduck to go to Hamilton was Richard Coveyduck from St. Johns Nfld., Gordon went north of Toronto from St. Johns Nfld. & his family remains there still. It appears that Richard's off-springs changed the name to Covey and there is a thriving business there to this day.
JACK could be Uncle Jack from Richmond Hill but I do believe he was really John, as in William John Coveyduck

I believe Viola parents were Silverton (Selby) & Annie Coveyduck but I can't confirm this fact at this time

If you have any information that can help Catherine and Joanne's family such as photos or family names to add to her branch of our family tree.

Please contact me, William Coveduck

Percy and Viola (Coveyduck) Edward's birth children are as follows

Birth Name 

Birth Year

Adopted Name

Stella Edwards 


Stella Clarke 

Valerie Martha Edwards 


Not Found 

Percy Edwards 


Richard Young 

Rose Marie Edwards 


Not Found 

Julie Edwards 


Catherine Vigna 

William (Billy) Edwards 


Not Found 

Patricia Edwards 


Joanne Brouwer 

Steven Edwards 


Andrew Brouwer

Foot Notes from William Coveduck

Last Name: EDWARDS
First Name: Lorne E.
Date Deceased: November 10, 1999
Service Information
Rank: Private
Service Number: B801649
Units: Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry
Period of Service: Korean War
Legion Branch Information
Location: Chapleau, Ontario


Many Thanks to Kathleen Coveyduck, Catherine Chow, Joanne Brouwer and Heather Evans for their contribution

Descendants of H.C. Edwards 


Generation No. 1


     1.  H.C.1 Edwards  He married Unknown Name. 


Children of H.C. Edwards and Unknown Name are:

+      2                i.         Lorne E.2 Edwards, born in Hamilton. Ontario. 

        3               ii.         unknown Edwards.  She married John Chaphan.

        4              iii.         Unknown Edwards.  She married Martin Nohen.



Generation No. 2


     2.  Lorne E.2 Edwards (H.C.1) was born in Hamilton. Ontario.


Children of Lorne E. Edwards are:

+      5                i.         Percy3 Edwards, born Abt. 1928.

        6               ii.         Verna Edwards.

        7              iii.         Lillian Edwards.

        8              iv.         George Edwards.

        9               v.         Charlie Edwards.



Generation No. 3


     5.  Percy3 Edwards (Lorne E.2, H.C.1) was born Abt. 1928.  He married Viola Coveyduck Abt. 1950, daughter of Unknown Covedyduck and Annie.  She was born April 09, 1929 in Hamilton. Ontario, and died April 16, 1972.


Children of Percy Edwards and Viola Coveyduck are:

        10              i.         Patricia4 Edwards, born 1958.

        11             ii.         Julie Edwards, born 1956.

        12             iii.         Stella Edwards, born 1950.

        13            iv.         Valerie Martha Edwards, born September 24, 1951.

        14             v.         Percy Edwards, born 1953.

        15            vi.         Rose Marie Edwards, born July 07, 1954.

        16            vii.         William Billy Edwards, born June 18, 1957.

        17           viii.         Steven Edwards, born 1960.




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