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Since 1971 the community of Upper Gullies has been a part of the municipality of Conception Bay South qv. It lies between Seal Cove and Riverdale qqv (formerly Lower Gullies) and has historically been essentially an agricultural area, with the shore and Labrador fisheries playing a smaller role in the local economy. In the latter half of the twentieth century many of Upper Gullies' residents have worked in service industries or commuted to work in St. John's. Upper Gullies has not been enumerated separately in the Census since 1971 (pop. 728), since which time it has more than doubled in size. In 1994 there were a few small farms and many small businesses in Upper Gullies.

St. Peter's Anglican church (Hopewell parish), Upper Gullies

Among the first settlers was Garland Andrews, probably from Port de Grave, who was living at Upper Gullies in 1832. At about the same time, the family of Charles and Suzanna Coates moved to the settlement via Brigus and Kelligrews. Charles Coates was originally from Dorset, England, and had been an employee of Charles Cozens qv at Brigus. He later became a teacher, and in 1850 had a schoolhouse built in Upper Gullies, while he also ran a branch store for Cozens at Kelligrews. A voters' list of 1835 notes the adult male settlers in Upper Gullies as Garland, Alfred and John Andrews, Charles Cootes (Coates) and Charles and William Scott. At the time of the 1845 Census, the community had a population of 84. Fishing and farming were the primary activities, with fish being sold to merchants at Brigus and Port de Grave and, in later years, St. John's. But a decline in Conception Bay fish stocks in the latter part of the 1800s led to an increased reliance on farming. (After 1900 the Bell Island iron mines were also a major source of employment). By 1891, there were 184 people in Upper Gullies, most of whom belonged to St. Peter's Church of England. Since 1983 the community has had a Seventh-day Adventist church.

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