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(pop. 1981, 129). Since 1985 Indian Pond and nearby Seal Cove qv have been part of the incorporated community of Conception Bay South qv. Located at the eastern side of Holyrood Bay, near its mouth, the shores of Indian Pond first attracted settlers in the mid-1800s. Early family names associated with Indian Pond are Dawe and Morgan, who came to the area from Port de Grave in search of good farm land with ready access to the sea. Settlement in the area was further encouraged in the 1880s when the railway line to Harbour Grace was routed through Indian Pond. It was first recorded as a separate community in the Census of 1884 with a population of 74 Church of England adherents in 13 families. Indian Pond had one school but no church reported in the Census of 1884 although in later years a citadel was constructed to serve a number of Salvation Army families in the area known as Quarry Brook. The community appeared only intermittently in subsequent census reports. In 1968 construction began on a thermal electric generating plant at Indian Pond. The plant and the south end of the Pond were subsequently included within the boundaries of the adjoining municipality of Holyrood qv.

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